Super Duper Sumos

  • 2001-2003

The crimefighting adventures of three young sumo wrestlers with superpowers.


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep23 This Was Zen, This Is Tao
Ep22 I'm Too Sexy for My Butt
Ep21 A Clockwork Sumo
Ep20 The Girth of Cool
Ep19 Santa's Big Phat Sumo
Ep18 To Serve and Neglect
Ep17 Pinch me I'm Steaming
Ep16 No Lie Pie
Ep15 Sumo on a Hot Tin Roof
Ep14 Honor thy Father
Ep13 Phat to the Phuture
Ep12 Back to School
Ep11 Sumos on Ice
Ep10 Yak Derby
Ep9 Car Yak'd
Ep8 Rest Area 51
Ep7 Handle with Care
Ep6 Beach Blanket Sumo
Ep5 Eviction Conviction
Ep4 Dance of the Sugar Plum Sumos
Ep3 The Incredible Shrinking Butt
Ep2 Basho Crasho Sumos
Ep1 Seven Sumorai

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep29 Binky did a Bad Bad Thing
Ep28 The Phat Who Would Be Clean
Ep27 Fiends & Neighbors
Ep26 Phamily Ties
Ep25 Booma's Big Crack Up
Ep24 Inherit the Cave
Ep23 Miniature Golf Madness
Ep22 Far From the Madding Crowd
Ep21 Honesty Anonymous
Ep20 Shemo---The Fourth Sumoteer
Ep19 Dr. Stinger & Mt. Hyde
Ep18 Orpheus in his UNderpants
Ep17 When You Wish upon a Sumo
Ep16 Those weren't the days
Ep15 Booma Phish
Ep14 The Man with half a Brain
Ep13 Sumos of the Lost Phat
Ep12 For Whome the Butt Toils
Ep11 Head Hunter Gatherer
Ep10 Memories aren't made of these
Ep9 Booma's Thanksgiving Pickle
Ep8 Wheels of Phat
Ep7 Phat's in the Cradle
Ep6 M Is for Monster, Mayhem and Mom
Ep5 How to Get ahead in World Domination without really trying
Ep4 The Importance of Being Ernest
Ep3 Sumos like White Elephants
Ep2 The Great Phatsby
Ep1 Age Before Booty

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