Take Home Chef

  • 2006
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Chef Curtis Stone offers to help cook meals for random shoppers he meets at the grocery store.


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep19 Darren
Ep18 Jaime
Ep17 Minister Mike
Ep16 Surfer Mike
Ep15 Omar
Ep14 Heidi
Ep13 Nick
Ep12 Rey
Ep11 Lisa
Ep10 Magic Mike
Ep9 Charmaine
Ep8 Susan
Ep7 Dale
Ep6 Amanda
Ep5 John
Ep4 Candice
Ep3 Big Fine Ellen
Ep2 Shirliza
Ep1 Griff

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep120 Kimberly
Ep119 Kathy
Ep118 Blaine
Ep117 Rosemary
Ep115 Chanelle and Lindsay
Ep114 Amy
Ep113 Lisa P.
Ep112 Andrea C.
Ep111 Maria
Ep110 Crystal and Ryan
Ep109 Marguerite
Ep108 Salome
Ep107 Nicole D.
Ep106 Paulina
Ep105 Braun
Ep104 Kasey
Ep102 Janelle
Ep101 Sabrina
Ep100 Adriana
Ep99 Jen
Ep98 Sunshine
Ep97 Holly
Ep96 Darcy
Ep95 Yolanda
Ep94 Sarah
Ep93 Kelley
Ep92 Fanny
Ep91 Ruby
Ep90 Caroline
Ep89 Melissa
Ep88 Tracy
Ep87 Aleksandra
Ep86 Asia
Ep85 Donna
Ep84 Angel
Ep83 Alli
Ep82 Portia
Ep81 Lindsay
Ep80 Mandy
Ep79 Danielle
Ep78 Tara
Ep77 Lesli
Ep76 Lauren
Ep75 Barbara
Ep74 Debra
Ep73 Heather B.
Ep72 Jeannie & Meg
Ep71 Heidi
Ep70 Nicole N.
Ep69 Sonja
Ep68 Marta
Ep67 Cindy
Ep66 Ubah
Ep65 Meritt
Ep64 Emma
Ep62 Barbie
Ep61 Karin
Ep60 Adrianna
Ep59 Layla
Ep58 Terah
Ep57 Kristi
Ep56 Valerie T.
Ep55 Tara S.
Ep54 Desi
Ep53 Anjali
Ep52 Maryn
Ep51 Gina
Ep50 Morgan
Ep49 Britani
Ep48 Ava
Ep47 Elena
Ep46 Chris
Ep45 Jill D.
Ep44 Linda
Ep43 Ellice
Ep42 Renee S.
Ep41 Hilary
Ep40 Monica
Ep39 Heather M.
Ep38 Eva
Ep37 Jessica
Ep36 Nickella
Ep35 Anastasia
Ep34 Jeanette
Ep33 Valerie
Ep32 Jonathan
Ep31 Jill
Ep30 Shira
Ep29 Marah
Ep28 Nancy
Ep27 Heather V
Ep26 Carolyn
Ep25 Yvette
Ep24 Jackie
Ep23 Deanna
Ep22 Kaye
Ep21 Julia
Ep20 Andrea
Ep19 Heather
Ep18 Michelle
Ep17 Michelle C.
Ep16 Natasha
Ep15 Nicole
Ep14 Paige
Ep13 Laurie
Ep12 Edwina
Ep11 Lisa
Ep10 Shauna
Ep9 Alicia
Ep8 Wendy
Ep7 Rita
Ep6 Mary
Ep5 Lara
Ep4 Kathryn
Ep3 Patrishia
Ep2 Jill B.
Ep1 Megan

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
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Ep3 Megan
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