Tenkai Knights

  • 2013

Teenagers who were transformed into robotic knights fight evil on another world in this animated series.


Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep52 Lone Wolf
Ep51 Tower Of Bricks
Ep50 Toxsa Blocked
Ep49 A New Element
Ep48 Too Close to Home
Ep47 Heart Turns to Stone
Ep46 The Four Beags
Ep45 Red & Black
Ep44 Scorpidon
Ep43 Ape Knight
Ep42 Monkey in the City
Ep41 The Race Is On
Ep40 Welcome To The Jungle
Ep40 Welcome to the Jungle
Ep39 Dragon2
Ep38 Looking Forward Looking Back
Ep37 Fortress Revealed
Ep36 Hang Tenkai
Ep35 Feeling the Heat
Ep34 Beware Betrayal
Ep33 Flight Knight
Ep32 Toxic Toxsa
Ep31 Dojo Mojo
Ep30 Corrupted Earth
Ep29 No I in Team
Ep28 Elemental Knights
Ep27 Vilius Returns
Ep26 A New Knight
Ep25 The Dark Unlock
Ep24 The Battle Begins
Ep23 Dragon Key Quest
Ep22 Dromus Betrayed
Ep21 Checkmate
Ep20 Double Crossed
Ep19 Extreme Titan
Ep18 The Key to Evil
Ep17 Robofusion!
Ep16 Oh No I Didn't
Ep15 Tenkai Rogue
Ep14 Lost Key
Ep13 Vilius Unleashed
Ep12 Dragon's Key
Ep11 Two Sides to Every Coin
Ep10 Toxsa 2.0
Ep9 Valley of Secrets
Ep8 Chooki's Mojo
Ep7 Tributon Extreme
Ep6 The Tenkai Kid
Ep5 Vilius Revealed
Ep4 The Power of Four
Ep3 The Rising Fire
Ep2 Dragon Cube
Ep1 Two Worlds

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Lydendor's Challenge
Lone Wolf
A New Element
Guardians Unite
Vilius on the Go
Tenkai Dragon Revealed
A Hero's Price
Worlds Linked
Don't Ruin Dad's Ruins

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