That's Clever!

  • 2005

Crafters show off their work.


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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep388 Folded Fiberglass Frame, Faux Raku Birdbath, Polymer Clay Nest, Pierced Lampshade
Ep387 Woven Mini-Pouch, Wooden Calendar, Beaded Lamp Finial, Clay Canister
Ep386 Welcome Sign, Berry Bowl, Giraffe Toy Tote, Owl-Shaped MP3 Player Cover
Ep385 Plushy Pig Diva, Bumblebee Ornament, Clay Locket, Mixed Media Mermaid
Ep384 Candle Box, Painted Steel Coral Reef, Engraved Napkin Holder, Quilted, Beaded Art
Ep383 Gator Xylophone, Steel and Fused Glass Light Box, Block Print Album, Bubble Frame
Ep382 Microscope Slide Jewely, Polymer Clay Pin Set, 3D Painting, Digital Puzzle Collage
Ep381 Batik and Frame, Silt-Cast Panel, Mixed Media Mermaid Shrine, Wall Hanging
Ep380 Arts and Crafts Mailbox, Painted Glass, Clay Platter
Ep379 Photo Transfer Sconce, Sketch Purse, Mahogany and Copper Fish, Spinning Top
Ep378 Tribal Concrete Mask, Spiral Lampshade, Metal Leaf Scene, Found Object Cast
Ep377 Dragonfly Clay Print, Polymer Clay Cube, Ceramic Corset, Beaded Tree Purse
Ep376 Cement Bottle Vase, Window Box Lady, Garden Mushroom, Forged Steel and Glass Sculpture
Ep375 Fused Glass Lamp, Metal Mountain Scene, Copper Pinwheel, Polymer Clay Collage
Ep374 Silk Scarf, Wood-Turned Earring Stand and Paperweight, Ceramic Tray
Ep373 Frosted Glass Table, Recycled Fabric Wall Hanging, Friendship Gift Set, Sewing Tin
Ep372 Spike Bowl, Japanese Crest Bracelet, Faux Bois Wall Panel, Whimsical Frame
Ep371 Ceramic Boot, Clay Print, Felted and Beaded Bag, Native American Style Flute
Ep370 Craftsman Frame, Candle Holder, Antique Vessel, Magnet Wall Puzzle
Ep369 Rocking Horse, Chalkboard Frame, Soft Sculpture, Ceramic and Metal Blooms
Ep368 Dancing Rod Puppet, Burlap Mask, Football Fish, Crocheted Flower Poncho
Ep367 Plastic and Glass Painting, Themed Bears, Emulsion Transfer on Tile
Ep366 Raku Bust Sculpture, Dog Collar Bead, Egg Earrings, Felt and Wood Clock
Ep365 Bird in a Cage, Paint Stick Tambourine, Wood Turned Bowl, Curtain Rod Canvas
Ep364 Funky Art Doll, Paper Lily, Clay and Copper Bracelet, Etched Copper Clock
Ep363 Mixed Media Construction, Clay Platter, Bird Pendant, Jelly Bean Doll
Ep362 Mixed Media Painting, Ceramic Donut, Saggar Fired Bowl, Gullah Doll
Ep361 Mixed Media Painting, Stitched Dress Card, Faux Snakeskin Pendant, Fabric Clock
Ep360 Butterfly Book Object, Flower Bookmark, Beeswax Drawing, Silver Belt Buckle
Ep359 Vintage Dolls, Throw Pillow, Clay and Wood Teapot, Fused Glass Totem
Ep358 Blown Glass Footed Bowl and Drawer Pull, Pewter Wall Art, Etched Marble Tile
Ep357 Glass and Copper Mobile, Miniature Vase, Karate Chop Bowl, Recycled Shacks
Ep356 Copper and Resin Cuff, Fabric Postcard, Herb Kitchen Doll, Mosaic Table
Ep355 Serigraph, Illuminated Jacket, Goldfish Pendant, Seahorse Earbobs
Ep354 Vegan Material Tote, Vinyl Placemat, Ice Sculpture, Plant Stake
Ep353 Mosaic Headboard, Elephant Necklace, Star Earrings, Floral Batik
Ep352 Mississippi Mud Painting, Gelatin Card, Painted Glass, Leather Seat
Ep351 Paper Bowl, Tile Art, Metal Candle Screen
Ep350 Ceramic Bust, Flowers From Metal and Recycled Materials, Fairy Doll
Ep349 Folk Art Plaque, Cigar Tin Brag Book, Glass Pendant, Rose Bottle Stopper
Ep348 African Inspired Vase, Gourd Owl Necklace, Gourd Pin, Fish Sun Catcher
Ep347 Patch Pillow, Photo Doghouse, Giraffe Doll, Teacup Wall Jewelry
Ep346 Ceramic Rocket Clock, Fused Glass Frame, Mailbox Desk Set, Poker Chip Coasters
Ep345 3D Mosaic Caterpillar, Woven Basket, "Dingbats" Apron, Pink Poodle Footstool
Ep344 Needle-Felted Live Oak Purse, Curved Clock, Photo-Journal Doll, Gilded Frame
Ep343 Reversible Tote, Treasure Box, Quilted Notepad, Marbled Scarf
Ep342 Santa Hat Candy Dish, Snowman, Holiday Light Box, Quilled Cards
Ep341 Kwanzaa Symbols Set and Wall Hanging, Dreidel Bangle, Polymer Clay Santa
Ep340 Altered Art Box, Photo Pillow and Wooden Box for the Holidays
Ep339 Flame-Worked Glass, a Metal Menorah and Kwanzaa Cards
Ep338 Animal Sculpture, Carved Wooden Book, Brag Book, Mixed Media Pitchfork
Ep337 Silk Block Wall Hanging, Velvet Embellished Belt, Hammered Copper Moon, Finger Loop Bottle
Ep336 Glass Flower Paperweight, Donut Vase, Mocha Tea Tile, Wine Vine Table
Ep335 Halloween Pop-Up Gallery, Ghost-Filled Pumpkin, Mirna the Witch
Ep334 Haunted Fun House, Felted Halloween Scenes, Pumpkin Girl
Ep333 Water Color Collage, Glass And Metal Plant Holder, Singing Cat Bank
Ep332 Woven Paper Painting, Copper Sculpture, Fold Form Bracelet, Wallflower Pocket
Ep331 Accent Light, Greeting Cards, Paper Sculpture
Ep330 Sculptural Painting, Flame-Colored Metal Sculpture, Ceramic Oil Dispenser, Kinetic Wheel Flower
Ep329 Fabric Paper Doll, Fused Glass Tree, Vegetable Dyed Soap, Embroidered Kitty Ornament
Ep328 Garden Shed Birdhouse, Needle Felted Doll, Porcelain Pillow Vase, Felted Bead Bracelet
Ep327 Ceramic Balloon Vase, Faux Bois Table, Two-Toned Straw Hat, Creature Sachet
Ep326 Paisley Collage, Bear Face Candle Holder, Pewter Drip Vase, Wooden Wolf Magnet
Ep325 Lampwork Glass Pen, Silk Batik Scarf, Clay and Woodturned Jar, Screen Printed Napkins
Ep324 Faux Birch Bark Purse, Encaustic Still Life, Scissor Tail Wall Art, Wax and Collage Panel
Ep323 3D Pineapple, Commuter Bracelet, Felt Grid Pin, Paper Mache Pug
Ep322 Owl Ottoman, Etched Film on Metal, Mixed Media Dragonfly Pendant and Bookmark
Ep321 Copper Repousse and Lamp Shade, Plush Alpaca, Paper Collage, Felted Canvas Tote
Ep320 Diaper Bag, Burping Cloth, Collage Necklace, Raku Rhino
Ep319 Sock Bunny, Angel Sculpture
Ep318 Fused-Glass Spoon Rest and Bottle Opener, Checkerboard Man Sculpture, 3D Egg Art
Ep317 Fused Glass, Sushi Collage
Ep316 Tango Dancer Vase, Lion Mask, Geisha Cloth Pins and Mixed Media Art
Ep315 Fish Fantasy, T-Shirt Magnet, Copper and Steel Vase, Cake Stand
Ep314 Iguana Lamp, Bear Pin, Copper Earrings, Fused Glass Collage
Ep313 Ceramic Wall Sconce, Mixed Metal Jewelry, Faux Food Ornaments
Ep312 Mixed Material Sculpture, Quilt Collage, Fabric Bowl, Finger Puppet
Ep311 Frog Painting, Clay Flower Pin, Embroidery Bag, Fired Glass Sculpture
Ep310 Art Dolls, Pearl Cuff, Polymer Clay Book
Ep309 Metal Candle Holder, Copper and Silk Necklace, Opal Sculpture, Guitar Strap
Ep308 Hands Hat, Silver Beaded Bracelet and Framed Photo Collage
Ep307 Penny Rug Jewelry Box, Carved Glass Vessel, Mosaics
Ep306 Sculptured Pin Work, Glass Box With Feather Lid, Polymer Clay Necklace
Ep305 Fused Glass Plate and Drawer Pull, Bean Collage, Gold Foil Bolo Tie
Ep304 Mohair Bear, Robot CD Case, Polymer Clay Necklace and Bug
Ep303 Wood and Mosaic Tile, Handbag and Trinket Rings, Steel Mirror
Ep302 Animal Mobile, Dog Card Case, Painted Photo Collage, Foil Glass Vessel
Ep301 European Style Scrapbook, Folding Folio, Glass Ornament, Unity Pin
Ep300 Papier-Mâché Marlin, Leather Beaded Wall Hanging, Memory Book, Embellished Card
Ep299 Jewelry Pouch, Leather Ponytail Holder, Mini Chair, Glass Totem
Ep298 Ornaments, Papier-Mâché Puppet, Bottle Beauty, 3-D Glass Painting
Ep297 Panels Incorporating Wood, Copper and Tile and a Wavy Metal Tile
Ep296 Beaded Daisy Art, Butterfly Shadow Box, Mosaic Magnet, Baked Goods Soap
Ep295 Guitar Box, Iron Dress Lamp, Lid Magnets, Hummingbird Ornament
Ep294 Flying Saucer Pepper Mill, Album in a Box, Vellum Votive Cover, Table Runner
Ep293 Paper Ladybug, Fused Glass and a Hardwood Lamp
Ep292 Stoneware, Fused Glass Belt Buckle, Recycled Sculpture
Ep291 Aluminum, Wax and More
Ep290 Image Transfer, Collage, More
Ep289 Alligator Teapot and Plate
Ep288 Ceramic Birdhouse and More
Ep287 Doghouse Jewelry, Batik
Ep286 Ceramic Teapot, Glass Mask
Ep285 Metals, Paper and Mixed Media
Ep284 '24-Carrot' Gold Belt Buckle
Ep283 Mixed Metals
Ep282 Memory Book, Chopstick Bowl
Ep281 Leopards, Turtles and Owls
Ep280 Puffer Fish, Collage and More
Ep279 Wearable Creatures and More
Ep278 Ceramic Mask, Shibori Tie Dye
Ep277 Scrap Metal Birds and More
Ep276 Felt, Tin and Sticky Notes
Ep275 Mixed Media, Decoupage
Ep274 Polymer Clay, Cork and More
Ep273 Keepsake Box, Turkey Feathers
Ep272 Fabric Collage Art and More
Ep271 Quilted Glass and More
Ep270 Ceramic and Leather Art
Ep269 An Unusual Pet and More
Ep268 Fabulous Fabric Art and More
Ep267 Wood, Ceramics, Glass and Clay
Ep266 Titanium Jewelry and More
Ep265 Jewelry Boxes and More
Ep264 Mixed Media, Mosaics and More
Ep263 Decorative Masks and More
Ep262 Polymer Clay Projects and More
Ep261 Faux Fossils and Finishes
Ep260 Frogs, Fabric and Felt
Ep259 Copper Mesh Lamp Revamp, Photo Collage Necklace, Colorful Ceramic Mug, Splatter Bowl
Ep258 The Animal Kingdom
Ep257 Holiday Cards, Metal Reindeer Sculpture, Holiday Gift Soap, Angel Art Stick
Ep256 Holiday Theater Music Box, Holiday Record Bowl, Santa Gourd, Gift Box and Gift Tag
Ep255 Halloween Birdhouse, Glass Halloween Platter, Halloween Paper Creature, Spooky Ponytail Holder
Ep254 Wood Tugboat, Garden Sphere, Fused Glass Wall Sconce, Heart Rattle
Ep253 Wish Pot, Mini Wildlife Woodcarving, Handpainted Pillow, Fabric Snap
Ep252 Illuminated Sculpture, Flame-Worked Cupcake Ring, Textured Watering Pitcher, Mini-Beeswax Collage
Ep251 Ice Cream Sundae Speaker, Hand-Painted Canvas Purse, Wooden Whimsical Wall Art, Wire and Ribbon Bracelet
Ep250 Hand-Stamped Wooden Box, Faux Ivory Vessel, Plaster Mold Wall Hanging, Collage Pendant
Ep249 Photo Bangle, Lino Cut Prints, Ceramic Sink, Hand-Pressed Prints
Ep248 Palm Tree Vase, Heartfelt Mixed Media Art, Rubber Stamp Print, Ceramic Magnet
Ep247 Fancy Froggie Statuette, Paper Sculpture, Rope-Textured Ceramic Vase, Flower Brooch
Ep246 Folk Art Boats, Gourd Pitcher, Lollipop Flower, Cement Leaf
Ep245 Lauhala Hat, Cake Plate Caddy, Garden Fairy Doll, Old Traditional Hand Fish
Ep244 T-shirt Purse With Transfer, Metal Sun Garden Art, Dimensional Dog Mosaic, Metal Letter Opener
Ep243 Feathered Glass Sculpture, Stamped Silver Bracelet, Wire Zebra, Pendant Set in Glass
Ep242 Laminated Wood Pen, Vintage-Look Handbag, Horsehair Raku Wall Platter, Retro Handbag Revamp
Ep241 Encaustic Picturegram, Etched Aluminum Bowl, Riveted Silver Necklace, Aluminum Wine Bottle Charm
Ep240 Something's Fishy Pin Pendant, Felted Wool Purse, Wood Garden Box, Handmade Corsage
Ep239 Celtic Carved Bracelet Stand, Salvaged Metal Bird Feeder, Hand-dyed Paper Canvas, Car Gear Business Card Holder
Ep238 Polymer Clay Necklace, Framed Family Tree, Handpainted Portable Buffet, Mini Gourd Fairy
Ep237 Topsy Turvey Doll, Ceramic Pears, Folk Art Wood Sculpture, Flirty Fabric Lapel Flowers
Ep236 Antiqued Art Canvas, Etched Illuminated Glass, Ceramic Buckle and Belt, Vintage tile Necklace
Ep235 Stained Glass Slippers, Garden Bird on a Stick, Wax Resist Pottery, Hibiscus Clip
Ep234 Mixed Media Paintings, Primitive Fired Platter, Rose Glass Perfume Bottle, Sewn Photos on Fabric
Ep233 Copper Bowl and Stand, Wax Dress, Vase, Mosaic Purse, Wooden House of Pictures
Ep232 Scrafitto Enamel Bowl, Dyed Silk Table Runner, Colored Titanium Pin, Turtle Visor
Ep231 Glass Blown Coral Reef, Silk Screen Ceramic 3-D Art, Metal Photo Frame, Ceramic Transfer Pendant
Ep230 Enamel Rose and Silver Bracelet, Coiled Fabric Bowl, Painted Collaged Briefcase, Extruded Light Switch Cover
Ep229 Bird Mobile, Abalone Shell Brooch, Handmade Paper Prints, Calla Lily Earrings
Ep228 Incised Ceramic Ginkgo Leaf Teapot, Recycled Cashmere Bear, Acrylic Accent Mirror, Ceramic Shaker Pod
Ep227 Metal Desk 'Love Note', Fleece and Wool Story Hat, Enameled PMC Necklace, Cement Birdbath
Ep226 Porcelain Bearded Dragon, Zipper Fruit and Bowl, Cyanotype Quilt Block, Wire Bookmark
Ep225 Acrylic Cowboy Box, Silk-Resist Scarf, Stained Glass and Marble Sconce, Cool Wrist Cuffs
Ep224 Fused and Powdered Glass Fish Sconce, Stuffed Messenger Owl Card, Feather and Bead Necklace, Embellished Matchbox Cover
Ep223 Funky Wood Chairs, Brass and Aluminum Wall Piece, Cactus Vase, Hammered Silver Ring
Ep222 Under-the-Sea Lamp, Ceramic Clutch Vase, Mermaid Sculpture, Ceramic Lipstick
Ep221 Lampwork Bead Pet Bracelet, 'Just Friends' Teacup, Log End Table, Table Lovelies
Ep220 Pyro-Engraved Tablitas, Linoleum Lampshade, Weaved Scenes, Felt Appliquéd Pillow
Ep219 Framed Mosaic Picture, Wire and Wood Paper Lamp, Dessert-Themed Soaps, Paper Earrings
Ep218 Rainbow Felted Purse, Metal Candle Box, Glass Blown Drinking Glass, Lucky Clover Ring
Ep217 Blown Away Screen Sculpture, Star-Shaped Carnival Mask, Etched Copper Pendant, Seahorse Ornament
Ep216 Milo Wood Bowl, Paperscaped Journal, Framed Cloisonné Pendant, Origami Memory Card
Ep215 Turquoise Money Clip, Steel and Glass Light Fixture, Pysanky Eggs, Steel Garden Art
Ep214 Wooden Humpty Dumpty, Labyrinth Meditation Sphere, Abstract Ceramic Trivit, Scrap Wood Napkin Holders
Ep213 Canvas Scrapbook Wall Art, Lily Vine Hair Pin, Mosaic and Foam Memory Quilt, Canvas Tutu Frame
Ep212 Face Mosaic, 'Birthrite' Brooch, Beeswax Flower Collage, Pickin' Berries Necklace
Ep211 Clay Bobble Head, Fabric Art Picture Frame, Coconut Husk Fish, Newsprint Collage
Ep210 Hand-Coiled Ceramic Bottle; Doggie Raincoat with Collar; Swirl Stem Goblet, Dog Bed
Ep209 Silver Ladle Vanity Mirror, Brown Glass Flower Paperweight, Wire Armature Doll, Millefiore Butterfly Pendant
Ep208 Mosaic Gecko Mirror, Fabric Art Dolls, Limestone Work Boot, Hand-Carved Stamped Card
Ep207 Magnet Recipe Board, Suspended Glass Painting, Fire Pit Tree Table, Fused Glass Light Switch Plate
Ep206 Torn Paper Collage, Polymer Clay Memory Book, Handpainted Leather Purse, Polymer Clay Festive Pen
Ep205 Batiked Pineapple Ostrich Egg, River Rock Book, Lattice Wall Sculpture, Polyester House Trinket Box
Ep204 Window Sash Carved Table, Dyed Sweatshirt Jacket, Ceramic Bowl with Leaves, Colorful Painted Scarf
Ep203 Mesh Mounted Mosaic Sign, Felt Handbag, Sculptural Wood Vase, Faux Stained Glass Art Piece
Ep202 Polyform Clay Lake Sculpture, Cigar Box Clock, Moving Parts Pendant, Distressed Bird Plaque
Ep201 Folk Art Face Jug, Sea and Sun Wrist Cuff, Copper Coin Bracelet, 3-D Broken Plate Mosaic Wall Hanging
Ep200 Stained Glass Guitar, Metal Art Table, Garden Star, Copper and Satin Wall Clock
Ep199 Collapsible Paper Lantern, Grapevine Wine Panel, Sunflower Wall Hanging, Artichoke Necklace
Ep198 Cigar Box Pug Purse, Blue Fin Plaque, Bugs in Boxes, Life-Like Body Castings
Ep197 Glass Kaleidoscope, Kid's Art Quilt, Rainbow Trout Wall Art, Garden Steppingstone
Ep196 Mixed Media Dragonfly Clock, Hand-painted Canvas Wallet, Record Purse, Painted Leaf Collage
Ep195 Copper Wire Tree, Silkscreen T-shirt, Flowered Belt, Fused Glass Mosaic Wall Hanging
Ep194 Faux Wood Dog Portrait, Garden Impression Tile Hanging, Curved Iron Bookcase, Pop Art Paintbrush
Ep193 Tribal Wall Mask, Encaustic Octopus Painting, Jar Lid Magnet, Handmade Leather Handbag
Ep192 Papier-Mâché Music Box; Music Box, Silkscreen Card Set, Color Block Clay Bowl, Vinyl Floral Clipboard
Ep191 Embellished Felted Hat, Mosaic Mirror, Paper Clay Buffalo, Welded Utensil Flower
Ep190 Silk Bookmark, Mouse With Drawers, Turtle Puzzle, Ceramic Necklace
Ep189 Metal Screen Dress, Picket Fence Day Bed, Clothes Pin Picture Holder, Soap Dispenser
Ep188 Holiday Snowman, Holiday Star Sun Catcher, Holiday Lampwork Necklace, Cinnamon Tea Stirrer
Ep187 Holiday Folk Art Birdhouse, Holiday Fold Out Card, Domino Holiday Ornament, Holiday Felt Gift Bag
Ep186 Folk Art Signs, Recycled Bottle Vase, 'Epiphany' Stoneware Vase, Natural Swirl Soap
Ep185 Vibrant Watering Can Plaque, Silver Clay Textured Bracelet, Painted Blown Glass Vase, Origami Crane Window Ornament
Ep184 Stained and Fused Glass Panel, Portrait Sculpture Box, Nuno Felted Purse, Dried Fruit Necklace
Ep183 Tractor Dustpan, Leopard Plate, Fused Glass Wall Art, Wine Topper
Ep182 Polymer Clay Angel Figurine, Stained Glass Panel, 'Moon Mountain' Water Fountain, 'Karma Charms' Silver Pendant
Ep181 Interactive Intention Clock, Grid Earrings, Crystalline Glazed Wall Plate, Topography Necklace
Ep180 Venetian Glass Goblet, Moon and Stars Mirror, 'Portraits of Place' Mixed Media Collage, Ginkgo Leaf Sculpture
Ep179 Yard Art 'Motorcycle Rider,' Wooden Lazy Susan, Purse-Shaped Clay Teapot, Hanging Glass 'Fish Bones'
Ep178 Painted Floor Cloth, Tinwork Frame, Glass Pattern Jewelry Box, Gilded Egg
Ep177 Contemporary Nagiere Vase, 'The Surf Front' Hand Sculpted Birdhouse, Jar Wall Pocket, Funky Soap Dish
Ep176 Halloween Cat Mask, Felt Trick or Treat Bag, Spooky Halloween Soaps, Halloween Sock Monkey Skeleton
Ep175 'Toitle Time' Found Object Clock, Fused Glass Tribal Face Nightlight, Bead Embroidered Heart Brooch, Fused Glass Flower Magnet
Ep174 Walking Sticks, Mosaic Sun Catcher, Stoneware Plate With Crab Fossil Impression, Tempered Glass Frame
Ep173 Inclusion Treasure Glass Tile, Polymer Clay 'The Poet' Sculpture, Intaglio Printmaking, Preserved Baby Footprints
Ep172 Mosaic Stained Glass Portrait, Collaged Purse, Miniature Painted Screen 'Row Houses,' Wrist Band Purse
Ep171 'Sweet Love' Wood Painting, Carved Clothesline Teapot, Asymmetrical Mirror, Copper Pyramid Pendant
Ep170 Ceramic and Metal 'Gearhead' Garden Art, Resin Filled Jewelry Box, Fused Fabric Flowers, Light Switch Plate Cover
Ep169 Glass Blown Vase, Texas Dream Catcher, Screen Printed Silk Scarf, Glass Blown Crackle Egg
Ep168 Maui Koi Glass Mural Plate, Popup Birthday Invitation, Garden Guardians, Goco Coasters
Ep167 Mixed Media Story Box, Tinwork Lamp, Ceramic Platter, Aged Glass Love Shrine
Ep166 Wavy Glass Bowl, Ornamented Chandelier, Leather Monarch Butterfly Mask, Bottle Cap Magnet
Ep165 Domino Art Pendant, Fabric Angel Book, Scrapbook Lunchbox Recipe Box and Recipe Card, Shrink Plastic Earrings
Ep164 Mixed Media Waterscape Painting, Hand Crafted Silk Photo Box, Metal Fish Sculpture, Matchbox Keepsake Box
Ep163 Papier Mache Bowl, Encaustic Collage Painting, Glass Mosaic Light Box, Encaustic Mono-Prints
Ep162 Fish Wall Sculpture, Reverse Painted Table, Copper Fireplace Screen, Funky Painted Vase
Ep161 Wooden Folk Art Fly Flattener, Lampworked Moveable Ring, Ceramic Cake Tin, Sterling and Mica Key Pin
Ep160 Collage Cards, Needle-Felted Cat, Lampwork Glass Clock, Wet-Felted Pouch
Ep159 Varnished Canvas Banner, Origami Paper and Silver Necklace, Copper Spiral Magnets, Cappuccino Brulee Candle
Ep158 Craft Box Purse, Tin Foil Relief Photo Box, Sock and Glove Creature, Cement Leaf Bowl
Ep157 Flying Pig Sculpture, Woven and Suede Guitar Strap, Encaustic Tea Bag Wall Piece, Woven Ribbon Baby Bib
Ep156 Wire and Papier Mache Dogs, Funky Yarn and Bead Purse, Burned and Carved Gourds, Mini Postcard Quilt
Ep155 Basket Weave Purse, Stackable Container, Bee Honey Pot, Fused Glass Collage
Ep154 Iron Wall Sconce, Glass and Red Sand Tray, Cloisonne Painted Egg, Handkerchief Votive
Ep153 Polymer Clay Pendant, Block Print Purse, Decoupaged Mirror, Asian-Inspired Stationery
Ep152 Gourd Vessel With Attitude, Milagro Wall Hanging, Metal Feathers, Fused Glass Mosaic Mirror
Ep151 Metal Fire Pit, African Fabric Art Pillow, Whimsical Wall Figurine, Silly Scoops
Ep150 Traffic Box, Stuffed Polymer Doll, Precious Metal Clay-Leaf Pendant, Chopstick Memory Book
Ep149 Tile Bathroom Caddy, Mixed Media Mask, Vintage Neon Signs, Mixed Media Art Trading Card
Ep148 Desert Soap, Handspun Yarn Kit Journal, Memory Bracelet, Memory Box
Ep147 Papier-Mache Mask, Canvas Print Purse, Paris Collage, Plastic Whirligig
Ep146 Chine Colle Etched Print, Woven Copper Lamp, Bottle Cap Collage Mirror, Copper Garden Frog
Ep145 Hand-Dyed Scarf, Glass and Copper Wall Pocket, Dichroic Glass Pendant, Art Quilt Book
Ep144 African Doll, Fabric and Metal Accented Scrapbook, Sassy Ceramic Teapot, Guitar Pick and CD Basket Lid
Ep143 Wired Characters, Stoneware Clay Fish Platter, Hand-Stamped Garden Mushroom, Angry Woman Metal Necklace
Ep142 Twilight Tiara, Silk Scarf, 3D Clay Paintings, Glass Barrette
Ep141 Aboriginal Gourd Mask, Ceramic Collage Boxes, Drip Glass Platter, Scrap Gourd Pendant
Ep140 Mixed-Media Print, Clay Pendant, Polymer Clay Ant Pendant, Bound Picture Frame
Ep139 Wood Key Holder, Wire and Polymer Clay Basket, Glass Perfume Bottle, Ridge Polymer Clay Earrings
Ep138 Papier-Mache Wall Hanging, Metal and Glass Bracelet, Copper Tree, Agate and Stained Glass Trinket Box
Ep137 Painted Window Screen, Sock Monkey Costume, Fused Glass Fish Stand, Placemat Bracelet
Ep136 Mixed Media Wall Art, Ceramic Bottle, Fabric Origami Gift Box Set, Ceramic Necklace
Ep135 Wooden and Plexiglas Table Lamp, Kiln-Formed Jewelry, Washer Necklace, Tablecloth
Ep134 'Plexy' Pix 3D Painting, Clay Mask Wall Hanging, Two-Sided Photo Pendant, Suede Healing Pouch
Ep133 Mosaic Self-Portrait, Clay Heart and Greeting Card, Glass Bead Goddess, Glass Bead Creature
Ep132 Personalized Collage Sachet, Wool Hummingbird, Abstract Wall Hangings, Personalized Kid’s Banner
Ep131 Recycled Computer Part Flower, Mixed Media Story Panel, Ceramic Native Flowers, Film Reel Lamp
Ep130 Funky Cheese Board, Denim Papier-Mache Vase, Navajo Rug, Glass Bead Hairpin
Ep129 Rejuvenated Vintage Jewelry, Embroidered Felted Purse, Open Space Stained Glass, Retro Tray
Ep128 Dragon Sculpture, Stained Glass Trinket Box, Sun Catcher, Circular Scrapbook
Ep127 Metal Fish Trio, Mosaic Garden Art, Paper Clay Critters, Horseshoe Crab
Ep126 Paper Map Basket, Funky Fabric Lampshade, Glass and Metal 'Shamon' Figure, 'Softhead' Stuffed Toy
Ep125 Collage Lampshade, Night Light, Copper, Brass and Steel Sunflower, Bust Planter
Ep124 Pillowcase Embroidery Bag, Duct Tape Purse, Birch Plywood Clock, Cactus and Fabric Card
Ep123 Memory Box, Crystal Bouquet, Jewelry Bar Necklace, Candy Dish
Ep122 Murrini Glass Blown Platter, Ornate Travel Box, Gold and Silver Pin, Decoupage Picture Frame
Ep121 Bamboo Vessel, Hanging Papier-Mache Fish, Chinese Brushstroke Art, Collage
Ep120 Mixed-Media Shadowbox, Fused-Glass Trivet, Copper Wire and Glass Bee, Art Mirror Pendant
Ep119 Dimensional Collage Frame, Wooden Peppermill, Mosaic Hen, Crayon Resist Journal Cover
Ep118 Scrapbook Frames, Hand-Painted Decal Trivet, Plant Stake, Stained-Glass Mosaic
Ep117 Leather Belt With Iron Buckle, Silk Screened Pillow, Quilted Stuffed Animals, Dog Leash
Ep116 Night Sky Mirror Frames, Painted and Burned Book Cover, Hand Knitted Racing Car Cap, Funky Bud Vase
Ep115 Jeans Purse, Fused-Glass and Metal Frame, Fused-Glass Confetti Cup, Paper Mosaic Toy Box
Ep114 Hand-Painted Handbag, Flower Pin Belt, Copper Fused-Glass Panels, Bronze Ornament
Ep113 Clip Art Scrapbook Page, Personalized Lap Tray, Stained Glass Trinket Tray, Birthday Cupcake Candle
Ep112 Pottery Box, Fused Glass Plate, Broken Glass Soap Dish, Pocupine Pot
Ep111 Pistachio Nut Art, Patterned Sterling Bracelet, Gardening Journal, Flower Coasters
Ep110 Mosaic Dog Feeder, Polymer Clay Pendant, Pottery Plate Set, Sunflower Brooch
Ep109 Stained Glass Picture Frame, Silk Scarf, Gourd Mask, Gourdlings
Ep108 Metal Earrings, Felted Purse, Beaded Buddy, Whimsical Figure Sculpture
Ep107 Vintage Lampshade, Perfume Bottle, Memory Tin, Bamboo Tile Pendant
Ep106 Paper Mobile, Flower Pin, Hand-Bound Photo Album, Yarn-Embellished Purse
Ep105 Hawaiian Scrapbook, Wooden Art Mirror, Cell Phone Purse, Dichroic Glass Watch
Ep104 Photo Art Pendant, Dryer-Lint Art, Batik Wall Hanging, Mosaic Mirror
Ep103 Wood and Paper Collage Shadowbox, Asian-Inspired Necklace, Photo Suncatchers, Three-Panel Stationery
Ep102 Wood Vase, Sterling Silver and Bone Necklace, Nuno Felt Scarf, Fiber Mini Card
Ep101 Greeting Cards, Candle Screen, Steel Dragonfly Ornament, Dichroic Glass and Enamel Bead Earrings
Ep100 Mosaic Frame, Clay Leaf Tray, Scrapbook Pages, Recipe Box
Ep99 Silk Fusion Bowl, Pressed Leaf Wall Vase, Mosaic Stepping Stone, Stained Glass Plate
Ep98 Mosaic Painting, Homemade Glass Beads, Scrapbook Pages, Sketchbook
Ep97 Chain-Link Necklace, Silver ID Bracelet, Mermaid, Mosaic Mirror
Ep96 Dream Jar, Denim Toy Bag, Mixed-Media African Doll, Dyed Silk Scarf
Ep95 Batik Scarf and Flowers, Cosmetic Bag, Native American Doll, Pottery Jar
Ep94 Fairy Wings, Sushi Soap, Framed Fish Mirror, Mosaic Wood Wall Hanging
Ep93 Glass Bead Bracelet, Photo Block, Greeting Card and Matching Tee, Cement Mosaic Box
Ep92 Felt Plush Creature, Polymer Clay Turtle Necklace and Heart Pendant, Primitive Tray Set
Ep91 Hand-Dyed Silk Lamp, Diva Dollie, Polymer Clay Fish and Cup
Ep90 Secret Compartment Box, Art Ring, Funky Bracelet, Mixed-Media Stained Glass Window
Ep89 Hanging Glass Lamp, Fused Glass Pendant, Photo Scrapbook, Porcelain Salt Shaker
Ep88 Mixed Media Collage, Paper Clay Face Sculptures, Magnolia Molded Tile, Pearl and Butterfly Collage Pin
Ep87 Photo Transfer Jewelry Box, Teddy Bear, Stained Glass Mosaic Window, Keepsake Pendant
Ep86 Leaf Mirror, Clay Teapot, Wood/Photo Shadow Box, Alpaca Tile
Ep85 Butterfly Porcelain Tray, Auto Part Art, Personalized Baby Ring, Rocketship Earrings
Ep84 Felted Silk Scarf, Painted Swing, Mixed-Media Mosaic Box, Twisted Glass Hairstick
Ep83 Funky Recycled Lamps, Wacky Clay Wine Stopper, Silver Framed Glass Necklace, Computer Hard Drive Clocks
Ep82 Cowboy Boot Tray, Painted Aluminum Wall Art, Microbead Box and Pen Set, Lacy Beaded Thank You Card
Ep81 Swirly Soap; Wall Hanging Desk; Mixed Media Mask; Soft Sculpture Doll
Ep80 Ceramic Necklace, Metal Embellished Box Frame, Funky Fiber Art Purse, Card with Ceramic Beads
Ep79 Felt Bowl, Necklace and Earring Set, Steel Cheerleading Outfit, Knit Necklace
Ep78 Three-Dimensional Stained Glass, Raku Whale Pot, Compass Journal, Fairy Furniture
Ep77 Plush Felt Creature, Handmade Soap, Butterfly Collage, Domino Bracelet
Ep76 Metal Painted Masks, Handpainted Pillow, Spiral Memory Book, Crackled Paint Gift Card
Ep75 Stained Glass and Mosaic Table, Block Print Cards, Turquoise and Silver Necklace, Funky Hurricane Lamp
Ep74 Keepsake Paper Dollhouse, Vintage Bracelet, Silk Life Paintings, Festive Banner
Ep73 Light Box, Pressed Flower Prints, Chocolate Soap, Glass Sushi Set
Ep72 Origami and Silver Pendant, Beaded Dolphin Purse, Mosaic Vacation Frame, Stamped Metal Bracelet
Ep71 Whimsical Ceramic Face, Painted Room Divider, Mosaic Bowling Pin, Stamped Metal Bracelet
Ep70 Stuffed Creature, Painted Floor Cloth, Dichroic Glass Pendant, Painted Clock
Ep69 Leather Painted Purse, Photo Scrapbook, Puffer Fish Necklace, Stone Necklace
Ep68 Whimsical Cake Plate, Embroidered Scarf Purse, Tiara & Earrings, Clip Purse
Ep67 Photo Backpack, Felted Handbag, Mini-Memory Scrapbook, Photo Thank You Card
Ep66 Book Purse, Funky Painted Chair, Clay Cat Jester, Pinecone Bear
Ep65 Stone Wall Hanging, Coffee Soap, Silver Pendant, Tiger Bead Earrings
Ep64 Papier-Mache Lamp, Applique Purse, Greeting Card Shadow Box, Memory Pillow
Ep63 Tie-Dyed Silk Artwork, Rokkaku Kite, Painted Clay Letter Platter, Miniature Kite
Ep62 Toadstool Table and Chairs, Blown Glass Bowl, Gelatin Accordion Book, Fanciful Fairy Wings
Ep61 Funky Sweater Purse, Mixed Media Figure Clocks, Lamp Work Leaf Necklace, Glass and Wire Face Vase
Ep60 Leather and Metal Book, 3-D Funky Paintings, Lamp Work Shell Pendant, Canvas Tote
Ep59 Hand Bound Leaf Journal, Metal and Clay Necklace, Metal Fan, Keepsake Pear Box
Ep58 Polymer Clay Frames, Bead Embroidered Necklace, Carved Porcelain Bowl, Vintage Test Lens Pendantln
Ep57 Reverse Mosaic Chair, Altered Clipboard Frame, Bead Embroidered Necklace, Peeled Paint Art
Ep56 Mini Scrapbook, Polymer Clay Paintings, Floral Glass Bead Necklace, Message On A Bottle
Ep55 Hand Painted CD Case, Egg-Let Jewerly Box, Ceramic Bunny Bowl, Paper Court Jester
Ep54 Handpainted Stamped Plate, Wood Carved Animals, Botanical Floor Cloth, Stamped Tin Box
Ep53 Whimsical Ceramic Teapot, Candle Pie Cupcake Candle, Hand Tooled Leather Board, Fish Bowl Tea Light Holder
Ep52 Multi-Layered Wall Mirror, Revamped Lamps, Paper-Mache Clay Bees, Guitar Pick Bottle Cap Earrings
Ep51 Sculptures, Bracelet, Soap, Wine Glass
Ep50 Lighted Ceramic Building, Batik Butterfly Pillow, Pressed Flower Art, Whimsical Tiles
Ep49 Rustic Driftwood Lamp, Sock Doggies, Mixed-Metal Wall Hanging, Plush Cupcakes
Ep48 Enameled Light Switch Cover, Glass Bottle Stopper, Fiber Fish Fabric Painting, Metal Magnet
Ep47 Whimsical Clay House, Koi Pond Mobile, Paper Art Shadow Box, Glass Dream Fairy
Ep46 Tree Trunk Table, Mosaic Planter, Woven Paper Bead Necklace, Masking Tape Floor Mat
Ep45 Holiday - Wooden Santa 'Pushee' Toy, Aluminum Holiday Wreath, Light-Up Gourd Snowman, Wrapped Ball Ornament
Ep44 Holiday - Hand Painted Woven Table Runner, Polymer Clay and Wire Santa Dolls, Holiday Cards, Holiday Music Box
Ep43 Shrink Plastic Triptych, Hand-Painted Silk Scarf, Crocheted Silver Bag, Bottle Cap Photo Magnet
Ep42 Washi Clay Tin and Earring Set, Silly Soaps, Fused Glass Bag, Extruded Cane Light Switch Plate
Ep41 Papier-Mache Television, Iron Starfish Letter Opener, Veggie Dolls, Ceramic Keepsake Box
Ep40 Beaded Botanical Wall Art, Beaded Scarf Halter Top, Polymer Clay Garden Jewelry, Photo Transfer Sachet
Ep39 Palm Bark Lion's Mask, Metal and Rock Lamp, Mod Block Felted Knit Bag, Ostrich Egg Jewelry Box
Ep38 Paper Sculpture, Baby Tote Bags, Glass Turtle Paper Weight, Robo Tees
Ep37 Found Object Windmill, Beaded Hand Mirror, Soft Sculpture Animals, Felted Bead Bracelet
Ep36 Funky Frames, Whimsical Ceramic Wall Vases, Buckle Up! Road Trip Belt, Funky Clay Platter
Ep35 Sun Pinata, Big Sissy Rag Doll, Mixed Media Jewelry, Baby Shower Centerpiece
Ep34 Mountain Woodcut Print, Woven Lamp, Glass Blown Flowers, Mini Cocktail Umbrella Lamp
Ep33 Polymer Clay Mirror, Photo Family Tree, Patchwork Painting Stationery, Photo Stamped Candle
Ep32 Wooden Bowl, Designed Stamped Pillow, Copper and Brass Geisha Pin, Wooden Fruit
Ep31 Ceramic Leather Drum, Handmade Purse With Pin, Polymer Clay Beads, Dog Collar
Ep30 Porcelain Light Fixture, Wooden Cow Clock, Stained Glass Picture Frame, Pressed Tile Trivet
Ep29 Felt Fruit with Ceramic Bowl, Stained Glass Mosaic Mirror, Handmade Paper Booklet, Gourd Ornament
Ep28 Block Print Box Purse, Sand Blasted Glass Sun Catcher, Polymer Clay Sculpture, Diachroic Glass Pendant
Ep27 Mixed Media Puppet, Sundial Wall Clock, Ceramic Clay Necklace, Pirate Pad Lock
Ep26 Mixed Media Collage, Botanical Fabric Bookmark, Wood Turned Vase, Beaded Earrings
Ep25 Halloween
Ep24 Paper-Mache Sculpture, Metal and Polymer Clay Pendant, Mixed Media Photo Frame, Linoleum Block Print
Ep23 Metal Musician Sculptures, Handpainted Photo Wall Hanging, Handmade Glass Tiles, Decoupage Photo Box
Ep22 Lady Face Painted Pottery, African Walking Sticks, Silver Buckle Belt, Reed Baskets
Ep21 Embellished Accordian Book, Gravel Art Wall Hangings, No Fire Clay Gargoyle, Felted Soap
Ep20 Painted Wooden Tiki Sign, Altered Art, Stained Glass Night Light, Art Tiles
Ep19 Silk and Belt Purse, Handpainted Jewelry Box, Fused Millefiori Bowl, Ceramic Wine Stopper
Ep18 Boot Purse, Byzantine Woven Chain, China Mosaic Planters, Altered Doll Embellishments
Ep17 Metal Flea Sculpture, Good Luck Clay Cats, Reticulated Silver Necklace, Riveted Photo Key Chain
Ep16 Wood Turned Bowls, Fused Glass Butterfly Pendant, Felted Baseball Cap, Glass Sun Catcher
Ep15 Wearable Art Doll, Wooden Fish Clock, 3-D Wall Hanging, Mint Tin Treasure Box
Ep14 Mosaic Mirror with Drawers, Etched Bottle Platter, Sushi Knitting Needles, Stuffed Kitty Creature
Ep13 Cartoon Clocks, Fused Glass Woman, Favorite Things Shadow Box, Jean Pillow
Ep12 113 Melted Wax Photo Collage, Copper Candelabras, Polymer Clay Mosaic Clock, Handmade Paper Bookmark
Ep11 Terracotta Mosaic Birdbath, Vintage Keepsake Book, Metal Nu-buck Hip Pouch, Metal and Sharkskin Ring
Ep10 Handmade Book, Found Object Lamp, Mosaic Garden Gazing Ball, One-of-a Kind Cards
Ep9 Cool Car Chairs, Crocheted Macramé Jewelry, Ceramic Bowls, Macramé Silver Hairpin
Ep8 Hand-dyed Ostrich Egg Lamps, Photo Pendant Necklace, Aluminum Book Cover, Metal Collaged Tin
Ep7 Stained Glass Metal Sculpture, Oversized Teapots, Polymer Clay Box, Polymer Clay Notebook Cover
Ep6 Photo Puzzle Box, Abstract Wall Hanging, Basket Top Pots, Melted Art Pendant
Ep5 Floral Ceramic Wall Pocket, Collaged Mosaic Wall Art, Art Necklace and Pendant, Hand-Crafted Dragonfly Tile
Ep4 Hand-Painted Glass Candle Bowl, Sassy Girl Mosaic Wall Hanging, Decoupage Dress Form Lamp, Drilled Dice Bracelet
Ep3 Geometric Metal Face Clock, Lathe Turned Birdhouse Ornament, Mixed Media Collage, Wire and Jeweled Kitchenware
Ep2 French Country Recipe Box, Metal and Wood Art Wall Sconce, Teapot, Paper Clay Candle Ring
Ep1 Stainless Steel Kinetic Sculpture, Marbled Silk Scarf, Beaded Gourd Purse, Doggie Backback
Paper Bag Scrapbook, Metal Garden Trellis, Polymer Clay Beaded Vase, Paper Purse Greeting Card

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