The Big Valley

  • 1965-1969

A flinty matriarch keeps a tight rein on her late husband's ranch empire and her fractious brood in a large-scale Western that launched the careers of Lee Majors and Linda Evans, and revived that of... Más


Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Point and Counterpoint
Ep25 Flight From San Miguel
Ep24 Danger Road
Ep23 Town of No Exit
Ep22 The Other Face of Justice
Ep21 Battle of Mineral Springs
Ep20 A Passage of Saints
Ep19 Royal Road
Ep18 Alias Nellie Handly
Ep17 Lightfoot
Ep16 The 25 Graves of Midas
Ep15 The Secret
Ep14 Joshua Watson
Ep13 Top of the Stairs
Ep12 Hunter's Moon
Ep11 The Prize
Ep10 A Stranger Everywhere
Ep9 The Profit and the Lost
Ep8 The Long Ride
Ep7 Hell Hath No Fury
Ep6 The Jonah
Ep5 Deathtown
Ep4 Run of the Cat
Ep3 Presumed Dead
Ep2 They Called Her Delilah
Ep1 In Silent Battle

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 The Challenge
Ep25 Run of the Savage
Ep24 The Devil's Masquerade
Ep23 Bounty on a Barkley
Ep22 Rimfire
Ep21 The Emperor of Rice
Ep20 Fall of a Hero
Ep19 Shadow of a Giant
Ep18 Miranda
Ep17 Days of Wrath
Ep16 The Good Thieves
Ep15 The Buffalo Man
Ep14 Journey into Violence
Ep13 Night of the Executioner
Ep12 Four Days to Furnace Hill
Ep11 Explosion!
Ep10 Explosion!
Ep9 A Noose Is Waiting
Ep8 The Disappearance
Ep7 Guilty
Ep6 Ladykiller
Ep5 Night in a Small Town
Ep4 Time After Midnight
Ep3 Flock of Trouble
Ep2 Ambush
Ep1 Joaquin

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep30 Cage of Eagles
Ep29 Days of Grace
Ep28 The Lady from Mesa
Ep27 Showdown in Limbo
Ep26 Turn of a Card
Ep25 Plunder
Ep24 Court Martial
Ep23 Brother Love
Ep22 Price of Victory
Ep21 Haunted Gun
Ep20 Stallion
Ep19 Down Shadow Street
Ep18 Boy into Man
Ep17 Image of Yesterday
Ep16 Wagonload of Dreams
Ep15 Day of the Comet
Ep14 Hide the Children
Ep13 Day of Terror
Ep12 Last Stage to Salt Flats
Ep11 The Iron Box
Ep10 The Great Safe Robbery
Ep9 Man From Nowhere
Ep8 Velvet Trap
Ep7 Target
Ep6 Martyr
Ep5 Pursuit
Ep4 Caesar's Wife
Ep3 Legend of a General
Ep2 Legend of a General
Ep1 Lost Treasure

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep30 #1 Last Train to the Fair
Ep29 #1 Tunnel of Gold
Ep28 #1 Midas Man
Ep27 #1 River Monarch
Ep26 #1 By Force and Violence
Ep25 #1 Into the Widow's Web
Ep24 #1 Hazard
Ep23 #1 Fallen Hawk
Ep22 #1 Death Merchant
Ep21 #1 Barbary Red
Ep20 #1 Under a Dark Star
Ep19 #1 Teacher of Outlaws
Ep18 #1 Time to Kill
Ep17 #1 By Fires Unseen
Ep16 #1 Invaders
Ep15 #1 Judgment in Heaven
Ep14 #1 Brawlers
Ep13 #1 The Guilt of Matt Bentell
Ep12 #1 Night of the Wolf
Ep11 #1 Way to Kill a Killer
Ep10 #1 Murdered Party
Ep9 #1 Earthquake!
Ep8 #1 My Son, My Son
Ep7 #1 Winner Lose All
Ep6 #1 Heritage
Ep5 #1 The Odyssey of Jubal Tanner
Ep4 #1 Young Marauders
Ep3 #1 Boots with My Father's Name
Ep2 #1 Forty Rifles
Ep1 #1 Palms of Glory

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Clip The Big Valley: Clip 1
112 sec
Preview The Big Valley: Season 2
2 min 4 sec
Clip The Big Valley: Clip 2
106 sec
S1 | Ep30

Last Train to the Fair

Fecha al aire: 4/27/66
Audra is stricken with appendicitis on a train and the only doctor aboard has troubles of his own---two men are out to kill him. Travers: Richard Anderson. Jarrod: Richard Long. Moyers: Karl Swenson. Andy: Tim McIntire. Nick: Peter Breck.

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