The DaVincibles

  • 2012

The DaVincis go around the world searching for rare objects and take on some very bad villains along the way.


Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep52 Queen of Valentine's Day
Ep51 A Pimple Plan
Ep50 Bright Ideas
Ep49 The DaVinci's Dragon
Ep48 Glass from the Past
Ep47 Flea Bitten
Ep46 Web Invaders
Ep45 What's Your Sine?
Ep44 A Sauce by Any Other Name
Ep43 The Tenors and the Frog
Ep42 The Dancing DaVincis
Ep41 A Beautiful Problem
Ep40 Music to My Ears
Ep39 Going Bananas
Ep38 Zoe's Best Friend
Ep37 Love Triangles
Ep36 Party Madness
Ep35 A Pirate's Life for Me
Ep33 Astronuts
Ep32 Something's Rotten
Ep31 Lincoln Slept Here
Ep30 Zoe's Smackdown
Ep29 When Opposites Attract
Ep28 Brotherly Loathe
Ep27 Fashion Showdown
Ep26 Don't Rain On My Parade
Ep25 Shape Up
Ep24 Here's a Heads Up
Ep23 Sticks and Bones
Ep22 Wave Goodbye
Ep21 DaVinci's Burning Hearts
Ep20 Napoleon's Revenge
Ep19 Not So Best in Show
Ep18 Atlas Saves the World
Ep17 It's the Gargoyles
Ep16 Snowballed
Ep15 When Thinks the Thinker
Ep14 Volcano No-No
Ep13 Chooping Doom
Ep12 You've Been Served
Ep11 Mall It All
Ep10 Big Thumbs Up
Ep9 Vote for a Goat
Ep7 Love Is Like a Rock
Ep6 Scream a Little Scream
Ep5 Barber of Sleepville
Ep4 Crushed
Ep3 Monumental Showdown
Ep2 Bar-B-Clueless
Ep1 Set in Stone

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Party Madness
DaVincibles Art
Volcano No-No
Big Thumbs Up!
What's Your Sine?
A Sauce by Any Other Name
Atlas Saves the World
The DaVinci's Dragon
Set in Stone
Vote for a Goat
Love Is Like a Rock
A Beautiful Problem
Going Bananas
Bright Ideas
Fashion Showdown
Mall It All
Monumental Showdown
Napoleon's Revenge
Sticks and Bones
Miss Fabulous
Not So Best in Show
When Thinks the Thinker
It's the Gargoyles
A Pimple Plan
Shape Up
The Dancing DaVincis
The Tenors and the Frog
A Pirate's Life for Me
Music to My Ears
Big Thumbs Up
When Opposites Attract
Zoe's Best Friend
Lincoln Slept Here
DaVinci's Burning Hearts
Barber of Sleepville
Scream a Little Scream
Chooping Doom
Web Invaders
Brotherly Loathe
Zoe's Smackdown
Queen of Valentine's Day
Something's Rotten
Don't Rain On My Parade
Here's a Heads Up
You've Been Served
Atlas Saves the World
A Petrifying Look
Miss Fabulous
A Petrifying Look
Flea Bitten
DaVincibles Art
Big Thumbs Up!
Atlas Saves the World
Love Triangles
Glass from the Past
Wave Goodbye

All Full Length Videos

Episode NameViewing ProgressRun Length
S0 |

Queen of Valentine's Day

Air Date:
Behold the Queen! Pablo's plan to make his mad crush Cherie the school's Valentine's Day Queen backfires when his sister wins by one vote. Cherie vows revenge and her evil daddy, Quba, guarantees to crush Zoe with the help of the legendary Achilles!

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