The Defenders

  • 1961-1965

This drama about a father-son legal team was one of the most acclaimed series of the '60s (it won its best-program Emmy category three of its four seasons). The series tackled such controversial... Más


The Defenders

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep29 Only Child
Ep28 The Bum's Rush
Ep27 The Prosecutor
Ep26 The Youth and Maidens on Evening Walk
Ep25 A Matter of Law and Disorder
Ep24 The Sworn Twelve
Ep23 Impeachment
Ep22 Nobody Asks What Side You're On
Ep21 The Merry-Go-Round Mender
Ep20 No-Knock
Ep19 Fires on the Wind
Ep18 Objector
Ep17 The Unwritten Law
Ep16 Death on Wheels
Ep15 The Silent Killer
Ep14 Eyewitness
Ep13 Whipping Boy
Ep12 King of the Hill
Ep11 A Voice Loud and Clear
Ep10 Whitewash
Ep9 The Siege
Ep8 Comeback
Ep7 A Taste of Ashes
Ep6 Turning Point
Ep5 Conflict of Interests
Ep4 Go-Between
Ep3 Hero of the People
Ep2 The Seven Hundred Year Old Gang, Part 2
Ep1 The Seven Hundred Year Old Gang, Part 1

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep36 The Uncivil War
Ep35 Hollow Triumph
Ep34 Stowaway
Ep33 The Non-Violent
Ep32 The Fine Line
Ep31 The Sixth Alarm
Ep30 Mind Over Murder
Ep29 The Man Who Saved His Country
Ep28 Yankee Go Home
Ep27 The Thief
Ep26 May Day, May Day
Ep25 Die Laughing
Ep24 The Hidden Fury
Ep23 Moment of Truth
Ep22 Survival
Ep21 Drink Like a Lady
Ep20 The Pill Man
Ep19 The Secret
Ep18 All the Silent Voices
Ep17 Who'll Dig His Grave
Ep16 Blacklist
Ep15 The Last Day
Ep14 Claire Cheval Died in Boston
Ep13 Fugue for Trumpet and Small Boy
Ep12 Old Lady Ironsides
Ep11 The Crowd Pleaser
Ep10 Climate of Evils
Ep9 The Seal of Confession
Ep8 Loophole
Ep7 The Star Spangled Ghetto
Ep6 The Cruel Hook
Ep5 Conspiracy of Silence
Ep4 The Bagman
Ep3 The Captive
Ep2 The Empty Heart
Ep1 The Weeping Baboon

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep34 The Brother Killers
Ep33 The Trial of Twenty-Two
Ep32 Everybody Else Is Dead
Ep31 The Noose
Ep30 Judgment Eve
Ep29 The Colossus
Ep28 The Taste of Vengeance
Ep27 A Book for Burning
Ep26 The Heathen
Ep25 The Last Illusion
Ep24 Metamorphosis
Ep23 Eye of Fear
Ep22 The Traitor
Ep21 The Hour Before Doomsday
Ep20 Ordeal
Ep19 Poltergeist
Ep18 The Poisoned Fruit Doctrine
Ep17 Man Against Himself
Ep16 Kill or Be Killed
Ep15 Death Takes Stand
Ep14 Grandma TNT
Ep13 The Apostle
Ep12 The Savage Infant
Ep11 The Hidden Jungle
Ep10 The Invisible Badge
Ep9 The Avenger
Ep8 The Bigamist
Ep7 The Madman, Part 2
Ep6 The Madman, Part 1
Ep5 The Unwanted
Ep4 The Seven Ghosts of Simon Gray
Ep3 The Indelible Silence
Ep2 Blood Country
Ep1 The Voices of Death

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep32 Broken Barrelhead
Ep31 Along Came a Spider
Ep30 The Benefactor
Ep29 Reunion with Death
Ep28 The Naked Heiress
Ep27 The Last Six Months
Ep26 The Tarnished Cross
Ep25 The Iron Man
Ep24 The Hickory Indian
Ep23 Crusader
Ep22 The Empty Chute
Ep21 The Locked Room
Ep20 The Point Shaver
Ep19 Storm at Birch Glen
Ep18 The Search
Ep17 The Bedside Murder
Ep16 Best Defense
Ep15 Gideon's Follies
Ep14 The Prowler
Ep13 The Attack
Ep12 Perjury
Ep11 The Treadmill
Ep10 The Man with the Concrete Thumb
Ep9 The Trial of Jenny Scott
Ep8 The Accident
Ep7 Hundred Lives of Harry Simms
Ep6 The Boy Between
Ep5 The Young Lovers
Ep4 The Riot
Ep3 Death Across the Counter
Ep2 Killer Instinct
Ep1 The Quality of Mercy

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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
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