The Doctors

  • 2008

'Dr. Phil' spin-off featuring four doctors (an emergency-room physician, an ob-gyn, a plastic surgeon and a pediatrician) exploring medical issues raised in cases examined on the show.


Season 8

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep169 THE Doctors' Best Bloopers! Female Men's Rights Activist? Club Drug to Cure Insomnia? My Jaw Won't Let Me Eat!
Ep168 Why This PMS Post Went Viral! Amusement Park Snake Attack! Woman Robs Sperm Bank? Paid Not to Commit Crimes?
Ep167 Bieber Guilt; Controversial New Baby Gadget; Can You Be Allergic to Wi-Fi? Music Breaks Through Alzheimer's
Ep166 Body Fat Scale Investigation; Mocha Shaming; What's With that Video? Incest or Psych Condition? Make It or Break It
Ep165 Criminal Minds Star AJ Cook's Personal Health Questions; Country Singer JT Hodges' Gym-Free Fitness Secrets
Ep164 Hot Topics With Comedian Kym Whitley! Sex Island? Cyberbullying Mom? Tummy Transformation Revealed! Celebrity Smile Secrets!
Ep163 The Profit's Marcus Lemonis Reveals Biz and Health Secrets! Eyelash Extensions Dangers Exposed!
Ep162 A Telegram with Your Breasts? New Procedure for Saggy Jowls! The Wonder Breast Lift! Real Housewives of OC: Heather Dubrow
Ep161 Woman's Hair Dye Nightmare! Bra That Protects You from Predators? Parents Getting Graded on Report Cards?
Ep160 Thigh Gap Jewelry; A 6-Million-Dollar Birthday Party? Benefits of Sleeping Naked! 'Hollywood Vampires' Revealed!
Ep159 Sperm Donor Hides Criminal Past and Fathers Dozens of Children? Mother Refuses Treatment of Her Child's Cancer!
Ep158 Supermodel Molly Sims Reveals Personal Secrets! Has Your Identity Been Stolen and You Don't Know It? Addicted to Eating Chalk
Ep157 Exclusive: Mom of Five Spends $500K to Look like Barbie? I Went From Bullied to Buff! Powerlifter's Major Fail Caught on Camera?
Ep156 Beauty Salon Causes Stroke? Sued Over Tampon Tax? Sexist Cheese? Viral Photo Curbs Pregnancy Shamers? Procrastination Cure?
Ep155 A Social Media Challenge Almost Killed Me! My Health Condition Is Ruining My Marriage; 11-Year-Old's Joy Ride in a Cement Truck?
Ep154 Shocking Peeping Tom Motel? Eat This, Not That: When You're Expecting! THE DOCTORS Exclusive: Scarred From a Brutal Crime
Ep153 THE DOCTORS Put It to the Test! LIVE Non-Surgical Nose Job; Firm Aging Skin in 19 Minutes? Hand Rejuvenation Procedure
Ep152 Permanently Erase Wrinkles?; Sushi Shocker Revealed!; THE DOCTORS Investigates: Cosmetic Vacations?
Ep151 THE DOCTORS Exclusive: Viral Video Star's Weight Loss Surgery! Your Most Embarrassing Questions Answered!
Ep150 Sarah Jessica Parker Discusses Family Health Issues; Shocking Videos Caught on Camera: Mom Has Seizure While Holding Her Baby
Ep149 The Real Housewives of Dallas! Dr. Pimple Popper Returns! Gun That Looks Like a Cell Phone? Beer Made With Private Parts?
Ep148 Dr. Phil's Medical Condition He's Been Battling for Years; Look Five Years Younger for Less Than $5! Shocking Daycare Violations
Ep147 Actress Marla Maples! Weightlifting Granny! Kylie Jenner in Danger? Woman Transforms HerselfIinto a Superhero!
Ep146 Little Women: LA's Jasmine Arteaga Opens Up About Health Fear; Cheap Way to Avoid High Heel Blisters; Phone App Teaches Kids
Ep145 Biggest Guest Surprise in THE DOCTORS History! Shocking Facebook Post: Kid's for Sale? Could Mammograms Detect Heart Disease?
Ep144 Exclusive: Reality Star's Shocking Nose Surgery! Docs Sew Man's Hand Into Stomach? Experiment Gives Men Periods for Three Days?
Ep143 Hot Topics With Comedian Bill Engvall; The Orgasm Button; Size K Breasts Are Ruining My Life; Awake Brain Surgery!
Ep142 THE DOCTORS Exclusive Intervention: Stuck in a Major Health Rut! Sued for Posting the Wrong Pic?
Ep141 THE DOCTORS Exclusive: Janice Dickinson Undergoes Surgery for Cancer; Party Hosts Fined $250,000.00?
Ep140 TV Actor Reveals a Secret Health Crisis! Mom Buys Sex-Toys for Her Daughters? Teacher Calls Student a Terrorist?
Ep139 THE DOCTORS Exclusives: Reality Star Reveals Medical Horror Story! And One Meme Mom Fights Back Against Online Haters!
Ep138 Woman Wakes up From Surgery to Missing Belly Button! Kids Suing Parents for Social Media Pics?
Ep137 Nurse Drunk on the Job? Man Secretly Divorces Wife? Mom of Six Reveals Her Amazing Makeover; Man Fired for Preventing Robbery?
Ep136 Shocking Viral Video Leads to Teen Arrest! Fined for Bodily Functions? Back Pain Is Ruining My Life!
Ep135 Fat Reducing Treatments Put to the Test! Extreme Dance Battle Gone Wrong! Woman Hides Poop for Love?
Ep134 Dad Loses 300lbs! Beyoncé's Hair Secrets; 'Period Leave' for Female Employees? Shocking Pain Relief Method during Childbirth
Ep133 The Doctors Investigates: Tainted Supplements; Shocking New Body Challenge! What's the Real Deal: Blackout Tattoos
Ep132 Breaking Medical News; Sex Strike to End Violence and Crime? Stress Causing Skin Issues? Men's vs. Women's Butts:
Ep131 Adults Raising Baby Dolls? Drunk Couple Has Child Drive; Doc Loses License Due to Kleptomania? Fashion Facelift;
Ep130 Plus-Sized Pants Controversy; Erase Bad Memories With Your Eyes? Supervised Heroin Facility? Do You Need a Life Strategist?
Ep129 TV Star Opens up About Health Crisis; Surgery Leaves Woman With Kleptomania? Vape Your Vitamins?
Ep128 Reality Star Reveals Health Struggle! Adults Wetting Beds? HIV Prevention Pill Fails? Scott Disick
Ep127 Breaking Medical News; Controversial Ban of Yearbook Photo; New Celebrity Trends: Safe or Silly? Can You Pass Obesity to Kids
Ep126 "Brandy Glanville Unfiltered! Erase Under-Eye Bags for Good? Celeb Sex Scene Secrets! Do You Need a Break-Up Fund?
Ep125 Exclusive: Janice Dickinson's Breast Cancer Diagnosis; Robotic Cat Companions for Seniors? Contract a Disease for Money?
Ep124 Dream Makeover Revealed; Fined for 'Manspreading'; Is Your Child Drinking Mold? Major Surrogate Controversy Making Headlines!
Ep123 Exclusive: Robin Givens Reveals Tragic Loss; Exclusive: Did a Toddler Die Due to Alleged Parental Neglect?
Ep122 Shocking Medical Videos Gone Viral! Mom Allergic to Being Pregnant? Locked Up for a Reality Show? Rom-Coms Bad for Relationships
Ep121 Model Kidnaps Rival? Lipo Injections? She's a Hot Mess Makeover! Love and Hip Hop Star Tells All!
Ep120 Woman Gets 'Hump Back' From Drinking? 'Super' Bedbugs on the Attack; Red Carpet Beauty Secrets Revealed;
Ep119 Friday News Feed: The Latest Controversial Health Stories Making Headlines; Headphones That Get You High?
Ep118 The RefrigerDATEr: Mates Based on Your Food Choices! Controversial Breastfeeding Meme? Man's Shocking Reason for Stomachache?
Ep117 Roast, Bake, Shake to a Better Body? Yoga Pants That Burn Calories? DIY Health Test Dangers?
Ep116 New Killer to Top Cancer by 2050; The Incredible Dr. Pol; Happy Days' Anson Williams! Dr. Berman Reveals a Personal Health Scare
Ep115 A Woman Is Hit by Two Cars and Left for Dead! A Doctor Performs Procedure on the Wrong Baby; Hip Replacements for Better Sex?
Ep114 Instant Dark Spot Eraser? Fertility Increases After Miscarriage? Harness Your Sexy Alter Ego? DUI after One Drink?
Ep114 Teen Mom Star's Mystery Illness? 'Frankenstein Face' Procedure? Pedicure Nightmare Revealed! Public Urinal Controversy
Ep113 Exclusive Updates: Extreme Weight Loss Surgery Revealed and PTSD Injection after Horrific Accident; Shocking New Surgery Fads!
Ep112 THE DOCTORS Saves a Woman from Potentially Suffocating in Her Sleep! Supermodel Secrets for Looking Young? Plastic Surgery Apps
Ep111 Shocking Stories Caught on Camera! Drugstore Thief Beat Down; Teacher Caught Berating First Grader?
Ep110 Movie Theatre Germs! DIY Tightening Wand for Down There? Tiny Waist, Full Belly? Butt-Boosting Clothing? Park Your Dog in a Box?
Ep109 Friday NewsFeed: Shocking Medical Stories Caught on Camera! Dr. Rachael's Big Baby Surprises! Doctors Remove Ants From Ear
Ep108 Pain Cure Through Your Nose? Baby Attached to Placenta for 6 Days? Man Throws Alligator into Drive-Thru; A Superfood Donut?
Ep107 Woman Can't Stop Destroying Her Life; Undercover Germ Tests Revealed! Flu Fighter Cider?
Ep106 Hot Topics With Piers Morgan! Susan Sarandon Cleavage Controversy; Woman Jailed for Faking Cancer; Please Save My Marriage
Ep105 IV Drip Facial; Real Deal: Anti-Inflammatory Diet; DIY Waxing Gone Wrong; Burned by Fat Freezing Treatment; Dad Jailed
Ep104 Friday News Feed: The Latest Controversial Health Stories Making Headlines! Woman "Removes" Ex in a New Kind of Way!
Ep103 A Woman Turns Her Walk of Shame Into a Walk of Fame; A Renowned Physician Accused of Doing the Unthinkable!; Deadly Cocktail
Ep102 Dr. Travis Comes Clean About Health Issue; LIVE Procedure for Raccoon Eyes; Ear Piercing Cures Migraines?; Danger to Pets
Ep101 Tyrese Gibson and Rev Run Talk Sex, Dating and Instagram Jealousy; Potato Chips; Facial Mask; Milk Recipe
Ep100 The Doctors Exclusive: My Husband Tried to Murder Me; Criminal Minds' A.J. Cook; Gene Simmons From KISS
Ep99 Friday News Feed; Mom's Hemorrhoid Horror Story! New Instant Face Transplant App; Trick to Prevent 'Hungry Shopping' Purchases
Ep98 Shocking Medical Stories from Around the World; A Woman Dumped for Being Overweight Does the Unthinkable! A Woman Is Set on Fire
Ep97 A Cure for Type 1 Diabetes? New App Keeps You Kardashian Free! Cheating on the Rise More than Ever? Motorized Sperm
Ep96 Frozen to Death for Hours; Go Fund My... Plastic Surgery?; Death in a Single Dose? Dangerous DIY Trend
Ep95 Top Trends and Procedures Put to the Test! 3 Minute Eyelift? New Hot Flash Cure? Saggy Jowl Treatment; Love Handles GONE
Ep94 Medical Map to the Stars! Red Carpet Skin Tips; Lisa Vanderpump Reveals Health Secrets! Hottest Celebrity Workouts!
Ep93 Exclusive: Woman Removes Her Ribs for Beauty! Diet Pill Horror Story; Outrageous Crime and Health Stories Making Headlines;
Ep92 Exclusive: Murdered Reporter's Family Speaks Out; Real Housewife of Orange County Tamra Judge;
Ep91 Hot Topics With Carmen Electra! Build a Booty Without Surgery? Miracle Eye Lift Put to the Test;
Ep90 Double Chin Injection Put to the Test! Diet Based on Genes? Speakers in Your Private Parts? Dad's Family Photo
Ep89 Friday News Feed: Breaking News Stories Affecting Your Health! The Bachelorette's Ali Fedotowsky Reveals More Big News!
Ep88 Shocking Videos Caught on Camera: Toddler Smoking Marijuana! Debilitating Cluster Headaches; Too Good Looking for Success?
Ep87 Freeze Dried Poop to Lose Weight? Do You Have Drunk-Face Syndrome? Soccer-Ball Sized Hernia Before/After; Is Your Detox Bogus?
Ep86 Fake Plastic Surgeon Caught! Pill Addicts Can Now Sue Doctors? Lawmakers Feud Over Breastfeeding Mothers!
Ep85 THE DOCTORS Exclusive: I Was Dead for 12 Minutes! Red Carpet Sex Ed? Celebrity Makeup Artist Reveals Her Secrets!
Ep84 Exclusive: TV Star's Cancer Battle; DIY Secret for Cold and Flu Sufferers; Transitioning Into a Man and Became Pregnant!
Ep83 Banish Your Belly Bloat! Strip Club at Your Neighbor's House? Artificial Sweeteners Affect Breathalyzer Tests?
Ep82 Woman Discovers Mold Inside Breasts? 'Carbaholics' as Damaging as Alcoholics? Trick to Triple Chance of Pregnancy?
Ep81 Popular Hair Product Makes Women Go Bald? Social Anxiety Is Ruining My Life! Child's 'Love Note' Considered Harassment?
Ep80 Real Housewives of New York's Kristen Taekman! Extreme Acne Scar Procedure; The Ebay for Breakups? A Coin Was Found in My Lungs!
Ep79 Leeza Gibbons's Family Health Scare; Ice T's Shocking Delivery Room Photo; Teachers' Controversial Punishments?
Ep78 Botched Surgery Intervention; Curb Emotional Eating Instantly? Texting With Your Face? Do You Need an Instagram Husband?
Ep77 Were You Born a Cheater? Price-Gouging Pharmaceutical Exec Arrested; Woman Prefers to be Overweight;
Ep76 Can Liposuction Make You Healthier? Plastic Surgery Depression? Is My Man Menstruating? Anti-Depressants for Babies?
Ep75 Contaminated Water Emergency; Exclusive: Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley Health Update; Drink Wine to Lose Weight?
Ep74 OTC Birth Control in the Works? Beauty Accessory Causes House to Burn Down? 'I'm Permanently Pregnant'
Ep73 Are You a Sugar Addict and Don't Know It? What's the Real Deal With Organic Tampons? Glam vs. Natural Makeup: Which Is Better?
Ep72 Permanent Birth Control: Is It Worth the Risks? Shocking Reason Child Is Taken From Mom; Drive-Thru Worker Does Unthinkable;
Ep71 Drs Exclusive: The Man With Bionic Genitalia! Most Dramatic Weight Loss Success Surgery Update!
Ep70 Could You Get 'Athletes Face?' Celebrity Chef Rocco DiSpirito; 2016 'Better Body' Fixes Revealed; Life-Changing Surgeries;
Ep69 Friday NewsFeed; The Latest Headlines Affecting Your Health! Animal Hero Accused of Starving Dogs?
Ep68 Throwback Thursday: Dr. Lisa and Dr. Sears in the House! Mom's Shocking Marijuana Club? Cloning Your Dog for $100K?
Ep67 15-Pound Baby Born Naturally? Bikini Coffee Shop Controversy? Adventures of a Skydiving Granny! Celebrity Colonoscopy!
Ep66 Drive-Thru Food Makeovers; Suzanne Somers Reveals Her Personal Detox Tips; Makeup Application That Could Save Your Life?
Ep65 Incredible Celebrity Transformations! Firefighters From Down Under! Jewelry That Keeps You Safe?
Ep64 Friday NewsFeed; Latest Headlines Affecting Your Health! Surprising Signs of a Cheater;
Ep63 A Woman Requests 'Do-Not-Resuscitate' for 14-Year-Old; A College Student Finds Tapeworm in His Brain!
Ep62 Dr.'s Exclusive: Vanderpump Rules Star's Dangerous Fall; Jaw-Dropping Celebrity Look-a-likes! New Year, New Do!
Ep61 Binge Eating at Night; Celebrity Crushes Bad for Your Health? Drones Becoming a Serious Health Threat?
Ep60 Eat Your Beauty Routine! Hair Accessory Nearly Turns Fatal? Miracle Pimple Solution? Weight Loss Intervention;
Ep59 Actress Patricia Heaton; Cedric the Entertainer; Shocking DIY Facial Gone Viral; Death by Diet Cola?
Ep58 Dr's Exclusive: Viral Video Star's Family Health Secret; Should You Try a Rage Room? World's Worst Wedding Guest;
Ep57 Skinny Swaps! Can Your 'Private Parts' be Depressed? My Baby Became a Cruel Internet Joke! Rent a Bridesmaid?
Ep56 THE DOCTORS Holiday Extravaganza! Hometown Heroes Honored; Avoid Holiday Health Disasters! Holiday Party Makeovers;
Ep55 Shocking Things Found in Your Food; Something in Your Kitchen Worse Than Secondhand Smoke? Bad Friends Require Extreme Measures?
Ep54 The Panic Room: A Woman Hopes to Be Cured of Her Extreme Phobia; Hidden Health Hazards at Your Favorite Restaurant;
Ep53 Exclusive: Teen Mom Star's Mental Health Misdiagnosis? Baby Born With Two Noses; 30-Pound Burrito Challenge;
Ep52 Nail-Biting Experiment Leaves Docs Speechless; a Shark Attack Saved My Life; Help: I Have Permanent Black Eyes;
Ep51 Cyndi Lauper Opens Up About Her Health Struggle; Man's Eating Disorder Compels Him to Steal Food;
Ep50 Shocking Hot Headlines; Instagram Celebrity Surprise Visit; At-Home Trick to Give Cheap Wine That Expensive Taste
Ep49 Extreme Sibling Rivalry Caught on Camera! Do You Have Red Skin Syndrome? Can You Be Fired by Your Doctor? DIY Makeup Trends
Ep48 Exclusive: Teacher's Bikini Photo Controversy; Man's Extreme Surgery to Look Like a Parrot
Ep47 My Ex-Boyfriend Threw Acid in My Face! Shocking Traffic Stop Endangers Baby's Life; Famous Dog That Fought Off Three Bears
Ep46 Exclusive: Fan Spends $100K to Look Like Kim K! Shocking New Diet Trend: Is It Worth It? Unexpected De-Stressing Tips Revealed!
Ep45 Controversial Stories Breaking in the News; Online Club Devoted to Being a Better Gold Digger?
Ep44 Anorexia, Bulimia and Cocaine Are Destroying My Life; Wife Destroys Cheating Husband's Car; Botox for a Healthier Heart?
Ep43 Hot Topics With Queen of All Social Media Amber Rose! How to Get Away With Murder's Matt McGorry! Injection That Can Cure PTSD?
Ep42 Public Shaming out of Control? My Photo Became a Cruel Online Joke; Must-See Surprise Makeovers;
Ep41 "One of the Doctors Reveals a Life-Changing Secret; A Woman Loses Her Vision During a Popular Outdoor Event;
Ep40 Shocking Hot Headlines Caught on Camera! Baby Aggressively Shaken at Daycare! Couple Escapes From Flash Flood;
Ep39 Exclusive: The Woman Who Made Herself Blind on Purpose! Husband Forced to Live in His Front Yard? New Weight Loss Method
Ep38 Woman Disfigured After Boiling Water Attack; Can a Medical Intuitive Uncover Your Medical Secrets?
Ep37 Scarred: Plastic Surgery Gone Very Wrong! The Dr.'s Investigate: Lunchtime Fix for Depression? Misdiagnosed Miscarriages?
Ep36 Exclusive: American Idol Star's Health Scare; Surprise Announcement from Chris Daughtry; Shocking Escape Video Caught on Camera;
Ep35 Friday NewsFeed: Breaking Celebrity News and Controversial Stories Affecting Your Health; Surprising Reason Your Nail Polish May
Ep34 Exclusive Update: Woman Whose Ex Bit Off Nose Gets Life-Changing Surgery; Real Housewife Taylor Armstrong; Vampire Breast Lift?
Ep33 Woman Lets 'Vampire' Boyfriend Drink Her Blood; Company Buying and Selling Used Makeup? First Menopausal Superhero?
Ep32 Exclusive: A Dancing With the Stars Health Scare; Alana Stewart's Beauty Secrets Revealed!
Ep31 Mother of Six Says Her Body Is Ruining Marriage; New Things to Worry About 35,000 Feet Up;
Ep30 Friday NewsFeed: Breaking Celebrity News and Controversial Stories Affecting Your Health;
Ep29 A Teen's Battle with Extreme Cystic Acne and Bullying; Fake Doctors Performing Surgeries? Moldy Foods:
Ep28 Shocking Hot Headlines Caught on Camera! Mom and Daughter's Plastic Surgery Addiction; Is Your Kid a Psychopath?
Ep27 One Woman's Botched Surgery Nightmare! New Wrinkle Treatment Put to the Test! Eye Lice: Know the Risks;
Ep26 Manic Mom Makeover; Reality Star Using Coffee Enemas to Fight Cancer? Paralyzed Man Walks Again; Scarred Face Dramatic Surgery;
Ep25 Friday NewsFeed: Breaking Celebrity News and Controversial Stories Affecting Your Health; 'Blo-Tox' for Sweaty Scalps?
Ep24 Mom Faces Her Extreme Rat Phobia; 3 Drinks to Beat Hot Flashes, Fatigue and Bloat! Man's Hand Sewn Into His Stomach;
Ep23 Dance Moms Star Mocked Over Medical Condition; Duck Dynasty Family Opens Up About Health Issue; Surprising Celebrity Hair Secret
Ep22 Catastrophic Mistake You Never Knew You Were Making! Quick Fixes for Brain Fog; Things Your Dermatologist Wants You to Stop
Ep21 Actress Linda Gray Reveals Age Defying Secrets; Real Housewives Star's Shocking Beauty Treatment; The Ex-Husband Yard Sale;
Ep20 Kidney Transplant Through Private Parts; Dr. Pimple Popper's Viral Show and Tell; Man Attacked by Railroad Track? Most Inappropr
Ep19 Robin McGraw Weighs in on Controversial Domestic Violence Trend; Mother Takes 3-Year-Old Rock Climbing
Ep18 Woman Does Unimaginable to Keep Boyfriend Faithful; Massage Therapist to the Stars Reveals Insider Secrets; Reality Star Comes C
Ep17 Balloon Diet To Lose Weight? 'Sicko' Selfies Gone Viral; Get Married or Go to Jail? Mom's Epic Breastfeeding Fail; Man's Mile Hi
Ep16 Woman Breastfeeds Friend's Child; Instagram Alcoholism? Slide into Skinny Jeans Faster? Bad News in Your Bathroom
Ep15 Friday NewsFeed; Celebrity Health News Breaking Now; TV Host Desperate to Lose Weight; Your Most Intimate Questions Answered!
Ep14 Instagram's Hottest Doctor! Social Media Star's Painful Secret; My Skin Has Made Me a Recluse! Grow Eyebrows in an Hour?
Ep13 The 'Little Pink Pill' Libido Booster for Women; Oscar Winner Marcia Gay Harden and the Cast of 'Code Black'; Treatment/Scars
Ep12 Embarrassing Problem You Don't Have to Live With; Life-Changing Surgery to End Pain for Good? Why Women Love 'Bad Boys'
Ep11 Woman Eats Box of Chalk Every Day; Shocking Viral Videos Uncovered; Make Your Private Parts 10 Years Younger?
Ep10 Celebrity Health News Breaking Now; Amber Rose's Style Steals Revealed; Kim Kardashian's Dangerous Pregnancy Complication?
Ep9 Woman Terrified of People Vomiting; Viral Video Fathers Come Face to Face; Daycare Fight Club? The Stop and Drop Diet
Ep8 Recovering Bulimic Gets Surprise Makeover; New Mammogram Fears or a Freak Accident? The Gluten Debate: Alarming Facts
Ep7 Controversial Photo Shoot Uncovered; Dangerous Threat at Your Kid's Party? A Real Life 'Living Doll'; The One Minute Facial?!
Ep6 Rihanna's Personal Chef Reveals Diet Tips; Head-to-Toe Makeover 6 Months in the Making! OxyContin for 11 Year Olds?
Ep5 I Was Drugged & Electrocuted! Hypnotize Your Child to Sleep? Pharmacist Reveals Money Saving Tips; 'Booze & Shoot' Gun Range?
Ep4 Throwback Thursday and Dr. Lisa Masterson is BACK! A Teen Is Scarred by a Brutal Crime; Shocking Beauty Trends Revealed;
Ep3 A Father Is Struck by a Car in a Violent Road Rage Incident; Shocking Videos in the Headlines! An American Idol Contestant
Ep2 CSI Star Bow Wow; Fat Shaming vs. THINfluential Viral Videos; Newest Instagram Beauty Trends Revealed; Celebrity Endorsements:
Ep1 Actress Amanda Peterson's Family Addresses Rumors Surrounding Her Untimely Death; Music Superstar Tim McGraw;

Season 7

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep168 Secret Tips From Celebrity Trainers; Cancer Cure From Cats? Device to End Migraines; A Car Accident Waiting to Happen
Ep167 Fix for Jiggle-Free Thighs; Autistic Student Abused at School? Controversial Bulimia Treatment;
Ep166 Summer Skin Solutions Revealed; Surprising Stress-Busters; Botox to Treat Depression? Medical Marijuana Inhalers?
Ep165 The Doctors Ultimate Getaway! Tricks to Get Your Sexy Back; Calorie-Cutting Meals; Travis' Secret Recipe to Fight Illness;
Ep164 Exclusive: Honey Boo Boo Health Intervention Update; Anxiety Treatment Put to the Test; Revenge Porn Defendant Jailed;
Ep163 24-Hour Butt Lift? Beauty Treatment Nightmares; Drunk Driver's Shocking Crash Caught on Tape;
Ep162 Million Dollar Healthy Home Giveaway! The Drs Helps Give Teen Girl Her Life Back;
Ep161 The Real Reason Men Love Curves? Life-Changing Smile Makeover; Surprising Weight-Training Tips for Women; Boost Sex Drive
Ep160 America's Health Obsessions Exposed; Skinny Brunching Secrets Revealed; Fighting Back Against Sexual Bullying
Ep159 Valerie Harper Reveals Update on Her Health Crisis; Combat Cancer With Polio Virus? New Age-Defying Procedure Put to the Test
Ep158 Fillers for Better Muscles?; Shocking New Alcohol Trend?; Houseplant That Can Cause Blindness?
Ep157 Fat Shaming Controversy; Health Hazards Your Outfits Reveal; Secrets You Should Never Keep From Your OBGYN
Ep156 Most Wanted Celebrity Body Parts; Surprise Makeovers; Dr. Travis' Secret Health Struggle; 'Granny' Grey Hair Trend?
Ep155 New Diet Supplement Danger; Child Abuse Caught on Video; Breast Milk for Eye Infections?;
Ep154 Extreme Facial Makeover; False Positive Pregnancy Tests for Sale? Consensual Sex Controversy; Denim Dos and Don'ts
Ep153 "Mom Arrested for Shaming Daughter? Woman Goes on Shocking Scissor Attack; Boy Has 65 Surgeries After Swallowing Battery;
Ep152 Drop-a-Decade Makeovers; 'The Human Barbie' Intervention; Breast Milk Facials?
Ep151 Cutting-Edge Solution to Cellulite; Iced Tea Triggers Kidney Failure? Website Exploiting Drunken Blackouts? Battered Selfies?;
Ep150 Heaviest Teenager in America? Medication That Prevents HIV? Late-Night Snacking Mistakes
Ep149 Amber Rose Exclusive; Disastrous Surgery Do-Overs; Extreme Smile Makeovers; Specialized Foot Procedures
Ep148 Disturbing Spousal Abuse News? Scary Scam on Pregnant Mom; Gross Anatomy Caught on Camera; Girl With Chronic Hiccups;
Ep147 Exclusive: Mom's Unforeseen Recovery From Teen's Vicious Attack; Babywearing Moms Carrying Guns? Online Eating Disorder Shocker;
Ep146 Shocking Videos Caught on Camera! Outrageous Nail Salon Brawl; Mom Fights to Have Deceased Daughter's Baby?
Ep145 Mom Arrested for Shaming Daughter? Woman Goes on Shocking Scissor Attack; Boy Has 65 Surgeries After Swallowing Battery;
Ep144 Deadly Designer Drug in Your Neighborhood? Surprising Reasons for Failed Drug Test; The Real Deal on All-Natural Sleep Aids;
Ep143 Exclusive: Mom Wakes From Coma Before Family Pulls Plug; Surprising Fire Starters in Your Home; Bathing Suit Blunders Exposed
Ep142 Special Report: A Honey Boo Boo Health Intervention Update; Your Makeup Is Attracting the Wrong Men;
Ep141 Too Hot for TV; Stretch Mark Pen Put to the Test; Extreme Marriage Proposals; Comedian Reveals Health Struggle
Ep140 'Empire' Star Grace Gealey; Overcome Phobias in Under an Hour? Man's Life Saved by Hot Sauce?
Ep139 Instagram Selfie Surgeries? Shocking Birth Caught on Cam; Killer Tan Campaign; Drs 911:Extreme Skin Conditions
Ep138 Foods That Help Prevent Illness; Secret to a Lasting Relationship Revealed; Bizarre Bowel Symptoms; Causes of Blood in Urine;
Ep137 Woman Killed by Hair Dye? Digital Kidnapping Danger; Solutions to Excessive Sweating;
Ep136 Friday News Feed; Shocking Videos on Camera; Heart Attack During Breast Augmentation?
Ep135 Woman Can't Stop Crying? Woman Volunteers to Be Eaten Alive? 225-Pound Extreme Weight Loss; Lipo in a Needle?
Ep134 Actress Not Heavy Enough for Hollywood? Magician Penn Jillette's Health Struggle; America's Sexiest Teacher
Ep133 Exclusive: Woman Set on Fire by Ex; Fake Nurse Deceives Entire City; Tips to Make Thin Hair Look FAT! First Aid Dos and Don'ts
Ep132 Shocking Hot Headlines Revealed! DIY Dangers; Skinny Makeup? Comfort Food Makeovers; Fat Girl App? Chemoprevention
Ep131 Injectable Treatment for Thinning Hair? Manslaughter by Text? "Dr. Disgusting": World's Biggest Keloids? Hallucinogenic Plant
Ep130 Extreme Weight Loss Surprise; Anti-Aging Chocolate? Diet-Friendly Desserts; Woman Assaults Security Guard With Mucous?
Ep129 Woman Endures Devastating Injury Escaping Abductor; FIX for FAT Wrists; Something Making You Sick, FAT & Stupid Revealed!
Ep128 Drs Exclusive: Reality Stars' Shocking Past Exposed! Surprise Birthday Boob Job? Jordin Sparks
Ep127 America's Sexiest Vet; Luke Perry's Fight to End Deadly Disease; Medication Mix-Up Causes Hallucinations? Unhealthy Beauty Hacks
Ep126 Shocking Headlines Revealed: Plastic Surgery to Qualify for Dating Site? Cell Phone Explosion Disfigures Man; Disturbing Assault
Ep125 Cosmetic Surgery to Avoid Ridicule? High-Tech Doll Crossing the Line? Cosmetic Injection Caused Major Deformity;
Ep124 Super-Fan Spends $175K to Look Like Madonna; Pregnant Sword Swallower; Bullet-Proof Bra?
Ep123 Breaking Headlines Affecting Your Health; Secret Pain Your Man Is Giving You; Guilt-Free CHIPS Revealed
Ep122 Desperate for Help: Covered From Head to Toe With the Unexplainable; Parents Being Fined for Fat Kids?
Ep121 Health Scandals in the News; Waist-Busting Meals; When Sudden Rashes Strike; Life-Changing Corrective Surgery Revealed
Ep120 Drs. Exclusive: Health Crisis Hits a Hollywood Dynasty; Woman's Nose Chewed Off by Ex!; Dr. Ordon's Health Scare
Ep119 Hiding Behind a Mask for 10 Years; Shocking Trend: Chocolate Snorting?; Girl Banned From Bathroom; Rosacea Treatment
Ep118 Botox for Slimmer Calves?; Compulsive Skin Picking; Paper Bag Speed Dating?; Hair-Thickening Powder Put to the Test
Ep117 Back Pain and Wrinkle Treatments Put to the Test; Deodorant Linked to Breast Cancer?; -228 Degree Health Fix?
Ep116 Woman Comes Clean About Shocking Addiction; Mother-Daughter Reconstructive Surgeries; Eyelash Curler Dangers
Ep115 Mom Does the Unimaginable to Save Son; Beauty Treatment Saves Woman's Life?; DIY Gone VERY Wrong
Ep114 Shocking Acts Caught on Camera; Mom Does Unthinkable During C-section; Charged With Child Abuse for Slamming Breaks?
Ep113 Friday News Feed; Bulimia Intervention; Woman Has Double Female Anatomy; Simple Tricks to Tone
Ep112 Girl Set on Fire in Backyard; The Fashion Diet; Avoid High Heel Hell
Ep111 The Doctors Exclusive: Honey Boo Boo's Health Intervention; Real Housewife Reconnects With Deceased Mother
Ep110 Drs Exclusive: Vicki Lawrence Reveals Secret Diagnosis; Fast Food Workers Come Clean!
Ep109 The Doctors Investigates: Weight Loss Clinics; Senior Abuse; Restaurant Calorie Counts; High Heel Fix in Your Freezer?
Ep108 Friday News Feed; Underwear Undercover; Manic Makeup Intervention
Ep107 Woman Stabbed 22 Times by Ex; Dr. Travis Needs Emergency Medical Assistance on Set!
Ep106 Shocking News: Woman Allergic to the World; Shocking Relationship Wrecker Revealed; Shocking 'BUMP' Removal; Rent a Toilet?
Ep105 Outrageous Behavior Caught on Camera: Mom Crashes Car Videotaping Kids? Baby With a Gun; Live Longer by Avoiding Men?
Ep104 Woman Shot in Head by Ex; Chest Wrinkle Treatment Put to the Test; Infant Attacked by Family Pet; Dangerous Food and Drug Combos
Ep103 Friday News Feed; The "Human Ken Doll" Returns; "Freaky Eater" Intervention
Ep102 Pole Dancing With Toddler?; Woman Embarrassed by Deformed Toes; Mom Gives Birth in the Wild; Wine Ice Cream Trend
Ep101 Celebrity Diets Exposed; 600-Pound Weight Loss Without Surgery; Plus-Size Model Controversy; The Real Deal on Fat-Free Foods
Ep100 Reality Star's Pregnancy Fears Revealed; Botched Breast Augmentation; Are Daily Showers Unhealthy?
Ep99 Plastic Surgeon Secrets Exposed; Graphic Damage Caused by Butt Injections; Drs Exclusive: Double-Arm Transplant
Ep98 Exclusive: Separating Conjoined Twins; The Drs' Smaller at the Altar Challenge; Tummy Transformation for Extreme C-Section Scar
Ep97 Justin Bieber Surprises Teen Girl Who Survived Home Explosion; Machine Gun Theme Park?; Mom Refuses to Stop Breastfeeding
Ep96 Morbidly Obese Baby?; Police Radars Invading Privacy?; Family Fights Cancer and Deportation; Child Paralyzed by Tick
Ep95 Dirty Girl Intervention; Skin Care Products Exposed; Weight Loss Discrimination?; Denim Dilemmas Solved; Too Gross for Comfort
Ep94 Exclusive: Exploding Varicose Vein; Graphic Skin Condition Takes Over Woman's Body; Does Your Heart Race Out of Nowhere?
Ep93 Friday News Feed; Vacuum Therapy to Boost Backside?; Intoxicated From Vanilla Extract?; Teen Receives Life-Changing Surgery
Ep92 Drs Exclusive: Jennifer Grey's Health Struggle; Mom's Desperate Plea to Save 600-Pound Son; Healthy Tips to Satisfy Cravings
Ep91 Seizures Triggered by Famous Singer?; "Skinny" Mirror Trend; Window Cleaner Diet?; Risks of Picking Scabs
Ep90 Shock Therapy to Prevent Overeating?; Vacuum Away Cellulite?; Allergic to Your Water?; Dr. Travis' Guilt-Free Comfort Foods
Ep89 Reality Star's Plastic Surgery Mishap; Woman Has Sperm Extracted From Dying Fiancé; Most Shocking Ingrown Hair Ever
Ep88 Friday News Feed; Woman Gets Revenge on Bully; Mom Makes Bank Selling Breast Milk; Extreme Teeth Grinding; Dangerous DIY Tattoo
Ep87 Celebrity Transformations With the Magic of Makeup; Stem Cell Therapy: Hope or Hype?; Samantha Harris' Health Crisis
Ep86 Woman Burned From Inside Out; Cholesterol Drug Controversy; Which Is Worse: Heat Stroke or Hypothermia?
Ep85 Hot Topics With Leeza Gibbons; Metabolism Myths Busted; Solutions to Excessive Sweating
Ep84 200-Pound Weight Loss Couple; Banish Belly Fat Using a Brick?; School Safety Drill Gone Too Far?; Red Carpet Parties for Kids
Ep83 Friday News Feed; 10-Minute Health Fixes; 100-Year-Old Skydiving Granny?; Giving Birth After Fibroids; Mandatory BMI Tests
Ep82 Camille Grammer's Health Crisis; Lose Weight in Eight?; Simple Secret for Luscious Lashes; Cosmetics in Your Kitchen?
Ep81 Botched Plastic Surgery Makeover; Can You Predict Your Death?; Powerful Home Remedy in Your Trashcan?; Secrets in Food Labels
Ep80 Dad Catches Internet Predator; Death by Grape Soda?; 11-Year-Old's Breasts Won't Stop Growing; Help, My Throat Is Closing Up!
Ep79 Mother-Daughter Butt Lift; Beauty Secrets From a Professional Hand Model; Women Seeking Free Sperm Donors Online?
Ep78 Long-Lost Siblings Reunited?; Widow Receives Phone Bill for Deceased Husband?; Extreme Punishment for Missed Homework?
Ep77 Fatty Breakfast Foods That Won't Make You Fat?; Surprising Use for Bra Cams?; Town Devastated by Massive Mudslide
Ep76 15 Beauty Trends to Watch in 2015; Weight Loss Secrets From Dr. Phil's 20/20 Diet; Young Man Disfigured By Landmine
Ep75 Woman Turns Medical Condition into Modeling Career; Blur Creams Put to the Test; Digestive Disasters From Sugar-Free Foods?
Ep74 Mom's Diet Gets Her Arrested for Child Neglect?; Town Without Obesity?; Extreme Breast Reduction
Ep73 Breaking Health News; Mom Enters Unborn Baby Into Beauty Pageant?; Mass Shooting Victim's Recovery; Money-Saving Kitchen Secrets
Ep72 Breastfeeding Mom Booted From Dr.'s Office?; Mystery Hives Horror Story; Memory Loss Trick at Your Fingertips
Ep71 Parents Take Extreme Measures for Bullied Son?; Drive-Thru Funerals; 7-Minute Wrinkle Eraser Put to the Test
Ep70 Fake Kidnapping Scams; Are You Grossing Out Your Holiday Guests?; Cutting-Edge Fixes for Knee Pain and Heavy Periods
Ep69 Black Market Butt Injections Exposed; Hidden Danger of Talcum Powder?; Look Younger With a "Make-Under"?
Ep68 Breaking News; High Heel Mom Does Unthinkable; Breast Milk Bandit?; Shocking Cyst Removal
Ep67 Hollywood Exposed: Celebrity Love Lessons; Bionic Eyes Procedure?; Getting Abused Online?
Ep66 Woman Can't Recognize Family; Child Caged in Class Like an Animal?; Controversial Eye Color Procedure?
Ep65 New Fixes for Body Rashes, Body Fat, Body Fatigue & Body Rot!; Finding Love Through Weight Loss; Accidental Drug Poisoning
Ep64 Too Hot for TV: Burning, Painful & Inflamed Questions Answered!; Tricks for Female Hair Loss; Teacher Breastfeeds in Class
Ep63 Liposuction Nightmares; Surprising Sources of Severe Allergic Reactions; The Real Deal on Vitamin B-12 Shots
Ep62 Scandalous Health Headlines With Judy Smith: Secrets that Destroy Marriages?; Woman Discovers Husband Is Long-Lost Brother?
Ep61 Dr. Phil's 20/20 Diet; Magnetic Therapy to Treat Depression? Secret Holiday Health Perks
Ep60 Holiday Extravaganza; Holiday Health Myths Exposed; Holiday Party Survival Tips; How to Beat Post-Holiday Blues; Huge Giveaways
Ep59 Bride-to-Be Gets Ultimate Makeover; New Alternative to Pap Smears? Should You Own a Hazmat Suit?
Ep58 Plastic Surgery to Keep Your Man?; Shopping Under the Influence?; Deer Antlers Impale Girl's Face
Ep57 World's Heaviest Man Loses 600 Pounds; Warning Signs of Celebrity Addiction; Snake Massages
Ep56 Hollywood Icon Battles ALS; Cursing Kids PSA Controversy; Skin Resurfacing Treatment Put to the Test; Style Tips
Ep55 Friday News Feed; Doctors Health Scare Experiment; Celebrity Photographer Exposes Retouching Secrets; Solutions to Funky Feet
Ep54 Doctors' Exclusive: Family Devastated by SWAT Raid Gone Wrong; Leading Cause of Deadly Allergies in America; Fight PMS With Food
Ep53 Family Targeted By Dangerous Stalker; Real-Life 'Sleeping Beauty'; Speed 'Friending' for Moms? Trick for Halting Hiccups
Ep52 Compulsive Behaviors Triggered by Medication?; Reality Star Reveals Secret Health Struggle; Dangers of Prescription Drugs
Ep51 Breakthrough Fat-Bursting Procedure; 500 Pounds & Desperate for Help; Inside the Exam Room With Surprise Celebrity
Ep50 Friday News Feed; Brow-terventions; Sleep Disorders Uncovered; Say Goodbye to Your Acne; Do Dogs Display Jealousy?
Ep49 Doctors' Exclusive: Bride Forgets Own Wedding Day; Scorned Woman Gets Stuck in Ex's Chimey; Eartox: Rejuvenate Ears With Botox
Ep48 500-Pound Weight Loss; Hair Dye Emergencies; Cutting-Edge Treatment for Back Pain; Rats Spreading Deadly Diseases?
Ep47 Look 10 Years Younger Without Surgery?; Family Survives Plane Crash; Extreme Tummy Tuck Reveal; Anti-Suicide Contract
Ep46 Dangers of Counterfeit Makeup; Ultimate Dream Makeover Reveal; Controversial New Birth Control Guidelines
Ep45 Friday News Feed; Afraid to Ask: Embarrassing Health Questions Answered; Electric Brain Stimulation Put to the Test
Ep44 Exclusive: Woman Shot at Star-Studded Party; Are Your Prescription Pills Counterfeit?; Are You Prepared for a Natural Disaster?
Ep43 Woman Marries Herself; U.S. Epidemic Worse Than Ebola?; Breakthrough Treatment for Stress Disorders; Can Fruit Make You Fat?
Ep42 Hypnotize Yourself Skinny?; Outrageous Doll Obsession; Can Caffeine Cause Breast Cancer?; The Doctors "Infersanity" Series
Ep41 7-Minute Wrinkle Reducer Put to the Test; Mom Cheats Death Twice; 500-Pound Woman's Food Addiction
Ep40 Friday News Feed; My Real-Life Horror Movie; Beauty Treatment Nightmare; Killer Bee Attack; Dog Comes Back From the Dead?
Ep39 Million-Dollar Healthy Home Sweepstakes!; Mom Publicly Shames Daughter; Boost Your Bust Without Surgery; Dating Site Dishonesty
Ep38 Woman Spends $200K to Look Like Her Own Caricature; Cancer Cured With Measles Vaccine?; Life-Threatening Blood Disorder
Ep37 Shocking Viral Videos; Bizarre Weight-Loss Tricks That Work; Woman Loses Job Over Unhealthy Behavior?; Solutions to Stinky Feet
Ep36 Woman Loses 150 Pounds & 9 Sizes; Toxic Chemicals in Your Home?; New Technology Detects "Invisible" Cancer
Ep35 Weight Loss Secret in Your Pantry; "Poo Bandit" Befouling Bathrooms; Surprising Causes of Red Palms; 132-Pound Ovarian Tumor
Ep34 Invisible "Shapewear" to Age-Defy Your Eyes; Shocking Ingredients in Processed Food; Migraine or Something Worse?
Ep33 Ebola Vaccine in Sight?; Baby Born Inside Out?; Plastic Surgery Horror Story; 40-Year-Old Mom Becomes Pro Cheerleader
Ep32 Women Being Sterilized Without Consent? Can Jealousy Lead to Alzheimer's?; Dr. Travis' Mac 'n Cheese & Still Lose Weight!
Ep31 What Your Fridge Reveals About Your Relationships; Strange Addiction: Woman Can't Stop Eating Flour; Are Your Breasts Dangerous?
Ep30 Newsfeed Friday; Reality TV Couple's Health Struggle; Woman Shaves Face Every Day; Psychic Medium James Van Praagh
Ep29 Lose Weight With Bananas?; Woman Born With Bowels Outside of Body; Mystery Diagnosis: When Your Sore Throat Is Something Worse
Ep28 Switched at Birth: Do I Have the Right Parents?
Ep27 Are You Born to Be Fat?; Alarming "Zombie Game" Turns Violent; Comic Rita Rudner's Overdue Doctor's Visit; Hidden Melanoma
Ep26 Illicit Drug Used to Treat Depression and PTSD?; "Melting Face" Makeover Revealed; "Magic Mascara" Put to the Test
Ep25 Breaking Health News; Deadly Designer Drug in Your Neighborhood?; Reality Star Gives Plastic Surgery Gift to Mom
Ep24 Working Mom Is High-Class Escort?; Treating Embarrassing Digestive Disorders; Woman's Teeth Keep Falling Out; Parenting Tips
Ep23 How to Fix Your "Boot Bulge"; Beer-Chug Challenge to Strike Out PMS? Bacon Saves Child's Life? How Juicing Can Cause Weight Gain
Ep22 Bizarre Beauty Trends Put to the Test; Getting Sick With Parasites From Your Pets?; What's Causing Your Skin Discoloration?
Ep21 Lose Weight With Jelly Beans?; Fungal Infections Linked to Your Makeup?; Alarming New Mosquito-Borne Virus; Medicinal Marijuana
Ep20 Is Your House Making You Sick?; Work Suspension for Being Smelly?; Woman Gets Pregnant Despite Husband's Vasectomy?
Ep19 15-Minute Eye Lift; Can a Split-Second Decision Save Your Life?; Surviving a Flesh-Eating Infection; "The Pantry Whisperer"
Ep18 Controversial Ad Shaming Overweight People?; Home Invasion Takes Life-Threatening Turn for Intruder; Testosterone Therapy
Ep17 Liposuction to Reverse Vision Loss?; Public Restroom Dangers; Bizarre Bowel Conditions; Smile Tricks You've Never Heard Before
Ep16 Woman Terrified to Leave Her House; Kate Hudson's Hair Secret Revealed; Shocking Mile-High Heart Attack
Ep15 Breaking Health News; Is It Plastic Surgery or Makeup? Boy With 35-Pound Hands; Family Vacations in War Zone?
Ep14 100-Bite Diet; Drunk Without Drinking?; 24-Hour Breast Lift; Hand-Lifts for Engagement Ring Selfies?
Ep13 Father-Daughter Weight Loss Intervention; Scorching Cell Phone Danger; Power Your Home With Urine?
Ep12 Caught on Tape: Mom Struck by Lightning; Everyday Habits That Harm Your Skin; Sound Sleep Tips You've Never Heard Of
Ep11 7 Unhealthy Sins You Never Knew You Were Making; Freeze Away Chronic Pain?; Simple Secret to Boost Your Metabolism
Ep10 Breaking Health News; Marijuana-Smoking Mom Breastfeeds Baby; Daycare Workers Getting High on the Job; Health Rumors
Ep9 Feeding Tube Diet; Baby's Head Grows Three Times Its Normal Size; The Real Deal on Rumored All-Natural Cures
Ep8 Girl Survives Being Run Over by a Lawnmower; Vicious Dog Attack; Bogus Doctors' Endorsements Exposed; Cellulite Treatment
Ep7 Are You Stressing Yourself Sick?; The "Divorce Diet"; Blister Triggers Life-Threatening Infection; Fix for Urinary Incontinence
Ep6 Controversial Obesity Campaign; Woman's Breasts Grow 9 Sizes in 2 Years; The Doctors Investigate A Mysterious Skin Condition
Ep5 Breaking Health News; Woman Who Sweats Red; Side Effects of Medicine Ruining Your Relationship? Paralyzed Vet Walks Again
Ep4 Teen Prank Puts Mom in Critical Condition; DIY Plastic Surgery Dangers; Salmonella Poisoning From Your Pet?
Ep3 Woman Spends $40K to Look Like Kim Kardashian; High-Dive Accident; Woman Goes on Pet Food Diet; Toddler Contracts Herpes
Ep2 I Survived a Real-Life Horror Movie; Breakthrough Treatment for Seizures; Twins Born 39 Days Apart; How Can Beer Cut Cancer Risk
Ep1 Home Audience Giveaways; How 'The Doctors' Saved My Life; Weight Loss Makeover; Something Contagious You Want to Get!

Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep170 Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic; Cancer Risk in Your Car?; Human Lungs Grown in Lab; Healing Power of Fish Oil?
Ep169 Candace Cameron Bure's Beauty Secrets; Natural Solutions for Hormonal Imbalance; The 17 Day Diet; Nutrition Tips for Pets
Ep168 Which Is Worse: Summer Edition; How to Avoid Traveler's Constipation; Causes of Frequent Urination; Allergies vs. Summer Cold
Ep167 Celebrity Beauty Blunders; Reality Star's Booty Secrets; Are Adults Skipping Life-Saving Vaccines?; Ask the Dermatologist
Ep166 Shocking Medical Discrimination; Fountain of Youth Discovered?; Rev Run Opens Up About Growing Health Risk
Ep165 Powerful Painkiller Causing Major Controversy; Skin Cancer Symptom You Never Knew; Breakthrough Tumor Surgery
Ep164 Lose Weight With Dessert?; Nonsurgical Solutions for Heel Pain; Anorexia Recovery on Instagram; Ask Our Docs: Overactive Bladder
Ep163 Public Pool Health Hazards; Swimming Risks for Pregnant Women?; Stinging Sea Lice; Deadly Amoebas; Safety of Salt Water Cleanses
Ep162 Pizza Therapy to Boost Immunity?; Suffering From Narcolepsy or Just Fatigued?; Laser Cap for Hair Regrowth
Ep161 Mesh Implant Dangers; Can Dental Device Cure Back Pain; Tubal Ligation Side Effects; Animating Medicine; Skull-Expansion Surgery
Ep160 The Family That Started the Ice Bucket Challenge; ALS: Early Signs & Symptoms; Riot Response Tactics in Ferguson, MO
Ep159 Supernatural Powers or Medical Explanation?; Strict Parenting Linked to Childhood Obesity?; Health Secrets
Ep158 Measles Outbreaks on the Rise: You May Be at Risk!; New Neck Lift Technique; Minimally Invasive Fix for Younger-Looking Legs
Ep157 Bully Attack Knocks Child's Nose Off Skull; Life-Saving Kidney Swap Reunion; Dr. Disgusting Helps Solve Blistering Boils Problem
Ep156 Shoe Swaps for Painful Foot Conditions; Social Media Photo Helps Diagnose Girl's Urgent Health Problem; Summertime Myth
Ep155 Which Is Worse: Celebrity Edition; Dr. Disgusting Solves Your Most Embarrassing Problems; Man Survives Chainsaw Impalement
Ep154 Dr. Disgusting to the Rescue: Mysterious Face Bumps and Abnormal Bowel Movements; Surprising Hazards of Toilet Texting
Ep153 Black and Blue Body Problems: Bruises, Bulging Veins; Belly Blackheads; Health Clues in Your Pupils; Lightening Dark Eyelids
Ep152 The Intermittent Fasting Diet: Does It Really Work?; Total Face Rejuvenation; Surprise House Calls
Ep151 Fat-Melting Laser for Slimmer Thighs; Diamonds Made From the Dead?; Ronnie Dunn's Health Secrets
Ep150 Amazing Weight Loss Makeover; LSD for Anxiety?; The Chocolate Diet; Painless Hair Removal Laser
Ep149 Medical Condition Mistaken for Child Abuse?; High-Tech Knee Replacement Surgery; Severe Acne or Something Worse?
Ep148 "Melting Face" Syndrome; Melt Away Cellulite; Melt-Proof Makeup; Breakthrough Treatment for Skin Cancer
Ep147 Doctors Exclusive: Loni Anderson's Family Health Crisis; Robin McGraw's Revelation Makeover; Polio-Like Mystery Illness
Ep146 500-Pound Woman's Intervention; Kindergarten Sex Scandal; Severe Reaction to Heartburn Medication; Top Secret for Sexy Legs
Ep145 The Doctors' 1000th Episode! Viewers Share Stories of How Watching the Show Saved Their Lives!
Ep144 Head-to-Toe Makeovers; Weight Loss From a Robot?; 24K Gold Thread Lift; 30-Minute Fix for Flabby Arms; Bushy Brow Fix
Ep143 Plastic Surgery in High School to Land a Husband; Dangers of Black Market Butt Injections; 13-Year Stuffy Nose; Doctor on Demand
Ep142 8-Month-Old Baby Weighs as Much as a 6 Year Old; Mother Becomes Human Speed Bump; Skin Removal Makeover
Ep141 Dangerous Secret Ingredients in Your Food; Health Benefits of Eating Insects?; Dog Saves Owner's Life; Human Body Art
Ep140 Breaking News on the Ebola Virus; Skin Feels Like Glass; Sudden Loss of Taste and Smell; Reasons for Digestive Disorders
Ep139 Ice Cream Cleanse? Lies and Betrayals: Family in Crisis; Ear Piercing Gone Wrong; Surviving a Killer Bee Attack
Ep138 Explosive Body Problems Solved; Is There a Secret Cure for Cancer? Must-Know Anti-Hangover Tips; Nasal Filter for Allergy Relief
Ep137 Extreme Weight Loss Makeovers; Treating Embarrassing Health Conditions; Celebrity Health Scares: Could They Happen to You?
Ep136 Linda Blair's Health Scare; Bullied Teen Turns to Plastic Surgery; Gastric Balloon Pill; Off-Hour Hospital Dangers
Ep135 Fake Online Gynecologist Busted; Ultimate Vending Machine Meltdown; Living With Extreme Facial Pain; Mysterious Skin Condition
Ep134 Robin McGraw Revelation; Real-Life Rapunzel; Extreme "Selfie" Addictions; Shocking Food Investigation
Ep133 Breaking Health Headlines; The Doctor's Diet: Weight Loss Success Stories; Jeff Lewis on Living With OCPD
Ep132 Birth Defects Controversy; Surprisingly Nutritious Produce Parts; At-Home Tip for Healthy Hair; Pets and Compatibility
Ep131 Jane Fonda on Educating and Empowering Teens; Dads Banned From Delivery Room?; Controversial Cancer-Awareness Campaign
Ep130 Violent Sleep Disorder; Dream Wars: Men vs. Women; Medical Confessional: Bedtime Bloat; Sleep-Inducing Sound Therapy
Ep129 Exclusive: 200 lb. Pre-Teen's Medical Crisis; Tim Gunn's Health Secrets; Phantom Pregnancy; Silver Supplement Dangers
Ep128 Exploding Drug Danger; Eye-Popping Beauty Trend; Family With 30 Pet Snakes; "Baby Selfies" App; Treating Hormonal Imbalances
Ep127 Wardrobe Choices Dictate Health?; Health Hazards Lurking in Your Purse; Fat-Fighting Foods; Benefits of the Doctor's Diet
Ep126 Woman Wants to Turn Into a Doll: Hypnotherapy to Become "Brainless"; Gruesome X-Rays on Social Media
Ep125 Doctors' Exclusive: Surgery for Woman Without a Birth Canal; Shocking Danger Lurking in Backyard; Pet Kills Child
Ep124 Breaking Medical News; Treating Severe Eczema; Funeral "Selfies" Trend; Spray Away Nasal Allergy Symptoms; Deadly Health Mistake
Ep123 Celebrity Health Scares; Restaurant Rat Maps: Are You Dining With Rodents?; Spanking Law Controversy; Controlled Heroin Dosing
Ep122 Dangerous Bacteria Lurking in Tanning Salons?; Extreme Body Lift; Dangerous New Drug Trend; Truth or Scare
Ep121 Surprising Nightmare Triggers; Extreme Pelvic Pain; Why Are You So Forgetful?; Unsightly Leg Makeover Revealed
Ep120 Dying to Be Thin: Anorexia Intervention; Period Causes Collapsed Lung; Unexplained Hair Loss; Real Housewife Lisa Vanderpump
Ep119 Breaking Health News; Nose Job Nightmare; Triplet Makeover; Shiver Yourself Skinny?
Ep118 Hot Health Headlines: Cancer Campaign Controversy; Crack Pipe Vending Machines; Airplane Assaults; Plastic Surgery Fraud
Ep117 Chronic Vomiting; Is Your Coffee Intake at Toxic Levels?; The Ick Factor: Gross Health Problems Revealed; Trick Yourself Healthy
Ep116 Exclusive: Kristin Chenoweth Reveals Health Secret; Caffeine Lands Man in ER; 3 Surprising Reasons You're Constipated
Ep115 31 Unexpected Health Secrets; Health Danger Lurking in Faucets; Shocking Health Confessionals; Surprising Risk for Deadly Clots
Ep114 Breaking Health News; Pregnancy-Induced Stroke; Doctors' Health Scare Experiment; Heart Attack Warning Signs
Ep113 Dangerous Health Trends on the Rise: Why You Should Be Worried! When Extreme Medical Conditions Strike Your Family
Ep112 Attempted Murder by Feces; How Immortality May Be a Possibility; Extreme Home Cures Debunked; Fever Reducers Spreading the Flu?
Ep111 Unexplained Skin Infection on Breasts; Dr. Travis Reveals a Very Intimate Secret; Mastectomy Scar Tattoos; Personality Secrets
Ep110 Health Scare Experiment; Entire Family's Drastic Weight Loss; Secret Tricks to Disguise Your Flu Face; 15-Minute Face-Lift
Ep109 Breaking Health News; Laser Away All of Your Ailments: Zap Away Unwanted Hair; Smooth Your Scars Away; Combat Kidney Stones
Ep108 Extreme & Embarrassing Health Confessions; Cosmetic Infidelity: Secret Anti-Aging Treatments; Foods That Fight Flatulence
Ep107 Health Scare Experiment; Man With No Butt Crack; Ask Dr. Rachael; Which Is Worse?
Ep106 Did Anesthesia Cause Suicide?; Erase Your Varicose Veins; Tragedy Motivates Man's 300-Pound Weight Loss
Ep105 Psychotic Breakdown From Diet Pills? 12-Year-Old Unable to Control Weight Gain; New ADHD Controversy: Does It Really Exist?
Ep104 5 Secret Health Mistakes Damaging Your Relationship: Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger; Ask Our Docs: Romance Edition
Ep103 Body Fluids Exposed; Test to Predict Heart Attacks? Toxic Sweat Dangers; Infected Earwax? Mucus Overdrive Dilemmas?
Ep102 Woman Eats Away Illness?; Fat-Free Foods You Should Never Eat; Warning Labels You Must See; Controversial Parenting Techniques
Ep101 Too Hot for TV 2: Hot Temper Can Trigger Stroke?; Fire Ant Deaths; Surprising Reasons for Your Burning Throat; Flaming Feet Fix
Ep100 The Doctors' 2,500-Pound Weight-Loss Makeovers!; Couple Loses Weight to Save Relationship; Friends Are the New Diet Plan?
Ep99 Breaking Health Headlines; Mistakes Your Doctor Might Be Making; Health Clues Your Face Can Reveal; Secret Sauce for Better Sex
Ep98 "The Doctor's Diet" Challenge; Minute Makeovers; Ask Dr. Rachael; Which Is Worse? Supermarket Secrets; Bizarre in the E.R.
Ep97 Must-See Body Transformations; 5 Healthy Foods Making You Fat; Woman Tweets Live At-Home Birth; Bizarre Beauty Trends
Ep96 Housewife NeNe Leakes' Health Scare; The Doctors' "Lose It for Love" Boot Camp Finale; SWV's Health Secrets Revealed
Ep95 "Bad" Body Parts Every Woman Fears; Tips for a Tighter Tush; Beating Belly Bloat; Fix for Cleavage Wrinkles
Ep94 Breaking Medical News; Gel Manicure Dangers; Teacher Fired for Facebook Faux Pas; Anti-Rape Underwear?; Cosmetic Quick Fix
Ep93 Out-of-the-Box Health Remedies; Shocking Celebrity Beauty Treatments; Dr. Sears' Surprise Reunion; Doctor on Demand
Ep92 Jaclyn Smith's Skin Secrets; Engaged Couple's Medical Scare; Drink Yourself Healthy; Bulletproof School Supplies?
Ep91 Total Body Lift; Foods That Improve Digestion and Reduce Belly Fat; Urine Therapy? Living With an Ostomy Bag
Ep90 Clint Black's Family Tragedy; No-Knife Tummy Tuck; Skinny Kitchen Secrets; Plastic Surgery Obsession; Ask Our Docs
Ep89 Breaking Medical News; Health Clues Your Hair Reveals; Hidden Hazard Lurking in Your Spice Rack; Milk & Cookie Disease?
Ep88 Bullied Teen's Battle to Heal Torn Scalp; Brain Surgery While You're Awake!; Dreaded Back-Fat Removal; Breast Cysts
Ep87 New Implant for Treating Alcohol Addiction; A Condition That Turns Skin to Stone; Gloria Gaynor Opens Up About Her Health
Ep86 Tyrese Gibson Discusses the Death of Friend Paul Walker; New Surgery for Sinusitis; Quick Fix for Receding Gums; UTI Treatment
Ep85 Extreme Life-Changing Face Makeover; Mom & Daughter at Odds; Must-Have Health Gadgets for 2014; Co-Ed Nude Yoga
Ep84 Must-Know Product Recalls; Plan B Contraceptive Controversy; Save Money on Meds; Are Your Vitamins Tainted?
Ep83 Health Secrets Your Lips Reveal; Unhealthy Feet, Unhealthy Body?; 5 Tips to Disguise Crying Eyes
Ep82 Living Without a Colon; Dr. Ian's Super Shred Diet; TLC Singer's Battle With Lifelong Illness
Ep81 Embarrassing Body Issues; Revealing Celebrity Snapshots; Severed Hand Surgery; Excessive Sweating and Butt Fungus
Ep80 Girl With Half a Face; Shocking New Research on C-Sections; Country Singer Mark Wills
Ep79 Cynthia Bailey's Health Confession; Carrie Underwood's Beauty Secret; Are Large Breasts Ruining Your Life?
Ep78 Eat Away Your Illness; Bizarre in the E.R.; How to Prevent Beauty Blunders; Which Is Worse? Cures From the Animal Kingdom
Ep77 Doctors Exclusive: Born Without a Birth Canal; Bizarre Health Trends; Ask the Vet: Pet CPR; The Vegan Rapper
Ep76 The Doctors Unplugged: Shocking Celebrity Health Trends; The Doctors Get Pranked; Anti-Aging "Down There"
Ep75 Travis's Secret Weight-Loss Tips; Anti-Aging Secrets You've Never Heard; Cindy Crawford's At-Home Secret for Supermodel Skin!
Ep74 The Death of Robin Williams: Co-Stars Open Up About Beloved Actor and Comedian; Dr. Phil on Suicide Contagion Phenomenon
Ep73 Obamacare 101: How the Affordable Care Act Affects You; Don't Be Confused Anymore!
Ep72 The Doctors' Holiday Special! Military Makeovers; Wounded War Vet's Surprise Marriage Proposal; Holiday Health Hazards
Ep71 Dangerous Viral Trends; Deadly Danger Lurking in Your Air Conditioner?; Eyeball Licking; Condom Snorting; Salt & Ice Burns
Ep70 Mary Murphy's Health Scare; Italian Comfort Food Diet; Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas Surprises Blind Gymnast
Ep69 Breaking Medical News; Pregnant & Didn't Know It; Drop 5 Pounds Without Knowing It; Cooking With Rapper 2 Chainz
Ep68 5 Items in Your Purse Making You Fat; Top Health Myths Exposed; 'Teen Mom' Star Maci Bookout's "Mystery Illness" Revealed
Ep67 What's Really in Your Food? Surprising Additives, Addictive Ingredients & Potentially Hazardous Chemicals
Ep66 Dr. Travis' New Weight-Loss Secrets Revealed; Kate Hudson's Trick to Rock-Hard Abs; Nonsurgical Treatments for Bunions
Ep65 Shocking Causes for Bad Sleep; 30-Minute Fix for Back Pain; Cage-Fighting Kids; Lisa Whelchel Rumor Fix; HPV Vaccine Debate
Ep64 New Flu Dangers You Never Knew; Surprising Hazard in Your Beauty Routine; Dr. Rachael Investigates Teen Health Issues
Ep63 Niecy Nash's Split Earlobe Fix; Bulging Leg Disorder: Extreme Mom Intervention; Beauty Treatments
Ep62 Allergic to Husband?; Life-Threatening Food Allergies; Fix for Over-Plucked Eyebrows; 6-Pack-Ab Secrets Revealed
Ep61 Doctors' Exclusive: Vanessa Carlton's Health Scare; Rocco DiSpirito's Food Swaps; Exploding Head Syndrome; New Microwave Dangers
Ep60 Dangerous Mold in Your Washing Machine? Heart Attacks at Younger Ages; New Treatment for Painful Elbows
Ep59 Man Dies From Caffeine Overdose?; Virginity Testing; Pediatric Acne; Shocking Cyst Removal
Ep58 Too Hot for TV: Burning Lungs, Spicy Food Dangers, Blistering Skin, High Fevers, Fiery Throats & More
Ep57 Dr. Rachael's BRCA Test; Out-of-Whack Hormones; Stem Cell Therapy "Down There"; Cookie Johnson
Ep56 Unbelievable Nose Makeover; Medical Marijuana for Kids; Severe Seizures; Female Odors Revealed
Ep55 Breaking Health Headlines; Dr. Travis & Dr. Sears' Dual Colonoscopy; DIY or Visit the ER?
Ep54 Dr. Phil's Medical History; Extreme Mommy Makeover; Dr. Ian's Glaucoma Exam; The Vet Visits Dr. Travis!
Ep53 Ali Larter; Celebrity Beauty Fixes; Dr. Travis' Big Surprise; Dr. Ashton's Skin Scare?
Ep52 Parents of 17 Kids!; The Docs as Patients; Armless Bodybuilder; Illegal to Touch Pregnant Bellies?
Ep51 Celebrity "Gyno-logues" With Joanna Krupa, Jenifer Lewis, Kim Fields & Fran Drescher
Ep50 Minute Makeovers; Eat Away Illnesses; Medical Confessions; Bad Mistakes That Land You in E.R.; Which Is Worse You
Ep49 Dr. Phil Comes Clean About a BIG Secret; Ultimate Foot Makeovers; Vaginal Fistula & Drs House Call You Can't Miss
Ep48 3 Shocking Weight Loss Transformations; James Van Praagh; Dr. Ashton's Urgent House Call; Man Fired From Walmart for Saving
Ep47 Twins, Triplets, Quads, Quints & More! Dr. Ian Twin Brother PRANK! Dr. Travis' Adventures in Babysitting
Ep46 Drs Take Over Entertainment Tonight; A-List Celebrity Health Secrets; Questions Direct From the Red Carpet
Ep45 Breaking Health News You Can't Miss; 3 Foods You Should Never Eat; Do You Stink & Don't Know It?
Ep44 Get Inside Dr. Phil's Head; Academy Award-Winning Actress' Vision Scare; Bullied Teen's Suicide
Ep43 Crash Landings: Must-know Tips; Robin Quivers' Health Scare; Boy With Butterfly Skin
Ep42 Dr. Phil's Interview With Ariel Castro Hostage; Chaz Bono's Cosmetic Surgery; Dr. Ordon's Potentially Life-saving Housecall
Ep41 Real Housewives Star Comes Clean; New Back Flab Fix; The Video Chat Face Lift; Alarming Reasons for Sudden Body Bulges
Ep40 Drs. Weigh In; Matthew McConaughey's Extreme Weight Loss; Tori Spelling's Confessions; Chris Brown's Reported Anger Issues
Ep39 Scared Straight to Lose Weight; Hollywood Legends Return From the Dead; Dr. Travis Surprises Biggest Fan
Ep38 The Doctors Save a Life; Extreme Danger of Delaying Dental Work; Against All Odds Baby Delivery
Ep37 Super Shred Diet; Paralyzed Man Walks Again; Life-Saving Domestic Abuse App
Ep36 6 Everyday Items Dirtier Than a Toilet; Our Own Dr.'s Cancer Scare; Debra Messing
Ep35 140-Pound Weight Loss; Autistic Hate Letter?; Cancer Drug
Ep34 Naomi Judd's Panic Attacks; Erin Brockovich; Family Survives Cruise Ship Disaster
Ep33 What's Hiding in Your Home? Shocking Videos You Must See to Protect Your Family
Ep32 The Doctors Get Pranked; 3 Purse Items to Avoid an Awkward #2; Banish Bloating, B.O. & Bad Breath
Ep31 Mom Fakes Son's Cancer? 3 Beauty Tips to Do Before Bed Tonight; One Woman's Shockingly Swollen Foot
Ep30 Breaking Medical News; Celebrity Rumor Fix; Home Remedies Using Vodka
Ep29 What Really Happens After the Show: Boils, Itchy Eyes, Diabetes, Poor Circulation and Erectile Dysfunction
Ep28 Vicki Lawrence; Mystery Food Challenge; 200-Pound Weight Loss
Ep27 6 Things Making You Fat, Tired & Ugly! Marie Osmond & Dan Marino "Lose It for Love" Boot Camp; Hormonal Imbalances
Ep26 Sharon Osbourne's Weight Loss Secrets; Chronic Pelvic Pain; Tongue Patch Diet; Sarah Michelle Gellar
Ep25 Medical Confessionals; Celebrity Home Remedies; New Drug Dangers; New Skin Cancer Risk
Ep24 Wardrobe Malfunctions Making You Sick; Nighttime Health Dilemmas; Stacy London
Ep23 Shocking Medical Headlines: Contact Lens Blindness? How Toxic Is Your Tuna? Water Therapy for Autism
Ep22 What Really Happens After the Show! Fix Puffy Eyes, Saggy Breasts & Joint Pain
Ep21 Nick Carter's Battle With Addiction; Farrah Abraham; Get Summer Skin in the Fall!
Ep20 Medication Mix-Ups: Are You at Risk? Sleep-Texting; Aphrodisiacs to Boost Libido
Ep19 'Scrubs' Star Sarah Chalke on Her Son's Illness; Late-Night Snacks That Help You Sleep
Ep18 Modern Family's Julie Bowen; Life-Threatening Allergies; Foods to Help You Lose Weight
Ep17 Angelina Jolie's Breast Surgeon; Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risks; Designer Babies
Ep16 Bruce Jenner's Cancer Diagnosis; Flesh-Eating Drug Danger; Nigel Lythgoe
Ep15 Dangers Lurking in Your Cocktail; Mom Cannabis Clubs; Sanjay
Ep14 Cord Blood Debate; Surgery to Cure Diabetes?; New Heroin Epidemic
Ep13 Secrets Your Doctor May Not Be Telling You!
Ep12 25-Year-Old Zit; Dangerous Bra Mistakes; Is Your Urine Normal?
Ep11 Back Pain, Throbbing Joints, Heartburn; Cheap Ways to Fight Aging; Bizarre ER
Ep10 Breaking Health News, Surprising Household Toxins and Age-Defying Wrinkle Treatments
Ep9 Doctors' Exclusives: Gender-Creative Child & YouTube Weight Loss Sensation Jon Calvo
Ep8 Get A-List Lips, Tush & Tummies – No Surgery Required!
Ep7 Get Better Breasts, a Tighter Tush & a Healthier Number 2!
Ep6 Doctors' Exclusive: Mike Sorrentino's Prescription Pill Addiction
Ep5 The Doctors' Exclusive: Tamera Mowry's Big Health Announcement
Ep4 How to Detect an Illness Before It Strikes
Ep3 Celebrity Health Fads: Real or Rumor?
Ep2 TMI Tuesday: Secrets About Your Private Parts
Ep1 Pregnant Woman Struck by Lightning; 13-Pound Natural Birth

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep169 Unexpected Lumps & Bumps That Grow in & on Your Body
Ep168 Is It Really a Threat or Over-Hyped?
Ep167 Ask the Specialists!
Ep166 All of Your Saggy, Baggy and Shaggy Body Problems Solved!
Ep165 Health Secrets From Your Favorite TV Moms!
Ep164 Dog Detects Breast Cancer; Afghani Girl Shot by Taliban; and Flat Back Surgery
Ep163 Dallas Show 2
Ep162 News You Can Use
Ep161 Shocking News About Your Birth Control, Period and Sex Life!
Ep160 There's a Doctor for That!
Ep159 Ask Our Docs: Los Angeles Edition!
Ep158 Health Problems You Could Have Gotten From Your Ex!
Ep157 The Doctors' Medical Center – Top Specialists Answer Your Questions
Ep156 TMI Tuesday: Now That's Really Embarrassing!
Ep155 The Doctors' 30-Day Challenge
Ep154 Friday News Feed: Summer Edition
Ep153 Surprising Reasons for Your Bad Odor & Bad Pain!
Ep152 Dr. Travis' Secrets to a Better Body
Ep151 Problems You Usually Keep Behind Closed Doors Until Now!
Ep150 Body Parts You Can Live Without!
Ep149 Friday News Feed: May 10th
Ep148 Weight Loss Secrets You Need to Know!
Ep147 10 Questions, 10 Specialists
Ep146 Stop the Embarrassment!
Ep145 Fast Health Fixes
Ep144 Friday News Feed: May 3rd
Ep143 Stop Your Pain Without Popping a Pill!
Ep142 Carmen Face Transplant Reveal, Joy Bauer Food Cures & Family Fitness Challenge
Ep141 Embarrassing Body Functions You Can't Control!
Ep140 Top Health Questions From Baby Boomers!
Ep139 Friday News Feed: April 26th
Ep138 Beauty on a Budget!
Ep137 Leave It on or Take It Off?!
Ep136 Avoid the Embarrassment! Your Most Uncomfortable Questions Answered!
Ep135 How Long Does It Last?
Ep134 Friday News Feed: April 19th
Ep133 Friday News Feed
Ep132 35 Tips to Fix 8 Body Problems
Ep131 The Worst Embarrassing Scenarios You Don't Want to Be In
Ep130 Friday News Feed: April 5th
Ep129 How to Ease Your Pains, Hurts and Even Heartaches!
Ep128 Friday News Feed: March 29th
Ep127 Your Most Awkward & Embarrassing Questions!
Ep126 Your Skin: Feed It, Fix It, Tuck It!
Ep125 High-Tech Treatments: Can They Help You?
Ep124 Friday News Feed: March 15th, Is It Contagious?
Ep123 Joan and Melissa Rivers
Ep122 Healthy and Harmful "Highs"
Ep121 Women's Embarrassing Questions: Uncensored!
Ep120 Valerie Harper
Ep119 Friday News Feed: March 8th
Ep118 Redesign Your Health!
Ep117 Your Private Questions Answered! Dr. Laura Berman & Kandi Burruss
Ep116 Embarrassing Questions...Below the Belt
Ep115 Secrets From the Dead & Secrets to Avoiding the Flu - Without a Flu Shot!
Ep114 Strategies to Reduce Weight, Stress and Medical Bills!
Ep113 Medical Mindsets That Change Lives!
Ep112 Are Your Guilty Pleasures Jeopardizing Your Health?
Ep111 Embarrassing Medical Mysteries: Solved!
Ep110 Beating Medical Odds!
Ep109 Lose It, Lance It, Get Rid of It!
Ep108 1st Annual Drs. "Against All Odds" Awards Show
Ep107 Shocking Things You Never Knew About Fast Food and Chaz Bono Update
Ep106 The Doctors Unplugged: No Question Is Off Limits!
Ep105 Elizabeth Perkins & 'Real Housewives' Star Dr. Karent Sierra
Ep104 Win Big...With Dr. Phil's Life Code!
Ep103 Love Lessons From the Doctors!
Ep102 Cast of 'Hot in Cleveland'
Ep101 Hot Headlines Show
Ep100 Defy Your Diagnosis!
Ep99 Celebrity Health Challenges
Ep98 Get Your Hearing Back, Get Off Your Meds, and Give Your Skin a Break!
Ep97 Ask Our Docs: Twins, Triplets, Quads, Quints & Septuplets
Ep96 Cheating Death: Medical Survival Stories
Ep95 Embarrassing Questions About Your Buttocks
Ep94 The Doctors' Bowl: Sack Your Bad Health Habits
Ep93 Foods That Fight Pain, Depression & Disease
Ep92 Medical Advances You Need to Know About
Ep91 Hollywood Legends' Top Age-Defying Tips
Ep90 The Best Weight Loss Tips for 2013!
Ep89 Winter Health Tips From Summer Olympians
Ep88 Biggest Health Problems That Get on Your Nerves!
Ep87 Could Your Hospital Be Killing You?
Ep86 50 Questions From 50 Ages
Ep85 How Eight May Help You Lose Weight!
Ep84 Slim Down, Shape Up & Look Hot This Winter!
Ep83 The Doctors' Ultimate Sex Guide!
Ep82 Flu Epidemic: What You Need to Know
Ep81 Ask Our Doctors: Specialists Edition
Ep80 If It's Not the Flu, What Is It?
Ep79 Top Fixes for Common Health Problems
Ep78 Celebrity Health Questions Answered
Ep77 Lower Your Too-High Health Numbers & Raise Your Too-Low Health Numbers!
Ep76 The Most Beautiful Male Doctors in America Give 13 Health Tips for 2013!
Ep75 How to Lose Weight and Feel Great at Any Age!
Ep74 5 Things You Should Start Doing to Improve Your Health! 5 Things You Should Stop Doing That Affect Your Health!
Ep73 Dangerous Toxins: Who Is at Risk?
Ep72 Myth or Reality: The Drs. Set the Record Straight!
Ep71 10 Tricks to Get You Out of Your Health Rut!
Ep70 The Sandy Hook School Shooting
Ep69 Hollywood Health Headlines
Ep68 The Doctors' All I Want for Christmas Extravaganza
Ep67 How to Resolve 7 Body Issues You Despise!
Ep66 Ask Our Doctors!
Ep65 The Ick Factor: More Embarrassing Problems Solved!
Ep64 The Doctors Take On Los Angeles!
Ep63 What to Do When It Won't Go Away!
Ep62 The Doctors Investigate: Med Spa Dangers, Alcohol Binging, Risky Cosmetics and More
Ep61 Ask Our Docs
Ep60 How Much Are Your Body Parts Worth?
Ep59 Weight Issues That Affect Your Whole Body, Not Just Your Stomach!
Ep58 The Doctors in Dallas!
Ep57 Celebrity Deaths: Can It Happen to You?
Ep56 The Secrets to a Healthier, Happier, Possibly Longer Life!
Ep55 4 Shocking Reasons You're Tired and How to Get a Knife-Less Face-Lift!
Ep54 Unbelievable Stories of Survival and Hope
Ep53 What Are You Really Putting in Your Body?! And Kelly Preston on Loss, Love and Turning 50
Ep52 Top Tips From America's Healthiest Cities
Ep51 Dr. Phil's Life Code: Get What You Want, Keep What You Get
Ep50 Surprise Fixes for Dry Skin, Thinning Hair and Unwanted Flab!
Ep49 The Doctors' Exclusive: Medical Miracles
Ep48 The Drs. Exclusive With Chaz Bono
Ep47 Celebrity Beauty Secrets From Every Decade!
Ep46 Don't Let Your "Lady" Parts Fail! And Don't Let Your "Man" Parts Fail!
Ep45 Ladylike Habits You Need to Stop Now!
Ep44 Must-Know Gadgets, Gizmos and Health Trends
Ep43 Drs. Warning: 10 Accidents Waiting to Happen!
Ep42 Pushing All Boundaries: Are Your Fantasies Dangerous?
Ep41 Turn Your Fat Tummy Into a Flat Tummy!
Ep40 That Bites! When Animals, Bugs & People Attack!
Ep39 Shop 'Til You Don't Drop: Shopping Dangers You Never Knew!
Ep38 Your Stickiest, Runniest & Mushiest Body Problems Solved!
Ep37 Healthy Halloween Tricks & Tips!
Ep36 3 Amazing Medical Stories!
Ep35 Real or Ridiculous? Your Outrageous Questions Answered!
Ep34 100,000 Pound Weight Loss Secrets!
Ep33 Health Dilemmas Caught on Tape!
Ep32 Silent Symptoms You Can't Ignore!
Ep31 Double Trouble - Fixing All of Your Paired Body Parts
Ep30 Body Clues You Can't Underestimate and 6 Ways to Overcome Your Body Problems
Ep29 Everyday Items That Can Ruin Your Health!
Ep28 Your Grossest Body Problems Solved!
Ep27 Underage Habits That Turn Into Over-Age Health Dilemmas!
Ep26 Your Most Embarrassing Questions Answered!
Ep25 20 Health Changes You Need to Make Now!
Ep24 Secret Foods That Can Fix Your Pain Fast!
Ep23 Biggest Mind-Blowing Brain Questions Ever!
Ep22 How to Stop Feeling Sick, Fat & Tired
Ep21 Challenge Your Health History!
Ep20 Stop It Before It Spreads!
Ep19 Celebrity Health & Beauty Secrets!
Ep18 Emergency Situations: How to Save a Life
Ep17 Wait for the Doctor or Head to the ER?
Ep16 31 Habits You Should Change Before the Month Is Over!
Ep15 Shocking Things You Never Thought Would Make You Fat!
Ep14 Dangerous Toxins That May Be Taking Over Your Body
Ep13 5 Unbelievable Medical Makeovers!
Ep12 The Hunger Games: Doctors Style!
Ep11 Health Secrets Your Personal Photos Reveal!
Ep10 The Health Secrets of Guinness World Record Holders!
Ep9 10 Summer Health Habits to Keep Year Round
Ep8 In Case of Emergency: Would You Know What to Do?
Ep7 Health Dangers Lurking in Your Closet
Ep6 The Naked Truth About Your Health
Ep5 How to Avoid Awkward Health Situations
Ep4 Never Give Up! 4 Incredible Medical Stories
Ep3 The Doctors Get Their Game On!
Ep2 The Most Surprising Episode Ever!
Ep1 How to Lose an Unhealthy Guy in 10 Days

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep170 Top 20 Weight, Beauty and Sex Mistakes You Make Every Day!
Ep169 Top 5 Medical Emergencies You Can Avoid!
Ep168 The Good, the Bad and the Gross
Ep167 Medical Breakthroughs That Can Save Your Life
Ep166 5 Amazing Before & Afters Revealed: Which of These Procedures is Best for You?
Ep165 Ask Our Docs: New York City Edition (Part 2)
Ep164 Don't Take It for Granted
Ep163 Hide It, Fix It, Flaunt It
Ep162 What's Better: Old Cures or New Treatments?
Ep161 Ask Our Docs: Myth or Reality?
Ep160 The One-Hour Guide to a Pain Free Life
Ep159 40 Secrets to Surviving Summer Health Risks!
Ep158 How to Make Smart Health Decisions in a Hurry!
Ep157 Laugh Yourself to a Firmer, Slimmer & Smarter Body!
Ep156 Get Thin by Summer: 13 Secrets You Haven't Heard!
Ep155 How to Look Thinner, Sexier and Younger Than You Did in High School!
Ep154 How to Know When Surgery Is Required!
Ep153 20 Quick Fixes to Looking Thinner, Younger & Sexier in Minutes
Ep152 Shocking Germ Traps in Your Home & on Your Body!
Ep151 Top 5 Foods That Actually Increase Your Appetite!; 10 Minute Transformations for Your Smile, Skin & Waistline!
Ep150 Secrets to Understanding the Opposite Sex!
Ep149 Celebrity Beauty, Fitness & Sex Secrets You Can Afford!
Ep148 A Better Body in Just 7 Days
Ep147 Gross Anatomy
Ep146 The Doctors' Mother's Day Special: Top Secrets Every Mom and Daughter Need to Know
Ep145 The Ultimate Sex, Health & Body Renovation!
Ep144 Surprising Spring Weight Traps & How to End Pain, Erase Scars & More!
Ep143 The Best Beauty Tips, Tricks & Treatments for Under $10!
Ep142 Health Scare Experiments: Are You a Ticking Time Bomb?
Ep141 5 Medical Reasons You're in a Nasty Mood and None of Them Are PMS!
Ep140 Lose Your Muffin Top, Stop Bloating & Prevent Wrinkles!
Ep139 3 Warning Signs That May Indicate Your Life Is in Danger
Ep138 EXCLUSIVE: The Pregnant Man's SHOCKING Update
Ep137 'Healthy' Habits That Are Actually BAD for YOU!
Ep136 Fight Aging Skin, Look Hot in Pictures & Keep Him Turned On!
Ep135 What's Really Living In, On & Around Your Body?
Ep134 Are You Lying to Youself?; 5 Simple Health Truths Revealed!
Ep133 Reduce Stress in 15 Minutes, End Pain in 30...and Have 1 Hour of Great Sex!
Ep132 That Pain May Not Be What You Think!
Ep131 Secrets to Decoding What's in Your Food, on Your Body & More!
Ep130 The Procrastinator's Guide to Losing Weight & Kicking Bad Habits!
Ep129 Shrink a Dress Size, Increase Your Fertility & Get Sexier Skin!
Ep128 Secrets to Look & Feel Better Naked
Ep127 Your Actions Have Side Effects
Ep126 Simple Secrets to Shrinking Your Waistline!
Ep125 Health Dangers You Never Knew Were Making You Sick, FAT & Tired!
Ep124 4 Ways to Prevent Medical Mistakes
Ep123 5 Shocking Health Dangers in Your Purse
Ep122 Defy Your Age, Boost Your Energy & Cheat Death
Ep121 20 Ways the Color Green Affects Your Health
Ep120 3 Solutions for Unsightly Legs, Thinning Hair & Sleepless Nights!
Ep119 Are the Side Effects REALLY Worth the Treatment?
Ep118 What the Heck Does That Do?
Ep117 Stop Your Body From Sagging, Shifting & Shaking!
Ep116 Are You Seeing the Wrong Doctor?
Ep115 Life-Changing Tests, Treatments and Cures!
Ep114 7 Personality Traits That Could Be Killing You!
Ep113 Itching, Burning, Oozing: Head-to-Toe Body Problems Solved!
Ep112 Lose Weight, Live Longer and Sleep Better!
Ep111 Positions to Stop Cramps, Pain, Infections and More!
Ep110 6 Liquids to Stop Hunger, Reverse Aging and Boost Your Libido!
Ep109 A Doctor's Investigation: What's REALLY in Your Food?
Ep108 Banish Cellulite, Melt Away Pounds and Look 10 Years Younger!
Ep107 Is Your Health More at Risk at Night?
Ep106 Sex Secrets: Myth or Reality?
Ep105 Stop the Pain You Never Thought Would Go Away
Ep104 Your Most EMBARRASSING Questions Ever!
Ep103 The Secrets to Never Getting Sick
Ep102 Secondhand Health Problems You Never Knew About
Ep101 Health Clues Your Face, Fingers and Toes Reveal!
Ep100 Valentine's Day Anti-Aging and Sex Secrets!
Ep99 What's Really Causing Your Symptoms... and Suze Orman
Ep98 No Question Is a Stupid Question!
Ep97 Medical Dramas Caught on Tape
Ep96 How to Take Control of Your Hormones
Ep95 THE DOCTORS Unscripted: Uncomfortable Body Problems Solved!
Ep94 How to Deal With Your Biggest Health Dilemmas!
Ep93 THE DOCTORS' Beauty Bowl: Simple Anti-Aging Secrets Revealed!
Ep92 Trends With Benefits: Are They Right for You?
Ep91 Dr. Travis' Secrets to Losing Your Gut for Good!
Ep90 What to Do When It Won't Go Away!
Ep89 Four Letter Words That Are Actually Good for Your Health
Ep88 GLOWing Health Secrets Revealed!
Ep87 What the H_ _ _? H-Words That Affect Your Health!
Ep86 7 Pains, 7 Solutions
Ep85 THE DOCTORS' Cold and Flu Survival Guide
Ep84 Doctors' Fab Five: Tips, Reasons & Ways to Improve Your Health
Ep83 Tips for Prettier Teeth, Better Breasts, Sexier Feet and More!
Ep82 Small Changes for Big Health Results!
Ep81 End Migraines, Banish Blemishes and a New Life-Saving Test
Ep80 Why Your Best Health Begins in the Bathroom!
Ep79 Things You Don't Want to Know About Your Body, But Should!
Ep78 Should You Make the Switch?
Ep77 Stop Your Most Aggravating Body Problems Now!
Ep76 Twelve Tricks to Save Your Life in 2012
Ep75 The Secrets to Your Healthy Success
Ep74 Tips to Lose Your Body Fat for Good!
Ep73 Fix Your Flat Hair, Flat Feet, Flat Booty and More!
Ep72 Weight Loss Secrets From A to Z
Ep71 Thirty Ways the Color White Affects You This Winter!
Ep70 Twelve Month Plan for a New You in 2012
Ep69 What's the Difference?
Ep68 THE DOCTORS' Wake-Up Call With Jillian, Part 5
Ep67 Unwrap the Secrets to a Healthy Holiday!
Ep66 The Best Health and Beauty Tips From Around the World!
Ep65 Ask Our Docs: Do I Really Need to Worry?
Ep64 Five Reasons You Gain Weight, and Not One Is Food!
Ep63 The DOCTORS' Wake-Up Call With Jillian, Part 4
Ep62 Ten Ways to Live a Longer Life!
Ep60 Tantrum Camp for Women
Ep59 The Cost of Living
Ep58 Your Most Irritating and Annoying Body Problems
Ep57 Unlock Your Body's Secrets
Ep56 How PINK Affects Your Health
Ep55 Medical Breakthroughs You Need to Know About
Ep54 No More Excuses – Take Charge of Your Health Now!
Ep53 Your Best Hair Day All Year Round!
Ep52 AIR: Are You Breathing Yourself Sick?
Ep51 Tips From the Healthiest Cities in America
Ep50 Gross Anatomy
Ep49 Stuff Yourself Healthy This Thanksgiving!
Ep48 How to Get Your Body Back!
Ep47 Top 10 Problems That Make Women Mad!
Ep46 Younger, Thinner, and Sexier in 30!
Ep45 I Can't Believe This Is Happening to Me!
Ep44 Hard to Pronounce, Easy to Treat!
Ep43 Fifty Ways Color Affects Your Health!
Ep42 You Have to See it to Believe It! Medical Explanations for the Extraordinary!
Ep41 What's Worse?
Ep40 Celebrity Health Secrets You Can Use
Ep39 Sex Camp for Men
Ep38 Don't Judge: It's Not Their Fault!
Ep37 How Music Affects Your Health
Ep36 Most Embarrassing Questions: Family Edition
Ep35 The Pregnant Man: After the Baby
Ep34 Trick and Treat Your Body Healthy
Ep33 The Face of Courage
Ep32 Revealing Personal Health Info: The Do's and Don'ts
Ep31 How to Supersize Your Health!
Ep30 Four Health Threats Every Woman Fears
Ep29 Beat Your Biggest Health Battles
Ep28 Why Does My Body Do That?
Ep27 The AFTER Show
Ep26 Stop the Panic: P-Words You Don't Need To Worry About!
Ep25 Which Side Are You On?
Ep24 6 "Ways" to "Weigh" Less
Ep23 How Contagious Is It?
Ep22 Are You Crossing the Line?
Ep21 It's All in Your BED!
Ep20 I Need Answers!
Ep19 The Doctors' Ultimate Weekend Guide
Ep18 Fat Girl, Skinny Girl
Ep17 Secrets to UNDERstanding Your Body
Ep16 Are You Making the Right Choices?
Ep15 F-Words You Can't Ignore
Ep14 Get Thin, Get Pretty, Get Rich
Ep13 THE DOCTORS' Wake-Up Call With Jillian Michaels, Part 3
Ep12 Real Threat or False Alarm?
Ep11 THE DOCTORS' Intervention Hour
Ep10 What Women Need to Know From A to Z
Ep9 Should You RSVP?
Ep8 THE DOCTORS' Wake-Up Call With Jillian Michaels, Part 2
Ep7 How Far Is Too Far?
Ep6 THE DOCTORS Unplugged and Uncensored!
Ep5 Get Ready for a Reality Check!
Ep4 THE DOCTORS' Wake-Up Call With Jillian Michaels
Ep3 In Depth: Sex in America
Ep2 Breaking All the Rules
Ep1 Season 4 Premiere!

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep170 Get a Cuter Nose, Prettier Face and Better Butt Now!
Ep169 Your Health in the Headlines
Ep168 Restore, Repair, Renew Your Life
Ep167 Pump Up the Volume!
Ep166 Opposites Affecting Your Health
Ep165 Explore Chicago
Ep164 Get Your Body to Start Doing What You Want
Ep163 Your Health in the Headlines
Ep162 The Doctors Take On New York City
Ep161 Secrets to Brains, Beauty and a Better You!
Ep160 How to Look Like a Million Bucks
Ep159 The Battle of the B's
Ep158 Things That Need Warning Labels
Ep157 10 Rules It's OK to Break
Ep156 20 Answers From 20 Specialists
Ep155 The Big Show
Ep154 Could It Happen to You?
Ep153 Best Cures for Your Worst Problem
Ep152 'The Doctors' Takes On Chicago
Ep151 Manly Problems Women Have
Ep150 Health Mistakes That Are Making You Broke
Ep149 How to Get Red Carpet Ready From the Inside Out!
Ep148 Are You Prepared?
Ep147 Get Ready for Summer Now!
Ep146 Beauty Trends: Are They Too Extreme?
Ep145 Secrets to Turning Your Health Around
Ep144 Back Your Way Into Better Health
Ep143 50 Questions From 50 Cities
Ep142 20 Fast Fixes for Dozens of Problems
Ep141 Your Smelliest and Hairiest Problems Solved
Ep140 Break Free From Your Biggest Body Problems
Ep139 What's Really in Your Food?
Ep138 How Cold Can Improve Your Health
Ep137 Make Time for Your Health
Ep136 Truth or Dare: We Dare You to Get Healthy
Ep135 20 Tips to a Healthier You
Ep134 The Discomfort Zone
Ep133 Who Is Making You Sick?
Ep132 How to Choose the Best of the Worst
Ep131 How to Outsmart Your Genes
Ep130 Blame This, Not That!
Ep129 Your Health in the Headlines
Ep128 Pain, Insomnia, Lost and Found Body Functions
Ep127 Ask Our Docs: On Location
Ep126 How Red Can Improve Your Health
Ep125 How to Choose the Right...
Ep124 Spring Clean Your Body
Ep123 Get It Out of Your Body Now!
Ep122 You Should Have Tried...
Ep121 Desperate to Be Fixed
Ep120 The Shape of Your Health
Ep119 Ask Our Doctors: Celebrity Edition!
Ep118 Listen to Your Body
Ep117 How to Save Money, Look Younger and Live Longer!
Ep116 Guilty Pleasure That Are Good for You
Ep115 Get to Know Your Girl Parts!
Ep114 20 Ways to Heal Yourself Without a Doctor
Ep113 Health Secrets Your Face Reveals
Ep112 What to Do When It Happens to You!
Ep111 Fashion 911: Beauty Habits That Harm Your Health
Ep110 Surprising Health Dangers You Never Knew
Ep109 The "Hole" Truth About Your Body
Ep108 Lose It Now: Pain, Bad Habits and Weight
Ep107 How to Avoid a Misdiagnosis
Ep106 How Does YOUR Body Measure Up
Ep105 Health Scare Experiments
Ep104 The Naked Truth About Your Health
Ep103 Why Do Men...
Ep102 Why Do Women...
Ep101 Celebrity Health Trends
Ep100 M-Barrassing
Ep99 Have Better Sex Now
Ep98 20 Ways to Look 10 Years Younger
Ep97 Life Changing Transformations
Ep96 Embarrassing Body Problems Solved!
Ep95 Prepare for Your First Time!
Ep94 Body Bowl
Ep93 Private Parts II
Ep92 Turn Your Fat Belly Into a Flat Belly
Ep91 28 Days to a Healthier You
Ep90 Dangerous Trends
Ep89 Body Numbers You Should Know
Ep88 How Heat Can Change Your Life
Ep87 10 Problems, 20 Solutions
Ep86 Eat, Sleep, Poop
Ep85 Secrets You Shouldn't Keep From Men
Ep84 Lady-Like Habits That Are Bad for You
Ep83 Secrets to a Sexier You
Ep82 20 Must-Do Things to Jumpstart Your Day
Ep81 Unusual Body Changes
Ep80 Health Scare Experiment II
Ep79 New Ways to Look Younger
Ep78 Fix It or Live With It?
Ep77 Soothe That Burn
Ep76 Will It Go Away On Its Own?
Ep75 Cure It in No Time!
Ep74 Health Trends for 2011
Ep73 The 17 Day Diet Challenge
Ep72 10 Things Ruining Your Life
Ep71 Ask Our Doctors
Ep70 52 Tips for the New Year
Ep69 Tis the Season to Be Healthy
Ep68 Winterize Your Family
Ep67 Top Five Questions You Need to Ask Your Doctor
Ep66 Why is My Body Changing?
Ep65 Top Reasons People Call In Sick
Ep64 Your Health in the Headlines
Ep63 40 Ways to Fight the Flu
Ep62 Secrets Your Feet Tell About Your Health
Ep61 Why Do I Itch and Smell Like That?
Ep60 Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll
Ep59 Your Health in the Headlines
Ep58 Solve Your Biggest "Double" Dilemmas
Ep57 Ask Our Doctors: "What Tests Do I Need?"
Ep56 How the #17 Can Change Your Life
Ep55 Scary Symptoms That Are Harmless
Ep54 I'm Too Young for This!
Ep53 Magic Johnson and America's Silent 4-Letter Killer: Salt
Ep52 Uncovering the Biggest Health Myths!
Ep51 Health Secrets Women Shouldn't Keep
Ep50 50 Questions From 50 Families
Ep49 Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy This Thanksgiving
Ep48 Teens and Drugs: Are Your Kids Next?
Ep47 40 Ways to Better Sex Tonight
Ep46 All About Your Private Parts
Ep45 Improve Your Health From A to Z
Ep44 Dr. Travis in the E.R.
Ep43 How to Get It Out!
Ep42 Fix Your Health for Free
Ep41 What Would You Do If Disaster Strikes?
Ep40 Body Problem Breakthroughs
Ep39 The A-List
Ep38 Surprising Health Dangers You Need to Know
Ep37 How to Understand the Opposite Sex
Ep36 Health Scare Experiment
Ep35 Your Health in the Headlines
Ep34 Would You Know What to Do?
Ep33 Reverse Your Body Damage Now
Ep32 Did You Know?
Ep31 Top Health Taboos Women Are Afraid to Talk About
Ep30 All Shook Up
Ep29 Latest Fat Fixes and Motherhood Survival Club
Ep28 How to Prevent the Top 5 Killers
Ep27 Symptoms You Should Never Ignore
Ep26 Does It Happen to Other Women, Too?
Ep25 At What Age?
Ep24 Find Out What's Wrong and Fix It!
Ep23 10 Bad Things That Are Good for You
Ep22 Make Your Skin Flaws Disappear Now!
Ep21 Could It Happen to You?
Ep20 Why Size Matters
Ep19 Your Health in Headlines
Ep18 Waiting Room Confessions
Ep17 What's Really on Your Face and in Your Body?
Ep16 10 Things I Hate About You
Ep15 How to Stay Healthy This Fall
Ep14 What Is That Bump?
Ep13 Top 10 Complaints Dr. Lisa Hears From Women
Ep12 Secrets: Why You Shouldn't Be Ashamed!
Ep11 What Women Want
Ep10 Motherhood Survival Club & What the Yuck?
Ep9 Understand Your Body's Ups and Downs
Ep8 What Are Your Chances of Getting It?
Ep7 Improve Your Health by the Numbers
Ep6 New Procedures to Improve Your Body
Ep5 What Women Need to Know
Ep4 24 Hours to Stop 24 Things
Ep3 What's the Difference?
Ep2 5-Minute Health Fixes
Ep1 Season 3 Premiere!

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep180 What Your Body's Telling You
Ep179 New Procedures for Everyday Problems
Ep178 Laughter Is the Best Medicine
Ep177 The Naked Truth About Your Skin
Ep176 Why Is My Body Doing That?
Ep175 Top Headlines Affecting Your Health
Ep174 Procedures You Need to Know
Ep173 Top 10 Words You Hate to Hear
Ep172 Know Your Body Signs
Ep171 Doctors Around the World
Ep170 Your Health in the Headlines
Ep169 Most Dangerous Teen Trends
Ep168 Small Mistakes Now, Big Problems Later
Ep167 Take Control of Your Body
Ep166 Gross Anatomy
Ep165 Your Health in the Headlines
Ep164 Easy Fixes for Common Problems
Ep163 Live, Look and Feel Better Now!
Ep162 Transform Your Body with LL Cool J
Ep161 Your Most Embarrassing SEX Questions
Ep160 Summer Health Hazards
Ep159 Colors of Your Health
Ep158 Understand Your Body Inside and Out
Ep157 Delivering BIG Solutions
Ep156 Life-Changing Procedures
Ep155 Caught on Tape: Are You Making the Right Health Choices?!
Ep154 New Body Breakthroughs
Ep153 Shocking Health Traps
Ep152 50 Questions From 50 Ages
Ep151 Shocking Drug Dangers
Ep150 B Beautiful Now!
Ep149 The Ick Factor: Things That Make You Go Ewww!
Ep148 Doctors Scrub In: Procedures You Should Know
Ep147 The Doctor Is In
Ep146 Best Treatments From Head to Toe
Ep145 Stand Up for Your Health
Ep144 Health & Beauty Secrets Around the World
Ep143 To Eat Or Not to Eat?
Ep142 Cures You Need to Know
Ep141 Stop It Before It Starts
Ep140 Must-Haves for a Healthy Home
Ep139 What Everyone Woman Fears
Ep138 Are You at Risk?
Ep137 Spring Clean Your Health
Ep136 Best Health Trends
Ep135 Stop Sabotaging Your Body