The FBI Files

  • 1998-2006
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Investigations and crime-solving methods involving some of the bureau's more complex cases.


Season 7

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep20 Final Takedown
Ep19 Bad Company
Ep18 Sniper at Home
Ep17 Ivy League Murders
Ep16 Independence Day Breakout
Ep15 Robin the Hood
Ep14 Stolen Identity
Ep13 Crackdown
Ep12 Deadly Manhunt
Ep11 Deadly Manhunt
Ep10 Brothers Betrayed
Ep9 Rebellion in Paradise
Ep8 Death of a Diplomat
Ep7 Terror for Sale
Ep6 Deadly Payout
Ep5 The Shootist
Ep4 The Great Philly Mob War
Ep3 Operation Seaload
Ep2 Inside the Bureau
Ep1 Dangerous Cause

Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 Operation Goldenrod
Ep21 Dangerous Pursuit (Part 2)
Ep20 Dangerous Pursuit (Part 1)
Ep19 The Voice of Terror
Ep18 Voice of Terror
Ep17 Forced Entry
Ep16 Radical Resistance
Ep15 Dangerous Takedown
Ep14 Dangerous Gamble
Ep13 A Bitter End
Ep12 Atlanta Prison Riot
Ep11 Deadly Takeover
Ep10 Killer Instinct
Ep9 No Place to Hide
Ep8 Brotherhood of Hate
Ep7 The Perfect Heist
Ep6 Dead Run
Ep5 Radical Agenda
Ep4 Without Mercy
Ep3 The Killing Zone
Ep2 Internal Affairs
Ep1 Brutal Abduction

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep19 Deadly Influence
Ep18 Fateful Crossing
Ep17 Criminal Enterprise
Ep16 Death Pact
Ep15 Fatal Friendship
Ep14 Broken Trust
Ep13 Cruel Deception
Ep12 Domestic Terror
Ep11 The Initiation
Ep10 Dark Woods
Ep9 Held Hostage
Ep8 Cruel Revenge
Ep7 Lawless
Ep6 High Stakes
Ep5 In Pursuit
Ep4 Caught in the Act
Ep3 Tracks of a Killer
Ep2 Home Invaders
Ep1 The Price of Greed

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep21 Betrayed
Ep20 Held for Ransom
Ep19 When Seconds Count
Ep18 Global Pursuit
Ep17 Without Remorse
Ep16 The Coffee Shop Murders
Ep15 Coffee Shop Murders
Ep14 Evil Intent
Ep13 Deadly Threat
Ep12 The Lost Boys
Ep11 Death in the Delta
Ep10 Deadly Secrets
Ep9 Unlawful Flight
Ep8 Vanished
Ep7 Deadly Heist
Ep6 Milka
Ep5 Gilbert & Elliot
Ep4 A Family Torn
Ep3 Small Town Terror
Ep2 Hidden Agenda
Ep1 The Search for Lisa Rene

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep18 The C-11 Squad
Ep17 No Remorse
Ep16 Hunter's Target
Ep15 Manhunt
Ep14 Under Fire
Ep13 Backstage Murder
Ep12 Deadly Stranger
Ep11 Silent Strike
Ep10 Temple of Fear
Ep9 Deadly Business
Ep8 Terror in Disguise
Ep7 Millionaire Murder
Ep6 The Predator
Ep5 Deadly Trail
Ep4 Dishonored
Ep3 The First and Kennedy Street Crew
Ep2 Deadly Obsession
Ep1 Driven to Kill

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep19 A Master Plan
Ep18 22 Caliber Killer
Ep17 Cop Killer
Ep16 Moving Target
Ep15 Deadly Mission
Ep14 Killer Abroad
Ep13 Operation Safebet
Ep12 Firefight
Ep11 Family Secrets
Ep10 Crime Spree
Ep9 Blood Brothers
Ep8 Shattered Shield
Ep7 The Dixie Mafia
Ep6 Hunter's Game
Ep5 A Stranger in Town
Ep4 Cracking the Cartel
Ep3 Cat and Mouse
Ep2 Hired Gun
Ep1 Cat and Mouse
Ep1 Model Killer

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 The True Story of Mississippi Burning
Ep12 John Gotti Convicted
Ep11 World Trade Center Bombing
Ep10 Murdering Cowboy
Ep9 The Unabomber
Ep8 Melissa Brannen: Missing
Ep7 Killing Spree
Ep6 Crazy Don
Ep5 Deadly Paradise
Ep4 Death in Alaska
Ep3 Human Prey
Ep2 Above the Law
Ep1 Polly Klaas Kidnapped

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep134 Held Hostage
Ep116 Inside the Bureau
Ep99 Dead Run
Ep93 Delusion
Ep90 The FBI Files
Ep2 The Crazy Don: Vincent Gigante
Flight from Justice
Flight from Justice
Polly Klaas Kidnapped
Hall Brothers
The FBI Files
Calibre Killer
Small Town Terror
No Remorse
Family Secrets
Moving Target
The Midwestern Bank Bandits
Vanilla Sky
Voice of Terror
Forced Entry
The Shootist
The Final Takedown
Robin the Hood
Operation Seaload
Sniper at Home
Rebellion in Paradise
Independence Day Breakout
Deadly Payout
Brothers Betrayed
Philly Mob War
Death of a Diplomat
Dangerous Cause
Hunter's Target
Blood Brothers
The Predator
Temple of Fear
Deadly Business
Millionaire Murder
Hired Gun
Driven to Kill
.22 Caliber Killer
Deadly Influence
Deadly Dentist- part 2
Deadly Dentist- Part 1
First and Kennedy

All Full Length Videos

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Moving Target

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When a sniper in Utah started targeting African-American men for death, authorities launched a massive investigation. With scant clues and no witnesses they found the odds stacked against them, and they had no idea where the killer would strike next.

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