The Hoobs

A family of great explorers travels the universe and learns about different planets in this preschool series.


Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep52 Is It Hoobletoodledoo?
Ep51 The Flipperdipper Dancer
Ep50 Bossy Boots
Ep49 The Big Bonk
Ep48 Shop Till You Drop
Ep47 King of the Sea
Ep46 Tricks with Bricks
Ep45 Window Dressing
Ep44 Soft Floppy Fun
Ep43 Costume Drama
Ep42 Pancakes
Ep41 Day Off
Ep40 Voice Choice
Ep39 Three Hoobs - One Bus
Ep38 Record Breaker
Ep37 Llama Farmer
Ep36 Iver Five-O
Ep35 Flower Power
Ep34 Restaurant
Ep33 Overloaded
Ep32 Lost
Ep31 Jambo Tambo
Ep30 House of Iver
Ep29 Signs
Ep28 Opera Singer
Ep27 Hooby Holiday
Ep26 Tight Fit
Ep25 Emperor
Ep24 Banana Banana Carrot
Ep23 The Fastest Thing on Legs
Ep22 Buddy Beacon
Ep21 Iver's Buns
Ep20 Cover Up
Ep19 Twinkly Wrinklypeep
Ep18 Promises
Ep17 Tiger in Need
Ep16 Little Green Sticky Thing
Ep15 Hooby Races
Ep14 Little Pink Riding Hood
Ep13 Hooby Grow in a Day Tree
Ep12 Motorette Magic
Ep11 Elbows
Ep10 Not a Horse
Ep9 Sherlock Groove
Ep8 Change
Ep7 Cards
Ep6 Groove's Special Collection
Ep5 News
Ep4 Dangerous
Ep3 Chocolate
Ep2 Hooblebumper Box Day
Ep1 Hoobledoop!

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep73 Bedtime Story
Ep72 Iver's Big Trip
Ep71 Yee Haw!
Ep70 Sir Iverlot
Ep69 Hoozleberry Blues
Ep68 Rude Hoob
Ep67 Marooned
Ep66 Iver the Robot
Ep65 Don't Drink the Water!
Ep64 Somebody Loves You
Ep63 Down in the Middle
Ep62 The Old Bamboo
Ep61 Seeing Clearly
Ep60 A Problem for the Pansies
Ep59 Whale of a Time
Ep58 Robin Hood
Ep57 Hoobydudu
Ep56 Clubs
Ep55 Tula in Wonderland
Ep54 Flies
Ep53 Playhouse
Ep52 Birdsong
Ep51 Creepy Crawlies
Ep50 Tula's Big Day
Ep49 Jobs
Ep48 Little Round Somethings
Ep47 Riddle Me Ree
Ep46 Every Hoob's a Star
Ep45 Telling Tales
Ep44 Warm Juice
Ep43 Underground
Ep42 Mums and Dads
Ep41 A Place for Tula
Ep40 Hurry Up!
Ep39 Clumsy
Ep38 Hoobyhics
Ep37 Fairyland
Ep36 Groove the Greedy
Ep35 Get on with the Game
Ep34 Relax
Ep33 Shoobage
Ep32 Yawning
Ep31 Miss Hoob
Ep30 Big Day In
Ep29 A Doob for a Hoob
Ep28 Achoo!
Ep27 Our Friend Flash
Ep26 That Noise
Ep25 Art
Ep24 Funny Sounds
Ep23 Beautiful
Ep22 Magic Words
Ep21 Hoobamaflip
Ep20 Pirates
Ep19 The Drip
Ep18 Giant
Ep17 Soggy Crispies
Ep16 Moon
Ep15 Hoob in a Mood
Ep14 Rewards
Ep13 A Pig Full of Surprises
Ep12 Groove's Wish
Ep11 Winning
Ep10 Peep Flowers
Ep9 Crash, Bang, Wallop!
Ep8 Shape Sorter
Ep7 Funny Tummies
Ep6 Pockets
Ep5 The Fair
Ep4 Round and Round
Ep3 Ouch!
Ep2 Hoobyclues
Ep1 Hooblebumper Breakfast

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep59 Snow
Ep58 Tula's Choice
Ep57 Sheep
Ep56 Trees
Ep55 Pop
Ep54 Ba-boom!
Ep53 Surprises
Ep52 Talking to Yourself
Ep51 Camel
Ep50 Hats
Ep49 Lucky
Ep48 It's a Mystery
Ep47 Big Loaf
Ep46 Bouncing
Ep45 Bubbles
Ep44 Behind You
Ep43 Roma's Visit
Ep42 New Words
Ep41 Soft
Ep40 Hobbies
Ep39 Dinosaur
Ep38 Wheels
Ep37 Dark
Ep36 Toys
Ep35 Copying
Ep34 Picking Up
Ep33 Swinging
Ep32 Hang Ups
Ep31 Crumbs
Ep30 Slow
Ep29 Disappear
Ep28 Spiky
Ep27 Scared
Ep26 Sea Shells
Ep25 Hiding
Ep24 Brave
Ep23 Taste
Ep22 Gloves
Ep21 Stories
Ep20 Fly Away
Ep19 Stuffing
Ep18 Colours
Ep17 Names
Ep16 Messages
Ep15 Friends
Ep14 Tidying Up
Ep13 Cool
Ep12 Funny Faces
Ep11 Pairs
Ep10 Exercise
Ep9 Exploring
Ep8 Waking Up
Ep7 Fresh
Ep6 Freezing
Ep5 Boats
Ep4 Cakes
Ep3 Rings
Ep2 Upside Down
Ep1 Circus

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep25 The Band
Ep24 Shy
Ep23 Cows
Ep22 High Up
Ep21 Juiciest Fruit
Ep20 Dirty
Ep19 Dancing
Ep18 Up and Down
Ep17 Sharing
Ep16 Bells
Ep15 Crying
Ep14 Fancy Dress
Ep13 Borrowing
Ep12 Shopping
Ep11 Spots
Ep10 Dreams
Ep9 Planes
Ep8 Eggs
Ep7 Rubbish
Ep6 Getting Bigger
Ep5 Wind
Ep4 Boys and Girls
Ep3 Holidays
Ep2 Angry
Ep1 Puppets

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep40 Teeth
Ep39 Mice
Ep38 Potatoes
Ep37 Getting to Sleep
Ep36 Times
Ep35 Flying
Ep34 Shoes
Ep33 Waiting
Ep32 Keys
Ep31 Fish
Ep30 Soft Round Flat Things
Ep29 Hooting
Ep28 Sand
Ep27 Owning Up
Ep26 Wobble
Ep25 Rain
Ep24 Keeping Warm
Ep23 Combs
Ep22 Smells
Ep21 Clapping
Ep20 Hair
Ep19 Presents
Ep18 Homes
Ep17 Fix It
Ep16 Bees
Ep15 Seasons
Ep14 Flags
Ep13 Losing Things
Ep12 Frogs
Ep11 Getting Better
Ep10 Running
Ep9 Dog
Ep8 Floating
Ep7 Whistles
Ep6 Pets
Ep5 Stars
Ep4 Laughing
Ep3 Hello
Ep2 Monkeys
Ep1 Finding Out

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep213 The Hoobs
Ep80 Stripes
Hooby Hics
Finding Out
Ivor the Robot

All Full Length Videos

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Stars are just about Iver’s favourite things – along with questions for Hoob News! Roma tells them about a star they can see in the daytime and the Tiddlypeeps show them how they can make one.

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