The Jeff Corwin Experience

  • 2000-2003
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The naturalist tracks unusual animals around the world.


Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep14 Urban Show
Ep12 Where's Jeff?
Ep11 Big Bad Wolf?
Ep11 Venezuela: Operation Anaconda
Ep10 Brazil: Saving the Tamarin
Ep9 The Big Bad Wolf?
Ep8 Indonesia: The Orangutan Freedom Journey
Ep7 Cambodia: Snakes on the Menu
Ep6 Australia: Going Bats Down Under
Ep5 Kenya: Hyena, Queen of the Beasts
Ep4 Peru: Bear Necessaties
Ep3 Mexico: The Great Snake Hunt
Ep2 Uganda: It's a Croc Story
Ep1 Botswana: Exploring the Elephant Highway

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep32 Zanzibar
Ep31 India
Ep13 Spain: Americano Loco
Ep12 Morocco: A Time Machine of Sand
Ep11 Nepal: Journey to Shangri-La
Ep10 India: Between the Tiger and the Lion
Ep9 Tanzania: Bodies in Motion
Ep8 Zanzibar: Dr. Corwin I Presume
Ep7 Sympathy for the Devil
Ep6 Out of Balance Down Under
Ep5 The Amazon---Goin' Bananas
Ep4 Costa Rica---The Arribiatta
Ep3 California---The Wild One
Ep2 Guyana---Land of the Giants
Ep1 Exploring Pascua de Florida

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep15 Snake-Tacular
Ep14 Extreme Encounters
Ep13 Galapagos: The Living Laboratory
Ep12 Bridge Between the America's
Ep11 Madagascar: The Land that Time Forgot
Ep10 Into Africa
Ep9 River Wolf and the Isle of Serpents
Ep8 Into the Heart of Darkness
Ep7 Indonesia: Six Days to the Dragon
Ep6 Thailand: Royalty of Siam
Ep5 Louisiana: Call of the Cajun Wild
Ep4 Alaska: Northern Exposure
Ep3 Arizona: Land of the Serpent
Ep2 India: Riding the Cobra Express
Ep1 Borneo: A Wild Man in Borneo

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep40 My Favorite Encounters
Ep37 Caught in the Act
Ep35 Spain
Ep26 Costa Rica Crossing America
Ep25 Costa Rica---Crossing America
Ep21 The Jeff Corwin Experience
Ep17 In Darwin's Footsteps
Ep15 Panama
Ep11 The Secret Life of Jeffrey Corwin
Ep7 The Royalty Of Siam
Ep2 A Wild Man in Borneo
Snake Special
Brazil - Saving the Tamarin
The River Wolf and the Isle of Serpents
Guyana: Land of Giants
A Wild Man in Borneo
North America - The Big Bad Wolf?
Royalty Of Siam
Wild Man In Borneo
Six Days To The Dragon
Call Of The Cajun Wild
Costa Rica: The Arribada

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