The Jungle Book

  • 2010
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An animated series about Mowgli, a young jungle boy raised by the wolves.


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep18 Small Is Beautiful
Ep16 Mowgli the Artist
Ep15 The Wrong Panther
Ep10 Two for the Price of One
Ep9 Monkey Business
Ep8 Human After All
Ep7 River Leaf
Ep5 Lucky Star
Ep4 The Red Crocodile
Ep2 Save The Tiger
Ep1 Thirst!
Missing Monkey; Best in Class
The Jungle Book
Show me the Honey; Come Fly With Me
Truth or Dare; Who's Laughing Now
Truth or Dare; Who's Laughing Now
Best in Class
A Real Wolf
The Tooth of the Matter

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 The Cobra's Egg
Ep25 The Rubber Ball
Ep24 Is That You, Kaa?
Ep18 The Day the Earth Shook
Ep17 Survival of the Fittest
Ep16 Blood Brothers
Ep15 Mowgli's Sparkly
Ep14 Darzi's Waterfall Rescue
Ep11 Mowgli's Log
Ep10 Kite Flight
Ep9 Fished Out
Ep8 Legend of Giant Claw
Ep7 Treasure of Cold Lair
Ep6 Sleeping Python
Ep5 Fished Out; Kite Flight
Ep5 Monkey Queen
Ep4 Treasure of Cold Lair; Legend of the Giant Claw
Ep4 The Race
Ep3 Monkey Queen; Sleeping Python
Ep3 Itchy Twitchy Kaa!
Ep2 Itchy Twitchy Kaa!; The Race
Ep2 Wild Black Bees
Ep1 Man Trap; Wild Black Bees
Ep1 Man Trap

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep28 Missing Monkey; Baloo the King
Ep27 Best in Class; Monster of Cold Lair
Ep26 Trapped; Bagheera in the Man Village
Ep25 The Tooth of the Matter; A Real Wolf
Ep24 The Wrong Panther; Mowgli the Artist
Ep23 The Elephant's Secret; Mowgli's Number One Fan
Ep22 Cheel and the Mountain Fire; The Buffaloes
Ep21 Monkey Business; Two for the Price of One
Ep20 River Leaf; Human After All
Ep19 Lucky Star; Mongoose on the Loose
Ep18 King Kaa
Ep17 King Kaa; The Red Crocodile
Ep16 Thirst!; Save the Tiger
Ep15 The Rubber Ball; The Cobra's Egg
Ep14 The Wishing Tree; Is That You, Kaa?
Ep13 The Bridge; Phaona's Nasty Trick
Ep12 The Jungle Tour; Snake Bite
Ep11 Survival of the Fittest; The Day the Earth Shook
Ep10 Mowgli's Sparklie; Blood Brothers
Ep9 The Waterfall; Darzi's Waterfall Rescue
Ep6 Mowgli's Log; Who Is the Bravest?
Temple of the Wolf Part 2
Temple of the Wolf Part 1
Jackal in Wolf's Clothing; Panther is Distress
Sos Eggs; Mowgli and the Sambar Deer
Python's Hiccups; The Elephant Call
Show Me the Honey
Truth or Dare
Rangoo on the Run; Birds of a Feather
Birds of a Feather
Team Work
Trumpet Trouble; Blind as a Bear
Rumble in the Jungle
Mowgli's Number One Fan; Mowgli the Artist
River Leaf; Monkey Business
Is That You Kaa?; The Rubber Ball
Phaona's Nasty Trick; The Wishing Tree
Temple of the Wolf
Snake Bite; The Bridge
Rangoo on the Run
The Broken Baton
Wake Up; Shot in the Dark
The Legend of the Amber; A Nose for Trouble
The Jungle Champions; Team Work
Team Work; Birds of a Feather
Fly Away
The Legend of Amber
The Howling Moon; Shell Game
A Nose for Trouble
The Voice of Power
Reaching for the Sky; Invisible Man-Cub
Childs Play
Shot in the Dark
Wake Up
The Howling Moon
Shell Game
Tabaqui The Hunter
Reaching for the Sky
Invisible Man Cub
Banzia's Banana; Kitty Kat Khan
Home Wreckers
The Sun Dance
Trumpet Trouble
Banzai Bananas
The Python's Hiccups
Mowgli the Thief
The Cobra's Egg; Thirst!
Junglewise; The Broken Baton
The Red Crocodile; Lucky Star
#1 Panther in Distress; Blind as a Bear
A Jackal in Wolf's Clothing; Trumpet Trouble
The Broken Baton; Rangoo on the Run
Grudge Match
Junglewise; Grudge Match
Home Wreckers; The Sun Dance
Journey To The Nesting Grounds
Baloo the King; Monster of Cold Lair
The Bear Facts; Mowgli's Ghost
Blind as a Bear
Panther in Distress
#1 The Elephant Call; The Birthday Fish
Python's Hiccups; The Jungle Champions
Missing Appu
A Nose for Trouble; The Voice of Power
Legend Of The Giant Claw
Small Is Beautiful; Trapped!
Banzai Bananas; The Sun Dance
Mowgli's Cub; Mowgli's Ghost
Show Me the Honey; Truth or Dare
Journey to the Nesting Grounds; Mowgli the Thief
Pavo the Peacock; The Bear Facts
Footprints; Super Bird
Invisible Man-Cub; The Howling Moon
Star Fall; Thin Skin
The Voice of Power; Reaching For the Sky
Panther Therapy; Most Beautiful Bird
The Jungle Champion
The Legend of Amber; Fly Away
Pavo the Peacock; Mowgli's Cub
Stranded; Wake Up
The Birthday Fish
The Elephant Call
Child's Play; Shot in the Dark
The Waterfall
Who Is the Bravest?
S-1 |

Panther in Distress; Blind as a Bear

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Mowgli looks for peaches with his pals, and Bageerah gets hurt when they enter Kala's territory; Baloo's glasses get lost thanks to Mowgli.

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