The Martha Stewart Show

  • 2005-2012

Celebrity guests and home projects are highlighted in this combination of do-it-yourself advice and talk show.


Season 7

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep141 The French Food Show
Ep140 Mother's Day Show
Ep139 The Iceland Show
Ep138 The Spring Weddings Show
Ep137 The Girl Scout Show
Ep136 The Princess Show With Julie Andrews
Ep135 The Etsy Show
Ep134 Martha's American Food
Ep133 Flavorful Recipes With Chef April Bloomfield
Ep132 Eco-Friendly Ideas
Ep131 Authentic Spanish Cooking
Ep130 James Beard Award-Winning Chefs
Ep129 Seasonal Sweet Treats
Ep128 Southern-Style Baking
Ep127 The Backyard Entertaining Show
Ep126 Home-Style Family Cooking
Ep125 DIY Accessories
Ep124 The Celebration Show
Ep123 Top Disease-Fighting Foods
Ep122 Easter Dinner Menu Ideas
Ep121 Easy Passover Recipes
Ep120 The Female Entrepreneur Show
Ep119 Affordable Easter Crafts
Ep118 Countdown to Easter
Ep117 The Egg Show
Ep116 Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest Winner
Ep115 Savory Pizza with Chef Jim Lahey
Ep114 Paper Magnolia Flowers
Ep113 The Man Show
Ep112 Memorykeeping Crafts
Ep111 Fresh, Seasonal Recipes
Ep110 The Cast Iron Show
Ep109 The Water Show
Ep108 Skin Show
Ep107 The Black and White Show
Ep106 Nature-Inspired Crafts
Ep105 Weekend Meal Ideas and Projects
Ep104 The Flower Show
Ep103 Easy Pantry Recipes
Ep102 Hearty Beef Stew
Ep101 The 'Do Something' Show
Ep100 20 More Things to Know: Dr. Seuss Edition
Ep99 20 More Things to Know: Cleaning
Ep98 20 More Things to Know: Homekeeping
Ep97 20 More Things to Know: Cooking
Ep96 20 More Things Everyone Should Know
Ep95 Authentic Mediterranean Recipes
Ep94 The Purple Party Show
Ep93 The Brunch Show
Ep92 Martha's Mail Bag
Ep91 Affordable Weeknight Dishes
Ep90 Baby Shower Show
Ep89 The Cozy Show
Ep88 The Dog Show
Ep87 Romantic Menu Ideas
Ep86 Decadent Chocolate Tart
Ep85 Affordable Crafts With Joan Rivers
Ep84 Warm Chocolate Cake With Katherine Heigl
Ep83 The Bag Show
Ep82 The Super Snack Show
Ep81 Valentine's Day Cookies and Crafts
Ep80 The "Souper" Bowl Show
Ep79 Classic Cocktails With Seth Meyers
Ep78 The Exercise Show
Ep77 Mother Knows Best With Jessica Alba
Ep76 Fish Recipes With Chef David Pasternack
Ep75 The Vibrant Show
Ep74 Chinese New Year Ideas
Ep73 Taymour Hallal
Ep72 How to Throw a Spa Party
Ep71 Beauty Basics With Bobbi Brown
Ep70 Martha's Beauty Team
Ep69 Snow Day Ideas
Ep68 The Money-Saving Show With Jim Cramer
Ep67 The Winter Weddings Show
Ep66 Sensational Sandwiches
Ep65 Light and Healthy Meals
Ep64 Homekeeping with Martha
Ep63 New Year, New You
Ep62 Last-Minute Gift Ideas
Ep61 Christmas Sweater Show
Ep60 Gifts for Foodies
Ep59 The Cocktail Party Show
Ep58 Staff Family Recipes
Ep57 Allergen-Friendly Christmas Cookies
Ep56 A Cookie Nativity Scene
Ep55 Pet Must-Haves
Ep54 Christmas Roast Recipes
Ep53 Cookie Baking and Decorating
Ep52 Handmade Jewelry Gifts
Ep51 Citrus Fruit Ornaments
Ep50 Christmas Tree Ideas
Ep49 Glittered Ornaments
Ep48 Handmade Yarn Projects
Ep47 The Pet Show
Ep46 The Sticky Show
Ep45 The Stay-at-Home Dads Show
Ep44 Martha's Holiday Finds
Ep43 Thanksgiving Dilemmas Solved
Ep42 Turkey, Sides, and Pie
Ep41 Cooking with Actor Peter Facinelli
Ep40 The Wild Animal Show
Ep39 Modernist Cooking with Chef Nathan Myhrvold
Ep38 The Chocolate Show
Ep37 Handmade Wreaths with Katie Holmes
Ep36 Thanksgiving Side Dishes
Ep35 Breakfast Crepes Three Ways
Ep34 Home-Cured Salmon
Ep33 The Perfect Turkey
Ep32 Four-Star Recipes with Chef Daniel Humm
Ep31 Moroccan Cooking
Ep30 Classic Meatball Menu
Ep30 The Pasta Show
Ep29 Classic Meatball Menu
Ep28 Mexico City with Martha
Ep27 Hugh Jackman and Chef Thomas Keller
Ep26 Cocktail Hour
Ep25 Breakfast Entertaining With Willie Geist
Ep24 Halloween Party Ideas With Isaac Mizrahi
Ep23 The Entertaining Show
Ep22 New Chinese Cuisine
Ep21 The Breast Cancer Hour
Ep20 Jack-o'-Lantern Ideas
Ep19 Apple Recipes and Drac-o'-Lanterns
Ep18 Creative Pumpkin Carving
Ep17 Cooking With Pumpkin
Ep16 Pumpkin-Palooza: Pumpkin Seed Brittle
Ep15 Halloween Costume Week: Make This Now
Ep14 Halloween Costume Week: Zombies
Ep13 Halloween Costume Week: Pets
Ep12 Halloween Costume Week: Mermaids
Ep11 Halloween Costume Week: Dollar-Store Challenge
Ep10 Top 10 Wedding Dilemmas Solved
Ep9 Kimchi 101
Ep8 Hearty Roasted Salads
Ep7 Comforting Home-Style Recipes
Ep6 Mini Fruit Pies
Ep5 You Asked For It!
Ep4 The Ultimate Birthday Party
Ep3 The Harvest Show with Emeril Lagasse
Ep2 Martha's Summer Finds
Ep1 Tricks of the Trade

Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep149 Metallic Party Ideas
Ep148 Candy Crafts
Ep147 Mother's Day Show
Ep146 Photo Crafts
Ep145 Bike-Riding Basics
Ep144 French Cooking With Chef Cedric Vongerichten
Ep143 Easter Dinner Menu
Ep142 Puppy Party
Ep141 Martha's 1000th Show
Ep140 Cooking with Jason Priestley
Ep139 The Easter Show
Ep138 The Dirt Show
Ep137 Engagement Chicken
Ep136 Science Kits for Kids
Ep135 Angel Food Cake
Ep134 Eva Longoria
Ep133 Southern Cooking With Chef Sara Foster
Ep132 The Entrepreneur Show
Ep131 Vegetarian Recipes
Ep130 Simply ReMarthable Contest Winner
Ep129 Home Improvement Ideas
Ep128 The Vegan Show with Twitter's Biz Stone
Ep127 The Green Show With Ted Danson
Ep126 Late Night Snacks with Jimmy Fallon
Ep125 Pies & Tarts
Ep124 Exotic Animals
Ep123 St. Patrick's Day Show
Ep122 Persia
Ep121 Spring Weddings
Ep120 Adopting a Pet
Ep119 Outdoor Entertaining Ideas
Ep118 Spring Fashion for Dogs
Ep117 Food From Around the World
Ep116 Joan and Melissa Rivers
Ep115 The India Show
Ep114 Coffee Cake with Actor Terry Crews
Ep113 The Craft Hour
Ep112 The Gardening Show
Ep111 The Baby Shower Show
Ep110 Animal-Friendly Farming
Ep109 Party Ideas with Andre Leon Talley
Ep108 The Citrus Show
Ep107 The Puzzle Show
Ep106 Simple Sewing Projects
Ep105 Redo, Renew, Recycle
Ep104 Happy Hour
Ep103 The Sisters Show
Ep102 The Heart Show
Ep101 Vidal Sassoon
Ep100 The Kissable Show with Kevin Nealon
Ep99 Valentine's Day Flowers
Ep98 The Chocolate Show
Ep97 Frittatas with Rachel Maddow
Ep96 The Game Day Show
Ep95 Chinese New Year Dishes
Ep94 Easy-to-Grow House Plants
Ep93 Valentine's Day Ideas
Ep92 Martha Bakes
Ep91 The Comfort Food Show
Ep90 Gluten-Free Cooking with Elisabeth Hasselbeck
Ep89 Healthy Snacks
Ep88 The Meatball Show
Ep87 Furniture Finishing and Restoration
Ep86 The Woodworking Show
Ep85 Winter Weddings Show
Ep84 A ReMarthable Hour
Ep83 Healthy Eating Made Easy
Ep82 The Hot Show
Ep81 Home Office Organizing
Ep80 The Celebrations Show
Ep79 Taste of Australia
Ep78 Toning Workout With Trudie Styler
Ep77 Power Foods
Ep76 Roast Chicken Recipes
Ep75 The New Beginnings Show
Ep74 Whole Living Action Plan
Ep73 The Holiday Party Show
Ep72 Holiday Beauty Show With Blythe Danner
Ep71 The Giving Show
Ep70 The Holiday Baking Show
Ep69 Peppermint Cake With Isaac Mizrahi
Ep68 Holiday Dinner Menu
Ep67 Tommy Hilfiger
Ep66 Project Decorate
Ep65 Holiday Handbags and Cocktails
Ep64 Family Meals From Jessica Seinfeld
Ep63 Handmade Holiday Show with Lucy Liu
Ep62 Mary J. Blige
Ep61 Holiday Recipes and Crafts
Ep60 Chef Eric Ripert
Ep59 The Cold Show with Andy Samberg
Ep58 Glittered Wreaths With Alan Cumming
Ep57 The Holiday Gift Show
Ep56 Holiday Crafts With Marlo Thomas
Ep55 Christmas Cookies With Jackie Evancho
Ep54 Sustainable Fish Recipes
Ep53 The Thanksgiving Show With Doris Roberts
Ep52 Last-Minute Thanksgiving Ideas
Ep51 Southern Thanksgiving Recipes
Ep50 Holiday Appetizers With Actor Colin Quinn
Ep49 Easy Thanksgiving Menu and Andy Garcia
Ep48 Traditional Turkey Recipes
Ep47 Handmade Holiday Ideas
Ep46 Thanksgiving With Emeril
Ep45 Thanksgiving Desserts Show
Ep44 Center for Living Show
Ep43 Digital Martha Stewart Living with Jeff Goldblum
Ep42 Thanksgiving Turkey 101
Ep41 Comfort Food with Yankees' Curtis Granderson
Ep40 Family Dinner with Laurie David
Ep39 Nigella Lawson
Ep38 Cutting-Edge Cuisine
Ep37 Classic Dessert Recipes
Ep36 The Cookie Show
Ep35 Ryan Kwanten and Last-Minute Costumes
Ep34 Halloween Pet Costumes
Ep33 Bette Midler
Ep32 Halloween Makeup Ideas
Ep31 Crafting With Hoda Kotb
Ep30 Destination Wedding Ideas
Ep29 Maker Faire Show
Ep28 Fast Family Dinners
Ep27 Roasted Soup Recipes
Ep26 Mario Batali
Ep25 Manolo Blahnik
Ep24 The Dessert Show
Ep23 The Slumber Party Show
Ep22 Johnny Knoxville
Ep21 Pasta Recipes
Ep20 Martha's Guide to Singapore
Ep19 Andre Leon Talley
Ep18 Kitchen Organizing
Ep17 Autumnal Gourds
Ep16 Steak Recipes
Ep15 Adventures in Turkey
Ep14 Katherine Heigl
Ep13 Crafting With Sea Glass
Ep12 Seth Meyers
Ep11 Recipes From the Garden
Ep10 The Istanbul Show
Ep9 Kids Crafts With Tori Spelling
Ep8 The Teacher Show
Ep7 Actor Victor Garber
Ep6 The Consignment Fashion Show
Ep5 Philip Seymour Hoffman
Ep4 Cooking With Justin Long
Ep3 Seasonal Recipes
Ep2 Artisanal Italian Foods
Ep1 Season 6 Premiere

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep160 Inside Everyday Food
Ep159 Emma Thompson and Antonio Banderas
Ep158 Recipes From the Garden
Ep157 The Beauty Show
Ep156 The Siblings Show
Ep155 Printed Crafts With Patricia Arquette
Ep154 Farm-Fresh Food
Ep153 Chevy Chase
Ep152 Chef Charlie Palmer
Ep151 Floral-Inspired Crafts With Amanda Seyfried
Ep150 Big Boi and Shell Crafts
Ep149 Authentic Asian Recipes
Ep148 Kid-Friendly Treats
Ep147 Baked Goods and Mother's Day Gifts
Ep146 The Mother's Day Show Encore
Ep145 Cinco de Mayo Recipes
Ep144 Joan Rivers and Sewing Projects
Ep143 The Alice Waters Show
Ep142 André Leon Talley
Ep141 Kelsey Grammer
Ep140 Homemade Art Supplies With Brendan Fraser
Ep139 Rhubarb Recipes
Ep138 Kids' Crafts With Kathie Lee Gifford
Ep137 Earth Day
Ep136 Vegetable Gardening
Ep135 The Color Show
Ep134 Elegant Appetizers
Ep133 Seasonal Recipes and Crafts
Ep132 Katherine Heigl
Ep131 Cooking With Rachel Maddow
Ep130 Easy Italian Recipes
Ep129 Fashion Crafts With Queen Latifah
Ep128 Andie MacDowell
Ep127 Lemon Cake With Tom Papa
Ep126 Fashion and Kids' Crafts
Ep125 Decadent Desserts With Ralph Rucci
Ep124 The Chicken Show
Ep123 The Faux Show With Jeff Daniels
Ep122 Easter Egg Crafts
Ep121 Simple Sewing Projects
Ep120 Martha's Family Recipes
Ep119 Passover Recipes and CNBC's Jim Cramer
Ep118 Affordable Dinners
Ep117 Easter Crafts
Ep116 Sweet Desserts
Ep115 Cooking With Toni Collette
Ep114 Peter Facinelli and Bulb Gardens
Ep113 St. Patrick's Day Show
Ep112 Traditional Irish Treats
Ep111 Recipes for Entertaining
Ep110 Google Cook-off and Amy Sedaris
Ep109 Cooking with Andy Garcia and Ludacris
Ep108 Baked Goods and Andre Leon Talley
Ep107 The Pink Show
Ep106 Emeril Lagasse and Vertical Gardens
Ep105 Chef Alain Allegretti and Puppy Training
Ep104 Actor Peter Krause
Ep103 Taste of South Africa
Ep102 Allergen-Free Treats
Ep101 Chef Paul Liebrandt and Kids' Crafts
Ep100 Female Chefs Show
Ep99 Pretzels and Puppies
Ep98 Everyday Food: Fresh Flavor Fast
Ep97 Soups and Stews
Ep96 The Travel Show
Ep95 The Tall Show
Ep94 Crafting With Garry Marshall
Ep93 Chefs Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert
Ep92 White House Recipes
Ep91 Valentine's Day Show
Ep90 The Wedding Show
Ep89 Chinese New Year Show
Ep88 Valentine's Day Cookies
Ep87 Romantic Recips With Ben Ford
Ep86 The Man Show
Ep85 The Twin Show
Ep84 Crafting With Claire Danes
Ep83 Actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Ep82 Cooking with Clay Walker
Ep81 Fresh Southern Cooking
Ep80 Chef Marcus Samuelsson and Kenan Thompson
Ep79 Julie Andrews
Ep78 Decorating Solutions
Ep77 The Family Show
Ep76 The Exercise Show
Ep75 Brunch Recipes With Mario Batali
Ep74 The Blog Show
Ep73 Fruit Desserts and Wellness Tips
Ep72 Healthy Aging
Ep71 The Cat Show
Ep70 The Yoga Show
Ep69 Actress Ellen Burstyn
Ep68 Quick Stir-fry Recipes
Ep67 Hot Pot Cooking With Chef Tadashi Ono
Ep66 Whole Body Action Plan
Ep65 The Decorating Show
Ep64 Christmas Cookie Show with Snoop Dogg
Ep63 Cocktail Hour
Ep62 Pregnancy 101 With Dr. Oz
Ep61 Festive Decorating Ideas
Ep60 Holiday Sweets With Nancy Meyers
Ep59 Fun Holiday Crafts
Ep58 Glittered Garland With Seth Meyers
Ep57 Football Night Recipes
Ep56 Cooking with Wyclef Jean
Ep55 Cheryl Hines
Ep54 Claire Danes
Ep53 Chef Jamie Oliver
Ep52 Holiday Ornaments With Alyson Hannigan
Ep51 Festive Gift Ideas With Rachel Maddow
Ep50 Glittered Holiday Crafts
Ep49 Holiday Gifts
Ep48 Thanksgiving With Chef Michael Anthony
Ep47 Chef Thomas Keller
Ep46 Thanksgiving With Emeril
Ep45 Destination Weddings
Ep44 Vegetarian Thanksgiving
Ep43 Thanksgiving Side Dishes
Ep42 Pie Contest Winner
Ep41 The Pie Show
Ep40 Rachael Ray
Ep39 Momofuku Chef David Chang
Ep38 Baking With Joan Cusack
Ep37 The Brooklyn Show
Ep36 Crafting With Steve Schirripa
Ep35 Glitter Painting
Ep34 The Cheese Show
Ep33 Emeril 20-40-60
Ep32 CNBC's Jim Cramer
Ep31 Curb Your Enthusiasm's Susie Essman
Ep30 The Halloween Show With Jimmy Fallon
Ep29 Halloween Costumes
Ep28 The Spider Show With Christina Hendricks
Ep27 Halloween 'Petacular'
Ep26 The Fresh Food Show
Ep25 Cooking With Lucinda Scala Quinn
Ep24 The Breast Cancer Show
Ep23 Chef Jim Lahey
Ep22 Crafting With Rachel Maddow
Ep21 Dinner at Home
Ep20 Chef Francis Mallmann and Kids' Costumes
Ep19 Chef Jeremy Fox and Fall Flowers
Ep18 Classic Chinese Favorites
Ep17 Nora and Delia Ephron
Ep16 The Montana Show
Ep15 The Tech Show
Ep14 Isabella Rossellini
Ep13 The Fragrance Show
Ep12 The Palm Springs Show
Ep11 The Financial Show With Michael Moore
Ep10 Designer Elie Tahari
Ep9 Jennifer Garner
Ep8 National Parks
Ep7 Julianne Moore and the 'Whatever' Girls
Ep6 Serena Williams
Ep5 The Hamburger Show
Ep4 All Things New With Chef Eric Ripert
Ep3 Healthy Living
Ep2 The Do-It-Yourself Show
Ep1 Season 5 Premiere Encore

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep162 From Martha's Place - Encore Presentation of Our Season Pemiere
Ep161 The Atlanta Show
Ep160 John Barricelli and Healthy Pet Foods
Ep159 The Birthday Show
Ep158 Chef Marc Vetri and Kids Crafts
Ep157 Chef Suvir Saran
Ep156 Cupcakes and Paper Crafts
Ep155 The Staff Recipe Show
Ep154 The New York City Show
Ep153 The Noodle Show
Ep152 Chef Michel Roux
Ep151 The Mother's Day Show
Ep150 Actress Abigail Breslin
Ep149 Hat Day
Ep148 The Man Show
Ep147 Cooking With Lucinda Scala Quinn
Ep146 Jennifer Garner
Ep145 The Baby Shower Show
Ep144 Mario Batali
Ep143 Isaac Mizrahi
Ep142 The Health Show
Ep141 The Garden Club Show
Ep140 The Kids Show
Ep139 Earth Day
Ep138 Chef Daniel Mancini
Ep137 The Color Show
Ep136 Actor and Author Charles Grodin
Ep135 Photography Crafts
Ep134 The Wedding Show
Ep133 Actor Anthony Edwards and Caring for Cats
Ep132 Actor Jay Mohr
Ep131 Actor Rupert Everett and Emeril Lagasse
Ep130 Chef Curtis Stone
Ep129 Dan Aykroyd
Ep128 Tennis Star John McEnroe
Ep127 Actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Ep126 April Fools' Day With Actor Anil Kapoor
Ep125 The Crafts Show With Rosie O'Donnell
Ep124 Chef Tony Mantuano
Ep123 Actor Jerry O'Connell
Ep122 Actor Ray Liotta
Ep121 Easter Crafts
Ep120 The Sandwich Show
Ep119 The Yarn Show
Ep118 Valentino
Ep117 Front Yard Gardens
Ep116 The Dog Show
Ep115 St. Patrick's Day with Actor Bill Paxton
Ep114 The Spring Evolution Show
Ep113 Actress Marcia Cross
Ep112 Gardening 101 and CNBC's Jim Cramer
Ep111 The Lilly Pulitzer Show
Ep110 Emeril Lagasse and Actor Richard Belzer
Ep109 Rashida Jones
Ep108 Q-Tip
Ep107 Actress Marcia Gay Harden
Ep106 Pastry Chef Alexandre Talpaert
Ep105 Chef Frank Stitt
Ep104 Jane Seymour
Ep103 Cooking School: Desserts
Ep102 Actress Molly Sims
Ep101 The Pot Show With Jimmy Fallon
Ep100 Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges
Ep99 Chef Pete Evans and Kids Crafts
Ep98 The Everyday Food Show
Ep97 Presidents' Day with Bill Clinton
Ep96 The Valentine's Show
Ep95 Baker John Barricelli
Ep94 Cooking School: Salad
Ep93 Valentine's Day Dinner With Chef Pierre Schaedlin
Ep92 Chef Nate Appleman
Ep91 Valentine's Day Treats
Ep90 Actor Andy Garcia
Ep89 Cooking School: Rice
Ep88 Political Commentator Rachel Maddow
Ep87 Chef Andrew Carmellini
Ep86 The Super Bowl Show
Ep85 Momofuku Chef David Chang
Ep84 Cooking School: Making Stew
Ep83 Stress Management and Dog Yoga
Ep82 Actor William H. Macy
Ep81 Dinner Tonight
Ep80 Actress Sigourney Weaver
Ep79 The Cupcake Show
Ep78 Inaugural Dishes With Sarah Carey
Ep77 LX.TV Host Sara Gore
Ep76 Actor Paul Bettany
Ep75 Cooking School: Poaching
Ep74 Chef Bill Taibe
Ep73 Singer Josh Turner
Ep72 Detox Your Diet with Dr. Andrew Weil
Ep71 Chef Jose Andres
Ep70 Cooking School: Steaming
Ep69 Singer Susan Graham and Detox Done Right
Ep68 Body+Soul Challenge
Ep67 Cooking School and Actress Keri Russell
Ep66 Chef Mario Batali and Holiday Beauty Tips
Ep65 Melissa Etheridge
Ep64 Creole Christmas Dinner with Emeril Lagasse
Ep63 Joel McHale
Ep62 Handmade Gifts and Cookies
Ep61 Jeff Goldblum
Ep60 Paula Abdul
Ep59 Rufus Wainwright
Ep58 Cookies with Jennifer Esposito
Ep57 Actress Kristin Chenoweth
Ep56 Chef Vitaly Paley and Holiday Cocktails
Ep55 Christmas Crafts with Heidi Klum
Ep54 Actor Adrien Brody
Ep53 Chef David Waltuck and Handmade Holidays
Ep52 Actress Mary Steenburgen
Ep51 Cooking School and Director Baz Luhrmann
Ep50 Thanksgiving With Emeril
Ep49 Keith Olbermann and Thanksgiving Side Dishes
Ep48 Stephen Colbert
Ep47 Tom Brokaw
Ep46 Cooking School: Thanksgiving Turkey
Ep45 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep44 Jamie Oliver
Ep43 Seal
Ep42 Cooking School: How to Saute and Fry
Ep41 Dreamers Into Doers With Dr. Maya Angelou
Ep40 Comedian Steve Harvey and Chef Eric Ripert
Ep39 Chef Bryan Sikora and Indoor Herb Gardens
Ep38 The Pasta Show
Ep37 Martha in Mexico
Ep36 Cooking School: How to Braise and Stew
Ep35 Jane Krakowski and Rachel Maddow
Ep34 Election Cupckaes and Staghorn Ferns
Ep33 The Halloween Show With Blake Lively
Ep32 Halloween With Rosie O'Donnell
Ep31 Cooking School Continues
Ep30 Halloween Crafts With LL Cool J
Ep29 Pumpkin Carving and Broadway's Paula Szot
Ep28 Actors Dylan and Cole Sprouse
Ep27 Designer Jasper Conran
Ep26 Matt Lewis and Oscar Mora
Ep25 Cooking School Begins
Ep24 Chef Nobu
Ep23 Isaac Mizrahi and Chef Marcella Hazen
Ep22 Luke Russert and 'Pickle Lady' Tatiana Sorokko
Ep21 Emeril Lagasse and Fall Weddings
Ep20 Actress Ellen Burstyn and Television Host Larry Kudlow
Ep19 Halloween Crafts and Collectibles
Ep18 Actor Bryan Batt and Kids Halloween Costumes
Ep17 Everyday Food Show
Ep16 Actress Rosie Perez
Ep15 Actress Kate Walsh
Ep14 Jewel
Ep13 Actress Julianne Moore and Chef Bobby Chinn
Ep12 Television Host Jim Cramer
Ep11 Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges
Ep10 Chef Tom Colicchio
Ep9 Actress Diane Lane
Ep8 Actress Melora Hardin
Ep7 Baker John Barricelli
Ep6 The Hot Dog Show
Ep5 Chef David Tanis
Ep4 Designer Ralph Rucci and Designer Pillows
Ep3 Terrence Howard
Ep2 The Blogging Show
Ep1 Chef Heston Blumenthal

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep182 Weekend Entertaining
Ep181 The Dessert Show, Part 2
Ep180 The Dessert Show, Part 1
Ep179 The International Chef Show
Ep178 Entertaining Recipes
Ep177 Actor Michael Tucker and Trainer Lisa Lynn
Ep176 Pet Keeper Marc Morrone
Ep175 Chef Aaron Sanchez
Ep174 Editors' Picks
Ep173 Simple Asian Dishes and Photography Crafts
Ep172 Actress Helen Mirren
Ep171 Stamped Crafts
Ep170 Memorial Day Show
Ep169 The Kids Show
Ep168 The Small Plates Show
Ep167 Simple Suppers
Ep166 The Everyday Food Show
Ep165 Chef Lachlan Patterson
Ep164 Martha in the Bahamas
Ep163 Teacher Appreciation Day
Ep162 The Mother's Day Show
Ep161 Chef Scott Peacock and Animals of the South Pacific
Ep160 The Mother's Day Show
Ep159 The Nurses Show
Ep158 Chef Virginia Willis and Community Gardens
Ep157 Actress Glenn Close and Spring Gardens
Ep156 Amazon.Com's Jeff Bezos and Designer Jeffrey Banks
Ep155 Crossword Puzzles and Derby Pie
Ep154 Emeril LaGasse and Magnolias
Ep153 Mario Batali and Actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley
Ep152 Actor Christopher Gorham
Ep151 The Garden Show
Ep150 Weekend Entertaining Ideas
Ep149 Take Your Child to Work Day with Margo Olshan
Ep148 Chef Yasuhiro Honma and Peony Arrangements
Ep147 Actress Jamie Pressley
Ep146 The Animal Show
Ep145 Weekend Entertaining
Ep144 Passover Dinner with Joan Rivers
Ep143 Chef Ron Suhanosky and Florist Michael George
Ep142 Eco-Friendly Gardens with Barbara Damrosch
Ep141 Simple Supper and Children's Pettiskirts
Ep140 Chef John Barriicelli and Actress Eva Amurri
Ep139 Chef John Fraser and Rose Gardens
Ep138 Cokie Roberts and Secrets for Living Longer
Ep137 Crafting with Rosie O'Donnell
Ep136 Pudding-Filled Cupcakes and Fragrant Plants
Ep135 Graham Cracker Cupcakes
Ep134 Lemon Raspberry Cupcakes
Ep133 April Fools' Day with Seth Meyers
Ep132 Coconut Cupcakes
Ep131 French Chef Show
Ep130 Elle MacPherson
Ep129 Donny Deutsch
Ep128 Producers' Picks
Ep127 Everyday Food's Emma Feigenbaum
Ep126 The Easter Show
Ep125 Martha's 500th Show
Ep124 Actress Lucy Liu
Ep123 Actor Nathan Lane
Ep122 Saint Patrick's Day Show with Glenn Close
Ep121 Designer Narciso Rodriguez
Ep120 Chef LaLa
Ep119 Actress Patricia Clarkson
Ep118 Author Michael Pollan and Crafter Emily Martin
Ep117 Chef Harold Dieterle
Ep116 Artisanal Crafts and Foods
Ep115 The Leap Year Show
Ep114 Actress Christina Ricci
Ep113 Actress Maura Tierney
Ep112 Chef Mikey Price
Ep111 Homemade Knitwear Day
Ep110 The Male Italian Chef Show
Ep109 Brooke Shields
Ep108 Chef Harold Dieterle
Ep107 Kitchen Gadget Day
Ep106 The Latin Food Show
Ep105 Kathleen Turner
Ep104 Valentine's Day Show
Ep103 Abigail Breslin and Valentine's Day Desserts
Ep102 Designer Bryan Bradley and Strawberry Cupcakes
Ep101 The Breakfast Show
Ep100 Raquel Welch and Valentine's Day Treats
Ep99 The Dog Show
Ep98 Actor Freddie Highmore and Pop-Up Valentines
Ep97 Valentine's Day Ideas
Ep96 Actor Jeffrey Tambor
Ep95 The Super Bowl Show
Ep94 Soprano Sarah Brightman and Felted Scarves
Ep93 Minestrone Soup and Valentine's Cards
Ep92 Allergen-Free Treats and Winter Beauty Secrets
Ep91 Senator Bill Bradley and Monster Mittens
Ep90 Chef Shannon Bennett
Ep89 Katherine Heigl
Ep88 Body and Soul Show, 2
Ep87 Chef Kevin Stanton
Ep86 The Chef Pasta Show
Ep85 The Weddings Show
Ep84 Actress Catherine Bell
Ep83 John Leguizamo
Ep82 Chef Fabio Trabocchi and Indoor Fruit Plants
Ep81 Body and Soul Show
Ep80 The Everyday Food Show
Ep79 Nikki Blonsky
Ep78 T-Shirt Crafts
Ep77 Cooking with Kids
Ep76 Chef John Barricelli
Ep75 The New Year's Eve Show
Ep74 Taylor Hicks & Rick Bayless
Ep73 Holiday Traditions and Simple Supper with Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Ep72 Last Minute Holiday Gifts
Ep71 Joan Rivers and Cinnamon Flatbread
Ep70 Isaac Mizrahi
Ep69 Mrs. Kostyra Tribute Show
Ep68 'Entertaining' 25th Anniversary Show
Ep67 Jon Voight and Holiday Ham
Ep66 Blueprint Magazine Show
Ep65 Holiday Treats
Ep64 Andrea Bocelli and Pear Pate de Fruit
Ep63 Caroline Kennedy
Ep62 Franciis Ford Coppola
Ep61 Chef Susan Spicer and Felt Stockings
Ep60 Holiday Ideas and Cookbook Editor Judith Jones
Ep59 Female Italian Chef Day
Ep58 Holiday Make-Up and Crafts
Ep57 Chef David Chang and Community Gardens
Ep56 Kerri Russell and Marc Morrone
Ep55 Mario Batali
Ep54 Chef Jamie Oliver
Ep53 Patrick Dempsey and Larry King
Ep52 Thanksgiving Hotline Show
Ep51 Homestyle Entertaining
Ep50 Tommy Hilfiger and Thanksgiving Side Dishes
Ep49 Chef Paul Bergeron and Crafting Toadstools
Ep48 Julianne Moore
Ep47 Emeril's New Orleans-Style Thanksgiving
Ep46 Rachel Weisz and Toyota Block Party
Ep45 Martha's Ultimate Thanksgiving Menu
Ep44 Kid Show
Ep43 Designer Tony Burch
Ep42 Lynn Redgrave
Ep41 Singer Josh Turner
Ep40 Anne Geddes
Ep39 Dr. Maya Angelou and Growing Garlic
Ep38 Kelly Ripa and Secret Sources
Ep37 Halloween Show with Rosie O'Donnell
Ep36 Cameron Mathison
Ep35 Last-Minute Halloween Ideas
Ep34 Joy Behar and Tangerine Pie
Ep33 James Lipton and Pumpkin Carving
Ep32 Halloween Crafts and Cooking Basics
Ep31 Carole King and Simple Supper
Ep30 Barry Levinson and Alice Waters
Ep29 Mia Sorvino and Chef Masaharu Morimoto
Ep28 Sherri Shepherd and Italian Dishes
Ep27 Rosie Perez and the Lipizzaner Stallions
Ep26 Joe Pantoliano and Skull Treat Boxes
Ep25 Susie Essman and Felt Crafts
Ep24 Petra Nemcova and Halloween Crafts
Ep23 Sir Richard Branson and Halloween Costumes
Ep22 Healthy Living Secrets
Ep21 Marcia Gay Harden and Annie Lennox
Ep20 Faith Hill
Ep19 Halloween Party Ideas and Chef Zarela Martinez
Ep18 Julie Scardina
Ep17 Pumpking Ideas and Chef Andreas Viestad
Ep16 Chris Matthews
Ep15 Breast Cancer Show
Ep14 Jennifer Garner and Chaka Khan
Ep13 Kim Raver and Baby Day
Ep12 President Bill Clinton
Ep11 Amy Sedaris and Gardening with Peonies
Ep10 The Sewing Show
Ep9 Brad Garrett
Ep8 Barry Manilow
Ep7 Chevy Chase
Ep6 Morgan Freeman
Ep5 Handbag Day
Ep4 America Cooks
Ep3 Marc Morrone and Banking Recipes
Ep2 Martha's Favorites and Chef Ron Suhanosky
Ep1 Season Three Premiere

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep182 Mandy Moore
Ep181 Warm-Weather Recipes and Fashions
Ep180 Medical Myths and Adopting Puppies
Ep179 Summer Pet Care and Warm-Weather Cooking
Ep178 America Cooks and Beach Shell Crafts
Ep177 Abigail Breslin
Ep176 Russia Show
Ep175 Light Cooking
Ep174 Pastry Show
Ep173 Simple Suppers
Ep172 Summer Ideas & Exercise Balls
Ep171 Natasha Richardson and Arnold Scaasi
Ep170 Aidan Quinn
Ep169 2007 May 24
Ep168 2007 May 23
Ep167 Tom Ford and Patriotic Party
Ep166 Dave Annable and Chef Bill Telepan
Ep165 2007 May 18
Ep164 America Ferrera
Ep163 2007 May 16
Ep162 Greg Grunberg and Chocolate Chip Day
Ep161 Actor Freddie Prinze Jr
Ep160 Lindsay Lohan
Ep159 Howie Mandel & Garry Marshall
Ep158 Hayden Panettiere
Ep157 Keri Russell and Mario Batali
Ep156 2007 May 07
Ep155 2007 May 04
Ep154 2007 May 03
Ep153 2007 May 02
Ep152 Cheryl Hines and Il Divo
Ep151 2007 April 30
Ep150 David Alan Grier
Ep149 Carolina Herrera
Ep148 Serena Williams and Chef John Delucie
Ep147 David Hyde Pierce and Michael Eisner
Ep146 2007 April 23
Ep145 2007 April 20
Ep144 Baby Animals and Lidia Bastianich
Ep143 Tracee Ellis Ross
Ep142 2007 April 17
Ep141 2007 April 16
Ep140 Comedian Molly Shannon and the Whatever Girls
Ep139 Healthy Cooking & Summer Entertaining
Ep138 2007 April 11
Ep137 2007 April 10
Ep136 2007 April 09
Ep135 2007 April 06
Ep134 Unusual Cats and Baby Crafts
Ep133 Rachel Dratch
Ep132 2007 April 03
Ep131 Pom Pom Bunnies and Marcia Gay Harden
Ep130 Zac Posen
Ep129 Alexa Vega & Kids' Party Ideas
Ep128 2007 March 28
Ep127 2007 March 27
Ep126 2007 March 26
Ep125 Chef Pasquale Martinelli and Felted Spring Sweaters
Ep124 2007 March 22
Ep123 Erika Christensen
Ep122 Danny Glover
Ep121 2007 March 19
Ep120 Andy Richter
Ep119 2007 March 15
Ep118 2007 March 14
Ep117 Allie Lewis & Baked Buttermilk Chicken
Ep116 2007 March 12
Ep115 Michael Kors & Aerin Lauder
Ep114 2007 March 01
Ep113 2007 February 28
Ep112 2007 February 27
Ep111 2007 February 26
Ep110 2007 February 23
Ep109 2007 February 22
Ep108 2007 February 21
Ep107 Exercise Your Brain & Chef Marcus Samuelsson
Ep106 Katherine Heigl & Tim Gunn
Ep105 2007 February 16
Ep104 2007 February 15
Ep103 Valentine's Day
Ep102 Unusual Dogs and Christy Turlington
Ep101 Isabella Rossellini
Ep100 Teacup Pincushions
Ep99 Doug Savant
Ep98 Chocolate Cookies & More
Ep97 Alex Rodriguez & Shrimp and Grits
Ep96 2007 February 05
Ep95 2007 February 02
Ep94 Joan Rivers
Ep93 Devil's Food Cake & 'Top Chef' Host Tom Colicchio
Ep92 LL Cool J & Senator Charles Schumer
Ep91 2007 January 29
Ep90 Diana Ross
Ep89 2007 January 25
Ep88 Jennifer Garner
Ep87 2007 January 23
Ep86 Simple Supper & Martha's Own Workout Routine
Ep85 Pet Fitness Tips and America Cooks
Ep84 2007 January 18
Ep83 Sweets for All
Ep82 Fabric Pet Portraits
Ep81 2007 January 15
Ep80 2007 January 12
Ep79 2007 January 11
Ep78 2007 January 10
Ep77 2007 January 09
Ep76 2007 January 08
Ep75 2006 December 22
Ep74 Ralph Rucci & Steve Tyrell
Ep73 2006 December 20
Ep72 2006 December 19
Ep71 Classic Christmas Treats
Ep70 2006 December 15
Ep69 2006 December 14
Ep68 2006 December 12
Ep67 2006 December 11
Ep66 2006 December 08
Ep65 2006 December 07
Ep64 2006 December 06
Ep63 2006 December 05
Ep62 2006 December 04
Ep61 2006 December 01
Ep60 Nathan Lane
Ep59 John Leguizamo
Ep58 Whoopi Goldberg
Ep57 2006 November 27
Ep56 2006 November 24
Ep55 2006 November 23
Ep54 2006 November 22
Ep53 Robin Williams
Ep52 Sharon Stone
Ep51 Valentino
Ep50 Tina Fey
Ep49 2006 November 15
Ep48 2006 November 14
Ep47 2006 November 13
Ep46 2006 November 10
Ep45 2006 November 09; 2007 November 22
Ep44 2006 November 08
Ep43 2006 November 07
Ep42 2006 November 06
Ep41 Mo'Nique
Ep40 2006 November 02
Ep39 2006 November 01
Ep38 2006 October 31
Ep37 2006 October 30
Ep36 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep35 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep34 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep33 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep32 Amy Sedaris & Vince Gill
Ep31 Ruben Studdard
Ep30 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep29 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep28 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep27 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep26 Tony Bennett
Ep25 Andy Dick
Ep24 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep23 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep22 Emily Procter
Ep21 Clay Aiken
Ep20 Martin Short
Ep19 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep18 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep17 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep16 Donny Osmond & Nora Ephron
Ep15 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep14 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep13 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep12 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep11 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep10 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep9 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep8 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep7 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep6 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep5 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep4 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep3 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep2 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep1 Aisha Tyler

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep184 Cameron Mathison
Ep183 Carly Simon & Ricardo Chavira
Ep182 Cynthia Nixon & Doug Savant
Ep181 Melissa Etheridge & Josh Duhamel
Ep180 Matt Lauer & Courtney Thorne-Smith
Ep179 Summertime Entertaining
Ep178 Surf & Sand Show
Ep177 Lorraine Bracco
Ep176 BBQ & Picnic Show
Ep175 Garden Show with Oscar the Grouch
Ep174 2006 June 09
Ep173 2006 June 08
Ep172 2006 June 07
Ep171 2006 June 06
Ep170 2006 June 05
Ep169 Hugh Jackman
Ep168 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep167 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep166 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep165 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep164 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep163 Joan Cusack
Ep162 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep161 Richard Simmons
Ep160 Julie Bowen
Ep159 Paige Davis
Ep158 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep157 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep156 Fran Drescher
Ep155 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep154 Mario Cantone
Ep153 Vanessa Marcil & Ana Gasteyer
Ep152 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep151 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep150 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep149 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep148 Robin Williams and Tom Selleck
Ep147 Angela Bassett & The Temptations
Ep146 Johnny Damon & Kristin Chenoweth
Ep145 Eric Close & Charo
Ep144 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep143 Jeff Bridges
Ep142 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep141 Drew Lachey
Ep140 Kelly Monaco
Ep139 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep138 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep137 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep136 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep135 Joan Rivers
Ep134 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep133 Sharon Stone
Ep132 Sheryl Lee Ralph
Ep131 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep130 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep129 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep128 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep127 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep126 S. Epatha Merkerson
Ep125 Aretha Franklin
Ep124 Sir Ben Kingsley
Ep123 Cameron Mathison
Ep122 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep121 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep120 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep119 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep118 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep117 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep116 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep115 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep114 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep113 Jenna Fischer of 'The Office'
Ep112 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep111 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep110 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep109 Donny Osmond
Ep108 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep107 Billy Currington and Shaun White 'The Flying Tomato'
Ep106 Olympic Gold-Medalist Hannah Teter and Roberta Flack
Ep105 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep104 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep103 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep102 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep101 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep100 Martha's 100th Show with Rosie O'Donnell
Ep99 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep98 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep97 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep96 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep95 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep94 B.Y.O.B. - Bring Your Own Bulldog
Ep93 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep92 Carmen Electra
Ep91 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep90 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep89 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep88 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep87 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep86 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep85 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep84 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep83 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep82 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep81 Susan Sarandon
Ep80 Alison Sweeney
Ep79 Cake Week
Ep78 Cake Week
Ep77 Cake Week
Ep76 Cake Week
Ep75 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep74 A Christmas Show
Ep73 Bonnie Hunt
Ep72 Roger Bart
Ep71 Susan Lucci
Ep70 Russell Simmons
Ep69 Mario Batali
Ep68 II Divo
Ep67 Melody Thomas Scott
Ep66 Kathie Lee Gifford
Ep65 Nancy O'Dell
Ep64 Anita Baker
Ep63 Lorraine Bracco
Ep62 Marilu Henner
Ep61 Jamie Lee Curtis
Ep60 Christine Baranski
Ep59 Teri Garr
Ep58 Iman
Ep57 Cameron Mathison
Ep56 Ricardo Chavira
Ep55 This Is Your Life, Martha
Ep54 Carly Simon
Ep53 Patti LaBelle
Ep52 Betty White
Ep51 Roger Bart
Ep50 Doug Savant
Ep49 The Martha Stewart Show
Ep48 Trisha Yearwood
Ep47 Shania Twain
Ep46 Josh Duhamel
Ep45 Blair Underwood
Ep44 LeAnn Rimes
Ep43 Melissa Ethridge
Ep42 Joan Cusack
Ep41 Faith Ford
Ep40 Chef Johnny Iuzzini
Ep39 Matt Lauer
Ep38 Deidre Hall
Ep37 Courtney Thorne Smith
Ep36 Cameron Mathison
Ep35 Bette Midler
Ep34 Rosie O'Donnell
Ep33 Linda Dana
Ep32 Richard Simmons
Ep31 Lorraine Bracco
Ep30 Halloween Sneak Peak
Ep29 Christina Applegate