The Nate Berkus Show

  • 2010

The design expert offers innovative design ideas and interviews.


Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 Living Well With Less: The Upside to Downsizing
Ep23 Design Hook Up
Ep22 Inspiration: How to Live a Life Inspired by People, Fashion and Design
Ep21 How to Reinvent Your Home
Ep20 Moving On: Design, Fashion & Finance Solutions For Your Ever-Changing Life
Ep19 House Proud Blueprint: The Family Room
Ep18 The First :30 Seconds
Ep17 Turning Your Passion Into a Paycheck
Ep16 5 Dollar Fixes With Erica Domesek
Ep15 Shop Your House: No Money Makeovers
Ep14 Nate to Go With Dr. Ruth
Ep13 Denim by Design: Sizing Secrets
Ep12 99 Cent Blowout Parties
Ep11 Three Instant Life Changers
Ep10 Roadmap to Valentine's Day
Ep9 Beauty Road Test
Ep8 Home Takeover With Tabatha Coffey
Ep7 Countdown of 5 Hottest Design Trends of 2012
Ep6 Nate's Rules to Break With Amy Sedaris
Ep5 Money Makers Hiding in Your Home
Ep4 Weekend Upgrades for Your Home
Ep3 Inside Secrets Revealed: Start Your Own Collection
Ep2 Rebuilding Home After Tragedy: The Seth Walsh Story
Ep1 Nate's Crate Week of New Rooms

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep120 House Proud All-Stars
Ep119 Extreme Living: 3 Home Trends Sweeping the U.S. & Small Space Solutions
Ep118 Nate Helps a Community Hero, Then Heads South for Down Home Southern Meals & Parties!
Ep117 Design an Outdoor Space for Under $200!
Ep116 Nate's Surprise Bedroom Makeover & How to Merge Diverse Design Styles
Ep115 Nate's All Star DIY Showdown!; Easy Ways to Use 1 Ingredient & Create 3 Delicious Dishes
Ep114 Nate's Biggest Surprise Makeovers!
Ep113 Nate's Ultimate Living Room Makeover!
Ep112 Nate Surprises One of His Deserving Crew Members!
Ep111 Nate's Surprise Family Room Makeover & Dinner Ideas From Eden Grinshpan
Ep110 Nate's 24 Hour Room Makeover!
Ep109 Community's Yvette Nicole Brown Co-Hosts With Nate!
Ep108 Nate Reveals One of His Biggest Makeovers Ever for Harlem's Gospel for Teens Choir!
Ep107 Nate's Surprise Design Makeover!
Ep106 Nate's Ultimate Living & Dining Room Makeover; Plus How to Upgrade Your Look & Style in Just Minutes!
Ep105 Nate's Solution for an Empty Dining Room; Test Your Real Estate IQ With Barbara Corcoran!
Ep104 Nate's Celebrity All-Stars
Ep103 Color Solutions for Every Room!; Plus How to Customize Your Look at Home & in Your Wardrobe!
Ep102 Nate's Best Outdoor Spaces
Ep101 This Season's 'Must-Have' Color for Spring Revealed & How to Put It to Work in Your Home & Wardrobe!
Ep100 Nate's Best Reveals Ever!
Ep99 Nate Rescues a Viewer From a Home Improvement Disaster!
Ep98 Atlanta Curbside Surprise Makeover, Simple Breakfast Ideas for Dinner, Fashion & Etiquette for the Everyday Lady
Ep97 Nate's Nursery Surprise!
Ep96 Budget Friendly Kitchen Updates, Decorating With Fabric & Italian Food Made Easy!
Ep95 A Dramatic Weight Loss Transformation, How to Find the Perfect Color for You & More DIY Weekend Projects
Ep94 Nate's 3 Step Decluttering Plan & DIY Secrets From a Pro
Ep93 Small Space Bedroom Makeover!
Ep92 Dream by Design: Create the Most Relaxing Bedroom Ever!
Ep91 Sex Secrets for Any Age, 'Winter-Proof' Your Home & Simple Comfort Foods for Entertaining
Ep90 Try It Before You Buy It! The Best Plans for Your Rooms, Meals and Wardrobes
Ep89 Download & Design: Design Plans for Any Room in Your Home & Easy Weekend Wardrobe Updates
Ep88 Nate's Family Room Surprise! Upgrade Your Wardrobe & Home With Color
Ep87 Nate Designs the Perfect Valentine's Day!
Ep86 Floor Plan Fixes, Chocolate Dishes & Colin Cowie's Party Planning Secrets
Ep85 Nate's Surprise Living Room Makeover & Delicious Mexican Meals With Chef Marcela Valladolid
Ep84 Ambush Design & Hair Makeovers & Affordable High-End Furniture
Ep83 Suze Orman's Finance Fixes for 2012 & Easy Home Glamifications
Ep82 Nate's Surprise Nursery Delivery With Tiffani Thiessen & Hair Makeover Tips That Will Transform Your Look
Ep81 Jessica Alba's Curbside Pickups, Fake It Like You Baked It & Homemade Simple Decor
Ep80 Katherine Heigl Talks Motherhood & Hollywood
Ep79 Dumpster Diving for Dining Rooms & Salvaging for Living Rooms
Ep78 Celebrity Style & Decorating Steals With Housewife Kyle Richards!
Ep77 Sherri Shepherd Battles Nate in a Chore-Off Challenge!
Ep76 Nate's Cake Challenge With Marcia Cross; 30 Cheap Chic Winter Looks; Sweet Treats for Every Occasion!
Ep75 Turn Your Home Into a House Proud; Easy Comfort Food With Big Daddy
Ep74 Decorating Tricks for Every Room & How to Revamp Your Holiday Clutter; Plus, Kelly Osbourne
Ep73 Nate's Room & Fashion Makeover for a deserving U.S. Veteran; Last-Minute Holiday Money & Time-Saving Travel Tips
Ep72 Nate's Holiday Celebration With Cheryl Hines; Festive Foods & Creative Holiday Table Settings
Ep71 Nate's Best Holiday Tips: From Happy Hour at Home to Great Gift Wrapping; Plus, Thrift Store Party Dresses!
Ep70 Jamie Oliver Beats the Clock With a Meal in Minutes; DIY Holiday Wreaths & Festive; Fashion Advice With Isaac Mizrahi
Ep69 Nate's Holiday Fashion Makeover!
Ep68 Cash Challenge Hour!
Ep67 A Surprise Family Room Makeover for a Deserving Military Family!
Ep66 'Hot in Cleveland's Valerie Bertinelli and Jane Leeves
Ep65 Tyra Banks; Nate's Secrets to Dress With Confidence
Ep64 The Cures: How to Quickly Revive Your Home, Body & Mind!
Ep63 Three Ways to Better Living
Ep62 Collector's Edition: Molly Sims' Must-Have Accessories
Ep61 Top 25 Tips to Improve Your Life
Ep60 Sleep by Design: Make Your Bedroom a Sleep Sanctuary
Ep59 Survival Guide: Nate's Favorite Decorating Ideas, Cat Cora's Healthy Holiday Recipes & 'Lucky Magazine's'
Ep58 Nate's 911: Nate's All-Star Pro Team Solves Your Biggest Design, Shopping & Cooking Disasters!
Ep57 Rethink, Redo & Restyle
Ep56 Made in America
Ep55 Nate's in Tampa to Surprise One Woman With a Makeover
Ep54 Nate's Stunning Dining Room Makeover
Ep53 Nate's Solution for Family Workspaces
Ep52 Nate Heads to Dallas to Surprise a Hardworking Nurse
Ep51 The Self-Starter Hour: Insider Tips
Ep50 Holly Robinson Peete Joins Nate as Special Co-Host for the Day!
Ep49 An Hour of Thrifting With the Pros
Ep48 Nate's Jaw-Dropping $49,000 Kitchen Makeover!
Ep47 Sherri Shepherd Joins Nate as Special Co-Host for the Day!
Ep46 Southern Cooking With Paula Deen!
Ep45 Nate's Exclusive Visit With First Lady Michelle Obama!
Ep44 Design & Finance Solutions for Families
Ep43 Revolutionary Insider Secrets to Designing Small Spaces
Ep42 Special Co-host Guy Fieri Returns!
Ep41 Nate's Big Kitchen Overhaul!
Ep40 Nate's Ultimate Halloween Show
Ep39 Lifestyle Dos & Don'ts
Ep38 Nate's Shocking Surprise Dallas Home Makeover!
Ep37 Nate's Crate 24-Hour Live Challenge!
Ep36 Nate's Guide to High-End Design for Less
Ep35 Design Wars! Double Duty Design Solutions
Ep34 Design Gone Wild: Designing With Animal Prints
Ep33 Best Ever Easy Upgrades for Your Home & Wardrobe!
Ep32 Design Indulgences; Bedroom Sanctuary Must-Haves
Ep31 Transform a Room for Under $300; Throw a Fiesta for Pennies!
Ep30 Downsize Your Debt, Diet & Wardrobe to Live Your Best!; Plus, Design Dilemmas Solved
Ep29 Nate's Behind-the-Scenes at 'Days of Our Lives'!; Plus Deidre Hall & DIY Design From a Pro
Ep28 Viewer Cook-Off Challenge With Celeb Chef Curtis Stone!; Plus High-End Halloween Decorating for Less & Brooke Shields
Ep27 Transform Your Bedroom & Relationship With Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger!; Plus, Avoiding Contracting Nightmares
Ep26 Nate's 200th Episode Celebration With Special Co-Host Guy Fieri; Ultimate Insider Kitchen & Dining Secrets!
Ep25 World's Longest Yard Sale Challenge; Tag Sale Money Makers
Ep24 Get Schooled!: Nate's Design 101 & Cristina Ferrare's Cooking School
Ep23 Nate's Best Design Fake Outs!: Secrets to Living Large on a Small Budget
Ep22 Increase the Value of Your Home!; Designer Looks for Less
Ep21 Nate's Design Color Cures for Any Room; a Head-to-Head 'Chore-off' With 'Glee's' Jane Lynch
Ep20 Nate's Neighborhood Makeover
Ep19 Nate Wants You to Take Charge
Ep18 Go Big or Go Home
Ep17 Nate's Biggest Reveal Ever
Ep16 Take Back Your Life! Simple Steps
Ep15 Nate's Big Surprise bedroom Makeover and Paycheck to Paycheck Budget Solutions
Ep14 Nate's Crate Weekend Design Challenge
Ep13 Ultimate Surprise Office Makeover
Ep12 Move Out to Move In
Ep11 Style at Every Age
Ep10 Nate's 40th Birthday Blowout
Ep9 Renovation Tricks Revealed
Ep8 Extreme Makeovers and Fashion Takeovers
Ep7 Exclusive First Look Inside Nate's New Home
Ep6 Nate's Ultimate Viewer Surprise Home Makeover
Ep5 Nate's Best Before and Afters
Ep4 Ultimate Quiz Show
Ep3 New Beginnings: Simple Fixes To Revitalize Your Home and Your Relationships
Ep2 Home Makeover
Ep1 Nate's "Design Star" Challenge

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep170 The New Lifestyle Basics
Ep169 Best of Nate's 'House Prouds'
Ep168 Southern Style & the Cast From "The Help"
Ep167 Priceless Makeover Surprises: Indoor & Outdoor Makeover
Ep166 Living Large in Small Spaces!
Ep165 Nate's Best Money-Saving Designs
Ep164 Style Secrets Revealed
Ep163 Nate's Design & Conquer
Ep162 Design Intervention
Ep161 Schooled
Ep160 Money Matters
Ep159 Kitchen Blowout!
Ep158 Overhaul Your Style
Ep157 Check Yourself
Ep156 Biggest Design Dilemmas Solved
Ep155 All-Star Hour
Ep154 Coupon Crazy!
Ep153 The Great Outdoors
Ep152 Style Crimes
Ep151 Weekend Warrior
Ep150 Color Your Life
Ep149 Modern Family
Ep148 Simple Changes, Big Results
Ep147 It's Mother's Day!
Ep146 Drive By Design
Ep145 Drop a Decade
Ep144 Oprah Winfrey
Ep143 Spring Forward
Ep142 Design Virgins
Ep141 The Power of Color
Ep140 Live Like Royalty
Ep139 Shortcuts to Living Well
Ep138 Reclaim Your Space
Ep137 Living Well With Less
Ep136 Reclaim Your Style
Ep135 Taking Risks to Get the Ultimate Reward
Ep134 Living the 'A List' Life
Ep133 Moving On
Ep132 Indulge Yourself
Ep131 Anytime Design
Ep130 Inspiration
Ep129 Second Chances
Ep128 House Proud Blueprint
Ep127 In Your Backyard
Ep126 First Impressions
Ep125 Reinvent Your Style
Ep124 Biggest Design Disasters
Ep123 Turn Your Paycheck Into a Passion
Ep122 Regret Proof Your Design
Ep121 Design Transformations for Your Home
Ep120 Supersize Savings for Supersize Family
Ep119 $5 Fixes With Erica Domesek
Ep118 Turning the Tables on Tradition With Susie Essman
Ep117 Insider Secrets to Striking it Big With Barbara Corcoran
Ep116 Does Your Home Tell Your Story?
Ep115 Paycheck to Paycheck Makeovers
Ep114 One-Step Renovations
Ep113 Instant Home Upgrades
Ep112 No Money Makeovers
Ep111 House Proud Blueprint
Ep110 Denim by Design
Ep109 House Proud: Gayle King
Ep108 Design Wars
Ep107 No Money Makeovers
Ep106 Nate Gives Dr. Ruth The Ultimate Home Makeover!
Ep105 Nate vs. His Mom
Ep104 Biggest Myths Busted
Ep103 Design Rehab Furniture Fix-Up
Ep102 Dr. Oz's Must Haves for Every Home
Ep101 Instant Life Changes
Ep100 Anatomy of a Nate Makeover
Ep99 Design Secrets Found in Your Home
Ep98 Hidden Moneymakers in Your Home
Ep97 Nate's Ultimate Finds
Ep96 Instant Upgrades for Your Love Life
Ep95 Nate's Road Map to Valentine's Day
Ep94 Cheap Chic: Mix & Match Budget Décor
Ep93 Nate's 911: Dancing With Nate
Ep92 Demo or Reno With Barbara Corcoran
Ep91 Nate's 911: Cooking Emergency
Ep90 Live With Less Challenge
Ep89 Newlywed Secrets: Valerie Bertinelli
Ep88 Paycheck to Paycheck Makeovers
Ep87 Confessions of a Contractor
Ep86 Secrets to Extreme Savings
Ep85 Ask a Celebrity
Ep84 Bargain Buy Challenge
Ep83 Tabatha's Home Takeover With Tabatha Coffey
Ep82 Whose Home Is It Anyways?
Ep81 Beauty Road Show
Ep80 5 Handyman Secrets Revealed
Ep79 The Handywoman's Instant Boot Camp
Ep78 Nate's 911 Solving Your Emergencies
Ep77 One Room: Three Spaces
Ep76 Best Bargains Ever! Secrets From the Pros
Ep75 Hottest Design Trends of 2011
Ep74 Design Secrets From Around the World
Ep73 Insider Secrets for Starting Your Own Collection
Ep72 Nate's Rules to Break
Ep71 Money Makers in Your Home
Ep70 Weekend Checklist: 60 Minutes to 60 Second Upgrades
Ep69 Most Dangerous Places in Your Home
Ep68 Deadly Design Sins
Ep67 3 Time Saving Essentials for Your Kitchen
Ep66 Rebuilding Home After Tragedy
Ep65 Design Secrets to Space-Starved Homes
Ep64 Your Holiday Design Personality Decoded
Ep63 Nate's Last Minute Holiday Checklist
Ep62 Holiday Retail Secrets Exposed
Ep61 Five Designer Doggie Must-Haves
Ep60 Design Feud Challenge
Ep59 Paycheck to Paycheck Makeovers
Ep58 Designer Confidential!
Ep57 No Drill Renovations
Ep56 From Fashion Line to Home Design
Ep55 Must-haves for Every Home With Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Ep54 5-Star Hotel Secrets for Your Home
Ep53 Ultimate Holiday Checklist
Ep52 Shared Space: Different Taste Solutions
Ep51 While You Were Sleeping: Cleveland
Ep50 High End Design on a Low End Budget
Ep49 Fast Fixes to Make Your Home Worth More
Ep48 Mad Men Style on a Shoestring
Ep47 Small Space Solutions With Sherri Shepherd
Ep46 While You Slept Room Makeovers
Ep45 Winter Chic Decorating Challege: Laura Linney
Ep44 Home Takeover: Bathroom Edition
Ep43 Five Under $50 Design Must Haves
Ep42 Insider's Guide to Throwing a Million Dollar Party for Under $100
Ep41 While You Were Sleeping Makeovers
Ep40 Nate's Insider Secrets: Five Ways to Use Paint in Your Home
Ep39 Thriftiest Décor in America: 4 Rooms, 4 Inexpensive Styles
Ep38 Nate's Road Map to Fail Safe Design: The American Design Bee
Ep37 Cheap Chic: High End Décor on a Low Budget
Ep36 While You Were Sleeping: 8 Hour Dining Room Makeover
Ep35 Decor on a Dollar: Five Ways to Update Your Bedroom
Ep34 Nate's Crate Giveaway
Ep33 The Ultimate Hunter/Gather Challenge
Ep32 Cures for the Indecisive Decorator
Ep31 Nate's Crate: One-Hour Studio Design Challenge
Ep30 Room-Mance: Blind Dates By Design
Ep29 Extreme Downsizing
Ep28 Design Challenge: Ellen Pompeo
Ep27 Five Ways to Save Money in Your Home
Ep26 Empty Nest Dilemma: Sally Field
Ep25 Hold Off the Handyman
Ep24 Relationship Rescue With Jenny McCarthy
Ep23 The Auctioneers: How to Cash in on Auctions
Ep22 Paycheck to Paycheck Makeovers Part 1
Ep21 Design Hostage: His and Hers
Ep20 Design Crime: Paint Gone Wild!
Ep19 Celeb Design Confessions
Ep18 The House That Nate Built
Ep17 Heirloom Hoarders: The Cleanup and the Cure
Ep16 Decor in a Day: 5 Ways to Shop Your Home
Ep15 From Homeless to First Home
Ep14 Find Your Style: Design Personality Quiz/Save Time and Money
Ep13 Steal That Celebrity Look: Julianne Moore
Ep12 Create a Tween Bedroom on a Budget
Ep11 Design Wars, Nate to the Rescue!
Ep10 Nate's Get Ahead of it Campaign For Fall
Ep9 Save Your Home From Catastrophies
Ep8 Nate Asks Food Network's Alex Guarnaschelli to Think Big in One Tiny Kitchen
Ep7 Cheap Chic: 100 Dresses For 100 Dollars
Ep6 Design Takeover: Mother Daughter Decor War
Ep5 Design After Divorce: Elizabeth Tape
Ep4 Berkus Busters
Ep4 365 Dresses for 365 Dollars
Ep3 Drive, Laugh, Love - Road Trip Across America
Ep3 Nate's Crate 911: Dolly Parton
Ep2 Insider Secrets To Go Vogue in Your Home on a Budget
Ep1 Surprise Kitchen Makeover

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep290 Live & Dress Like a Star
Ep228 Holiday Survival Guide
Ep226 Nate's 911

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