The Nature of Things

A look at some of the most baffling curiosities in nature.


Season 55

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep20 Wild Canada: Eps 5 - Making Wild Canada
Ep20 The Nano Revolution: Welcome To Nano City
Ep19 Pets, Vets and Debts
Ep18 David Suzuki @ 80
Ep17 My Brain Made Me Do It
Ep16 While You Were Sleeping
Ep15 The Equalizer
Ep14 Wolverine: Ghost of the Northern Forest
Ep13 The Eagles Next Door
Ep12 Call of the Baby Beluga
Ep11 Wasted
Ep10 Myth or Science: In the Eye of the Storm
Ep9 Ocean Magic at Night
Ep8 Manufacturing the Wild
Ep7 Puffin Patrol - Puffin Patrol
Ep6 Sonic Magic: The Wonder and Science of Sound
Ep5 Giraffes - The Forgotten Giants
Ep4 It Takes Guts
Ep3 One Ocean: Mysteries of the Deep Sea
Ep2 The Curious Case of Vitamins and Me
Ep1 Moose: A Year in the Life of a Twig Eater

Season 54

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 Franklin's Lost Ships
Ep21 Jellyfish Rule!
Ep20 Spirit Bear Family
Ep19 Songbird SOS
Ep18 Safe Haven for Chimps
Ep17 Antibiotic Hunters
Ep16 Human Odyssey (The Aquatic Ape)
Ep15 The Great Human Odyssey
Ep14 The Great Human Odyssey
Ep13 Human Revolution
Ep12 The Great Human Odyssey
Ep11 Kung Fu Meerkats
Ep10 Mystery of the Monsoon
Ep9 Lion in Your Living Room
Ep8 Myth or Science 3: You Are What You Eat
Ep7 Two of a Kind
Ep6 The Secret Life of Pigeons
Ep5 Chasing Snowflakes
Ep4 Decoding Desire
Ep3 The Cholesterol Question
Ep2 Gorilla Doctors
Ep1 Stonehenge Uncovered

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep174 The Suzuki Diaries: Coastal Canada
Ep173 Polar Bears: A Summer Odyssey
Ep172 Smarty Plants
Ep171 The Perfect Runner
Ep170 Journey to the Disaster Zone: Japan 3-11
Ep169 The Suzuki Diaries: Future City
Ep168 The American Tiger
Ep167 Mysteries of the Animal Mind
Ep166 Surviving :) The Teenage Brain
Ep165 Programmed to Be Fat
Ep164 The Autism Enigma
Ep163 Waking the Green Tiger
Ep162 Myth or Science
Ep161 The Emperor's Lost Harbour
Ep160 The Jungle Prescription
Ep159 The Nano Revolution: Will Nano Save the Planet?
Ep158 The Nano Revolution: More Than Human
Ep157 The Nano Revolution: Nano City
Ep156 American Savannah
Ep155 50 Years of the Nature of Things
Ep154 The Shoreline Doesn't Stop Here Anymore
Ep153 The Real Avatar
Ep152 Raccoon Nation
Ep151 Return of the Prairie Bandit
Ep150 The Last Grizzly of Paradise Valley
Ep149 Tipping Point
Ep148 The Codebreakers
Ep147 When North Goes South
Ep146 Geologic Journey II: The Western Pacific Rim
Ep145 Geologic Journey II: Along the African Rift
Ep144 For the Love of Elephants
Ep143 Changing Your Mind
Ep142 Aliens of the Deep
Ep141 Masters of Space
Ep140 One Ocean: The Changing Sea
Ep139 One Ocean: Mysteries of the Deep
Ep138 One Ocean: Footprints in the Sand
Ep137 One Ocean: Birth of an Ocean
Ep136 Uakari: Secrets of the Red Monkey
Ep135 My Nuclear Neighbour
Ep134 Bat & Man
Ep133 The Downside of High
Ep132 The Science of Crime
Ep131 To Be or Not to Bee
Ep130 Broken Tail's Last Journey
Ep129 Mini Monsters of Amazonia
Ep128 A Murder of Crows
Ep127 Arctic Meltdown: Adapting to Change
Ep126 Arctic Meltdown: The Arctic Passages
Ep125 Arctic Meltdown: A Changing World
Ep124 Hot Times in the City
Ep123 Inuit Odyssey
Ep122 Living City: A Critical Guide
Ep121 The Brain That Changes Itself
Ep120 The Suzuki Diaries
Ep119 Rodney's Robot Revolution
Ep118 The Hobbit Enigma
Ep117 Gone Sideways
Ep116 Antarctic Mission: The Last Continent
Ep115 Antarctic Mission: The Great Ocean of Ice
Ep114 Antarctic Mission: A Window on a Changing Climate
Ep113 Antarctic Mission: Islands at the Edge
Ep112 Wild China: Tides of Change
Ep111 Wild China: Beyond the Great Wall
Ep110 Wild China: Land of the Panda
Ep109 Wild China: The Tibetan Plateau
Ep108 Wild China: Shangri-La
Ep107 Wild China: Heart of the Dragon
Ep106 The Science of the Senses: Smell and Taste
Ep105 The Science of the Senses: Touch
Ep104 The Science of the Senses: Hearing
Ep103 The Man with the Golden Cells
Ep102 Game Over: Conservation in Kenya
Ep101 Weather Report
Ep100 The Bear Man of Kamchatka
Ep99 Cuttlefish
Ep98 Wild Caribbean: Secret Shores
Ep97 Wild Caribbean: Treasure Islands
Ep96 Wild Caribbean: Reefs and Wrecks
Ep95 Build Green
Ep94 Wild Caribbean: Hurricane Hell
Ep93 Stephen Lewis: The Man Who Couldn't Sleep
Ep92 When Less Is More
Ep91 Beetalker: The Secret World of Bees
Ep90 Blue Buddha: Lost Secrets of Tibetan Medicine
Ep89 Ghosts of Futures Past: Tom Berger in the North
Ep88 Value of Life
Ep87 Memory
Ep86 Port Hope: A Question of Power
Ep85 Tsepong: A Clinic Called Hope
Ep84 Earth Energy
Ep83 Change of Heart
Ep82 Tarantula: Australia's King of Spiders
Ep81 Five Seasons
Ep80 Origins of Human Aggression: The Other Story
Ep79 Whale Mission: Keepers of Memory
Ep78 Whale Mission: The Last Giants
Ep77 Fighting Fire with Fire
Ep76 Forbidden Forest
Ep75 Easy Targets
Ep74 Designing for Dignity
Ep73 Bhopal: The Search for Justice
Ep72 Almost Home: A Sayisi Dene Journey
Ep71 Tale of a Tiny Bird
Ep70 Killed by Care: Making Medicine Safe
Ep69 Clot Busters
Ep68 Shipbreakers
Ep67 Selling Sickness
Ep66 Terrible Lizards of Oz
Ep65 Swiss Air
Ep64 Wild Australasia: New Worlds
Ep63 Wild Australasia: Gum Tree Country
Ep62 Wild Australasia: Desert Heart
Ep61 Wild Australasia
Ep60 When Is Enough, Enough?
Ep59 Walking with Ghosts
Ep58 Every Moment Counts
Ep57 Minor Keys
Ep56 Arctic Mission: Climate on the Edge
Ep55 Arctic Mission: Washed Away
Ep54 Arctic Mission: People of the Ice
Ep53 Arctic Mission: Lords of the Arctic
Ep52 Arctic Mission: The Great Adventure
Ep51 The Value of Life: AIDS in Africa Revisited
Ep50 Alternative Agriculture: Food for Life
Ep49 The Weight of the World
Ep48 Canada's Amazon: A Boreal Forest Journey
Ep47 The Crossing
Ep46 Piercing the Dark; Let the Wild Things Grow
Ep45 Moving Sands
Ep44 Sea of Snakes
Ep43 Hotel Heliconia
Ep42 Great Natural Wonders of the World
Ep41 Hypnosis: A Window into the Mind
Ep40 Jo'burg: A View from the Summit
Ep39 Recovering Krystal
Ep38 Through the Lens: A Look Back at the Nature of Things
Ep37 Biomimicry: Learning From Nature
Ep36 Biomimicry: Learning From Nature
Ep35 A Madman's Journal
Ep34 Flight of the Whooping Crane
Ep33 Up Close and Toxic
Ep32 Grasslands
Ep31 Allergies: Nothing to Sneeze At
Ep30 On a Wing and a Song
Ep29 Back to Basics
Ep28 Asthma: Air of Mystery
Ep27 Skin Deep: The Science of Race
Ep26 The Trouble with Malaria
Ep25 Look Who's Talking...How Animals Communicate
Ep24 Learning to Love the Creepy Crawlies
Ep23 Man & Dog: An Evolving Partnership
Ep22 Highway to Cyberia
Ep21 The Child Who Couldn't Play
Ep20 Vanishing Wetlands
Ep19 Self-Experimenters
Ep18 Reefer Madness 2
Ep17 The Price of Salmon
Ep16 Amanda's Choice
Ep15 Spare Parts
Ep14 Breath of Life
Ep13 Nuclear Dynamite
Ep12 Why Sex?
Ep11 Lost
Ep10 Up Close and Personal: The Ecology of David Suzuki
Ep9 Journey to the Source
Ep8 The Hidden World of the Bog
Ep7 Pumping Hormones
Ep6 The Mystery of the Mind
Ep5 Toys
Ep4 Living with Stress
Ep3 The Last Survivors
Ep2 Lasers: Brighter Than the Sun
Ep1 Phallacies
Ep1 Crying Wolf
Wild Australasia: Islands Arks
Wild Australasia---Southern Seas
Homo Sapiens: The Rise of Our Species
Darwin's Brave New World: Publish and Be Damned
Darwin's Brave New World: Evolutions
Amazonia: The Road to the End of the Forest
Sea of Slaughter
Dealing with Drugs
Voices in the Forest
Climate for Change
Humans: Who Are We? The Human Invasion
Biomimicry: Learning from Nature
The Man Who Studies Murder
The Navigators
Being Caribou
Race for the Future
Homo Sapiens: The Rise of Our Species
Cuba: The Accidental Revolution
Corporate Agriculture: Hollow Men
Amazonia: The Road to the End of the Forest
Sea of Slaughter
Voices in the Forest
Dealing with Drugs
Climate for Change
Race for the Future
Humans: Who Are We? The Birth of the Human Mind
Biomimicry: Learning from Nature
The Man Who Studies Murder
The Navigators
Being Caribou
Cuba: The Accidental Revolution
Homo Sapiens: The Rise of Our Species
Wild Canada: The Eternal Frontier
Darwin's Brave New World: Origins
Apocolypse Cow
Magazine #1
Magazine #2
Climate Change: Impact & Adaptation
Black Wave: The Legacy of the Exxon Valdez
Everyday Einstein
Living Forever
The Adventurers: The Last Nomads
Wild Canada: The Wild West
Wild Canada: The Heartland
The Adventurers: The Everlasting Oasis
The Adventurers: The Lost People of the Baja
Wild Canada: Ice Edge
Man Who Talks with Wolves
The Science of the Senses: Vision
The Adventurers: A Story Told in Stone
Making 'Wild Canada'
The Nature of Things
Breathing Sea
Charlie Last of Life
High Spirits; Burgess Shale; Cosmetic Surgery
Earthquake Connection
The Nature of Things
The Nature of Things
Muscle Fibers; How Fish Swim
Open Heart
Footsteps on the Moon; Salamanders; Iron Age Village
Snappers; Inside Out; Samurai Armor
Milkweed; When the Well Runs Dry
Northern Wanderers: The George River Caribou; The Teflon Knee
Face Value; Bird Hospital
My Goal Is to Live; The Return of the Sea Otter
Roger Tory Peterson: Revisited
The Rocky Mountains; Point Pelee
The Nature of Things
Year of the Rat
Strike Force; How Fish Swim
The Nature of Things
The Nature of Things
Aids Report
Swimming; Beating Diabetes; Glass Eyes
Family of Chimps
Fragile Harvest
The Nature of Things
Return; Trouble in the Forest
The Nature of Things
Frogs; Snakes; Turtles; Lobsters and the Sea
The Nature of Things
Niagara Escapment: A Rock Video
Anatomy of Eloquence
The Nature of Things
Great Lakes
Restless Sky; Rotation; Handcraft in History
The Nature of Things
Island Monster; Philip Morrison
Prairie Waters
From the Rivers to the Sea
A Pain in the Back; Mobile Computers; A Bird Atlas
Waterproof Frog Piano in Subnuclear Kitchen
New Backs for Old; Living Color
Stunning Sounds
The Nature of Things
Jellyfish of the Sky; Return to Land
Natural Connections
Animal Migration: Great Cycle
Wilderness Under Siege
Vision of the Blind
Professor Bonner and Slime Molds
Blood of Our Children; Recycling; Kidney Stones
The Nature of Things
Left Brain, Right Brain
Hearing Things
The Nature of Things
Water's Edge
Comet's Return; Goshawks
Ancient Diseases; Freak Waves; Joel Hildebrand
The Nature of Things
The Nature of Things
Cobra; Blue Babies; High Flight
Return of the Swift Fox; Pains of Performance
Next Year's Model
The Nature of Things
Spas: Magic or Medicine
The Nature of Things
Voices in the Wind
Khunde Hospital; Computer Choreology; Periscope Camera
The Nature of Things
Dinosaurs Remains to Be Seen
Cathedral Engineers; Neem; Bluebird Trails
The Nature of Things
Ducks in Danger
The Nature of Things
Desert; Everglades
The Nature of Things
The Nature of Things
The Nature of Things
The Nature of Things
The Nature of Things
The Nature of Things
Islands at the Edge
Trouble in the Forest
The Nature of Things
The Right Whale; Insect Communication; Bird Sculpture
Cree of Paint Hills
The Nature of Things
The Spinal Cord; Orchids; Juggling
Day of Reckoning
Little Wars
Salt of the Earth
A Pretense of Performance
The Tree that Shaped the World
Return; 30th Anniversary Show
The Cholesterol Factor
Revolution Down on the Farm
Bugman of Ithaca
A Sky Full of Planes
Rare Breeds: How a Bird Fills the Bill
Grizzly Bears: Losing Ground
The Green Quiz
Turning to Dust
Animals in Research: Breaking the Habit
Bald Eagles: Searching for Home
Dealing with Drugs: Update
Head for Figures: When Numbers Are a Matter of Life and Death
Echo of the Elephants: The Next Generation
Arthrites Lives: Out of Joint
Island of Ghost Bear
Virus That Cures
Not So Sweet
Monkey Business
Advanced Material World
Global Warming
Vitamins: Hype or Hope?
Coral Reefs
There's No Life Without It
Where Heron Finds Its Home
The Tiger Crisis
Memory: Past Imperfect
The Burgess Shale
No Spare Parts
You Must Have Been a Bilingual Baby
Air Crash
Climate of Change
Tuberculosis: The Forgotten Plague
Water to the Last Drop
The Three Gorges Dam
What's in a Neem
Dealing with Drugs
Ulcer Wars
Herschel; Ghana
Food or Famine
Crying Wolf
Post Mortem
Complementary Medicine
Lions: A Pride in Peril
Mysteries of Ocean Wanderers
Little Brother Fights Back
The Tides of the Kirawire
Reefer Madness
Highway to Siberia
The Last Survivors
Great Northern Forest
Pelicans and Cormorants: Prairie Scapegoats
Ancient Futures
Living Color
The Road to Cyberia
Martin Gardner: Mathemagician
Voices in the Forest
Monkey Business
The Green Zone
The Day the Earth Shook: Lessons from Earthquake County
Fat Cats, Thin Mice
Up Close and Personal: The Ecology of David Suzuki
Out of the Shadows: Reconstructive Surgery
Burgess Shale: Impressions of Life
Wolves And Buffalo And Ancient Alliance
The Natural History of a Point of View: John Livingston
Wildlife for Sale Dead or Alive
Lost in the Suburbs
Hot Flash on Menopause
The Living City
Alternative Medicine: Teaching New Doctors Old Tricks
Roger Tory Peterson: Portrait of a Birdwatcher
Friendly Atom
Connecting Flights
The Hidden World of the Bog
Island of Ghost Bear
Phobias: The Secret Fears
Women of Kerala Vortex
Living Color
Fisheries: Beyond Crisis
Yukon to Yellowstone
Paul Ehrlich and 'The Population Bomb'
Memory: Past Imperfect
The Nature of Things
Herschel: An Isle of Flowers in a Sea of Ice
Colorful Notions
Japan's Rise to Industrial Power
The Nature of Things
Sea of Slaughter
Sea Raven; Where There's Smoke
Flight Simulators; Depression
The Nature of Things
Salmon on the Line
Conducting; Science School
Hooked on Oil
Echo of Elephants
The Nature of Things
When Wind Blows One of Family
Acid Rain
Serving Time
Maps; Mountain Gophers; Silk Weaving
The Greening Business
Barren's Quest
Children Who Learned to Listen
Home of the Birds
I Never Planned on This: Aging
Arctic Islands: A Matter of Time
The Nature of Things
Nuclear Power: The Hot Debate
The Nature of Things
Diabetes: Blood, Sugar, Sweat, Tears
Temagami: The Last Stand
Human Tide
Stein Valley; Puffins and Prey
Chaos: Science and the Unexpected
Coming to Grips with the Grippe
Bishnois Antelope; Cyclosporin; Freezing Water
Connecting Flights
Bats; Let the Wild Things Grow
The Nature of Things
Radar; Water Witching
Magnet Earth
Labrador: The Way of the Caribou
The Nature of Things
The Nature of Things
30th Anniversary Show
Amazonia: The Road to the End of the Forest
The Nature of Things
Doctors of Tomorrow; Water Hyacinths; Walking
The Nature of Things
Plant Communication; The Jaipur Foot
Brain Puzzle
Home Sound: Poisoned Waters
Wall Paintings; Erie Ice-Fly Fishing
Back Pain
Repairing Vietnam's Jungles
What's in a Neem
Kaos: Science and the Unexpected
Hidden Killer: Portrait of an Epidemic
How to Live to 100
Phantom Limbs
Down to Earth: Kids and Nature
Frozen Hearts
Parkinson's: Lynda's Story
The Familiar Face of Love
Animals in Research: Breaking the Habit
Weather: Dragons of Chaos
Silent Sentinels
Wild Goose Chase
Mutant Foods
Out of the Shadows: Reconstructive Surgery
Do Parents Matter?
Wild Horses of Suffield
Caspian Sea Monster
Hanta Virus
Sleep Famine
Global Warming: Turning Up the Heat
Lost Worlds: The Wildlife of South America
Monkey Jungle
Secret Life of the Crash Test Dummy
Mighty Amazon
Land of the Unexpected
Hidden Legacies
Battle for Saltspring
Penguin Shores
The Salmon Forest
Burn Off
Salmon Farming
Hospital at the End of the Earth
Changing Ground
Lost Worlds: The Mighty Amazon
Amazon Jungle
Toxic Legacies
Worst Case Scenario
Monkey Business
Cosmetic Surgery
Balancing Act; Kids Go Wild
Knowing Nose
Return to the Land; When the Well Runs Dry
Me, My Brain and I
National Parks: Forever Wild?
Race Against Time
Bird Hospital; Face Value
Dead Heat
The Great Plains
Second Wind
The Arctic Refuge: The Struggle Continues
Toxic Waste: Journey to the Source
Powerful Medicine
Warnings from the Wild
Weighing the Options: Elective Scoliosis
Drug Deals: How Safe Are Prescription Drugs?
Touch: The Forgotten Sense
Beluga: Speaking Across Time
The Tree That Changed the World
Genetically Modified Foods
Morphine on Trial
Return of the Peregrine
Wired for Life
If Caribou Could Vote
Water: Friend or Foe
Maisin: Years from Here
Chronic Pain
True Mystery of Easter Island
Milkweed/Falcons by the Sea
Shark Tracker
Natural Connections
Learning to Love the Creepy Crawlers
SARS. - The True Story
Chaos, Science and the Unexplained
The Children Who Learned to Listen
Ghosts of Lomako
Arthritis: Lives Out of Joint
Hearing Things
Eyes of the Moai
Dope---Scientists and Sleuths Battle for the Soul of Sport
Sex, Lies and Secrecy: Dissecting Hysterectomy
Dealing with Drugs: New Options
Apocalypse Cow: The Mad Cow Story
Nature Bites Back: Case of the Sea Otter
Artika: The Russian Dream That Failed
My Baby's a Genius
The Friendly Atom: An Industrial History
Passion & Fury - The Emotional Brain: Love
Passion & Fury: The Emotional Brain - Fear
Passion and Fury: The Emotional Brain---Happiness
Passion & Fury: The Emotional Brain - Anger
The Mystery of the Giant Sloth
Supercar: The Automobiles of the Future
Climate Change: Hot Times in the City
Dreams of the Future
Living Forever: The Longevity Revolution
Save My Lake!
MS Wars: Hope, Science & the Internet
Lights Out
The Buffalo Wolves
The Norse: An Arctic Mystery
Babies: Born to Be Good?
Myth or Science 2: The Quest for Perfection
Allergy Fix
Wild Canada: Eps 2 - The Wild West
Planet Hunters
Nuts About Squirrels
Myth or Science 2: The Quest for Perfection
Ticked Off: The Mystery of Lyme Disease
The Code Breakers
Trek of the Titans
Wild China: Tibet
David Suzuki's Andean Adventure
Zapped: The Buzz About Mosquitoes
Planet Hunters
Wild Canada: Eps 3 - The Heartland
Meet the Coywolf
Billion Dollar Caribou
Wild Canada: Eps 4 - Ice Edge
Shattered Ground
Tipping Point: The Age of the Oil Sands
The Beaver Whisperers
The Cholesterol Question
Chasing Snowflakes
Carpe Diem: A Fishy Tale
Gorilla Doctors
Wild Canada: Eps 1 - The Eternal Frontier
Brain Magic: The Power of Placebo
Invasion of the Brain Snatchers
Untangling Alzheimer's
A Dog's Life
Geologic Journey: The Atlantic Coast
Geologic Journey: The Rockies
The Fruit Hunters: Defenders of Diversity
The Fruit Hunters: Evolution of Desire
Lion in Your Living Room
Polar Bears: A Summer Odyssey
The Man Who Tweeted Earth
Bugs, Bones & Botany: The Science of Crime
The Beetles Are Coming
Survival of the Fabulous
Ticked off: The Mystery of Lyme Disease
The Norse: An Arctic Mystery
In the Company of Moose
Invasion of the Brain Snatchers
A Dog's Life
Lights Out
Carpe Diem
Fruit Hunters
How to be a Wild Elephant
Where Am I?
Secrets in the Bones: The Hunt for the Black Death Killer
The Great Butterfly Hunt
Myth or Science?
Geologic Journey II: The Collision Zone - Asia
Geologic Journey II: Tectonic Europe

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