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The first African-American woman to host a nationally (and ultimately, internationally) daily syndicated talk show, Oprah Winfrey rose from an extraordinarily difficult and deprived childhood to... More


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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep1433 Eat Pray Love
Ep1432 Best of Oprah: The 'Oprah Winfrey Show' Finale
Ep1431 Best of Oprah: Surprise Oprah! A Farewell Spectacular
Ep1430 Best of Oprah: Surprise Oprah! A Farewell Spectacular
Ep1429 Best of Oprah: Oprah's All-Time Favorite Guest Revealed!
Ep1428 Best of Oprah: Oprah's Most Memorable Guests: The Ultimate Reunion
Ep1427 Best of Oprah: A Rare Interview: American Icon Ralph Lauren & His Fascinating Family
Ep1426 Oprah's Most Memorable Guests: James Frey, Part 2
Ep1425 Oprah's Most Memorable Guests: James Frey---Five Years After the 'A Million Little Pieces' Controversy
Ep1424 Best of Oprah: Oprah's Most Memorable Guests: The Greatest Lessons Learned on the "Oprah" Show
Ep1423 Best of Oprah---Oprah's Last-Ever Makeover Extravaganza!
Ep1422 Best of Oprah: Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson---From Royalty to the Real World
Ep1421 Best of Oprah: They Lost 100 Pounds! Oprah's Ultimate Weight Loss Finale
Ep1420 Best of Oprah: First TV Interview: Chaz Bono-–-Sonny & Cher's Only Daughter Becomes a Man
Ep1419 Best of Oprah---Tom Hanks & Julia Roberts: Their 'Oprah' Show Farewell
Ep1418 Best of Oprah---Oprah Presents the Last-Ever Harpo Hook-Ups
Ep1417 Best of Oprah---Oprah Honors American Heroes: The Freedom Riders Reunite 50 Years Later
Ep1416 Best of Oprah---Back From Betrayal: Shania Twain's First TV Interview
Ep1415 Best of Oprah: President Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama
Ep1414 The Royal Wedding
Ep1413 Best of Oprah---Exclusive: Rob Lowe Opens Up: The Brat Pack, Love, Sex, Scandal, Sobriety
Ep1412 Best of Oprah: Turn Back the Clock: Look & Feel 20 Years Younger
Ep1411 Best of Oprah: No Holds Barred: Hollywood Legend Michael Douglas, Plus Nike's Phil Knight
Ep1410 Best of Oprah: Oprah's Producers Uncensored, Plus Most Memorable Audience Moments
Ep1409 Best of Oprah---Chris Rock: The 'Oprah' Show Farewell
Ep1408 25 Years of Oprah & Gayle's All-Time Best Adventures
Ep1407 Best of Oprah: The Hollywood Shocker: From Multi-Millionaire to Mobile Home
Ep1406 Best of Oprah: The 61-Year-Old Surrogate Who Gave Birth to Her Own Grandson
Ep1405 Best of Oprah: Oprah's Producers' Most Unforgettable Moments
Ep1404 Oprah's Bloopers, Blunders & Funniest "What Were We Thinking?" Moments
Ep1403 Best of Oprah: Tortured By His Own Family: The 6-Year-Old Chained in a Closet
Ep1402 Best of Oprah: Stevie Nicks, Joan Jett, Salt-N-Pepa, Pat Benatar: Rock Goddesses of the '70s & '80s
Ep1401 Best of Oprah---Tina Fey, Chevy Chase, Dana Carvey: A "Saturday Night Live" Class Reunion
Ep1400 Best of Oprah: Hollywood Legend Shirley MacLaine on Love, Sex & Reincarnation
Ep1399 Best of Oprah: Incredible 'Where Are They Now?' Follow-Ups!
Ep1398 Best of Oprah: The Suburban Mom Who Was a Fugitive for 32 Years
Ep1397 Best of Oprah---America's Favorite '80s TV Mom: Meredith Baxter on Broken Marriages, Drinking & Coming Out
Ep1396 Best of Oprah---Willow Smith 'Whips Her Hair' & Oprah's All-Time Smartest, Most Talented Kids
Ep1395 From the Kodak Theatre: Oprah's Ultimate After-Oscar® Party
Ep1394 Best of Oprah: Supreme Icon Diana Ross, Her Five Children & a Show-Stopping Performance
Ep1393 Best of Oprah: David Arquette: His First Interview Since the Break-Up, the Breakdown & Life After Rehab
Ep1392 Best of Oprah---How She Lost Her Marriage, Her House, Her Fortune: Iyanla Vanzant
Ep1391 Best of Oprah---Exclusive: The Little Girl Forced to Live in a Dog Cage
Ep1390 Best of Oprah: Celine Dion & the TV Debut of Her Miracle Twins
Ep1389 Best of Oprah---Exclusive: The Seven-Year-Old Who Tried to Kill His Mother
Ep1388 Best of Oprah: Inside Fascinating Lives: Secret Millionaire
Ep1387 Best of Oprah: A No Holds Barred Conversation With Former 'Oprah' Show Expert Iyanla Vanzant
Ep1386 Best of Oprah: Living Legend Debbie Reynolds & Her Daughter, Icon Carrie Fisher
Ep1385 Best of Oprah: Outrageous, Controversial Roseanne Barr Returns to the 'Oprah' Show
Ep1384 Best of Oprah: Barbara Walters & 'The View' Cast Come to the 'Oprah' Show
Ep1383 Best of Oprah: Singing Sensation Jennifer Hudson & Her Incredible Weight Loss!
Ep1382 Best of Oprah---Legendary Soap Stars Reunite: Luke & Laura, Plus Erica Kane & ALL Her TV Husbands
Ep1381 Best of Oprah---Exclusive: Raped By Their Father & Brothers---Twin Sisters Come Forward
Ep1380 Best of Oprah---A TV First: Donald Trump & His Five Children
Ep1379 Best of Oprah: Whatever Happened to MC Hammer, Bo Derek & Pam Grier?
Ep1378 Best of Oprah: 'American Idol' Judges, Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler & Piers Morgan
Ep1377 Best of Oprah: Christie Brinkley, Beverly Johnson, Stephanie Seymour, Cheryl Tiegs & More Supermodel Legends
Ep1376 Best of Oprah---Oprah & 378 Staffers Go Vegan: The One-Week Challenge
Ep1375 Oscar® Winners Susan Sarandon, Sissy Spacek, Holly Hunter, Plus the Nominees
Ep1374 Best of Oprah---Love, Marriage, Betrayal: Our Most Memorable Couples Return!
Ep1373 Best of Oprah---The Bravest Families in America With First Lady Michelle Obama, Tom Brokaw, Bob Woodward
Ep1372 Best of Oprah: Are You Happy? Take Our Quiz With Oscar® Winner Goldie Hawn
Ep1371 Best of Oprah---'Coming Out' on the "Oprah" Show: 25 Years of Unforgettable Guests
Ep1370 Breaking News: Oprah Reveals a Hidden Family Secret
Ep1369 Best of Oprah---Oprah in Australia: Hugh Jackman, Olivia Newton-John, Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Bono
Ep1368 Best of Oprah---Oprah in Australia: Ultimate Wildest Dreams
Ep1367 Best of Oprah: Oprah's Ultimate Australian Adventure
Ep1366 Best of Oprah: Oprah's Ultimate Australian Adventure
Ep1365 Race on the 'Oprah' Show: A Twenty-Five Year Look Back
Ep1364 Best of Oprah: Money Powerhouse Suze Orman's Intervention With Octomom Nadya Suleman
Ep1363 The Five Things You Need to Do in 2011
Ep1362 Oprah's Search For America's Next TV Star
Ep1361 Oprah Unplugged, Uncensored: Like You've Never Seen Her Before
Ep1360 "Quints By Surprise," "Dirty Jobs," "DC Cupcakes," "Cash Cab!"--- Reality TV's Big Stars!
Ep1359 The Oprah Winfrey Show
Ep1358 The Oprah Winfrey Show
Ep1357 The Oprah Winfrey Show
Ep1356 The Oprah Winfrey Show
Ep1355 The Oprah Winfrey Show
Ep1354 In His First Interview: Grieving Husband & Father Dr. William Petit on the Horrific Tragedy in Connecticut
Ep1353 The Untold Secrets Behind Michael Jackson's Controversial Album, Plus Author Jonathan Franzen & Oprah's New Book
Ep1352 For The First Time: Country Superstar Keith Urban & His Oscar®-Winning Wife, Nicole Kidman
Ep1351 Thank You Day Follow-Ups!
Ep1350 Remembering John F. Kennedy Jr.
Ep1349 Best of Oprah: The Hottest Tickets on Earth, Plus Superstar Garth Brooks Returns to the Stage
Ep1348 Best of Oprah---The Mom Who Married a Killer Behind Bars & Other Astonishing Weddings
Ep1347 Best of Oprah---For the First Time Ever: Oprah's Ultimate Favorite Things, Part 2
Ep1346 Best of Oprah: Oprah's Ultimate Favorite Things, Part 1
Ep1345 Best of Oprah---Oprah! Make Over This Couple With Carson Kressley
Ep1344 Best of Oprah---Do You Believe in Miracles?
Ep1343 Best of Oprah: A Once in a Lifetime Barbra Streisand Extravaganza!
Ep1342 Best of Oprah---Whoopi Goldberg & 25 Years Later: The Color Purple Reunion
Ep1341 A Two-Day Oprah Show Event: 200 Adult Men Who Were Molested Come Forward, Part 2
Ep1340 Best of Oprah---Marie Osmond: Her First Interview Since Losing her Son to Suicide
Ep1339 Best of Oprah: Donahue, Sally, Geraldo, Montel, Ricki: Talk Show Hosts-Where Are They Now?
Ep1338 Best of Oprah: Former President George W. Bush on His Most Difficult Decisions
Ep1337 Best of Oprah---A World Exclusive: Oprah Talks to Michael Jackson's Mother, Katherine, and Visits With His Children
Ep1335 Best of Oprah---Teen Heartthrob Surprises: Shaun Cassidy, Jackie Jackson, Backstreet Boys, Peter Frampton
Ep1334 Best of Oprah: Oprah & Gayle's Big Yosemite Camping Adventure: Part 2
Ep1333 Best of Oprah---First Television Interview: Ricky Martin Coming Out as a Gay Man & a New Dad
Ep1332 Best of Oprah---The 82-Pound Actress: Ellen's Wife Portia de Rossi & the Secret That Nearly Killed Her
Ep1331 Best of Oprah---Oprah & Gayle's Big Yosemite Camping Adventure: Part 1
Ep1330 Best of Oprah---For the First Time in 45 Years: The Entire Cast of "The Sound Of Music" Reunites
Ep1329 Best of Oprah---Legendary Icon Jane Fonda: Her Life, New Love & Working Out
Ep1328 Best of Oprah: America's Worst Cooks Get Rescued By Jessica Seinfeld
Ep1327 Best of Oprah: The Worst Day of Their Lives & the Miraculous Twist of Fate
Ep1326 Best of Oprah: When Your Own Mother Is a Notorious Killer
Ep1325 Best of Oprah---For the First Time: Lisa Marie Presley Speaks Out About the Death of Ex-Husband Michael Jackson
Ep1324 Best of Oprah---First Television Interview: Tyler Perry Speaks Out About Being Molested & the Aftermath
Ep1323 Best of Oprah---Susan Boyle, Jackie Evancho, Debby Boone: What Happened to the Next Big Thing?
Ep1322 Best of Oprah---Exclusive: The 16-Year-Old Boy Who Killed His Molester
Ep1321 Best of Oprah---American War Heroes: Why Are These Women Now Homeless?
Ep1320 Best of Oprah: The `Sister Wives' Controversy: Fascinating Families
Ep1319 Best of Oprah: Are You Normal? Take the Test
Ep1318 Best of Oprah---'Love Story' Reunion: Ali MacGraw & Ryan O'Neal
Ep1317 Best of Oprah---Fifteen Years After the O.J. Verdict: Former LAPD Detective Mark Fuhrman's Stunning Revelations
Ep1316 The 30-Year-Old Virgin
Ep1315 Best of Oprah: Why She Sued Her Husband for $12 Million & Won
Ep1314 An "Oprah" Show Exclusive: One Mom, 20 Personalities
Ep1313 America's Homemaking Queen: Martha Stewart & Her Incredible Comeback
Ep1312 Best of Oprah---Ultimate Amazing Animals: The Ape Who Has Conversations With Humans
Ep1311 Best of Oprah---On Location in Scotland: Oprah and "Harry Potter" Phenom" Billionaire J.K. Rowling
Ep1310 Best of Oprah: Aging Beauty Cybill Shepherd, "Dynasty's" Linda Evans & "Desperate Housewives'" Teri Hatcher
Ep1309 Best of Oprah: The Mom Who "Fathered" Her Own Children, Plus the Emmy-Winning Cast of "Modern Family"
Ep1308 Best of Oprah---Jenny McCarthy: After the Big Break-up. Plus, Will Author Terry McMillan Forgive Her Gay Ex-husband?
Ep1307 Best of Oprah: Tony Danza, Serena Williams, Angie Harmon: Celebrities Take On Their Dream Jobs
Ep1306 Viewers React to "Waiting for Superman," Plus a Groundbreaking Announcement
Ep1305 Held Hostage in Iran: American Hiker Sarah Shourd's First TV Interview. Plus, the Craigslist Rape Victim
Ep1304 Exclusive: The Bravest Mom in the World Set Free: Ingrid Betancourt
Ep1303 "The Daily Show's" Jon Stewart & Living Legend Liza Minnelli
Ep1302 "Waiting for Superman": The Movement That Could Revolutionize America's Schools
Ep1301 Best of Oprah---Ultimate Wildest Dreams & Oprah's New Book
Ep1300 First Television Interview: The Discovery Headquarters' Hostages Come Forward
Ep1299 Best of Oprah---23 Years Later: Oprah Returns to Williamson, West Virginia
Ep1298 Best of Oprah---Exclusive: How Wynonna Judd Survived the Ultimate Betrayal
Ep1297 Best of Oprah: Oprah's Farewell Season Premiere With Special Guest John Travolta
Ep1296 Former South Carolina First Lady Jenny Sanford on Surviving Scandal & Safety Expert Gavin de Becker
Ep1295 The 'Women Food and God' Phenom: Your Questions Answered!
Ep1294 Worldwide Exclusive: Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson Speaks Out About The Headline-Making Undercover Video
Ep1293 Best Of Oprah---Married at 8 Years Old in America: Child Brides Come Forward
Ep1292 Best of Oprah---Oprah Says Goodbye to Nate Berkus: The Grand Finale
Ep1291 Best of Oprah: Julia Roberts & the Men of "Eat, Pray, Love"
Ep1290 Best of Oprah: Oprah Fridays---$266 Million Winner & Living Legend Dolly Parton
Ep1289 Best of Oprah---On Location: Oprah & Simon Cowell: The Farewell Interview
Ep1288 Best of Oprah: The Fight for His Life: Rocker Bret Michaels' First TV Interview & Country Star Chely Wright Comes Out
Ep1287 Best of Oprah: Exclusive: Held Captive for 140 Days---Lisa Ling's Sister Breaks Her Silence
Ep1286 best of Oprah---Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith & the Whole Family
Ep1285 Best of Oprah---Oprah Fridays: Tom Cruise Returns to the 'Oprah' Show, Plus Cameron Diaz
Ep1284 Best of Oprah: Oprah & the Cast of "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse": Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner
Ep1283 Best of Oprah: Why Oprah Says She'll Never Diet Again!
Ep1282 Best of Oprah: Oprah's Search for the World's Most Talented Kids With Justin Bieber & Charice
Ep1281 Best of Oprah: Star-Studded Harpo Hook-Ups With Cher, Justin Timberlake,, plus Usher
Ep1280 Best of Oprah---Oprah Fridays: From Radio City Music Hall in New York City, Christina Aguilera
Ep1279 Best of Oprah---Exclusive: A Tumor Covered Half Her Face & the Headline-Making Brothers Who Nearly Starved to Death
Ep1278 Best of Oprah---Oprah's Makeover My Man Crew: Carson Kressley & Tim Gunn Strike Again!
Ep1277 Best of Oprah---Her First Interview: Former First Lady Laura Bush, Plus Twins Jenna & Barbara
Ep1276 Best of Oprah---Supermodel Naomi Campbell: The Career, the Controversy & Her New Love
Ep1275 National No Phone Zone Day
Ep1274 Best of Oprah: An Oprah Exclusive: Rielle Hunter's First Television Interview
Ep1273 Best of Oprah: Former Miss USA Tara Conner Comes Clean. Plus, Child Star Todd Bridges' Revelations
Ep1272 Best of Oprah: A Rhodes Scholar, a Convicted Murderer: The Ultimate Twist of Fate
Ep1271 Best of Oprah: Celebrities Go Back to Their First Jobs
Ep1270 Oprah Fridays LIVE: Jordan's Queen Rania & Rock Star Melissa Etheridge
Ep1269 Oprah's Earth Day Mom Swap: An Eye-Opening Intervention
Ep1268 Best of Oprah: Glamorous, High-Flying, Action-Packed Dream Jobs
Ep1267 Best Of Oprah: Inside Fascinating Lives: The Controversial Octuplet Mom Nadya Suleman
Ep1266 Best of Oprah: Exclusive: Accused of Molesting Her---Oscar Winner Mo'Nique's Brother Comes Forward
Ep1265 Oprah Fridays LIVE: Sir Elton John & Oscar Winner Russell Crowe
Ep1264 'Stay Alive' Expert Gavin de Becker Unveils the New Tool to Keep You Safe
Ep1263 Oprah's Million Dollar Announcement & Billionaire Richard Branson
Ep1262 Superstar Mary J. Blige & Malaak Rock
Ep1261 The Most Dangerous Child Sex Offenders in America
Ep1260 Oprah Fridays: Superstar Kenny Chesney
Ep1259 Best of Oprah---In The Bedroom: Sex Therapy With Dr. Laura Berman
Ep1258 TV's Most Talked About Show: The Cast of 'Glee'
Ep1257 Best of Oprah: Funny People: Tina Fey, Steve Carell, Betty White, Tracy Morgan
Ep1256 Best of Oprah: Humdinger Follow-Ups: What Happened After She Lost 175 Pounds?
Ep1255 Janet Jackson & Tyler Perry
Ep1254 Best of Oprah: Legendary Sex Symbol Raquel Welch on Aging Brilliantly
Ep1253 Best of Oprah: American Idol's Ryan Seacrest & Super Chef Jamie Oliver Team Up
Ep1252 Best of Oprah: Celebs Dig Up Their Family Secrets
Ep1251 From the Kodak Theater: Oprah's Annual After-Oscar Party 2010
Ep1250 Diane Sawyer's New Network Gig & Alicia Keys---Oprah Fridays
Ep1249 Best of Oprah: 43 Hours Lost At Sea: The Sole Survivor
Ep1248 Best of Oprah: Beauty Around the World With Jessica Simpson
Ep1247 Roger Ebert Speaks for the First Time: Oprah's Pre-Oscar Special
Ep1246 Best of Oprah---Jerry Seinfeld: The Marriage Ref
Ep1245 Oprah's Wowie-Kazowie Auction, Plus Jimmy Fallon---Oprah Fridays LIVE
Ep1244 Best of Oprha---Kirstie Alley: Inside Her Big, Big Life
Ep1243 Best of Oprah: Sex, Lies, Scandal: Former Aide to John Edwards Andrew Young & His Wife, Cheri
Ep1242 Best of Oprah: From College Student to Convicted Killer---The Family of Amanda Knox Speaks Out
Ep1241 Best of Oprah: That's Incredible!
Ep1240 Matt Lauer, Oscar-Nominated Director Lee Daniels, Lady Antebellum---Oprah Friday's LIVE
Ep1239 Best of Oprah: Reunited After 42 Years: A Mother's Desperate Search
Ep1238 Best of Oprah: Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy's Sister & Mass Murderer Jim Jones' Son Speak Out
Ep1237 Best of Oprah: Make-Unders: How'd You Get That Way?
Ep1236 Raped By His Mother---A Victim Comes Forward
Ep1235 Happy Valentine's Day---Oprah Fridays LIVE
Ep1234 Best of Oprah: The High School Quarterback Who Became a Lesbian
Ep1233 Best of Oprah: Celine Dion's Show-Stopping Surprise
Ep1232 Best of Oprah: Lisa Ling Goes Inside the Secret World of a Modern Geisha & a Real-Life Nunnery
Ep1231 Best of Oprah: A Special Report: Oprah & a No Holds Barred Conversation With Child Molesters
Ep1230 Best of Oprah: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Music Superstar Pink---Oprah Fridays
Ep1229 Best of Oprah---America's Silent Killer: Oprah and Dr. Oz Want to Save Your Life
Ep1228 Best of Oprah---Stars of Reality TV: Fantasia's Comeback and Ruby's Revelations
Ep1227 Best of Oprah: The Children of Elizabeth Smart's Kidnapper Speak Out
Ep1226 Best of Oprah: Undercover Boss
Ep1225 Happy Birthday Oprah! Fridays LIVE
Ep1224 Jay Leno: The Tonight Show Fiasco
Ep1223 Best of Oprah: Before You Grocery Shop Again--- Food 101, With Michael Pollan
Ep1222 Best of Oprah: Actress Denise Richards and Mrs. Ted Haggard: Surviving a Public Scandal
Ep1221 Best of Oprah: Rosie O'Donnell: Life After the Breakup and Her New Love
Ep1220 Sarah Palin and Her Daughter Bristol---Oprah Fridays LIVE
Ep1219 Best of Oprah: Intervention: The Man Eating Himself to Death
Ep1218 Just Back From Haiti--- Wyclef Jean's Devastating Eyewitness Account
Ep1217 Best of Oprah: 'Big Breaks' With Adam Lambert and Susan Boyle
Ep1216 Best of Oprah---This Show Could Save Your Life: America's New Deadly Obsession
Ep1215 Avatar's Billion Dollar Man, James Cameron; and Lady Gaga---Oprah Fridays (LIVE)
Ep1214 Best of Oprah: Nate Teams Up With the Millionaire Matchmaker
Ep1213 Marriage Around the World (LIVE)
Ep1212 Best of Oprah: From 52, Feeling Frumpy to Fabulous! 'Look Great at Every Age' Makeovers
Ep1211 A Family 'Stripped' Down: Life Organizational Expert Peter Walsh Moves In
Ep1210 Best of Oprah---Ultimate Betrayal: How She Discovered Her Dead Husband's Mistresses
Ep1209 Preview of Oprah's Primetime Special 'Christmas at the White House' & Michael Jackson's 'This Is It'
Ep1208 George Clooney, Ben Affleck, Demi Moore and Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton
Ep1207 Best of Oprah: Oprah's Holiday Music Extravaganza
Ep1206 Best of Oprah: Remembering Ted Kennedy: "Vicki" Kennedy's First TV Interview
Ep1205 Oprah & People Magazine Salute Headline-Making Heroes of 2009
Ep1204 Best of Oprah: Inside Sex Addiction Rehab
Ep1203 Oprah Fridays LIVE: America's Favorite Husband--- Ray Romano Returns to TV
Ep1202 Best of Oprah: Oprah! Make Over My Man!
Ep1201 Best Of Oprah: Daniel Day-Lewis, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz – The Cast Of 'Nine'
Ep1200 Best of Oprah---Why Millions of Women Are Using Porn and Erotica: Lisa Ling Reports
Ep1199 Best of Oprah: Oprah and Sarah Palin Meet for the First Time
Ep1198 Oprah Fridays: Karaoke Winner, Stars of Twilight & Robin Givens
Ep1197 Oprah's Karaoke Challenge: The Finals--- LIVE
Ep1196 Best of Oprah---Exclusive Interviews: The Woman Attacked by the Chimpanzee & the Heroes of Fort Hood
Ep1195 Best of Oprah---Death Row Exclusive: Confronting the Killer
Ep1194 Best of Oprah: An Oprah Exclusive Event: Ellen DeGeneres and Her Wife, Portia De Rossi
Ep1193 Oprah Fridays---LIVE: Mo'Nique, Anderson Cooper, Karaoke Results
Ep1192 Oprah's Karaoke Challenge: Round 1---LIVE
Ep1191 Oprah's "Step Out of Your Box" Challenge With Ali and Oscar Winner Hilary Swank
Ep1190 Best of Oprah: Oprah Anchors the 5 O'Clock News: Celebs Go Back to Their First Jobs
Ep1189 Best of Oprah: Oprah's Shoe, Handbag and Accessory Intervention, With Bra Updates
Ep1188 Oprah Fridays--- LIVE: Patrick Swayze's Widow Lisa Niemi---Her First Interview
Ep1187 Best of Oprah: The Biggest Stars of Reality TV
Ep1186 Million Dollar Winners and 'This Is It'
Ep1185 Best of Oprah: The Diane Schuler Story...Was She Driving Drunk?
Ep1184 Best of Oprah---Oprah and Gayle's New Adventure: The Biggest State Fair in America
Ep1183 Oprah Fridays – LIVE: Wanda Sykes
Ep1182 Best of Oprah: Oprah's Favorite New Jeans and the Rest of the Best
Ep1181 Best of Oprah: Oprah on Location---The Happiest People on Earth
Ep1180 Best Of Oprah: Sex As A Deadly Weapon
Ep1179 Best of Oprah: Nate Takes Over for a Stay-at-Home Mom!
Ep1178 Oprah Fridays---LIVE: Mike Tyson & Evander Holyfield Face-to-Fac
Ep1177 Shattering the Secrecy of Incest: Mackenzie Phillips' Follow-Up
Ep1176 Best of Oprah: Singing Sensation Taylor Swift Makes Dreams Come True
Ep1175 Best of Oprah: After 18 Years Jaycee Comes Home: The Latest
Ep1174 Oprah Talks to Former Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson
Ep1173 Best of Oprah Fridays---LIVE: Chris Rock and Michael Buble
Ep1172 Best of Oprah: Hoaders---A Family's Secret Life Exposed
Ep1171 Best Of Oprah: Exclusive – Inside The Home Of The Florida Massacre
Ep1170 Best of Oprah: The 7-Year-Old Schizophrenic
Ep1169 Best of Oprah: Don't Stop Believing!
Ep1168 Best of Oprah: Oprah's Most Fascinating Families
Ep1167 Best of Oprah: You'll Never Give Up on a Dream After Seeing This Woman
Ep1166 Best of Oprah: Girl Talk About "Good" Hair With Chris Rock
Ep1165 Best of Oprah: Dr. Oz Reports---Prescription Pill Intervention
Ep1164 Best of Oprah: Meet the Most Famous People in the World
Ep1163 Oprah Fridays---LIVE Jay Leno, Harry Connick Jr.
Ep1162 Best of Oprah: Icon Jay-Z and Living Legend Barbra Streisand
Ep1161 Best of Oprah: Former Child Star Mackenzie Phillips' Stunning Revelations
Ep1160 Best Of Oprah: Weeks Before Her Sudden Death: Oprah And The Mermaid Girl
Ep1159 Best Of Oprah: Oprah Goes Back in Time: The '60s
Ep1158 Oprah Fridays---LIVE From New York: Regis & Kelly, Mariah Carey, OBC Selection
Ep1157 Best of Oprah: Dr. Phil Returns to the Oprah Show for My Father Is a Serial Killer
Ep1156 Best of Oprah: Oprah Remembers Michael Jackson
Ep1155 Best of Oprah: Whitney Houston's Show Stopping Surprise
Ep1154 Best Of Oprah: Oprah's Season 24 Kick-Off Party
Ep1153 Exclusive Summer Headlines: Lisa Ling, the Man Called 'Father Oprah,' ESPN's Erin Andrews
Ep1152 Oprah's Season 24 Kick-Off Party
Ep1151 Best of Oprah: Oprah's Best Viewer Surprises
Ep1150 Oprah's All Time Favorite Recipes
Ep1149 Best of Oprah: Oprah's Most Jaw-Dropping Performances
Ep1148 The Taboo Topic: What Social Class Are You Now?
Ep1147 Where the Skype Are You?
Ep1146 Oprah's 'What Can You Live Without' Experiment, Part II
Ep1145 An Oprah/People Magazine Exclusive: Heroes in Hard Times
Ep1144 Finale: Oprah's Search for the World's Most Talented Kids
Ep1143 Amazing Animals
Ep1142 Released From Prison After Killing Her Father
Ep1141 Oprah's Comedy Hour: Dane Cook, Mo'Nique, George Lopez
Ep1140 Embarrassing Questions, Life-Saving Updates: The Best of Dr. Oz
Ep1139 The World's Got Talent With Simon Cowell
Ep1138 Oprah Friday Live: Singer/Songwriter Seal
Ep1137 Exclusive: Elizabeth Edwards' First Interview
Ep1136 The Oprah Winfrey Show
Ep1135 Brand New Harpo Hook-Ups
Ep1134 The McCanns and the Search for Madeleine
Ep1133 Oprah Fridays (LIVE)---Hugh Jackman
Ep1132 The Oprah Winfrey Show
Ep1131 Inside the Notorious Bunny Ranch Brothel
Ep1130 Dr. Oz Investigates: Flesh-Eating Bacteria
Ep1129 Nate's `How to Save You Big Cash' Makeovers
Ep1128 Oprah Fridays---LIVE
Ep1127 Where Are They Now? Tonya Harding, Lorena Bobbitt and '90s Newsmakers
Ep1126 Earth Day Live
Ep1125 Oprah's Most Memorable Guests
Ep1124 Released From Prison: A Mom of Three Goes Home
Ep1123 Oprah Fridays LIVE - Ashton Kutcher
Ep1122 14 Years Old: They Say They're Ready to Have Sex
Ep1121 Lured at Thirteen: Held Captive as a Sex Slave
Ep1120 Carrie Underwood, Kenny Chesney, Sugarland: Stars of Country Music
Ep1119 Best of Oprah: Unconventional, Unforgettable Dads
Ep1118 Oprah Fridays (LIVE) – James Taylor
Ep1117 How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex With Dr. Laura Berman
Ep1116 Recession-Proof Your Marriage
Ep1115 Secret Lives of Moms
Ep1114 Sex: Women Reveal What They Really Want
Ep1113 Recession Rescue With Suze Orman
Ep1112 Best of Oprah: Losing Weight in the Public Eye With Star Jones, Valerie Bertinelli & Marie Osmond
Ep1111 Dr. Oz & Michael J. Fox
Ep1110 Oprah Goes Inside the Yearning for Zion Polygamist Ranch
Ep1109 Oprah Fridays LIVE – Justin Timberlake
Ep1108 The 900-Pound Woman
Ep1107 Women Leaving Men for Other Women
Ep1106 Dr. Oz: Extreme Life Extension
Ep1105 Best-Selling Love Expert Steve Harvey and 300 Women
Ep1104 Oprah Fridays LIVE – Kelly Clarkson
Ep1103 The Oprah Winfrey Show
Ep1102 Oprah's "Clean Up Your Messy House" Tour – Atlanta
Ep1101 Dr. Oz: After the Diagnosis With Montel Williams
Ep1100 Inside American Idol, The Queen's Palace, Valentino's Empire
Ep1099 Oprah Fridays Live
Ep1098 Special Report: Tyra Banks and Dating Violence
Ep1097 Celebrity Chefs Move in With Viewer Families
Ep1096 Medical Mistakes: Dr. Oz Talks To Actor Dennis Quaid
Ep1095 Ruby, Little People Just Married: The New Stars of Reality TV
Ep1094 Oprah Fridays (Live)
Ep1093 Exclusive Updates: Inside The Polygamist Compound and the Heroin Family
Ep1092 Suze Orman: Can You Afford College, a Wedding, a Divorce?
Ep1091 The Little Girl Found Living Like an Animal
Ep1090 Oprah's "What Can You Live Without?" Experiment
Ep1089 Oprah Fridays Live
Ep1088 Oprah on Location at Walter Reed Army Medical Center
Ep1087 Tent Cities in America: A Lisa Ling Special Report
Ep1086 Oprah's After Oscar Party, 2009
Ep1085 Oprah Fridays Live: Gearing Up for the Oscars
Ep1084 The Oprah Winfrey Show
Ep1083 The Oprah Winfrey Show
Ep1082 The Oprah Winfrey Show
Ep1081 The Oprah Winfrey Show
Ep1080 The Oprah Winfrey Show
Ep1079 The Oprah Winfrey Show
Ep1078 The Oprah Winfrey Show
Ep1077 The Oprah Winfrey Show
Ep1076 The Oprah Winfrey Show
Ep1075 The Oprah Winfrey Show
Ep1074 The Oprah Winfrey Show
Ep1073 The Octuplet Controversy: Dr. Oz Weighs In
Ep1072 The Oprah Winfrey Show
Ep1071 The Oprah Winfrey Show
Ep1070 The Oprah Winfrey Show
Ep1069 Suzanne Somers: The Bioidentical Hormone
Ep1068 Evangelist Ted Haggard, His Wife, and the Gay Sex Scandal
Ep1067 Best of Oprah: Dr. Oz Reports: Why America's Kids Are Fat
Ep1066 Obese Families in Crisis: The Intervention
Ep1065 Oprah Fridays Live
Ep1064 Suze Orman: Can You Afford College, a Wedding, a Divorce?
Ep1063 On Location: Oprah's Post-Inauguration Special
Ep1062 Oprah in Washington, D.C.: The Inaugural Celebration
Ep1061 Oprah Fridays Live, With Denis Leary
Ep1060 The Great Hormone Debate: Should You Replace Your Hormones?
Ep1059 When Life Breaks You Open
Ep1058 Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio and Movies Oprah Loves---Live
Ep1057 Falling Off the Wagon Follow-Up---Live
Ep1056 Best Life Week: Relationships, Intimacy & Sex
Ep1055 Best Life Week: Your Money Plan 2009
Ep1054 Best Life Week: Finding Your Spiritual Path
Ep1053 Best Life Week: Dr. Oz & the Ultimate Health Checklist
Ep1052 Best Life Week: Falling Off the Wagon
Ep1051 The Oprah Winfrey Show
Ep1050 The Oprah Winfrey Show
Ep1049 How to Have the Thriftiest Holiday Ever!
Ep1048 Ageless Living With Dr. Oz: Secrets of the Blue Zones
Ep1047 Nate Makes a Mother's Wish Come True
Ep1046 Sex Therapy 2: Fears, Fantasies, Faking It
Ep1045 Beauty Secrets From Around The World
Ep1044 Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett
Ep1043 Dr. Oz Investigates Medical Mysteries
Ep1042 Oprah's Search for the World's Smartest and Most Talented Kids
Ep1041 Oprah Fridays (LIVE) Melissa Etheridge
Ep1040 Jennifer Aniston and Beyonce
Ep1039 Oprah's Clean Up Your Messy House Tour
Ep1038 Dr. Oz Reports: The Science of Beauty
Ep1037 Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman
Ep1036 Oprah Fridays (LIVE) George Stephanopoulos
Ep1035 Will Smith and Tina Fey
Ep1034 Oprah's Post-Election Special
Ep1033 Oprah's Voting Party
Ep1032 Behind Closed Doors: Sex Therapy
Ep1031 Oprah Fridays (LIVE) Andrea Bocelli and Music Legend David Foster
Ep1030 Weight-Loss Secrets of the Biggest Losers
Ep1029 Marion Jones
Ep1028 Miracle Children With Celine Dion
Ep1027 How to Get Your Sexy Back Makeovers
Ep1026 Oprah's Favorite New Gadget
Ep1025 Young Millionaire Moguls: Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen
Ep1024 The Best Money Lessons You Can Teach Your Child
Ep1023 Dr. Oz: What Really Happens To Your Brain During a Stroke
Ep1022 Exclusive: Wrongfully Accused of Murdering His Parents – A Son Is Set Free
Ep1021 Oprah Fridays (LIVE) Halle Berry, Frugal Teens, Luke Russert
Ep1020 Women Who Changed the World
Ep1019 Are You Rude? Take the Test!
Ep1018 Lisa Ling Reports: How We Treat the Animals We Eat
Ep1017 Can You Afford That? With Suze Orman
Ep1016 Oprah Fridays (LIVE) Chris Rock, Ben Stiller
Ep1015 How to Handle Life's Stickiest Situations
Ep1014 Best of Oprah: The Thriftiest Family in America
Ep1013 Best of Oprah: Dr. Oz Reports: Hair Transplants, Heart Attacks and Other Burning Questions
Ep1012 Forgiving the Son Who Killed My Family
Ep1011 Oprah Fridays (LIVE) Suze Orman, Dr. Maya Angelou
Ep1010 Queen Latifah, Dakota Fanning, Alicia Keys: "The Secret Life Of Bees" Cast
Ep1009 An Overwhelmed Mom's Deadly Mistake
Ep1008 Christina Applegate: Why She Had a Double Mastectomy
Ep1007 Oprah Talks to an Entire Family Addicted to Heroin
Ep1006 Friday Live With Ali, Mark and Gayle
Ep1005 The Tiniest Dog in the World
Ep1004 Actress Jenny McCarthy; Warrior Moms
Ep1003 Recession Proof Your Family With Suze Orman
Ep1002 Princess Fannie Moves Back Home
Ep1001 The Girl With "The Voice" and Celine Sing Their Dream Duet, Plus Ty Pennington and OBC
Ep1000 How to Affair-Proof Your Marriage: Why Men Cheat, Part 2
Ep999 How Gwyneth Paltrow Got That Body! Plus Chef Mario Batali
Ep998 Dr. Oz - The Woman With the 140-Pound Tumor
Ep997 Internet Predators: How Bad Is It?
Ep996 Tatum O'Neal Speaks Out About Her Drug Bust
Ep995 Why Men Cheat
Ep994 Elizabeth Smart, John Ramsey: The Stories That Captured the Nation
Ep993 Best of Oprah: The Most Talented Girl in the World
Ep992 Welcome Home Team USA's Olympic Stars!
Ep991 The Law of Attraction: Real Life Stories
Ep990 Overcoming Lifelong Fears in 30 Minutes: Does Past Life-Regression Work?
Ep989 A Global Adventure: The 'O Ambassadors' Launch
Ep988 Dr. Oz Goes to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Camp
Ep987 'Take Ten Years Off Your Looks' Makeovers
Ep986 The Cast of 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' Reunites!
Ep985 Oprah's Top Picks for Summer
Ep984 The Best of America's Funniest Videos Plus Hilarious Tina Fey and Amy Poehler
Ep983 Forced to Marry at 14: Lisa Ling's Special Report on Polygamy
Ep982 Were You Here Before? Dr. Oz Explores Past Life Regressions
Ep981 Oprah Presents the World's Smartest Kids
Ep980 Oprah's Sandwich Showdown
Ep979 Oprah, Cher and Tina Turner at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas
Ep978 Viewers React: The Week in Review
Ep977 First TV Interview: Barbara Walters' New Revelations
Ep976 Celebrating 25 years in Film With Tom Cruise
Ep975 Exclusive From His Telluride Home: The Tom Cruise Interview
Ep974 Exclusive: Sex and the City Cast Reunion
Ep973 David Blaine Risks His Life to Break a World Record
Ep972 Dr. Oz And Dr. Harville Hendrix Confront a Couple on the Edge
Ep971 Hall of Fame Guests: Where Are They Now?
Ep970 Nate's Kitchen of the Year Makeover!
Ep969 America's Favorite Little People Family Plus the Jonas Brothers Phenomenon
Ep968 What Would You Do?
Ep967 Oprah's Earth Day Event
Ep966 The Big Give Finale With the Million Dollar Winner
Ep965 'I Hate My Job' Interventions
Ep964 What Would You Dare To Live Without?
Ep963 When Your Life Doesn't Fit, With Maria Shriver
Ep962 Emergency House Call: Dr. Oz and a Family in Crisis
Ep961 Superstar Mariah Carey
Ep960 Beautiful Boy: A Father's Heartache – An Addict Son
Ep959 'A New Earth' Phenomenon: An Hour That Can Change Your Life
Ep958 Sports Legends Chris Evert, Martina Navratilova and Super Coach Vivian Stringer
Ep957 Why Jamie Lee Curtis Posed Nude at 50
Ep956 Lisa Ling Investigates the Hidden World of Puppy Mills
Ep955 First TV Interview: The Pregnant Man
Ep954 The Families Behind The Heartbreaking Mistaken Identity Case
Ep953 Dr. Oz Investigates Night Terrors
Ep952 Suze Orman With Emergency Financial Advice for America
Ep951 Music Legend Billy Joel and Katie Joel: First TV Interview
Ep950 Simon Cowell Reveals Some of the Most Talented People in the World
Ep949 Oscar Winner Charlize Theron Gives Big
Ep948 Drew Barrymore's Million Dollar Moment
Ep947 'The Big Give' Kick-Off Party!
Ep946 The Age of Miracles: The New Midlife
Ep945 Living On The Edge: Lisa Ling Reports How Far Would You Go?
Ep944 Rocker Rick Springfield, TV Legends William Shatner and Henry Winkler
Ep943 Exclusive: Valerie Bertinelli Comes Clean About Living a Lie
Ep942 Raising Sextuplets and Twins, Plus Sean Combs and TV Legend Phylicia Rashad
Ep941 Oprah Presents 'Dancing With the Stars' Champions
Ep940 'Shlumpadinka' Makeovers
Ep939 Dr. Oz Investigates the Man Who Turned Blue
Ep938 Jim Carrey, Carol Burnett and Steve Carell
Ep937 How to Look Good Naked
Ep936 'I Love You' Surprises!
Ep935 Suicide, Lies, Debt: A Suburban Nightmare
Ep934 '70s Sensation David Cassidy and the Cosby Kids---Where Are They Now?
Ep933 Nate Builds a Dream House
Ep932 The Ultimate Reunion: When Dad Is a Sperm Donor
Ep931 Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat With Peter Walsh
Ep930 The Secret Behind 'The Secret'
Ep929 Dr. Oz Reveals the Ultimate Checklist for Great Aging
Ep928 Should a 340-Pound Teenager Have Gastric Bypass Surgery?
Ep927 America's Toughest Matchmaker Plus Katherine Heigl
Ep926 Medical Miracles: A Dr. Oz Report
Ep925 World Record Holders
Ep924 How the Gift of Fear Can Save Your Life
Ep923 Bette Midler: 62 and Heading to Las Vegas
Ep922 Adult Children of Divorce Confront Their Parents
Ep921 Meet the Oscar Nominees
Ep920 What Makes America, America?
Ep919 Dr. Oz: The Latest Secrets to Quit Smoking
Ep918 The Dream Lives: A Martin Luther King Day Special
Ep917 What Happened to the Mom Who Shopped Her Family Broke?
Ep916 Ask Dr. Northrup
Ep915 Exclusive: Marion Jones' First Interview
Ep914 Face Behind The Name
Ep913 Oprah and Bob's Best Life Challenge
Ep912 Burning Questions for Hannah Montana: Miley Cyrus
Ep911 How Would You Spend One More Day With Someone You Loved?
Ep910 Why We Can’t Stop Talking About Eat, Pray, Love!
Ep909 Amy Grant, Vince Gill, Rascal Flatts, Kenny Rogers: Home for the Holidays
Ep908 Celebrity Hairstylists Reveal Their Secrets
Ep907 Best Of Oprah: The Woman Who Lost 530 Pounds
Ep906 Behind the Scenes of Oprah’s Favorite Things 2007!
Ep905 Denzel Washington and Forest Whitaker
Ep904 Teen Phenom Hannah Montana: Miley Cyrus Shocks Her Biggest Fans
Ep903 Oprah’s Favorite Things 2007!
Ep902 Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts Together For The First Time!
Ep901 Best of Oprah: Inside the Lives of Hoarders
Ep900 Best of Oprah: Inside the Lives of Hoarders
Ep899 The Greatest Love Stories Ever Told
Ep898 Knock, Knock: It’s Nate!
Ep897 Fans’ Dreams Come True With Celine Dion
Ep896 Over 100 Osmonds Reunite on Our Stage!
Ep895 How to Look Great at Every Age
Ep894 Beauty Queen Raped By Her Husband
Ep893 YouTube’s Greatest Hits With the Billionaire Founders
Ep892 Best of Oprah: Dr. On Aging: How to Turn Back Time
Ep891 Oprah’s Great American Haircut!
Ep890 Dr. Oz On Aging: How to Turn Back Time
Ep889 Ask Financial Powerhouse Suze Orman Anything
Ep888 What The Style-Makers Can’t Live Without
Ep887 Dr. Oz Viewer Interventions
Ep886 Polygamy in America: Lisa Ling Reports
Ep885 Superstar Couples
Ep884 Gay Around the World
Ep883 How to Be a Star at Work and at Home
Ep882 Dr. Oz: A Special Report on Death
Ep881 Best of the Oprah: I'm the Other Woman
Ep880 Money 911s: The Mom Who Shopped Her Family Broke
Ep879 Bill Cosby Calls Out the 'Dirty Laundry'
Ep878 The Big Wake-up Call for Women With Dr. Christiane Northrup
Ep877 Jerry Seinfeld and His Big 'Buzz'
Ep876 Transgender Families
Ep875 Divorce Follow-Up With Babyface
Ep874 Nate's Time Warp Decorating Rescue
Ep873 Lisa Ling Investigates: Wombs for Rent
Ep872 Jessica Seinfeld's Delicious Secret With Dr. Oz
Ep871 'Eat, Pray, Love' and Oprah’s Book Club Announcement!
Ep870 Exclusive: Controversial Singer Sinead O'Connor Reveals her Struggle With Bipolar Disorder
Ep869 Why Did I Get Married?
Ep868 Halle Berry’s Having A Baby!
Ep867 330 Men Ask Dr. Oz
Ep866 Born In The Wrong Body
Ep865 Sick In America: It Can Happen to You
Ep864 Children of Divorce Reveal Their Secret Thoughts
Ep863 237 Reasons To Have Sex
Ep862 Exclusive: Did Bipolar Disorder Drive A Mother To Kill Her Child?
Ep861 Growing Up Intersex
Ep860 Oscar Winner Sean Penn: His First Trip to 'The Oprah Show'
Ep859 Justin Timberlake, Reba McEntire, Kelly Clarkson
Ep858 Jenny McCarthy and Holly Robinson Peete's Fight to Save Their Sons
Ep857 The Truth About Food With Dr. Oz and Bob Greene
Ep856 High Style on a Budget With Superstar Designer Vera Wang
Ep855 The O.J. Book Controversy: the Goldmans Speak Out
Ep854 Exclusive: Mary Winkler---the Wife Who Killed Her Pastor Husband
Ep853 Six Years Later---the Children of September 11th
Ep852 Season Premiere---Oprah and Letterman Together Again in NYC!
Ep851 Former President Bill's Clinton's New Passion and Andre Agassi
Ep850 How Often Do You Clean?
Ep849 An Oprah Special Report: Katrina---What Will It Take to Recover?
Ep848 The Oprah Winfrey Show
Ep847 The Oprah Winfrey Show
Ep846 How They Revved Up Their Sex Life!
Ep845 This Is the Year to Get Richer!
Ep844 Left for Dead: The Gay Man Who Befriended His Attacker
Ep843 Michael Moore: The Buzz About 'Sicko,' and Oprah's Summer Book
Ep842 Lifesaving Lessons From Families Like Yours
Ep841 The Man Who 'Adopted' 6000 Children
Ep840 Why I Forgave the Man Who Shot Me
Ep839 What's Cool for Summer
Ep838 Children Ashamed of the Way They Look
Ep837 Oprah and Gayle's Spa Trip: What You Didn't See
Ep836 An Actress, Supermodel and Country Star Pull Back the Veil on Depression
Ep835 A Mother's Nightmare Captured on Tape: Her Children Speak Out
Ep834 The Big Weigh-in: Best Weight Loss Challenge Update
Ep833 Ask Dr. Oz
Ep832 Sarah Jessica Parker---Fab Without a Fortune
Ep831 Oprah's Neighbors Throw a Party!
Ep830 John Travolta and the Cast of 'Hairspray'
Ep829 Best of Oprah: Take the Dr. Oz Health Quiz
Ep828 Oprah and Gayle's Big Spa Adventure
Ep827 Maria Shriver, Demi Moore, Vanessa Williams: A Mother's Day Special
Ep826 Discovered in a Subway: Now Her 'Oprah Show' Dream Comes True
Ep825 Cheers to You!
Ep824 A Suburban Mother's Nightmare Captured on Tape
Ep823 The Best!
Ep822 Oprah Plays Deal or No Deal With Howie Mandel
Ep821 Oprah's Search for the Next Big Idea
Ep820 Oprah and Tommy Hilfiger Set the Record Straight, Plus Our Most Memorable Guests
Ep819 First Interview: Dina McGreevey, Estranged Wife of the Gay Governor, Breaks Her Silence
Ep818 Nate and Clutter Expert Peter Walsh Clean Up Your Life
Ep817 The Best Places to Find Men Over 35: Gayle King Reports
Ep816 Best of Oprah: Ask Dr. Oz
Ep815 Loving Our Dogs
Ep814 The Virginia Videotape Controversy
Ep813 The Secrets of My Big Success
Ep812 Going Green 101: What Your Family Can Do Today
Ep811 'American Idol' Finalists, Simon Cowell and Oprah Does Improv
Ep810 An Oprah Special Report: Lisa Ling Live at Virginia Tech
Ep809 After Imus, Now What? The Hip-hop Community Responds
Ep808 After Imus, Now What?
Ep807 What the New Scam Artists Don't Want You to Know
Ep806 Gayle and Viewers Learn the Latest Dance Moves
Ep805 How Happy Are You?
Ep804 Miracle Sextuplets, Twins Reunited
Ep803 Addiction: Why Can't They Stop?
Ep802 America Talks to Oprah!
Ep801 The Face of Autism
Ep800 Real-life Heroes
Ep799 I Walked Away From Millions
Ep798 Miss USA Returns to Harpo
Ep797 Planet Earth
Ep796 Why I Cut Off My Breasts
Ep795 Oprah's Book Club---Sidney Poitier Tribute
Ep794 Good News
Ep793 Letters to Oprah, 2007
Ep792 Moms Who Can't Say No
Ep791 Why They Beat the Odds
Ep790 Chris Rock and 'American Idol' Fantasia's Big News
Ep789 Reporter Bob Woodruff and his wife, Lee
Ep788 Oprah's After-Oscar Party, 2007
Ep787 Oscar Legends
Ep786 The Best Weight Loss Challenge: The Launch
Ep785 Kidnapped as a Child: Why I Didn't Run
Ep784 Nate's Small Space Miracle!
Ep783 This Is the Year to Live Well, with Colin Cowie
Ep782 One Week Later: The Reaction to the Secret
Ep781 Do You Believe?
Ep780 Valentine's Day Love Stories
Ep779 Best of Oprah: Ask Dr. Oz
Ep778 Amazing Kids: The 7-year-old Who Performed Surgery
Ep777 A Special Report: The Little Boy Oprah Couldn't Forget
Ep776 The Secret
Ep775 This Is the Year to Declutter Your Life
Ep774 John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, William H. Macy
Ep773 The 64-Year-Old Grandmother Who Posed in the Nude
Ep772 Moms Who Made Millions
Ep771 How'd They Do That?
Ep770 Would You Survive?
Ep769 Countdown to Oscar: Meet the Nominees
Ep768 Fascinating Families
Ep767 Good News!
Ep766 30 Something Across America
Ep765 What Five Words Describe Your Marriage?
Ep764 My Baby or My Job: Why Elizabeth Vargas Stepped Down
Ep763 This Is the Year to Get Richer!
Ep762 Miracle in Missouri
Ep761 Inside Oprah's Holiday Trip and More
Ep760 What's Playing on Your iPod Concert With Mary J. Blige, Carly Simon and Corinne Bailey Rae
Ep759 Bob Greene's Best Life Diet
Ep758 Exclusive: Lisa Ling Takes a Rare Trip Inside North Korea
Ep757 What's Playing on Your iPod Concert
Ep756 The World's Greatest Voices
Ep755 Global Warming 101 With Al Gore
Ep754 What Leonardo DiCaprio Wants You to Know
Ep753 Are You Ready for a Windfall?
Ep752 Hollywood Legend Ellen Burstyn and Sheryl Crow Reveal Their Greatest Life Lessons
Ep751 Best of Oprah: Dr. Oz Answers Your Burning Weight Loss Questions
Ep750 Oprah's First Movie With Julia Roberts
Ep749 Oprah's Favorite Giveaway Ever! The Results
Ep748 The Oprah Winfrey Show
Ep747 The Oprah Winfrey Show
Ep746 Homeless to Hollywood: Will Smith and the Real Chris Gardner
Ep745 Nate's $10,000 Challenge
Ep744 Beyonce, Jamie Foxx and Eddie Murphy
Ep743 On Location: Oprah on the Set of 'Grey's Anatomy'
Ep742 Dream Jobs: Behind the Scenes With Oprah at Work
Ep741 Inside the $75 Million House
Ep740 Dad Kills Twins: The Truth About Depression
Ep739 The Secret Language of Babies
Ep738 Headline-Making Survivors
Ep737 Oprah's High School Challenge
Ep736 Confronting the Attacker
Ep735 Dreams Come True With Emilio Estevez, Plus Lindsay Lohan's First Visit
Ep734 Kirstie Alley's Bikini Reveal
Ep733 Why 15-year-old Jessica Coleman Killed Her Baby
Ep732 The Dr. Oz Diet
Ep731 The Best Pizza in America
Ep730 Denzel Washington
Ep729 Oprah's Favorite Giveaway Ever!
Ep728 Oprah's Town Hall With Bill O'Reilly
Ep727 NBA Legend Magic Johnson on AIDS in America
Ep726 Madonna Speaks Out: The Adoption Controversy
Ep725 Suddenly Skinny
Ep724 Moms Around the World
Ep723 Childhood Interrupted
Ep722 The Mom Afraid to Touch Her Own Children
Ep721 Barack Obama on the Tough Questions
Ep720 Oprah and Gayle's Big Adventure, Part 5
Ep719 Jennifer Aniston's New Passion
Ep718 Bono’s Red Campaign
Ep717 Truth in America
Ep716 The Mom Afraid to Touch Her Own Children
Ep715 Oprah and Gayle's Big Adventure, Part 4
Ep714 Dr. Oz Answers Your Most Embarrassing Questions
Ep713 Truth in America: The Darfur Crisis
Ep712 Great Women and Their Anti-Aging Secrets
Ep711 Back From the Brink of Suicide
Ep710 Oprah and Gayle's Big Adventure, Part 3
Ep709 Wives Confess They Are Gay
Ep708 Annette Bening and Oscar Winner Morgan Freeman
Ep707 What Pedophiles Don't Want You to Know
Ep706 The Day Your World Falls Apart---Elizabeth Edwards
Ep705 Oprah and Gayle's Big Adventure, Part 2
Ep704 Janet Jackson
Ep703 Oprah’s Most Burning Questions
Ep702 The Buzz with John Legend
Ep701 Matthew McConaughey, Eva Longoria and Bon Jovi
Ep700 First Interview: Former Gov. Jim McGreevey, His Gay Sex Scandal
Ep699 Oprah and Gayle's Big Adventure, Part 1
Ep698 Cameras Capture Families in Crisis
Ep697 Never-Seen Oprah Outtakes
Ep696 Hanging Out with Uma Thurman and the Stars of 'Grey's Anatomy'
Ep695 The 50 Young People Oprah Wants You to Meet
Ep694 Oprah and Elie Wiesel at Auschwitz Death Camp
Ep693 CNN's Anderson Cooper Reveals His Family Secrets
Ep692 The Dog Whisperer Rescues Nate
Ep691 Stabbed by His Father: An 8-Year-Old's Chilling 911 Call
Ep690 When Your Husband Cheats with Your Best Friend
Ep689 Meet the World's Youngest Queen
Ep688 The Best Cake in America Revealed
Ep687 Surviving the Tsunami: Nate Returns
Ep686 Oprah's Gardens: A Private Tour
Ep685 Why I Hate Myself: Mothers Confess
Ep684 Vince Vaughn and 'The Break Up'
Ep683 Lance Armstrong's Ex-wife: The Truth About Her Marriage
Ep682 Inside the Lives of Young Prostitutes
Ep681 Oprah's Most Burning Questions
Ep680 The Big Idea That Made Millions
Ep679 Mother Burned Alive by Her Husband
Ep678 Teri Hatcher's Desperate Secret: An Exclusive
Ep677 90-Day, Live Longer, Feel Younger Plan
Ep676 Does My Butt Look Big?
Ep675 Female Teachers, Young Boys, Secret Sex at School
Ep674 The Story George Clooney Has to Tell
Ep673 Little Geniuses
Ep672 3-Year-Old Obsessed with Looks
Ep671 What Class Are You?
Ep670 An Abusive Husband's Desperate Plea for Help
Ep669 The Child Rape Epidemic: Oprah One-on-One with the Youngest Victims
Ep668 Women Who Are Living a Lie: Could It Be You?
Ep667 The World's Best Gowns
Ep666 Inside the Lives of People Living on the Minimum Wage
Ep665 Have You Let Yourself Go? Part 2. The Big Question: Who Am I?
Ep664 Oprah's Special Report: Schools in Crisis
Ep663 Exclusive: What Bill and Melinda Gates Want You to Know
Ep662 Pink on 'Stupid Girls'
Ep661 Best of Oprah: The Debt Diet, Part 5
Ep660 Best of Oprah: The Debt Diet, Part 4
Ep659 Oprah Goes to Ethiopia
Ep658 Inside the Lives of America's Poor
Ep657 Venus, Serena and Jada Pinkett Smith
Ep656 Best of Oprah: The Debt Diet, Part 3: The Bradleys and the Widlunds
Ep655 Black Women Dating White Men: It's Something New! Plus Singing Sensation James Blunt
Ep654 Oprah's Latest Capture: Hiding in Mexico---Turned in by a Friend
Ep653 Oprah's After-Oscar Party, 2006
Ep652 All-Time Greats of Oscar Night
Ep651 Oscar Nominees Felicity Huffman and Terrence Howard, and host Jon Stewart
Ep650 Meg Ryan's First TV Interview in Two Years
Ep649 The Best Burger in America
Ep648 Marc Jacobs, Jimmy Choo, Barbie: The Real People Behind the Big Names
Ep647 Best of Oprah: The Debt Diet, Part 2
Ep646 Women Who Use Sex to Find Love
Ep645 Oprah on Location: Operation Katrina Homes Move-in Day Special
Ep644 An Oprah Special Report: The Katrina Stories No One Is Telling
Ep643 Viewers' Favorite Moments
Ep642 Best of Oprah: Join the Debt Diet
Ep641 Trading Races
Ep640 Exclusive: The Young Boy Lured Into Becoming an Internet Porn Star
Ep639 Newlyweds: Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood on Marriage, Divorce and Love
Ep638 He Conned 9 Women Into Marriage
Ep637 Oprah's Favorite Experts Help You
Ep636 Meet the Baby Oprah Helped Deliver
Ep635 The Sexiest Man Alive: Matthew McConaughey; and top Grammy Nominee John Legend
Ep634 Faith Hill and Tim McGraw's First TV Interview Together
Ep633 Home Makeovers with Eva Longoria
Ep632 His First TV Interview: Why Dave Chappelle Walked Away from $50 Million
Ep631 The Ebersol Family Tragedy: The Lessons They've Learned
Ep630 Breakfast with Oprah
Ep629 When Lisa Ling Goes Inside One of the World's Most Dangerous Gangs
Ep628 A Follow-up: The Bank-Robbing Dad
Ep627 The Stars of 'Brokeback Mountain' and Tyler Perry's Next Big Thing
Ep626 The 'A Million Little Pieces' Controversy
Ep625 The Bank-Robbing Dad and the Shocked Sons Who Turned Him In
Ep624 Bird Flu: The Untold Story
Ep623 What Should You Be Worried About?
Ep622 A Former Child TV Star Reveals the Biggest Mistake of Her Life
Ep621 Things Oprah Wants You to Know and Do, Too!
Ep620 The Honeymoon Cruise Ship Mystery: The Bride Speaks Out
Ep619 Oprah's Latest Capture: From Boys' School Director to Most Wanted Pedophile
Ep618 Oprah's Embarrassing Night
Ep617 Incredible Body Makeovers
Ep616 The Man Who Kept Oprah Awake
Ep615 Oprah's Favorite Things, 2005
Ep614 George Clooney, Faith Hill and Kirstie Alley: What You Didn't See After the Show
Ep613 Mariah Carey Grants a Wildest Dream
Ep612 Famous Gospel Singer Admits His Addiction to Porn
Ep611 Jamie Foxx Sets the Record Straight
Ep610 17-Year-Old meth Addict: Did She Quit?
Ep609 Oprah and Rachael Ray Throw a Holiday Party
Ep608 Oprha's 20th Anniversary Follow-up Show
Ep607 Oprah's Favorite Things 2005
Ep606 A Father Faces the Teen Who Killed His Family
Ep605 When I Knew I Was Gay
Ep604 Mary Jo Buttafuoco
Ep603 Oprah's Bra and Jean Intervention
Ep602 Twenty Years of Oprah's Favorite Moments
Ep601 Beyonce's Sexy New Passion and a Snaek Peek at Broadway's 'The Color Purple'
Ep600 James Denton
Ep599 Terry McMillan and Jonathan Plummer
Ep598 Medical Mystery: The Mermaid Girl Miracle
Ep597 Kirstie Alley Teaches Oprah Her Secret Weight-Loss Weapon
Ep596 Oprah's Pros Reveal Their Secrets
Ep595 Mindy McCready
Ep594 Makeup Advice; Room Makeover; Tour of Oprah Winfrey's Home
Ep593 Ricky Martin on Children Being Sold Into Sex Slavery
Ep592 Why Do Men Go to Strip Clubs?
Ep591 Robin Smith; Personal Comebacks
Ep590 George Clooney's Big Buzz
Ep589 Breaking News: Oprah Presents Another $100,000 Reward
Ep588 Man Who Kept Oprah Awake at Night: Million Little Pieces
Ep587 A Hilarious Surpise for Michael Jordan
Ep586 The 9/11 Widow Stuck in Her Grief
Ep585 Her Husband Tried to Kill Her
Ep584 Gay for 30 Days!
Ep583 Number One Killer of Women Revealed
Ep582 A Pro Football Player's Secret Shame
Ep581 Eight Women Oprah Wants You to Know
Ep580 Jay Leno and America's Amazing Kids
Ep579 Jay Leno Introduces Us to Amazing Kids
Ep578 Oprah's Bad Hair Day
Ep577 Oprah's Special Report: Inside the Lives of America's Poor
Ep576 Oprah Captures Child Molesters
Ep575 O the Buzz: Reese Witherspoon. Ricky Martin and Nate's Big News
Ep574 Uma Thurman on Love, Marriage and Men
Ep573 Are You a Racist? With the Cast of 'Crash'
Ep572 Sarah Jessica Parker, Orlando Bloom and Matthew Fox Reveal Their Favorite Places
Ep571 Kidnapped by a Pedophile: The Shasta Groene Tragedy
Ep570 How Faith Hill Changed One Woman's Life Forever
Ep569 Charlize Theron on Sexual Harassment
Ep568 Melissa Etheridge's Fight for Her Life
Ep567 Held Hostage by the Atlanta Spree Killer: How Ashley Smith Survived
Ep566 Brooke Shields, Wynonna Judd and Steven Cojocaru: A Special Follow-Up
Ep565 Night F. John Kennedy Jr. Died: Carole Radziwill on Love and Loss
Ep564 Dancing With the Stars Rematch: Meet the Winners
Ep563 Why Everybody Hates Chris Rock and Special OBC News
Ep562 Bon Jovi's Oprah Show Debut
Ep561 Lance Armstrong, Anthony Hopkins and a Tribute to Luther Vandross with Usher and Patti LaBelle
Ep560 20th Anniversary Season Premiere with Jennifer Aniston
Ep559 When Your Identical Twin Has a Sex Change
Ep558 I Let Myself Go: Confessions of Fashion Icon
Ep557 Too Ugly to Live
Ep556 Total Money Makeovers
Ep555 I Was the One
Ep554 How My Worst Moment Made Me a Star
Ep553 Once in a Lifetime Dares
Ep552 On Location from Mississippi
Ep551 Oprah on Location: Inside the Katrina Castastrophe
Ep550 Oprah's Wildest Dream Bus Hits New York
Ep549 He's Just Not That Into You Revolution
Ep548 Nate Guts Jerry O'Connell's Bachelor Pad
Ep547 Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley
Ep546 Lisa Marie Presley
Ep545 When You're the Fat One in the Family
Ep544 Extreme Miracles Captured on Tape
Ep543 Inside the Secret Live of Hoarders
Ep542 How Much Weight Has Kirstie Alley Lost?
Ep541 Addicted to Lying
Ep540 Clara Harris: The Woman Who Ran Over Her Cheating Husband
Ep539 Maria Shriver and Eunice Kennedy Shriver
Ep538 Fabulous Without a Fortune
Ep537 Oprah and Seven Cheating Husbands
Ep536 Wildest Dreams with Tina Turner
Ep535 When the One You Love Is a Pedophile
Ep534 When Your Mother Drives You Crazy
Ep533 Molested by a Priest
Ep532 Memoirs of an Unfit Mother
Ep531 Oprah's Follow-Up Show: Spring 2005
Ep530 'Bewitched' Stars Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell
Ep529 Parents Out of Control
Ep528 The Woman Without a Face
Ep527 Nate Takes the Oprah Winfrey Show Inside His Home
Ep526 Mariah Carey Grants a Wildest Dream
Ep525 Tom Cruise on Love, Life and Fatherhood
Ep524 Oprah's Bra and Swimsuit Intervention
Ep523 The Two-Headed Baby Miracle
Ep522 When You're the Fat One in the Family
Ep521 Anti-Aging Breakthroughs
Ep520 How Much Weight Has Kirstie Alley Lost?
Ep519 Will She Choose Life or Death?: An Oprah Intervention
Ep518 Lose Weight This Summer With Oprah: Boot Camp Follow-Ups
Ep517 Day I Found Out My Husband Was a Child Molestor
Ep516 Wildest Dreams Bus Hits New York
Ep515 Oprah and Stedman's Family Issue
Ep514 Inside the Secret Lives of Hoarders
Ep513 Oprah and Seven Cheating Husbands
Ep512 An Oprah Exclusive: Brooke Shields' Struggle for Sanity
Ep511 Insider Secrets to Make You Younger and Healthier
Ep510 Nate Guts Jerry O'Connell's Bachelor Pad
Ep509 You're Not the Person I Married
Ep508 Exclusive: Clara Harris, the Woman Who Ran Over Her Cheating Husband
Ep507 The 'He's Just Not That Into You' Revolution
Ep506 From White House Intern to Crack Addict
Ep505 Oprah Takes You Around the World
Ep504 Addicted to Lying
Ep503 The Woman Who Saved Red Carpet Reporter Steven Cojocaru's Life
Ep502 A Mother's Controversial Confession
Ep501 O, The Oprah Magazine's Birthday Bash
Ep500 Jon Stewart Speaks His Mind Plus Cameron Diaz's Big Adventure
Ep499 The Secret Lives of Teenage Girls
Ep498 Tracey Gold
Ep497 Maria Shriver and Her Mom, Eunice Kennedy Shriver: Their First TV Interview
Ep496 Lisa Ling Goes to Prison: A Shocking Report
Ep495 The Next Big Thing With Simon Cowell
Ep494 Venus, Serena and Jada Pinkett Smith on Dating, Sex and Weight
Ep493 Exclusive: Priscilla & Lisa Marie Presley's First Interview Together
Ep492 Lisa Marie Presley on Her New Love, Marriage & Elvis
Ep491 Beauty Shop Makeovers with Queen Latifah, Andie MacDowell and Kevin Bacon
Ep490 Jamie Foxx, Chris Rock, Hilary Swank: After the Oscars
Ep489 Amy Fisher
Ep488 Diary of a Mad Black Woman
Ep487 Scott Peterson's Half-Sister: Thirty-Three Reasons Why Her Brother Is Guilty
Ep486 Oprah's Wildest Dreams Bus Travels to Los Angeles and New York
Ep485 Pathological Liars Confess
Ep484 Oprah's After Oscar Party from the Kodak Theater
Ep483 Red Carpet Makeovers with Jessica Simpson
Ep482 Ashton Kutcher and Bernie Mac on the Loves of Their Lives
Ep481 Extreme Miracles Captured on Tape
Ep480 Gwen Stefani, Hilary Duff and Enrique Iglesias Surprise Their Biggest Fans
Ep479 How to Look Ten Years Younger
Ep478 Oprah Goes to Prison: The Pastor Who Killed His Wife
Ep477 Look Ten Pounds Thinner Instantly
Ep476 Dana Reeve's First Interview Since Christopher's Death
Ep475 Memoirs of An Unfit Mother
Ep474 Oprah's Weight-Loss Plan
Ep473 Live Strong With Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow
Ep472 Oprah Goes to Prison: The Pastor Who Killed His Wife
Ep471 Cast of Everybody Loves Raymond Says Goodbye
Ep470 Hooked On Plastic Surgery At 28
Ep469 Will Smith Helps Guys Get Dates
Ep468 Wildest Dreams with Tina Turner
Ep467 Oprah's Role on Desperate Housewives
Ep466 Biggest Dares in the World with Debra Messing
Ep465 Oprah's Follow-Up Show: Winter 2005
Ep464 Hilary Swank, Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp
Ep463 Oprah's Producers' Favorite Moments II
Ep462 Rudy Giuliani's Ex-Wife Reveals Her New Love
Ep461 Ricky Martin Travels to Meet Tsunami Orphans
Ep460 Supernanny Shapes Up Unruly Kids
Ep459 Living the American Dream: Barack Obama and Mark Burnett
Ep458 Jim Carrey, Kirstie Alley, Amy Fisher: What You Didn't See
Ep457 Nate Berkus: The Tsunami Disaster
Ep456 Amber Frey
Ep455 Adam Sandler
Ep454 Leonardo DiCaprio
Ep453 George Clooney and Matt Damon
Ep452 Children Who Shook the World
Ep451 Meet the Heroes in the Headlines
Ep450 Oprah's Wildest Dreams Bus
Ep449 Exclusive: The Cast of 'Seinfeld' Reunites
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Ep444 How Clean Is Your House?
Ep443 Depressed, Mentally Ill and Famous
Ep442 Fantasy Wedding Dream Come True
Ep441 Julia Roberts; Destiny's Child Reunion
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Ep439 When You Accidentally Kill Someone
Ep438 Look Ten Years Younger in Ten Days
Ep437 Oprah Cleans Out Her Closet
Ep436 Incredible Body Makeovers and Follow-Up with Wynonna Judd
Ep435 Robin Givens: Life After Her Violent Marriage
Ep434 Julia Roberts Is Having Twins
Ep433 Follow-Up Show: Fall 2004
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Ep422 Oprah Reveals the Next Big Thing
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Ep420 Desperate Housewives
Ep419 Miracle Babies with Celine Dion
Ep418 Special Experiment: Men Turn into Women
Ep417 Tatum O'Neal
Ep416 World's Biggest Surprise Baby Shower
Ep415 Richard Gere, Jennifer Lopez, Susan Sarandon
Ep414 Can This Suburban Mom Stop Drinking?
Ep413 Around the World With Oprah
Ep412 Emotionally Tortured Women
Ep411 Single Mother of Quadruplets
Ep410 Cheating Husbands Confess
Ep409 I Shot My Molester
Ep408 Oprah's Voting Party
Ep407 This Show Could Save Your Life
Ep406 The Amy Fisher Story
Ep405 Wife Swapping
Ep404 Children Held Hostage
Ep403 He's Just Not That Into You
Ep402 Living a Secret Life
Ep401 John Travolta and Joaquin Phoenix
Ep400 Usher, Avril LaVigne, Mischa Barton Surprise Their Biggest Fans
Ep399 Barbara Walters
Ep398 Barry Manilow Sings
Ep397 Lori Hacking's Mother Comes Forward
Ep396 Season Premiere
Ep395 More with the Judds and Wayanses
Ep394 New Mom Gwyneth Paltrow's First Interview
Ep393 The 11-Year-Old Who Wants a Sex Change
Ep392 Oprah's Most Romantic Man Search
Ep391 In Prison for Sex with Teen
Ep390 Atrocities Against Children
Ep389 Ask the Expert
Ep388 Maria Shriver and Leeza Gibbons
Ep387 Oprah's Producers' Favorite Moments Three
Ep386 Bill Clinton and Oprah: The Interview
Ep385 Kurt Russell, Billy Crystal: Cool Dads
Ep384 America's Funniest Family: The Wayanses
Ep383 The Wayans Family
Ep382 Stevie Wonder
Ep381 Stars of Spiderman
Ep380 Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, the Olsen Twins: After the Show
Ep379 Challenge Your Spouse
Ep378 Sharon Stone's Brush with Death
Ep377 George Michael Launches His Comeback
Ep376 Halle Berry and Benjamin Bratt
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Ep373 The Mistake I Can't Take Back
Ep372 Oprah's Million Dollar Wedding Giveaway
Ep371 What Not to Wear This Summer
Ep370 Oprah Goes Back in Time
Ep369 Kidnapped and Held Captive
Ep368 Look Young! Live Longer!
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Ep366 More About Family Violence
Ep365 What Should We Do About Family Violence?
Ep364 Get Real About Your Age
Ep363 The Two Towns of Jasper
Ep362 What Can You Really Afford?
Ep361 Goldie Hawn and Susan Sarandon
Ep360 Life as an Obese Person
Ep359 The Secret Thoughts of Fathers
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Ep357 Unlikely Friends
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Ep348 Moms with Careers - How Does She Do It?
Ep347 Wedding Day
Ep346 Step Out of Your Box
Ep345 Obese Children
Ep344 Viewers' Favorite Rooms
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Ep339 What Does the World Think of Us?
Ep338 Bowling for Columbine
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Ep335 What Happens After the Wedding
Ep334 That's Incredible
Ep333 Is War the Only Answer?
Ep332 Mothers Who Lose Control
Ep331 Mammograms, Self-Exams, Hormone Therapy: Why Are We So Confused?
Ep330 Where Are We Now?
Ep329 What Mothers Honestly Think About Motherhood
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Ep324 Former N.Y.C. Mayor Rudy Giuliani
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Ep313 9/11 Mother's Day Tributes
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