The Phil Silvers Show

  • 1955-1959

The classic 1950s Nat Hiken service sitcom about unrivaled Army con artist Sgt. Ernie Bilko, head of the motor pool at Fort Baxter in Kansas. Originally titled `You'll Never Get Rich,' and later... Más


Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep34 Weekend Colonel
Ep33 Bilko and the Boycott
Ep32 Bilko in Outer Space
Ep31 The Colonel's Second Honeymoon
Ep30 Bilko's Casino
Ep29 Doberman the Missing Heir
Ep28 Bilko's Small Car
Ep27 Ritzik Goes Civilian
Ep26 Bilko the Butler
Ep25 Guinea Pig Bilko
Ep24 Bilko's Godson
Ep23 Warrant Officer Paparelli
Ep22 Bilko's Ape Man
Ep21 Bilko's Formula 7
Ep20 Bilko's Sharpshooters
Ep19 The Colonel's Promotion
Ep18 Viva Bilko
Ep17 Bilko's Credit Card
Ep16 Bilko's Grand Hotel
Ep15 Bilko's Hollywood Romance
Ep14 Bilko's Bopster
Ep13 Bilko and the Medium
Ep12 Bilko's Giveaway
Ep11 Bilko's Secret Mission
Ep10 Bilko Presents the McGuire Sisters
Ep9 Bilko and the Chaplain
Ep8 Bilko's Allergy
Ep7 Bilko's Big Woman Hunt
Ep6 Bilko Joins the Navy
Ep5 Bilko vs. Covington
Ep4 Bilko the Potato-Sack King
Ep3 Bilko's Deluxe Tours
Ep2 Bilko's Vampire
Ep1 Gold Fever

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep36 Papa Bilko
Ep35 Joan's Big Romance
Ep34 Bilko's School Days
Ep33 Bilko's Prize Poodle
Ep32 Bilko's Insurance Company
Ep31 Bilko's Vacation
Ep30 Bilko Retires from Gambling
Ep29 Bilko's TV Pilot
Ep28 Operation Love
Ep27 Bilko's Chinese Restaurant
Ep26 Bilko's Honeymoon
Ep25 The Colonel's Inheritance
Ep24 Bilko the Male Model
Ep23 Bilko the Genius
Ep22 Bilko the Art Lover
Ep21 Bilko Saves Ritzik's Marriage
Ep20 The Colonel's Reunion
Ep19 Cyrano de Bilko
Ep18 Bilko's Pigeons
Ep17 Bilko's Cousin
Ep16 Bilko Stars as Kay Kendall
Ep15 Doberman the Crooner
Ep14 Bilko and the Colonel's Secretary
Ep13 Bilko and the Flying Saucers
Ep12 Bilko FOB Detroit
Ep11 Bilko at Bay
Ep10 Bilko and the Boys Club
Ep9 Cherokee Ernie
Ep8 Bilko Talks in His Sleep
Ep7 Sgt. Bilko Presents
Ep6 Bilko's Double Life
Ep5 The Big Man Hunt
Ep4 Bilko's Valentine
Ep3 Hillbilly Whiz
Ep2 Bilko's Boys Town
Ep1 Bilko's Merry Widow

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep36 His Highness, Doberman
Ep35 Show Segments
Ep34 The Colonel Breaks Par
Ep33 Bilko's Perfect Day
Ep32 The Big Scandal
Ep31 Bilko Acres
Ep30 Bilko the Marriage Broker
Ep29 Radio Station BILKO
Ep28 The Secret Life of Sgt. Bilko
Ep27 Mess-Hall Mess
Ep26 Bilko Goes Around the World
Ep25 Bilko Goes South
Ep24 Bilko's Black Magic
Ep23 Rock 'n' Roll Rookie
Ep22 Son of Bilko
Ep21 Bilko's Television Idea
Ep20 Bilko Enters Politics
Ep19 Bilko Goes to Monte Carlo
Ep18 Bing Crosby
Ep17 Love That Guardhouse
Ep16 Blue Blood of Bilko
Ep15 Bilko Gets Some Sleep
Ep14 Sgt. Bilko Presents Ed Sullivan
Ep13 Mink Inc.
Ep12 Bilko's Tax Trouble
Ep11 Where There's a Will
Ep10 Doberman's Sister
Ep9 The Mess Sergeant Can't Win
Ep8 Bilko's Engagement
Ep7 The Song of the Motor Pool
Ep6 Bilko's War Against Culture
Ep5 The Face on the Recruiting Poster
Ep4 The Girl from Italy
Ep3 Bilko Goes to College
Ep2 It's for the Birds
Ep1 Platoon in the Movies

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep34 Bilko in Wall Street
Ep33 War Games
Ep32 The Con Men
Ep31 Hair
Ep30 Recruiting Sergeant
Ep29 The Physical Checkup
Ep28 Bilko and the Beast
Ep27 The Big Uranium Strike
Ep26 Furlough in New York
Ep25 The Court-Martial
Ep24 Miss America
Ep23 Army Memoirs
Ep22 Dinner at Sowici's
Ep21 The Rest Cure
Ep20 Transfer
Ep19 Revolutionary War
Ep18 Kids in the Trailer
Ep17 Investigation
Ep16 Hollywood
Ep15 Rich Kid
Ep14 Reunion
Ep13 The Twitch
Ep12 The Singing Contest
Ep11 Bivouac
Ep10 Centennial
Ep9 Eating Contest
Ep8 Mardi Gras
Ep7 The Hoodlum
Ep6 Boxer
Ep4 The Horse
Ep2 Empty Store
Ep1 New Recruits

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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Lt. Bilko

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