The Powerpuff Girls

  • 1964-1967
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A highly stylized, popular cartoon about a trio of little-girl crimefighters with great strength and the ability to fly. Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup are determined to keep the city of Townsville... Más


Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep23 What's the Big Idea; Roughing It Up
Ep23 What's the Big Idea; Roughing It Up
Ep22 Sister Sitter; Bubbles Of The Opera
Ep21 Blue Ribbon Blues; Frenemy
Ep20 Crazy Mixed Up Puffs; Mizzen in Action
Ep18 Octi Gone
Ep17 I See a Funny Cartoon in Your Future
Ep16 Neighbor Hood
Ep16 Sun Scream; The City of Frownsville
Ep16 Sun Scream; The City of Frownsville
Ep15 Nuthin' Special
Ep14 Roughing It Up
Ep14 That's Not My Baby!; Simian Says
Ep13 What's the Big Idea
Ep12 Mizzen in Action
Ep11 Crazy Mixed Up Puffs
Ep10 West in Pieces
Ep10 Custody Battle; City of Nutsville
Ep9 The City of Frownsville
Ep8 Sun Scream
Ep7 Simian Says
Ep7 Little Miss Interprets
Ep6 That's Not My Baby!
Ep6 Little Miss Interprets; Night Mayor
Ep5 Aspirations
Ep5 Aspirations
Ep4 City of Nutsville
Ep3 Custody Battle
Ep2 Night Mayor
Ep1 Little Miss Interprets
Ep1 Little Miss Interprets
Ep1 Little Miss Interprets

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep37 Silent Treatment; Sweet 'n' Sour
Ep34 Curses; Bang for Your Buck
Ep33 A Made Up Story
Ep33 A Made Up Story
Ep32 Oops, I Did It Again
Ep31 Mo' Linguish
Ep31 Mo' Linguish
Ep31 Mo' Linguish
Ep31 Town and Out; Bubblevicious
Ep30 Live and Let D.Y.N.A.M.O.
Ep30 Documentary; Girls Gone Mild
Ep29 Reeking Havoc
Ep28 Say Uncle
Ep27 Makes Zen to Me
Ep27 Lying Around the House; Bubble Boy
Ep26 Coupe d'Etat
Ep25 Prime Mates
Ep24 Sweet 'n' Sour
Ep24 Burglar Alarmed; Shotgun Wedding
Ep23 Silent Treatment
Ep22 Bang for Your Buck
Ep21 Curses
Ep20 Girls Gone Mild
Ep20 Pee Pee G's; Boy Toys
Ep19 Documentary
Ep18 Bubble Boy
Ep18 Save Mojo; Substitute Creature
Ep17 Lying Around the House
Ep17 Toast of the Town; Shotgun Wedding
Ep16 City of Clipsville
Ep15 Seed No Evil
Ep14 Boy Toys
Ep13 Pee Pee G's
Ep12 The Boys Are Back in Town
Ep12 Burglar Alarmed; Divide and Conquer
Ep11 Substitute Creature
Ep10 Save Mojo
Ep9 Shotgun Wedding
Ep9 Toast of the Town; Divide and Conquer
Ep8 Pee Pee G's; Boy Toys
Ep8 Seed No Evil; City of Clipsville
Ep8 Burglar Alarmed
Ep8 I See a Funny Cartoon in Your Future; Octi Gone
Ep7 Divide and Conquer
Ep7 Monstra City; Shut the Pup up!
Ep6 See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey
Ep6 Toast of the Town
Ep5 Mo' Linguish; Oops, I Did It Again
Ep5 Shut the Pup Up!
Ep4 Reeking Havoc; Live and Let D.Y.N.A.M.O.
Ep4 Monstra City
Ep3 Prime Mates; Coupe d'Etat
Ep3 Burglar Alarmed; Shotgun Wedding
Ep3 Power-Noia
Ep2 Makes Zen to Me; Say Uncle
Ep2 Toast of the Town; Divide and Conquer
Ep2 Keen on Keane; Not so Awesome Blossom
Ep2 Not so Awesome Blossom
Ep1 Keen on Keane

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep10 Keen on Keane; Not So Awesome Blossom
Ep10 Nuthin' Special; Neighbor Hood
Ep10 Knock It Off
Ep9 Stray Bullet
Ep9 Stray Bullet
Ep8 Forced Kin
Ep8 Forced Kin
Ep7 Nano of the North
Ep7 Nano of the North
Ep6 Him Diddle Riddle
Ep5 Members Only
Ep4 Super Friends
Ep4 Him Diddle Riddle
Ep4 Superfriends
Ep3 Get Back Jojo
Ep3 Get Back Jojo
Ep2 All Chalked Up
Ep2 Get Back, JoJo
Ep1 Film Flam

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep30 Three Girls and a Monster; Monkey See, Doggy Two
Ep29 Getting Twiggy With It; Cop Out
Ep29 Gettin' Twiggy With It; Cop Out
Ep28 Bubblevision; Bought and Scold
Ep28 Bubble Vision; Bought and Scold
Ep27 Town and Out; Child Fearing
Ep26 Fallen Arches; The Mane Event
Ep24 Power Lunch
Ep24 Meet the Beat Alls; Moral Decay
Ep23 Helter Shelter
Ep22 Meet the Beat Alls
Ep21 Moral Decay
Ep20 Powerprof.
Ep20 Headsucker Moxy; Equal Fights
Ep19 Equal Fights
Ep18 The Headsucker's Moxy
Ep17 Ploys R' Us
Ep17 Hot Air Buffoon; Ploys R Us
Ep16 Hot Air Buffoon
Ep15 Catastrophe
Ep14 Candy Is Dandy
Ep14 Catastrophe!; Candy Is Dandy
Ep13 Super Zeros
Ep12 Jewel of the Aisle
Ep11 Moral Decay; Meet the Beat Alls
Ep11 Jewel of the Aisle; Super Zeros
Ep11 Monkey See, Doggy Two
Ep10 Headsucker's Moxy; Equal Fights
Ep10 Three Girls and a Monster
Ep9 Cop Out
Ep8 Gettin' Twiggy With It
Ep7 Bought and Scold
Ep6 Bubblevision
Ep5 Criss Cross Crisis
Ep4 Child Fearing
Ep3 Town and Out
Ep2 The Mane Event
Ep1 Fallen Arches
Catastrophe!; Candy Is Dandy
Super Zeroes; Fallen Arches
Equal Fights; Cop Out
Gettin' Twiggy With It; Jewel of the Aisle
Power Professor's Power Lunch; Head Sucker's Moxy
Fallen Arches; Monkey See, Doggie Do
Super Zeroes; Cop Out
Helter Shelter; Gettin' Twiggy With It
Hot Air Buffoon; Headsucker Moxy
Three Girls and a Monster; Catastrophe

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep27 Helter Shelter; Power Lunch
Ep26 Slumbering With the Enemy
Ep25 Something's a Ms.
Ep25 Something's a Ms.; Slumbering With the Enemy
Ep24 Mojo Jonesin'
Ep24 Speed Demon; Mojo Jonesin
Ep23 Speed Demon
Ep23 Twisted Sister; Cover Up
Ep22 Cover Up
Ep22 Powerpuff Girls Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever; Just Desserts
Ep22 Powerpuff Girls Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever; Just Desserts
Ep21 Twisted Sister
Ep21 Imaginary Fiend; Cootie Gras
Ep20 Just Desserts
Ep20 Mo Job; Pet Feud
Ep19 The Powerpuff Girls' Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever
Ep19 A Very Special Blossom; Daylight Savings
Ep18 Cootie Gras
Ep18 Slave the Day; Los Dos Mojos
Ep17 Imaginary Fiend
Ep17 Dream Scheme; You Snooze, You Lose
Ep16 Pet Feud
Ep16 Beat Your Greens; Down 'n Dirty
Ep15 Mo Job
Ep15 Birthday Bash; Too Pooped to Puff
Ep14 Daylight Savings
Ep14 Collect Her; Supper Villain
Ep13 A Very Special Blossom
Ep13 Stuck Up, Up and Away; Schoolhouse Rocked
Ep12 Los Dos Mojos
Ep11 Twisted Sister; Cover Up
Ep11 Slave the Day
Ep10 You Snooze, You Lose
Ep9 Dream Scheme
Ep8 Mo Job/Pet Feud
Ep8 Down 'n' Dirty
Ep7 Beat Your Greens
Ep6 Too Pooped to Puff
Ep5 Birthday Bash
Ep4 Supper Villain
Ep3 Collect Her
Ep2 Schoolhouse Rocked
Ep1 Stuck Up, Up and Away
Dream Scheme; Birthday Bash
Supper Villain; Just Desserts
Down N' Dirty; Cover Up
Beat Your Greens; Birthday Bash; Equal Fights
Birthday Bash; Stuck Up and Away
Something's a Ms.; Hot Air Buffoon; Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever
Slave the Day; Twisted Sister
Supper Villain; Pet Feud
Los Dos Mojos; Cootie Gras
Los Dos Mojos; Something's a Ms.
Slumbering with the Enemy; Speed Demon; Stuck Up, Up and Away

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 Uh Oh...Dynamo
Ep23 Rowdy Ruff Boys
Ep22 Mime for a Change
Ep21 Major Competition
Ep21 Just Another Manic Mojo
Ep20 Impeach Fuzz
Ep19 Cat Man Do
Ep18 The Bare Facts
Ep17 Bubblevicious
Ep16 Ice Sore
Ep15 Paste Makes Waste; Ice Sore
Ep14 Mr. Mojo's Rising
Ep13 Major Competition
Ep12 Just Another Manic Mojo; Mime for a Change
Ep12 Tough Love
Ep11 Cat Man Do; Impeach Fuzz
Ep11 Telephonies
Ep10 Bubble-Vicious; The Bare Facts
Ep10 Abracadaver
Ep9 Telephonies; Tough Love
Ep9 Boogie Frights
Ep8 Major Competition; Mr. Mojo's Rising
Ep8 Fuzzy Logic
Ep7 Boogie Frights; Abracadaver
Ep7 Buttercrush
Ep6 Geshund Fight
Ep5 Buttercrush; Fuzzy Logic
Ep5 Octi-Evil
Ep4 Octi-Evil; Geshund Fight
Ep4 Mommy Fearest
Ep3 Insect Inside; Powerpuff Bluff
Ep3 Monkey See, Doggy Do
Ep2 Powerpuff Bluff
Ep2 Monkey See, Doggy Do; Mommy Fearest
Ep1 Insect Inside
Ep1 Meat Fuzzy Lumpkins
Mime for a Change; Monkey See, Doggie Do
Just Another Manic Mojo/Mime for a Change
Tough Love; Octi-Evil
Fuzzy Logic; Impeach Fuzz
Impeach Fuzz; Fuzzy Logic
Just Another Manic Mojo/Mime for a Change
Cat Man Do; Telephonies
Powerpuff Bluff; Major Competition
Buttercrush; Telephonies
Paste Makes Waste; Insect Inside
Mime for a Change; Abracadaver
Monkey See, Doggie Do; Mr. Mojo's Rising

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep34 The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!!
Ep33 'Twas the Fight Before Christmas
Ep32 Deja View
Ep31 Him Diddle Riddle; Twisted Sister; Mojo Jonesin
Ep 46, Ep 47, Ep 48
Ep 43, Ep 44, Ep 45
Ep 50, Ep 53
Ep 128, Ep 129
Ep 127
Ep 30, Ep 31
Ep 35, Ep 32
Ep 94, Ep 95,
Little Octi Lost; Strong Armed
Blue Ribbon Blues; Once Upon A Townsville
Ep 50, Ep 85,
Ep 16, Ep 17,
Ep 29, Ep 30,
Ep 22, Ep 25,
Ep 45, Ep 46,
Ep 34, Ep 35,
Mojo Millionaire
Catastrophe!; Candy Is Dandy
Slave the Day; Cat Man Do; Impeach Fuzz
Colin vs. The World; Los Dos Mojos; Super Zeroes; Gettin' Twiggy With It; Moral Decay
Insect Inside; Collect Her
Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever; Super Zeroes
Meet the Beat Alls; Twisted Sister
Beat Your Greens; Bubblevicious
Tough Love; Speed Demon
Mo Job; Bought & Scold
Boogie Frights; Powerpuff Girls Best Rainy Day Adventure
Telephonies; Power Lunch
Impeach Fuzz; Shotgun Wedding
Super Zeroes; Major Competition
Puffdora's Box; The Stayover
Frenemy; Tiara Trouble
Frenemy; Princess Buttercup
Power-up Puff; Escape from Monster Island
Painbow; Bye Bye, Bellum
Tiara Trouble; Arachno Romance
Power Up Puff; The Wrinklegruff Gals
Strong Armed; Bye Bye, Bellum
Ep 37, Ep 38
Man up 2: Still Man-Ing
Octi Evil
Viral Spiral
Insect Inside
Arachno Romance; Puffdora's Box
That's Not My Baby
Custody Battle
Back to School: The Powerpuff Girls
The Teen Titans Go! And Powerpuff Girls Completely Organic Crossover
Bubbles Of The Opera
Ep 33, Ep 34, Ep 36
Boogie Frights; Meet the Beat Alls; Telephonies
You Snooze, You Lose; Geshund Fight
Slumbering with the Enemy; Equal Fights
Slumbering with the Enemy; Helter Shelter
Silent Treatment
Burglar Alarmed
Monstra-City; Shut the Pup Up
Makes Zen to Me
Powerpuff Girls
Seed No Evil; City Of Clipsville
Reeking Havoc
Mommy Fearest; Just Another Manic Mojo
Bye Bellum
Tiara Trouble
Keen on Keane; Buttercrush
All Chalked Up; Beat Your Greens
Dance Pantsed
Bubblevicious/Meet the Beat Alls
Ep 110, Ep 111, Ep 112
Ep 113, Ep 114
Ep 115, Ep 116, Ep 117
Ep 118, Ep 119
Ep 107, Ep 108, Ep 109
Ep 99, Ep 105, Ep 106
Ep 120, Ep 121, Ep 123
Ep 124, Ep 102
Ep 103, Ep 104
Ep 125, Ep 126
Ep 41, Ep 42
Ep 39, Ep 40
Ep 57, Ep 56
Ep 60, Ep 58, Ep 61
Ep 59, Ep 62, Ep 64
Ep 89, Ep 90,
Arachno-romance; Strong-armed
Escape from Monster Island
Princess Buttercup
Once Upon A Townsville
Blue Ribbon Blues
Blue Ribbon Blues; Painbow
The Powerpuff Girls
Frenemy; Arachno Romance
Reeking Havoc
Insect Inside
Prime Mates
Octi Evil
Bubblevicious/Meet the Beat Alls
Bubblevicious; The Bare Facts
That's Not My Baby
Makes Zen to Me
Custody Battle
Silent Treatment
Dance Pantsed
Tiara Trouble; Man Up
Escape From Monster Island; Puffdora's Box
Power Up Puff; The Stayover
Viral Spiral; Man Up 2: Still Man-ing
Horn, Sweet Horn; Power Up Puff
Snow Month
Arachno Romance; Bubbles Of The Opera
Once Upon A Townsville; Man Up 2: Still Man-ing
Escape From Monster Island; Sister Sitter
Powerpuff Girls Rule!
Anniversary Special
Viral Spiral
Bubblevicious; Meet the Beat Alls
Twisted Sister; Power Lunch
Boogie Frights; Speed Demon
Cootie Gras; Bought & Scold
Daylight Savings; Jewel of the Aisle
Speed Demon; Boogie Frights
Cover Up; The Mane Event
Pet Feud; Helter Shelter
Mommy Fearest; Something's A Ms.
Mommy Fearest; Buttercrush
Candy Is Dandy; Ploys R' Us
Child Fearing; Slumbering with the Enemy
Prime Mates
Film Flam
Nuthin Special; Neighbor Hood
Toast of the Town; Divide and Conquer
The Powerpuff Girls
Telephonies; Schollhouse Rocked
Mr. Mojo's Rising; Mojo Jonesin
Gettin' Twiggy With It; Cat Man Do
Bought and Scold; Collect Her
Imaginary Fiend; The Bare Facts
Keen on Keane; Cootie Gras
Too Pooped to Puff; Hot Air Buffoon
The Boys are Back in Town
See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey (Rock Opera)
Members Only
Ep 49, Ep 52
Birthday Bash; Slumbering With the Enemy
Ep 51, Ep 54
Bubblevicious; The Bare Facts
Bubblevision; Bubblevicious

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