The Practice

  • 1997-2004
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A provocative legal drama from David E. Kelley about young associates at a bare-bones Boston firm and their scrappy boss, Bobby Donnell. The show's forte is its storylines about `people who walk a... More


Season 8

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 Cheers
Ep21 New Hoods on the Block
Ep20 Comings and Goings
Ep19 The Firm
Ep18 The Case Against Alan Shore
Ep17 War of the Roses
Ep16 In Good Conscience
Ep15 Mr. Shore Goes to Town
Ep14 Pre-Trial Blues
Ep13 Going Home
Ep12 Avenging Angels
Ep11 Police State
Ep10 Equal Justice
Ep9 Victims' Rights
Ep8 Concealing Evidence
Ep7 Rape Shield
Ep6 The Lonely People
Ep5 The Heat of Passion
Ep4 Blessed Are They
Ep3 Cause of Action
Ep2 The Chosen
Ep1 We the People

Season 7

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 Baby Love
Ep21 Goodbye
Ep21 Baby Love; Goodbye
Ep20 Heroes and Villains
Ep19 Les Is More
Ep18 Capitol Crimes
Ep17 Burnout
Ep16 Special Deliveries
Ep15 Choir Boys
Ep14 The Making of a Trial Attorney
Ep13 Character Evidence
Ep12 Final Judgment
Ep11 Down the Hatch
Ep10 Silent Partners
Ep9 The Good Fight
Ep8 Bad to Worse
Ep7 Small Sacrifices
Ep6 The Telltale Nation
Ep5 Neighboring Species
Ep4 The Cradle Will Rock
Ep3 Of Thee I Sing
Ep2 Convictions
Ep1 Privilege

Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep23 The Verdict
Ep22 This Pud's for You
Ep21 Evil-Doers
Ep20 Eat and Run
Ep19 The Return of Joey Heric
Ep18 Fire Proof
Ep17 Manifest Necessity
Ep16 M. Premie Unplugged
Ep15 Man and Superman
Ep14 Judge Knot
Ep13 Pro Se
Ep12 The Test
Ep11 Eyewitness
Ep10 Inter Arma Silent Leges
Ep9 Dangerous Liaisons
Ep8 Suffer the Little Children
Ep7 Honor Code
Ep6 Vanished
Ep5 Vanished
Ep4 Liar's Poker
Ep3 Killing Time
Ep2 The Candidate
Ep1 The Candidate
Ep1 The Candidate

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 Public Servants
Ep21 Poor Richard's Almanac
Ep20 The Case of Harland Bassett
Ep19 Home of the Brave
Ep18 The Confession
Ep17 What Child Is This?
Ep16 Gideon's Crossover
Ep15 Awakenings
Ep14 The Day After
Ep13 The Thin Line
Ep12 Payback
Ep11 An Early Frost
Ep10 Friends and Ex-Lovers
Ep9 The Deal
Ep8 Mr. Hinks Goes to Town
Ep7 Brother's Keepers
Ep6 Show and Tell
Ep5 We Hold These Truths...
Ep4 Appeal and Denial
Ep3 Officers of the Court
Ep2 Germ Warfare
Ep1 Summary Judgments

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 Life Sentence
Ep21 The Honorable Man
Ep20 Liberty Bells
Ep19 'Till Death Do Us Part
Ep18 Death Penalties
Ep17 Black Widows
Ep16 Settling
Ep15 Race Ipsa Loquitor
Ep14 Checkmates
Ep13 Hammerhead Sharks
Ep12 New Evidence
Ep11 Blowing Smoke
Ep10 Day in Court
Ep9 Bay of Pigs
Ep8 Committed
Ep7 Victimless Crimes
Ep6 Marooned
Ep5 Oz
Ep4 Legacy
Ep3 Losers' Keepers
Ep2 Boston Confidential
Ep1 Free Dental

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep23 Happily Ever After
Ep22 #1 Do Unto Others
Ep21 #1 Infected
Ep20 #1 Home Invasions
Ep19 #1 Closet Justice
Ep18 #1 Crossfire
Ep17 #1 Target Practice
Ep16 #1 End Games
Ep15 #1 Lawyers, Reporters and Cockroaches
Ep14 Of Human Bondage
Ep13 #1 Judge and Jury
Ep12 #1 A Day in the Life
Ep11 #1 Split Decisions
Ep10 Love and Honor
Ep9 State of Mind
Ep8 #1 Swearing In
Ep7 #1 Trench Work
Ep6 #1 One of Those Days
Ep5 #1 Battlefield
Ep4 The Defenders
Ep3 #2 Body Count
Ep2 #1 Reasons to Believe
Ep1 #1 Passing Go

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep28 #1 Rhyme & Reason
Ep27 #1 Duty Bound
Ep26 #1 Axe Murderer
Ep25 #1 Food Chains
Ep24 #1 Trees in the Forest
Ep23 #1 Checkmate
Ep22 #1 Another Day
Ep21 #1 In Deep
Ep20 #1 Cloudy With a Chance of Membranes
Ep19 #1 The Trial
Ep18 #1 Ties That Bind
Ep17 #1 Burden of Proof
Ep16 #1 Truth and Consequences
Ep15 #1 Line of Duty
Ep14 #1 Pursuit of Dignity
Ep13 #1 The Civil Right
Ep12 #1 Race with the Devil
Ep11 #1 Hide and Seek
Ep10 #1 Spirit of America
Ep9 #1 Save the Mule
Ep8 #1 The Means
Ep7 #1 Search and Seizure
Ep6 #1 Sex, Lies and Monkeys
Ep5 #1 First Degree
Ep4 #1 Dog Bite
Ep3 #1 The Blessing
Ep2 #1 Betrayal
Ep1 #1 Reasonable Doubts

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep6 #1 Part VI
Ep5 #1 Part V
Ep4 #1 Part IV
Ep3 #1 Trial and Error
Ep2 #1 Part I
Ep1 #1 Pilot

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep1 Pilot
Down the Hatch; Final Judgment
The Trial; Cloudy With a Chance of Membranes
S3 | Ep22

Do Unto Others

Air Date: 5/2/99
Eugene (Steve Harris) takes on the defense of a popular rabbi (Michael Tucker) charged with rape, while his synagogue seeks to avoid the sordid publicity of a trial. Terry: Kathryne Dora Brown. Bullock: Steven Gilborn. Judge Wilcox: Richard McGonagle. Sharon: Aunjanue Ellis.

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