The Real West

  • 1992

Myths, legends and daily life in the American West from 1830 to 1890 were explored in this documentary series, which included photographs, diaries and paintings from the period.


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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep29 Quanah Parker
Ep28 The Last Comanche
Ep27 Headline Hunters of the Old West
Ep26 The Klondike Gold Rush
Ep25 Steamboats West: Glory Days on the Big Muddy
Ep24 Famous Forts and Outposts
Ep23 Wild Bill Hickok
Ep22 The Mystic Navajo
Ep21 The Johnson County War
Ep20 San Francisco
Ep19 The Cattle Barons
Ep18 Empire Builders
Ep17 Red Cloud
Ep16 The Lewis and Clark Expedition
Ep15 Libbie Custer
Ep14 Fathers of Texas
Ep13 Indian Wars: Might Makes Right
Ep12 Custer and the 7th Cavalry
Ep11 Legendary Cowboys
Ep10 Wild West Shows
Ep9 The James Gang
Ep8 Indians and the Army
Ep7 Boom Towns to Ghost Towns
Ep6 Notorious Robberies
Ep5 The Texas Rangers
Ep4 Mountain Meadows Massacre
Ep3 Sitting Bull and the Great Sioux Nation
Ep2 The Rush for Gold
Ep1 Outlaws: The 10 Most Wanted
Geronimo: The Last Renegade
The Coming of the Iron Horse
Northern Frontier: The Canadian West
The Civil War Out West
Bloody Dodge City
Indian Weapons and Warrior Societies
Elizabeth Custer
Wild, Wild Women: Calamity Jane, Belle Starr and Annie Oakley
The Dalton Gang
The Lincoln County Wars
The Indian Agents
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
John Wesley Powell and the Mighty Colorado
Chicago: Gateway to the West
Easy Women: Prostitution
Legends and Folklore of the Old West
Great Disasters: The Donner Party
The Great Cheyenne Nations: Most Feared of All
The Great Cheyenne Nations: The Fight to Survive
The Battle of the Alamo
The Law from Behind the Tin Star
The US Civil War Out West
Westward Ho: The Wagon Train
Dinosaur Hunters of the Old West
The Northwest Mounted Police
Stagecoach and the Pony Express
The Trail of Tears
The Mexican War
The Fabulous Comstock Lode and Virginia City
Hot Lead and Scandal: The Earps' Brand of Justice
Buffalo Bill and His Wild West
Buffalo Bill and His Wild West
Myths and Folklore
The Guns That Tamed the West
Trailblazers and Scouts
The Pinkertons
Gen. George Crook
Final Clash: Wounded Knee
Sacred Sioux Warrior: Crazy Horse
Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce War
General Sheridan and the Indians

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