The Ricki Lake Show

  • 2012

Topical talk show that covers subjects ranging from parenting to relationships to health issues and more.


Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep183 Who Do You Think I Am?
Ep182 Unconventional Marriages
Ep181 Extreme Food Allergies
Ep180 Psychics: Joan Marie and A.J.
Ep179 Extreme Mothers
Ep178 World Record Holders
Ep177 Mo Money, Mo Problems
Ep176 Psychics: Maureen and Family
Ep175 Murder for Money
Ep174 The Baby Psychic: Derek Ogilvie
Ep173 Freeloading Families
Ep172 Co-Parenting Without a Relationship
Ep171 Psychics: James Van Praagh and Maureen Hancock
Ep170 Pregnant and Suddenly Single
Ep169 Bad Boy Confidential
Ep168 Psychics - James and Collette
Ep167 The Breast Show Ever
Ep166 My Life Changed in an Instant
Ep165 The Business of Being Born Pt. 2
Ep164 He's a She, She's a He
Ep163 College Dangers: A Real Education
Ep162 My Ex Put My Kid Up for Adoption
Ep161 Psychic Twins
Ep160 Divorce Party
Ep159 Let's Get Physical
Ep158 The Killer Next Door
Ep157 Size Doesn't Matter
Ep156 The Green Show
Ep155 Alternative Medical Miracles
Ep154 Prison Wives
Ep153 I Survived a Cult
Ep152 Stolen Childhoods
Ep151 Coming Out of the Darkness
Ep150 The Perils of Identity Theft
Ep149 Facing Your Fears
Ep148 Controlling Grooms
Ep147 Ricki's Pajama Party
Ep146 Embarrassing Parents
Ep145 Competitive Parents
Ep144 Making Babies, the Fertility Crisis
Ep143 I'm a Celeb, Single and I Need a Date
Ep142 Is Your Sex Drive Normal?
Ep141 Never Say Never
Ep140 Ricki's Anti-Aging Pajama Party
Ep139 The Epidemic of Childhood Obesity
Ep138 How to Stop Stress From Killing You
Ep137 Women in Male Dominated Industries
Ep136 Cheapest People in America
Ep135 I'm a Pageant Princess
Ep134 To Share or Not on Social Media
Ep133 It's All About the Hair
Ep132 What You Should Know Before You Get Married
Ep131 Psychic Readings with Lisa Williams
Ep130 Things I Did for Love
Ep129 People Making a Difference
Ep128 Sexomnia and Other Sleeping Disorders
Ep127 Extreme Beauty
Ep126 Let's Talk About Sex
Ep125 Updates
Ep124 Hormones
Ep123 Mommy Confidential
Ep122 Bridal Boot Camp Results
Ep121 Stalkers
Ep120 Who Did I Marry?
Ep118 My Child Saved a Life
Ep117 Are Gay Parents Different?
Ep116 Psychic James Van Praagh
Ep115 Women Fight Back Part 2
Ep114 Women Fight Back Part 1
Ep113 When the Wedding Goes Awry
Ep112 Wrongly Convicted
Ep111 My Life in the Mob
Ep110 Victims of Violence Speak Out
Ep109 I'm a Cougar and Proud of It!
Ep108 The Rudeness Epidemic
Ep107 Should We Be Engaged?
Ep106 Inside Childhood Mental Illness
Ep105 Love Psychics
Ep104 I Need Help With My Mother-in-Law
Ep103 Misadventures of Parenthood
Ep102 Addicted to Plastic Surgery
Ep101 Making Peace With Your Parents
Ep100 Hollywood Confidential
Ep99 Advice That Will Change Your Life
Ep98 Love Scams
Ep97 When Gay People Lead Straight Lives
Ep96 True Crimes
Ep95 Open Marriage
Ep94 I Survived
Ep93 Addicted Housewives
Ep92 How to Survive a Kidnapping
Ep91 Good Hair
Ep90 A Cry for Help
Ep89 Hidden Heroes
Ep88 YouTube Stars
Ep87 Medical Controversies
Ep86 Psychics Go Beyond
Ep85 Nanny Confidential
Ep84 Frenemies
Ep83 How to Stop the Pain Now
Ep82 Teens in Danger
Ep81 Coming Out Stories
Ep80 From Boys to Men
Ep79 Virginity 2.0
Ep78 Surprising Secrets of Today's Hottest Jobs
Ep77 Psychics
Ep76 A New Attitude
Ep75 Life-Changing Adoptions
Ep74 Pre-Partum Blues
Ep73 Blended Families
Ep72 Bad Holiday Sweater Party
Ep71 Reality Stars Revealed
Ep70 The Divorce Show
Ep69 Wake Up Calls and Ultimatums
Ep68 Home for the Holidays
Ep67 The Hottest Bachelor in America
Ep66 She's the Boss
Ep65 Trapped in the Wrong Body
Ep64 Teen Dads, the Real Story
Ep63 Extreme Lives
Ep62 When It's Time for Forgiveness
Ep61 Rock Star Dads
Ep60 Disciplining Our Kids
Ep59 Ricki's Pajama Party
Ep58 Changing the World, One Person at a Time
Ep57 Amazing Foster Families
Ep56 Child Star Confidential
Ep55 Standing Up Against Your Family
Ep54 Quick Holiday Makeovers
Ep53 Pregnant and 40
Ep52 Life After the Military
Ep51 Curvy Girls
Ep50 The Killer Next Door
Ep49 Help Me Find a Date!
Ep48 Extreme Beauty
Ep47 Addicted Housewives
Ep46 Ambush Makeovers
Ep45 Suicide
Ep44 Matchmaker
Ep43 Anxiety and Phobias
Ep42 Ricki's PJ Party
Ep41 Pushy Parents
Ep40 When Gay People Lead Straight Lives
Ep39 Ripped From the Headlines
Ep38 A Ricki Halloween
Ep37 A New Attitude
Ep36 Love Scams
Ep35 How to Stop the Pain Now
Ep34 The Secret Lives of Mistresses
Ep33 Making Babies - The Fertility Crisis
Ep32 Is Your Sex Drive Normal?
Ep31 Surprising Secrets of Today's Hottest Jobs
Ep30 Dollars and Sense
Ep29 From Boys to Men
Ep28 Never Say Never
Ep27 The Epidemic of Childhood Obesity
Ep26 Teens in Danger
Ep25 The Decision That Could Change Your Child's Life
Ep24 How to Stop Stress From Killing You
Ep23 Women in Male-Dominated Industries
Ep22 Fashion: What's Hot Now
Ep21 Ripped From the Headlines
Ep20 Life-Changing Adoptions
Ep19 To Share or Not to Share on Social Media
Ep18 It's All About Hair
Ep17 Coming Out Stories
Ep16 Vagina Dialogues
Ep15 Pre-Partum Blues
Ep14 The Makeover Show
Ep13 The Business of Being Born
Ep12 Surviving a Kidnapping
Ep11 The Psychic Show
Ep10 Things I Did for Love
Ep9 People Making a Difference
Ep8 Mommy Confidential
Ep7 Let's Talk About Sex
Ep6 Pregnant and 40
Ep5 Virginity 2.0
Ep4 After Serving Our Country: The Life of Female Veterans
Ep3 The Power of Social Media: You Can Do It Too!
Ep2 Hormones 101
Ep2 Starting Over
Ep1 Weight Loss & Body Image With Real Women of All Ages
How to Find Your Perfect Match
I Do or I Don't

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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep1 Ricki's Back

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