The Rifleman

  • 1958-1963

A widowed homesteader raised his son on a New Mexico ranch and helped the local sheriff battle desperadoes using a modified Winchester rifle. The series aired during the heyday of the Western on... More


Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep27 Letter of the Law
Ep26 Old Tony
Ep25 Which Way'd They Go?
Ep24 Old Man Running AKA The Wanted Man
Ep23 The Guest
Ep22 Requiem at Mission Springs
Ep21 The Bullet
Ep20 The End of the Hunt
Ep19 And the Devil Makes Five
Ep18 Hostages to Fortune
Ep17 The 16th Cousin
Ep16 The Sidewinder
Ep15 Suspicion
Ep14 Incident at Line Shack 6
Ep13 Conflict
Ep12 The Anvil Chorus
Ep11 Gun Shy
Ep10 Squeeze Play
Ep9 The Most Amazing Man
Ep8 Mark's Rifle
Ep7 The Assailants
Ep6 I Take This Woman
Ep5 Death Never Rides Alone
Ep4 Quiet Night, Deadly Night
Ep3 Lou Mallory
Ep2 Waste, Part 2
Ep1 Waste, Part 1

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep32 The Executioner
Ep31 Outlaw's Shoes
Ep30 #1 Milly's Brother
Ep29 The Day the Town Slept
Ep28 The Day of Reckoning
Ep27 Guilty Conscience
Ep26 The Jealous Man
Ep25 None So Blind
Ep24 The Tinhorn
Ep23 The Debt
Ep23 The Deadly Image
Ep22 Deadly Image
Ep21 #1 Two Ounces of Tin
Ep21 Man From Salinas
Ep20 The Man from Salinas
Ep19 A Young Man's Fancy
Ep18 A Sporting Chance
Ep17 The Quiet Fear
Ep16 Gunfire
Ep15 The Princess
Ep14 The Skull
Ep13 A Friend in Need
Ep12 #1 The High Country
Ep11 The Long Gun from Tucson
Ep10 The Shattered Idol
Ep9 #1 The Long Goodbye
Ep8 Honest Abe
Ep7 Knight Errant
Ep6 The Decision
Ep5 The Journey Back
Ep4 The Stand-in
Ep3 Sheer Terror
Ep2 First Wages
Ep1 #1 The Vaqueros

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep34 The Queue
Ep33 Death Trap
Ep32 The Lonesome Bride
Ep31 Stopover
Ep30 The Mescalero Curse
Ep29 The Score Is Even
Ep28 The Clarence Bibs Story
Ep27 A Short Rope for a Tall Man
Ep26 Assault
Ep25 The Prisoner
Ep24 A Dark Day at North Fork
Ep23 The Lost Treasure of Canyon Town
Ep22 Closer than a Brother
Ep21 Wyoming Story, Part 2
Ep20 Wyoming Story, Part 1
Ep19 Face of Yesterday
Ep19 The Face of Yesterday
Ep18 The Actress
Ep17 The Long Trek
Ep16 Flowers by the Door
Ep15 #1 Six Years and a Day
Ep14 #1 Miss Bertie
Ep13 The Silent Knife
Ep12 The Illustrator
Ep11 The Promoter
Ep10 The Schoolmaster
Ep9 #1 Dead Cold Cash
Ep8 #1 Miss Milly
Ep7 The Martinet
Ep6 Baranca
Ep5 Strange Town
Ep4 The Pitchman
Ep3 Seven
Ep2 Woman from Hog Ridge
Ep1 Trail of Hate

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep36 #1 The Hangman
Ep36 The Hangman
Ep35 #1 Nora
Ep34 #1 Meeting at Midnight
Ep33 The Jailbird
Ep32 The Fourflusher
Ep31 #1 The Prodigal
Ep30 #1 Sins of the Father
Ep29 Shotgun Man
Ep28 #1 Smoke Screen
Ep27 The Lariat
Ep26 The Vision
Ep25 The Deserter
Ep24 #1 A Time for Singing
Ep23 #1 The Grasshopper
Ep22 Heller
Ep21 The Spoiler
Ep20 The Horsetraders
Ep20 #1 The Horse Traders
Ep19 The Hero
Ep18 #1 The Visitor
Ep17 A Case of Identity
Ep16 Mail-Order Groom
Ep15 Day of the Hunter
Ep14 The Surveyors
Ep14 Surveyors
Ep13 The Coward
Ep12 The Babysitter
Ep12 The Baby Sitter
Ep11 The Legacy
Ep10 The Letter of the Law
Ep9 The Spiked Rifle
Ep9 The Spiked Rifle
Ep8 Ordeal
Ep8 The Ordeal
Ep7 Panic
Ep6 Eddie's Daughter
Ep5 Tension
Ep4 Obituary
Ep3 The Blowout
Ep3 The Blowout
Ep2 Bloodlines
Ep1 The Patsy
Ep1 The Patsy

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep40 The Mind Reader
Ep39 Boomerang
Ep38 Outlaw's Inheritance
Ep37 The Raid
Ep36 Stranger at Night
Ep35 Blood Brothers
Ep34 A Matter of Faith
Ep33 The Money Gun
Ep32 The Woman
Ep31 The Angry Man
Ep30 Three-Legged Terror
Ep29 The Hawk
Ep28 The Challenge
Ep27 The Wrong Man
Ep26 The Deadly Wait
Ep25 One Went to Denver
Ep24 The Trade
Ep23 The Second Witness
Ep22 The Boarding House
Ep21 The Indian
Ep20 The Deadeye Kid
Ep20 The Dead-Eye Kid
Ep19 Shivaree
Ep18 The Photographer
Ep17 The Retired Gun
Ep16 The Sheridan Story
Ep15 The Pet
Ep14 The Gaucho
Ep13 The Young Englishman
Ep12 The Angry Gun
Ep11 The Apprentice Sheriff
Ep10 New Orleans Menace
Ep9 The Sister
Ep8 The Safe Guard
Ep7 Duel of Honor
Ep6 Eight Hours to Die
Ep5 The Brother-in-Law
Ep4 The Marshal
Ep3 The End of a Young Gun
Ep2 The Home Ranch
Ep2 Home Ranch
Ep1 The Sharpshooter

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Strange Man
Duel of Honor
The Coward
And the Devil Makes Five
The Young Englishman
The Angry Man
Dark Day at North Fork
The Second Witness
Three-Legged Terror
The Photographer
Flowers by the Door
The Hawk
The Apprentice Sheriff
New Orleans Menace
The Woman
Trail of Hate
The Angry Gun
The Queue
Blood Brother
The Brother-in-Law
Gun Shy
The Schoolmaster
Closer Than a Brother
A Matter of Faith
Outlaw's Inheritance
Incident at Line Shack Six
The Actress
The Challenge
The Safe Guard
The Boarding House
The Most Amazing Man
The Sister
Trail of Hate
The Retired Gun
First Wages
One Went to Denver
The Sheridan Story
Old Man Running
The Gaucho
Letter of the Law
Day of the Hunter
Mail Order Groom
Death Trap

All Full Length Videos

Episode NameViewing ProgressRun Length
S4 | Ep30

Milly's Brother

Air Date: 4/23/62
Milly takes a shine to Harry Chase, her late brother's commanding officer during the Civil War. Milly: Joan Taylor. Lucas: Chuck Connors. Mark: Johnny Crawford. Nils: Joe Higgins.

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