The Tyra Show

  • 2005

The supermodel hosts a talk show aimed at empowering young women.


Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep130 Teens Speak Out: Open Letter to My Mother
Ep129 Tyra Finale
Ep128 Last Week Thursday; My Big Gay Wedding
Ep127 Last Week Wednesday
Ep126 Last Week Tuesday
Ep125 Last Week Monday; B.I.O.
Ep124 Tough Love: Fashion Edition; Heather Bauer Girls
Ep123 Fake Hymens & Transgender Marriage
Ep122 Out of this World Advice
Ep121 Variety Hour: Blogs/Dating/Safety
Ep120 Sex Comp Show
Ep119 Twins Obsessed with Being Identical
Ep118 Fiercely Real Fiesta
Ep117 Strange Sex
Ep116 Sugarbaby Students
Ep115 Cheating... Really Wrong or Just the Norm?
Ep114 Tyra's Magical Runway
Ep113 Tyra's Real Hair Academy/Man Boys
Ep112 Hate Crush
Ep111 Sexorexia; Interracial Couple Denied Marriage
Ep110 Controversial Parenting
Ep109 Tyra Pranks
Ep108 Women Wars
Ep107 Oh Child, Your Job Is Crazy
Ep106 Odds You'll Be
Ep105 Are You Normal About Nudity?
Ep104 The Cheapest Mate in America
Ep103 Generation Diva; Gossip Girl Style
Ep102 Astrology; Albino Models
Ep101 Kid Internet Superstars
Ep100 Science of Color
Ep99 Tattoo Regrets
Ep98 Home and Fashion Beauty Gone Wrong
Ep97 Ty-Over Remix: Girl Power
Ep96 Teen Comp Show
Ep95 Medical Mysteries
Ep94 Hair and Beauty
Ep93 All About Men
Ep92 Help My Teen Is Beating Me!
Ep91 Secret Signs for a Happy Life; Jerseylicious
Ep90 Welcome to Womanhood
Ep89 Fiercely Real Models
Ep88 Fiercely Real Model Search; Implant Saved My Life
Ep87 DNA with Andrew Trees
Ep86 Cougar Convention
Ep85 Embarrassing Medical Conditions/Tyra Solves Fashion and Beauty in 60 Seconds or Less
Ep84 If He's Married I Want Him/Ex-Obsessed: Ex-ing
Ep83 B.I.O.
Ep82 I'm Desperate to Get Rich Off My Kids
Ep81 Stalking Exes Online
Ep80 Should You Marry for Money?
Ep79 I'm 9 and Hate My Face; Facebook Saved Me From Jail
Ep78 Celeb Hour
Ep77 Soccer Mom Stoners
Ep76 Valentine's Day Show
Ep75 Facing Your Flaws; Man Boys
Ep74 Spanking Your Kids: Discipline or Abuse?
Ep73 Uncovering Your Mate's Secret Past
Ep72 Suburban Teen Heroin Addicts
Ep71 Stranger Makeovers
Ep70 Taking Down the Typecast
Ep69 Variety Hour: Giant Legs/Crazy Vagina Dialogue
Ep68 Dating With Deal Breakers
Ep67 When Do You Talk to Your Children About Sex?
Ep66 Friend Detox; Fromance; Slut List
Ep65 How Bad Are You?
Ep64 We're 7 & 8 Years Old & Know We Are Transgender
Ep63 The Next Sex Symbol: Pot-bellied Men; David Tutera
Ep62 Science of What You Wear
Ep61 The Tyra Show
Ep60 Sesame Street
Ep59 50 Cent; The Bad Girls Club
Ep58 Heidi and Spencer/Tyra at Disney With Princess Tiana
Ep57 Dr. Drew & Sex Addicts
Ep56 Teen Pressure for Perfection
Ep55 Tyra's Fake Hair Academy; Dangers of Social Networking Sites
Ep54 Secrets...Read and Revealed
Ep53 Top Model Finale: Fan Favorite
Ep52 Tyraville: Circus of Weight
Ep51 I'm Intersex
Ep50 The Cast of "Glee"; "Precious" Cast
Ep49 Wishes and Dreams & the Great Coat Giveaway
Ep48 Halle Berry; Good Advice with "ANTM" judge Nigel Barker
Ep47 Miss J
Ep46 The Tapeworm Diet
Ep45 The Sexy Scale
Ep44 Take Away the Fake Intervention
Ep43 Get Your Shape in Shape
Ep42 Black Market Plastic Surgery
Ep41 Teenage Pimps
Ep40 Halloween Show
Ep39 Guess My Fantasy
Ep38 Call Me Hot...You May Have a Shot!
Ep37 Your Fertility Factor
Ep36 I'm Fat and He Loves Me; It's Your Fault I'm Fat
Ep35 How Rude
Ep34 Tyra Show Mixer: Singles Edition
Ep33 Drunkorexia and Pregorexia
Ep32 Ty-Over Remix: Frumpy Families
Ep31 Women Beaters
Ep30 What's Up...Way Up There
Ep29 Help! I'm Dating a Man With Kids
Ep28 The Grossest People in America
Ep27 Variety Hour: Pregnant and Didn't Know It; Cursing Kids
Ep26 Cheating Gene; Naughty Kitchen
Ep25 Tyra Remix; Reinventing Myself
Ep24 Chris Rock
Ep23 Lil' Mama; I'll Do Anything to Be Famous
Ep22 Boyfriend Experience Flirtexting
Ep21 Fat Hateration
Ep20 Tyra After Dark
Ep19 Tyra Men's Edition
Ep18 Race in Your Face
Ep17 Driving Dangers: Put to the Test!
Ep16 Teens and Parents Sex Summit
Ep15 Stephanie Pratt/Divorce
Ep14 Serena Williams, Michael Strahan, Nelly Furtado
Ep13 You Just Gave Birth...What No One Tells You
Ep12 Hell to Pay: Gay Teen Exorcism
Ep11 Kathy Griffin
Ep10 High School Hazing
Ep9 Do It Yourself Plastic Surgery
Ep8 Is Your Sex Life Normal?
Ep7 Biracial Backlash
Ep6 Teen Strippers
Ep5 Beauty Buffet
Ep4 Judgment Day
Ep3 Go With the Flow
Ep2 Premiere Show
Ep1 Kids Rock!

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep171 Secret Lives of Teens Revealed
Ep170 Shocking Teen Trends
Ep169 10 Most Memorable Moments
Ep168 Tyra Makes a Difference
Ep167 Tyravilles
Ep166 Summer Advice Squad
Ep165 The Secret Code of Men
Ep164 Race and Perception of Beauty
Ep163 Transforming Your Life
Ep162 Free Stuff
Ep161 He Cheats, Take Him Back or Dump Him?
Ep160 I Don't Need a Husband or a Baby
Ep159 Marry My Man
Ep158 Wedding Divas
Ep157 My Secret Jealousy
Ep156 Decoding Love/Meghan McCain
Ep155 All the Things Your Mama Never Taught You: Pregnancy Edition
Ep154 Married Virgins
Ep153 Are Parents to Blame for Childhood Obesity?
Ep152 Mario Lopez & Saved by Tyra
Ep151 Jimmy Fallon/Kathy Griffin
Ep150 ANTM Cycle 12 Graduation Party
Ep149 What Is Good Hair?
Ep148 Trading Poularity: High School Edition
Ep147 Let's Make a Deal: Fashion Edition
Ep146 Gay Is the New Black
Ep145 Prom Time!
Ep144 Teens and Parents Confront the Truth
Ep143 The Pregnant Bunny Returns
Ep142 Tori Spelling Plus Daphne Oz & YouTube Stars
Ep141 Jamie Foxx
Ep140 Kim Kardashian/"ANTM" Cast Off
Ep139 Love Decoded and Mantrums
Ep138 The Gay Kingdom
Ep137 Teen Pregnancy
Ep136 Pressure to Be Promiscuous
Ep135 Advice Squad; Dara Torres; "ANTM" Cast Off
Ep134 Patti LaBelle Pop Chef
Ep133 Teen Talk: Ending Violence Before It Begins
Ep132 Millionaire Matchmaker; Steroids
Ep131 Simplify Your Life: Spring Cleaning
Ep130 Teen Dating Violence Epidemic
Ep129 Miley Cyrus
Ep128 Facebook & Twittering Plus Latest "ANTM" Cast Off
Ep127 Levi Johnston Plus Nick Lachey
Ep126 I Want My Stuff Back
Ep125 A Mother's Revenge
Ep124 Psychic Twins Double Vision
Ep123 Ex-Factor: Should We Give It Another Try? Plus Bad Girls Club
Ep122 Breaking Top Model News
Ep121 Glam Squad Fantasy Makeovers
Ep120 Everybody's Talking About/Corbin Bleu
Ep119 Troubled Mom Tries to Change
Ep118 Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man
Ep117 Myths of Racial Perception
Ep116 Teen Sexting
Ep115 Sex and Pregnancy
Ep114 Your Future Face
Ep113 What Would You Do?
Ep112 The Brand New Heavies
Ep111 Toddlers and Tiaras
Ep110 Deadly Teen Dating
Ep109 Dr. Drew: Sex With Mom and Dad
Ep108 Straight Girl, Gay Crush
Ep107 One More Date With My Ex
Ep106 Sugar Daddies
Ep105 Pregnant Bunny
Ep104 Top Model Toga Party
Ep103 Advice Squad; Nigel Barker
Ep102 What's Up Everywhere Else?
Ep101 Rosie O'Donnell & Ruby Dee
Ep100 Rosie O'Donnell
Ep99 Overweight Teens
Ep98 Psychic Twin Sisters; Real Housewives NYC; True Beauty
Ep97 True Beauty Finale Party
Ep96 Slumdog Millionaire; Make-a-Wish Kids
Ep95 I Hate Being Gay
Ep94 The Black Man: Racism and Reality
Ep93 The Secret Life of the American Teenager
Ep92 Tyra's Biggest Date in the World
Ep91 Beauty Across America
Ep90 He's Just Not That Into You
Ep89 Wing Women
Ep88 Crack the Diet Code
Ep87 Mama's Boys
Ep86 Mom Police
Ep85 YouTube Kids
Ep84 Confessions of a Teen Idol
Ep83 Boyfriend-aholics
Ep82 Divorce Party
Ep81 Whitney Port; The Bad Girls Club
Ep80 MTV Bisexual Twins; Dr. Drew Sober House
Ep79 I'm Gay for Pay
Ep78 Bizarre Eating Habits
Ep77 Player HateHER
Ep76 Guest Updates
Ep75 Gay Truth Booth
Ep74 The Internet Has Taken Over My Life
Ep73 Womanizer
Ep72 I'm an Outcast Because I'm Overweight
Ep71 Psychic Kids
Ep70 Put a Ring on It
Ep69 True Beauty
Ep68 Holiday Show
Ep67 Trust Your Dating Instincts
Ep66 Fantasy Makeovers
Ep65 Ludacris/Carson Kressley
Ep64 Brandy & Patti LaBelle
Ep63 Alicia Keys
Ep62 The Biggest Loser
Ep61 Ripped From the Headlines: Teen Edition
Ep60 Modelville 4
Ep59 Twilight, The Clique & Eve
Ep58 Beyoncé
Ep57 Rock Your Ugly
Ep56 Focus Group Your Life
Ep55 Kids Talent Scams Exposed
Ep54 Don't Ruin My Gay Wedding
Ep53 He Said, She Said, You Decide!
Ep52 Isis
Ep51 Porntown
Ep50 Tyra Show Survey
Ep49 50 Cent and Seann William Scott
Ep48 The Truth About Lying
Ep47 Guess My Race
Ep46 Ashley Madison
Ep45 Miley Cyrus/Samuel L. Jackson
Ep44 Wishes & Dreams
Ep43 Modelville 3
Ep42 Pregnancy Intervention
Ep41 Virginity Auction
Ep40 Vampires
Ep39 My Man Is Still Hooked on His Ex
Ep38 Joe Francis
Ep37 T.I./Real Housewives of Atlanta
Ep36 Big Ones vs. Small Ones
Ep35 Tina Knowles
Ep34 Bromance
Ep33 Stylista/LL Cool J
Ep32 Modelville 2
Ep31 I Suffer From a Sex Addiction
Ep30 Child Brides
Ep29 Age Defying Makeovers
Ep28 Top Models/Leighton Meesler: Stories of Abuse
Ep27 Shattered Sisterhood
Ep26 Paris Hilton
Ep25 I Lost Weight and Lost My Friends
Ep24 Janet Jackson
Ep23 Ne-Yo/Modelville Introduction
Ep22 Freakin' Fabulous
Ep21 Soccer Moms, Weekend Strippers
Ep20 Brooke Hogan/Wayne Brady
Ep19 Open Marriages
Ep18 America's Next Top Model
Ep17 Girl on Girl Kissing
Ep16 Tyra Opposite Day
Ep15 Girl Fights
Ep14 My Best Friend Poaches My Men
Ep13 Shopaholics
Ep12 Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian
Ep11 Sex in Tyra's City
Ep10 Fashion Week
Ep9 Teen Pregnancy Epidemic
Ep8 YouTube Made Me Famous
Ep7 Recessionista: Queen of Cheap
Ep6 Escaping the Sex Industry
Ep5 Solange Knowles and Single Moms
Ep4 Black Model Tribute
Ep3 Bleaching for Beauty
Ep2 Pay It Forward
Ep1 Raw and Exposed

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep170 Beauty in Black and White
Ep169 Motherhood: Comp Show
Ep168 Sex Tips and Trends Around the World
Ep167 Cast of "Tropic Thunder"
Ep166 What Is Wrong With Me?
Ep165 Tyraville's Compilation Show
Ep164 Focus on Race: Most Heated Moments
Ep163 Tyra Takes New York Compilation
Ep162 Tyra Makes a Difference: Comp Show
Ep161 Motherhood Controversy
Ep160 Bacteria Show
Ep159 Five Ways to Simplify Your Life
Ep158 Carnie Wilson and Embracing Your Big Fat Ass
Ep157 Dr. Drew Rehab Update
Ep156 How I Changed My Life
Ep155 Find My Glam a Man
Ep154 Stars on Top
Ep153 Where Have All the Good Black Men Gone
Ep152 Summer Spectacular
Ep151 Porn Against My Will
Ep150 Extreme Dieting
Ep149 Insider Tips With Mr and Miss J
Ep148 My Spouse Is Hotter Than Me
Ep147 Gays in the Ghetto
Ep146 Top Model Awards: The Fiercee Awards
Ep145 Sexless Marriages
Ep144 Predators Revealed
Ep143 Top Model Judges Unedited
Ep142 How Freaky Are We?
Ep141 Glamour Show
Ep140 Party Girl Rehab
Ep139 After the Moment of Truth
Ep138 Swap Your Boyfriend for a Night
Ep137 Tyra Goes Back to School
Ep136 Tyra's 500th Episode Spectacular
Ep135 Heidi and Spencer/Miss USA
Ep134 Women's First Night As Prostitutes
Ep133 Fat-Sploitation
Ep132 Do Light Skinned Blacks Have It Easier?
Ep131 Malibu on the Move
Ep130 Court Shows
Ep129 Beauty Tips From Around the World
Ep128 Style Your Life
Ep127 Prom Nightmares
Ep126 True Confessions of the Male Mind
Ep125 Guess My Salary
Ep124 Amazing Moms
Ep123 Intervention
Ep122 Secret Sex Lives of Men
Ep121 Five Ways to Get Him Back
Ep120 Sex in Schools
Ep119 Label Mania
Ep118 Stripper Summit
Ep117 Tori Spelling and the Princess Life
Ep116 MTV Hour
Ep115 High School Confidential
Ep114 Surprising Celebrity Updates
Ep113 This Not That
Ep112 Curves Spectacular
Ep111 Danielle Fishel and Jordin Sparks
Ep110 Ray J and the Dos and Don'ts of Dating
Ep109 How Old Do I Look?
Ep108 Janet Jackson
Ep107 Stuck in a Single Rut
Ep106 Mike Huckabee
Ep105 Science of Romance
Ep104 Violent Girl Syndrome
Ep103 Transitions
Ep102 State of the Union: Black Women Today
Ep101 4 Ways to Deal With a Cheater
Ep100 The Breast Show Ever
Ep99 Insider Secrets of America's Next Top Model
Ep98 Race and Names: The Turning Point
Ep97 People Magazine and Trading Weights
Ep96 Motherhood at Any Cost
Ep95 Will You Marry Me
Ep94 Tyra Takes Fashion Week: Part Deux!
Ep93 Bad Girls/Wife Swap
Ep92 Teen Pregnancy
Ep91 Bedroom Secrets with Sue Johanson
Ep90 Unlikely Love
Ep89 Tyra's Moment of Truth
Ep88 Back to Basic Beauty Secrets Finally Revealed
Ep87 Cyber-Bullying
Ep86 Jessica Alba
Ep85 Mary J. Blige/Diane Lane
Ep84 Dreams Come True
Ep83 Singlesville
Ep82 Addicted Moms: Families in Turmoil
Ep81 John Edwards
Ep80 Plastic Surgery Nightmares
Ep79 New Year's Weight Loss Resolution
Ep78 How to Get Off Your Butt
Ep77 Mother Daughter Body Image Issues
Ep76 Hillary Clinton
Ep75 5 Ways to Get Over Being Dumped
Ep74 Sex SOS: Can My Sex Problem Be Solved
Ep73 The Dangers of the Hook-Up
Ep72 What Men Really Want
Ep71 Sibling Birth Order Controversy
Ep70 Celeb Rehab
Ep69 Seven Deadly Sins With Father Ken
Ep68 De-Code Your Man
Ep67 This Could Kill You
Ep66 Reputation Rehab
Ep65 Transgender Triumphs: Thank You Tyra
Ep64 From Struggles to Stardom
Ep63 Holiday With the Stars
Ep62 Holiday Show
Ep61 The Truth Behind the Tiara
Ep60 Sex Advice From the Stars
Ep59 Sex Slaves Uncovered
Ep58 Motherhood: The Dirty Little Secret
Ep57 Is My Guy A Cheater?
Ep56 Trantasia
Ep55 Alicia Keys
Ep54 Mandy Moore Hour
Ep53 Beyoncé: Behind the Scenes
Ep52 Trading Faces
Ep51 How Men of Different Races View Sex
Ep50 Chris Brown
Ep49 Having 'That Talk' With Your Kids
Ep48 Guess My Weight
Ep47 Dating Undercover
Ep46 Bisexuality and Tila Tequila
Ep45 NYC Working Women Makeovers
Ep44 Seven Ways to Keep Your Lover
Ep43 What Would You Do
Ep42 Tyra, I Need to Know
Ep41 What's Up Down There?
Ep40 Bodyville: Women and Body Image Pt. 2
Ep39 Bodyville: Women and Body Image Pt. 1
Ep38 Tailored by Tyra: Home Edition
Ep37 Travel 101
Ep36 Inside the Secret World of Purity Ball
Ep35 Keyshia Cole and the Cast of Gossip Girl
Ep34 When Will I Die?
Ep33 Wayne Brady and Rosie Perez
Ep32 Lance Bass
Ep31 The New Sex in the City
Ep30 High-Tech Harassment
Ep29 Alyssa Milano, Randy Jackson and Molly Sims
Ep28 and Debi Mazar
Ep27 Do It Yourself Makeovers
Ep26 The Science of Gaydar
Ep25 Rachel Zoe
Ep24 Frenemies Face Off
Ep23 Melissa Etheridge
Ep22 All-Star Baby Style
Ep21 Women & Pornography
Ep20 It's Chic to Be Geek
Ep19 Model Blackouts
Ep18 12 Commandments of High and Low
Ep17 Babyface, Jeff Probst and John Edward
Ep16 Barack Obama
Ep15 Ciara/Jimmie Johnson
Ep14 Tyra's Finishing School
Ep13 15 Things You Must Buy for Fall
Ep12 Doomed for Divorce
Ep11 Martina McBride/Star Jones
Ep10 Tori Spelling and Mission: Man Band
Ep9 Guess My Age
Ep8 Tyra's Photography Class
Ep7 Tyra Takes Fashion Week
Ep6 Vanessa Hudgens/Lauren Conrad
Ep5 How to Spot a Fake
Ep4 Kim Kardashian; Good Charlotte
Ep3 Teenville
Ep2 15 Rules You Should Completely Ignore
Ep1 Premiere Show

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep170 Addicted to Thin
Ep169 Domestic Violence in the Gay Community
Ep168 Little Kid, Big Talent
Ep167 Ask the Experts
Ep166 Stripped Bare
Ep165 Best of Focus on Race
Ep164 Tyra Reveals
Ep163 I Bought My Bride
Ep162 Tyra Investigates
Ep161 Tyra's Beauty Tips Bonanza
Ep160 So What!
Ep159 Cutting Room Floor
Ep158 The Best of Amazing Transformations
Ep157 When Good Friends Go Bad
Ep156 Kathy Griffin & Gene Simmons
Ep155 Best of Social Experiments
Ep154 Plastic Surgery Updates
Ep153 Random Acts of Tyra
Ep152 Cosmopolitan
Ep151 Tyra Goes to Rehab
Ep150 Focus on Race: Beauty Across Cultures
Ep149 Tailored by Tyra 2
Ep148 Dorm Porn
Ep147 Re-do
Ep146 Cyber Girls and Angry Wives
Ep145 Paparazzi: Behind the Lens
Ep144 Dating Outside Your Comfort Zone
Ep143 Church of Thin
Ep142 Tyra Cleans Out Her Closet
Ep141 In Love With a Transsexual
Ep140 Spring Break Unleashed
Ep139 How Far Would You Go to Be Popular?
Ep138 Hilary Duff Plus Former Teen Stars Tiffany and Maureen McCormick (Marcia Brady) Reveal All!
Ep137 Focus on Race: Kids & Race
Ep136 Tyra Investigates the Hollywood Casting Couch
Ep135 Hot Legs
Ep134 Beyoncé Inspired Makeovers
Ep133 So What's Up
Ep132 Sizzlin' for Summer
Ep131 It Girl
Ep130 Does Sexiness Get You Further?
Ep129 Hollywood's Hottest Scandals
Ep128 Bloggin' Back
Ep127 Secret Lives of Sex Addicts
Ep126 Primordial Dwarves
Ep125 My Identical Twin Sister Is Now My Brother
Ep124 Dressing Sexy at Any Size
Ep123 Gay Athletes and Rappers: It's Not In to Be Out
Ep122 Can You Handle Brutal Honesty?
Ep121 Doing What You've Always Wanted To
Ep120 Kids Growing Up Too Quickly
Ep119 Dr. Dorfman's Worst Smiles in America
Ep118 Grindhouse
Ep117 Terrence Howard, 'Dancing With the Stars' Heather Mills and 'Lost' Star Naveen Andrews
Ep116 Miss USA Tara Conner/Randy Spelling
Ep115 Chris Rock
Ep114 Anna Nicole's Assistant Speaks Out
Ep113 Queen Latifah and the Cast of Life Support
Ep112 Pregnancy Party
Ep111 Focus on Race: Are Celebrities Immune
Ep110 The Bad Girls Club
Ep109 Supermodel & Actress Molly Sims and Inspirational Women
Ep108 Getting Rid of Clutter and Chaos
Ep107 The Cast of Reno 911!: Miami and Supermodel Niki Taylor
Ep106 Tyra Enters an Eating Disorder Clinic
Ep105 Cindy Crawford and American Idol's Katharine McPhee
Ep104 Tyra's People Magazine Cover Update
Ep103 Jennifer Hudson
Ep102 Promiscuous Girls
Ep101 Tyra's Spring Fashion Spectacular
Ep100 Transgender Kids
Ep99 Sports Illustrated: Tyra's 10-Year Anniversary
Ep98 Ghost Whisperer/The Hills
Ep97 Conjoined Twins: A Tyra Exclusive
Ep96 America's Worst Hair
Ep95 Bunny Ranch
Ep94 Trapped Inside Your House
Ep93 Fix It or Flaunt It
Ep92 Teens in the Sex Trade
Ep91 I Love New York/The Surreal Life Fame Game
Ep90 Beauty Disasters Exposed
Ep89 Focus on Race: I Hate My Own Race
Ep88 LL Cool J and Danity Kane
Ep87 Tyra Confronts Her Fat Tabloid Photos
Ep86 Fact the Truth: Ex Files
Ep85 The Trumps
Ep84 Mysterious Lives of Witches
Ep83 Tyra's Salute to Daytime
Ep82 Women Who Cheat
Ep81 Let's Get Tested: Tyra Takes an AIDS Test
Ep80 I'm 8-years-old and Hate My Body
Ep79 Princess of Cheap
Ep78 Tough Love With Dr. Garry
Ep77 Teens on the Edge: A Wake Up Call
Ep76 Diet Wars Part 2
Ep75 Secret Lives Exposed
Ep74 Livin' Large on Small Change
Ep73 Tyra and Maria Shriver: Empowering Women
Ep72 Stomp the Yard Cast
Ep71 Living With Obsessive-compulsive Disorder
Ep70 Coming Out Stories
Ep69 Everything a Woman Needs to Know
Ep68 New Year, New You
Ep67 Reunions
Ep66 Holiday Show
Ep65 The Wayans Brothers, Dancing With the Stars and Fantasia
Ep64 Thrust into the Spotlight
Ep63 Living Great in Your 20s, 30s and 40s
Ep62 Web Celebs
Ep61 I've Always Wanted to...
Ep60 Becoming Fearless
Ep59 Secret Lives of Party Girls
Ep58 Jay Manuel and John Legend
Ep57 A Day in the Life of a Porn Star
Ep56 Thick and Sexy Top Model
Ep55 Sex 101 With Sue Johanson
Ep54 Beauty 911
Ep53 Clay Aiken
Ep52 Do I Look Fat?
Ep51 Janet Jackson
Ep50 Diddy
Ep49 Makeovers for Life: Meth Faces
Ep48 Panty Party
Ep47 Hilary and Fantasia
Ep46 Undercover: My Day as a Man
Ep45 Superstars Mary J. Blige and Jada Pinkett Smith
Ep44 Homeless
Ep43 Pro Athlete Groupies
Ep42 Focus on Race: Trading Races
Ep41 Music Superstar Fergie
Ep40 Tailored by Tyra Makeovers
Ep39 Modeling Scams: Caught on Tape
Ep38 Nelly Furtado
Ep37 Halloween Show
Ep36 Diet Wars Part 1
Ep35 What Men Really Think About Sex, With Dr. Drew
Ep34 Am I a Lesbian?
Ep33 Glamour Magazine's Dos and Don'ts
Ep32 Does Attractiveness Get You Further
Ep31 The Carters and the Hogans
Ep30 Tyra's Got Talent: I Wanna Be a Reality Superstar
Ep29 Undiscovered Eating Disorders
Ep28 Are You Too Nice?
Ep27 Beauty Secrets From Allure Magazine
Ep26 My Breasts Are a Burden
Ep25 Reality TV: The Untold Story
Ep24 Hate Crimes
Ep23 Extreme Fashion and Odd Plastic Surgery
Ep22 Group Love
Ep21 Focus on Race: Interracial Dating
Ep20 Favorite Stars Revisited
Ep19 Giving It Up
Ep18 Beautiful Women, Tortured Lives
Ep17 Dating: The New Frontier
Ep16 The Secret World of Prostitution
Ep15 So You Think You Can Dance/Celebrity Fit Club
Ep14 Morbidly Obese Teens
Ep13 Losing It
Ep12 American Idol Attacked: Celebrity Survivors
Ep11 What People Really Think About You
Ep10 Flavor Flav and His Women
Ep9 Celebrity Diet Secrets
Ep8 Top Model Premiere Party
Ep7 Breaking Up with Shannen
Ep6 Angry Girl Disease
Ep5 Beyonce Bares All
Ep4 Secrets for Sensational Skin
Ep3 Web of Lies: Online Sex Crimes Exposed
Ep2 Nicole Richie Sets the Record Straight
Ep1 Racism: Who Has It Worse?

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep170 Tyra's Favorite Makeovers
Ep169 Tyra's Favorite Model Search Moments
Ep168 Tell Me Why!
Ep167 20-Something and Still Living at Home
Ep166 Help Me, Tyra!
Ep165 Mothers and Daughters in Conflict
Ep164 Transsexuals
Ep163 Tyra Banks: Undercover
Ep162 Tyra's Favorite Moments
Ep161 Model Madness
Ep160 The Most Unbelievable Surprises of the Season
Ep159 Abusive Teen Relationships, Part 2
Ep158 'Top Model' Mania
Ep157 Teens and Sex, Part 2
Ep156 Tyra Makes Headlines
Ep155 Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
Ep154 High Maintenance Women
Ep153 Forgive Me
Ep152 One More Date with an Ex
Ep151 I Love You But...
Ep150 Why Men Cheat
Ep149 The Prize Is Inside: The Big Reveal
Ep148 It's Your Lucky Day
Ep147 Baby Got Bacteria
Ep146 The Fabulous Life of Kimora Lee Simmons
Ep145 The Tyra Show Male Model Search
Ep144 Tyra Investigates: Women in Prison
Ep143 Girls Gone Wild
Ep142 Weddings for Less
Ep141 The Secret Lives of Teen Girls
Ep140 Mother's Day Surprises
Ep139 ANTM: Where Are They Now?
Ep138 Full-Figured Top Model
Ep137 Plastic Surgery Updates
Ep136 Bobby Brown
Ep135 Unlikely Sex Stars
Ep134 Tyra in Las Vegas
Ep133 Tyra Pranks
Ep132 Going Out Gone Wrong
Ep131 Tyra's Makeup Secrets
Ep130 All About the Booty
Ep129 Trading Races
Ep128 60 Seconds to Save Your Life
Ep127 Deconstructing Janice Dickinson
Ep126 Obsessed with Celebrities
Ep125 The ABCs of STDs
Ep124 I Struggle with the Same Issues as the 'Top Models'
Ep123 Women Who Love Gay Men
Ep122 Abusive Relationships
Ep121 The Dangers of Modeling
Ep120 Teenzilla
Ep119 Carmen Electra and the cast of 'Scary Movie 4'
Ep118 How to Get Rich
Ep117 The Ex-Factor
Ep116 Deadly Eating Disorders
Ep115 Frumpy to Foxy Makeovers
Ep114 Unusual Phobias
Ep113 Memorable Guests' Update
Ep112 The MySpace Phenomenon
Ep111 The Photo That Changed My Life
Ep110 Lil' Kim
Ep109 Do Over
Ep108 Secrets of Music Superstars
Ep107 Celebrity Fitness
Ep106 Tyra Undercover: My Night as a Stripper
Ep105 Sex Ed 101 With Sue Johanson
Ep104 Queen Latifah
Ep103 American Idol Makeovers
Ep102 Tyler Perry: Madea's Family Reunion
Ep101 The Dangers of Plastic Surgery
Ep100 The Ladies of the Bunny Ranch Brothel
Ep99 All Access Pass with LL Cool J
Ep98 Behind the Scenes of Reality TV
Ep97 Inside the Mind of Janice Dickinson
Ep96 Celebrity Gastric Bypass Surgery
Ep95 Tyra's Valentine's Day Extravaganza
Ep94 Real Life Brokeback Mountain
Ep93 Transsexual Top Model
Ep92 I Can Do That
Ep91 Teens and Sex
Ep90 Face Your Fears
Ep89 Eating Disorders
Ep88 Woman Marries a 15-Year-Old Boy
Ep87 Do It for Less
Ep86 Paris
Ep85 Ask My Mamma
Ep84 Shocking Secrets of America's Next Top Model Cycle 5
Ep83 Sisterhood
Ep82 Tyra's Model Hunt
Ep81 I Want You Back
Ep80 Love the New Look, Hate the New You
Ep79 Men Who Love Divas
Ep78 Re-invent Yourself Makeovers
Ep77 Revealing Your True Self
Ep76 Seth Green and 'The Biggest Loser'
Ep75 Top Models Reveal the Whole Truth
Ep74 The Prize Inside
Ep73 Inside the Minds of Men
Ep72 Addicted to Love
Ep71 Fix It or Flaunt It: Part Two
Ep70 Icons: Tarantino & Twiggy
Ep69 Top Model: Cycle 5 Fan Choice Awards
Ep68 Mary J. Blige
Ep67 A Star-Studded Holiday Celebration
Ep66 Tyra Claus Is Coming to Town
Ep65 Holiday Reunions
Ep64 Racism
Ep63 My First...
Ep62 Tyra's Most Popular Guests Return
Ep61 Married Too Soon?
Ep60 Heartfelt Surprises
Ep59 Simplify Your Life
Ep58 Tyra Talks to Teens About Self-esteem
Ep57 Top Models Reveal the Whole Truth
Ep56 What's Sexy, with Pamela Anderson
Ep55 Video Vixen and Dennis Rodamn Tell All
Ep54 So You Think You Can Model
Ep53 Tyra Banks: Swimsuit Edition
Ep52 Is Monogamy Natural?
Ep51 Tyra's Last Walk
Ep50 Naomi Campbell
Ep49 Hook Me Up like a Star
Ep48 Tyra Do It for Me
Ep47 Ask the Sexpert
Ep46 Facing the Truth
Ep45 Shocking Secrets of 'America's Next Top Model'
Ep44 Fanatics
Ep43 The Dark Side of Modeling
Ep42 Drag Queen Makeovers
Ep41 Tyra Undercover and Overweight
Ep40 Fabulous Photo Friday
Ep39 Secrets of the Supermodels
Ep38 Good Hair Day
Ep37 Get Over It
Ep36 Tyra's Halloween Spook-tacular
Ep35 Romance 101
Ep34 Matchmaking Moms
Ep33 Feuding Friends
Ep32 Should You Take Back a Cheater
Ep31 Cougars: On the Prowl for Younger Men
Ep30 Make a Difference Day
Ep29 Surprise Someone You Love
Ep28 Rematch
Ep27 First Love, Last Chance
Ep26 Made Over and Fixed Up
Ep25 The Tyra Show
Ep24 The Tyra Show
Ep23 The Tyra Show
Ep22 The Tyra Show
Ep21 Caught in the Act
Ep20 Fix It or Flaunt It
Ep19 Changing Lives:Tyra Banks Confronts Tyra Banxxx
Ep18 Queen of Cheap
Ep17 The Tyra Show
Ep16 The Tyra Show
Ep15 The Tyra Show
Ep14 The Tyra Show
Ep13 The Tyra Show
Ep12 The Tyra Show
Ep11 The Tyra Show
Ep10 The Tyra Show
Ep9 The Tyra Show
Ep8 The Tyra Show
Ep7 All About Breasts
Ep6 The Tyra Show
Ep5 The Tyra Show
Ep4 Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Ep3 The Tyra Show
Ep2 The Tyra Show
Ep1 The Tyra Show

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Ep25 The Tyra Show
Ep3 The Tyra Show
Ep2 The Tyra Show
Ep1 Preview

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