The Woody Woodpecker Show

Creator Walter Lantz hosted the earliest animated adventures of the redheaded woodpecker with the distinctive laugh. Before his TV debut, Woody was voiced in theatrical shorts by Mel Blanc. Other... Más


Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Miniature Golf Mayhem; A Chilly Cliffhanger; I Know What You Did Last Night
Ep11 Birdhounded; Run; Woody
Ep11 Birdhounded; Run Chilly, Run Deep; Surviving Woody
Ep10 Niece; Bananas; Surf
Ep10 Niece and Quiet; Chilly Bananas; Surf Crazy
Ep9 Wild; Fashion; Mountain
Ep9 Wild Woodpecker; A Chilly Fashion Shoot; Speed Demon Mountain
Ep8 Flyer; Flu; Double Cross
Ep8 Infrequent Flyer; A Chilly Cold & Flu Season; Moto Double Cross

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep16 Twelve Lies of Christmas
Woody's Roommate; Winnie's New Car; Whistle Stop Woody
#1 Woody's Roommate; Winnie's New Car; Whistle Stop Woody
#1 Bonus Round Woody; Winnie AT the Ball; Date With Destiny
#1 Automatic Woody; Zoom-a TO; Chicken Woody

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
#1 Baby Buzzard; Bait & Hook; Bad Weather
Stuck on You; Freeze Dried Chilly; That Healing Feeling
Woody Watcher; Chilly Dog; Beach Nuts
Bavariannoying; Kitchen Magician; Cheap
Meany Side of; Chilly TO GO; Ant Rant
A Very Woody Christmas; It's a Chilly Christmas; Yule Get Yours
Aunt Pecky; Terror Tots; Carney Con
Dr. Buzzard's; Winnie P.i.; Foiled In OiI
Contender; Snow Way Out; Hospital Hijinx
Pecking Order; Chilly on Ice; Just Say Uncle
Signed, Sealed, Delivered; Out to launch; Spa-spa Blacksheep
Spy-guy; YE Old Knothead; Life In the Pass
K-9, Woody-o; Ready for My; Gopher IT
Mirage Barrage; queen of D-nile; party Animal
Tee Time; S & K Files; Golddiggers
#1 Over The Top; Chilly & Fur Bearing; Painfaker
#1 Pinheads; The Chilly Show; Silent Treatment
#1 Wally's Royal Riot; Mexican Chilly; Sleepwalking Woody
#1 Father's Day; Camp Buzzard; He Wouldn't Woody
#1 Ya Gonna Eat; Chilly And; Brother Cockroac
#1 Woody's Ship of Ghouls; Bad Hair Day; Downsized Woody
#1 Temper, Temper; Classic Chilly; Crash Cours
#1 Fake Vacation; Medical Winnie Pig; Cable Ace
Wiener Wars; electric Chilly; woody & Term

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Twelve Lies of Xmas
Cable Ace; medical Winnie Pig; fake Vacation
Temper Temper; The Legend Of Rockabye Point; Crash Course
Downsized Woody; bad Hair Day; woody's Ship of Ghouls
Woody Woodpecker: Cyrano/Chill/Bait
Miniature Golf Mayhem; A Chilly Hanger; I Know What You Did Last Night
Firehouse Woody; Hogwash Junior; Thrash for Cash
Fabulous Food Box by Scamco; A Chilly Hockey Star; Corn Fed Up
Tire Tyrant; A Chilly Bar B Q; Spring Cleaning
Mechanical Meany; A Chilly Furnace; Homerun Woody
Two Woodys, No Waiting; A Chilly Amusement Park; Born to Be Woody
Crouching Meany; Hidden Woodpecker; A Chilly Party Crasher; Junk Funk
Couples Therapy; Chilly Blue Yonder; Hiccup-ed
Woodsy Woody; Chilly Solar Wars; Cue the Pool Shark
Stuck on You
Cyrano de Woodpecker; Chilly Lilly; Meany's Date Bait
Teacher's Pet; Dirty Derby; Hooray for Hollywoody
Eenie, Meany; State Fright; Gone Fishin'
Like Father, Unlike Son; A Chilly Spy
Super Woody; Skating By
Inn Trouble; Wishful Thinking
This Seat's Taken; Cajun Chilly; Out of Line
Frankenwoody; The Meany Witch Project
The Ice Rage; Endangered Chilly; Attila the Hen
Cabin Fever; Everybody's a Critic; Hide and Seek
Synch or Swim; Armed Chilly; Difficult Delivery
Lap It Up; Swiss Family Buzzard; Getting Comfortable
S2 |

Woody's Roommate; Winnie's New Car; Whistle Stop Woody

Fecha al aire: 10/5/01
Buzz bullies his way into being Woody's new roommate. Winnie cracks Buzz Buzzard's auto theft ring. Woody has to fly south for the winter but decides to take the train instead. Billy West, Mark Hamill.

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