The Young Riders

  • 1989-1992

Teens who join the Pony Express include a young Wild Bill Hickok and 'Billy' Cody (who grew up to be Buffalo Bill). The series took the usual liberties with history, and ran three seasons---twice as... More


Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep29 Till Death Do Us Part
Ep27 Exchange, The
Ep27 'Til Death Do Us Part
Ep26 Noble Chase, A
Ep26 'Til Death Do Us Part
Ep25 Talisman, The
Ep24 Peacemakers, The
Ep23 Judgement Day
Ep23 Judgement Day
Ep22 Till Death Do Us Part
Ep21 Till Death Do Us Part
Ep20 The Debt
Ep19 Lessons Learned
Ep19 The Shadowmen
Ep18 The Sacrifice
Ep17 The Road Not Taken
Ep16 Dark Brother
Ep15 Mask of Fear
Ep15 Song of Isiah
Ep14 Shadowmen
Ep13 Spies
Ep12 The Song of Isiah
Ep11 Good Night, Sweet Charlotte
Ep10 A Tiger's Tale
Ep9 Spirits
Ep8 Just like Old Times
Ep8 Survivors
Ep7 The Initiation
Ep6 The Survivors
Ep6 The Presence of Mine Enemies
Ep5 In the Presence of Mine Enemies
Ep4 Between Rock Creek and a Hard Place
Ep4 Between a Rock, a Creek and a Hard Place
Ep3 The Blood of Others
Ep2 Jesse
Ep1 A House Divided

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 The Exchange
Ep21 The Exchange
Ep20 The Face of the Enemy
Ep19 The Noble Chase
Ep19 A Noble Chase
Ep18 The Talisman
Ep18 The Talisman
Ep17 Old Scores
Ep16 Color Blind
Ep15 Daisy
Ep14 The Peacemakers
Ep13 Kansas
Ep12 Judgement Day
Ep12 Judgement Day
Ep11 The Play's the Thing
Ep10 Star Light, Star Bright
Ep9 Bad Company
Ep8 Requiem for a Hero
Ep7 Blood Money
Ep6 The Littlest Cowboy
Ep5 Pride and Prejudice
Ep4 Blood Moon
Ep3 Dead Ringer
Ep2 Ghosts
Ep1 Born to Hang

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep25 The Debt
Ep24 #1 Gathering Clouds
Ep23 #1 Gathering Clouds
Ep22 #1 Then There Was One
Ep21 #1 The Man Behind the Badge
Ep20 #1 A Matched Pair
Ep19 #1 Bulldog
Ep18 #1 Daddy's Girl
Ep17 #1 Decoy
Ep16 #1 Unfinished Business
Ep16 Lady for a Night
Ep15 #1 Lady for the Night
Ep14 #1 Hard Time
Ep13 #1 Fall from Grace
Ep12 #1 The Keepsake
Ep11 #1 Blind Love
Ep10 The End of the Innocence
Ep10 #1 The End of Innocence
Ep9 #1 A Good Day to Die
Ep8 #1 False Colors
Ep7 #1 Ten-Cent Hero
Ep6 #1 Black Ulysses
Ep5 #1 Bad Blood
Ep4 #1 Speak No Evil
Ep3 #1 Home of the Brave
Ep2 #1 Gunfighter
Ep1 #1 The Kid

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep1 Gathering Clouds
The Exchange
The Blood of Others
Requiem for a Hero
Old Scores
Requiem for a Hero
Lesson's Learned
Bad Company
Born to hang
Just Like Old Times
Star Light, Star Bright
Mask of Fear
The Initiation
Bad Company
Face Of The Enemy
Dark Brother
Blood Moon
'Til Death Do Us
The Sacrifice
The Littlest Cowboy
Good Night, Sweet Charlotte
Dead ringer
The Littlest Cowboy
Color Blind
Born to Hang
Pride and Prejudice
A Tiger's Tale
Noble Chase
S1 | Ep24

Gathering Clouds

Air Date: 5/14/90
Conclusion. Kid (Ty Miller) escapes the noose, but the raiders are still on the loose, so Hickok works his way into Hawk's gang. Stiles: David Soul. Jeffrey Darnell: Jason Adams. Teaspoon: Anthony Zerbe. Hickok: Josh Brolin.

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