The Young and the Restless

  • 1973

An iconic, enduring soap opera, this is the steamer set in Genoa City, where the Newman and Abbott dynasties stir it up in the bedroom and the boardroom. Best known for long-term love triangles,... More

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Season 37

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep538 Adam and Diane's Plan Infuriates Victor
Ep537 Colin's Manipulation of Lily is Revealed
Ep536 Lily's Strange Behavior Troubles Colin
Ep535 Victoria Cannot Forgive Billy
Ep534 Billy and Victoria Must Part With Lucy
Ep533 Nikki Pleads With Victor to Put Their Family First
Ep532 Olivia Guesses Sofia's Secret
Ep531 Sofia Begs Neil to Keep Their Secret
Ep530 Sharon Makes a New Friend
Ep529 Victoria is Suspicious of Phyllis' Motives
Ep528 Billy Comes Clean to Victoria
Ep527 Jana Wants a New Life With Kevin
Ep526 Delia and Lucy Go Missing
Ep525 Genoa City Mourns Sharon's Death
Ep524 Victor Warns Adam to Keep His Distance
Ep523 Billy Watches a Revealing Video
Ep522 Sofia Reveals a Secret to Malcolm
Ep521 Shocking News Rocks Genoa City
Ep520 Sharon is Carjacked
Ep519 Victor is Suspicious of Diane
Ep518 Malcolm and Sofia Exchange Vows
Ep517 Billy Teaches Chloe a Lesson
Ep516 Sharon Transforms Herself
Ep515 The Jury Reaches a Verdict
Ep514 Sharon Gets an Unexpected Visitor
Ep513 Sharon Rejects Adam's Plan
Ep512 Phyllis Seeks Help From Malcolm
Ep511 A Startling Witness Must Testify
Ep510 Sharon Takes the Witness Stand
Ep509 Victor Defends Sharon
Ep508 Heather Conveys Her Feelings for Chance
Ep507 Chloe is Suspicious of Jana
Ep506 Daniel Makes a Desperate Move
Ep505 Victor Makes a Shocking Announcement
Ep504 Complications Arise With Lucy
Ep503 Phyllis Surprises Adam
Ep502 Lily Gets a Bizarre Text Message
Ep501 Adam Finds Critical Evidence
Ep500 Chance Gets a Chilling Text Message
Ep499 Sharon Can't Give Up on Adam
Ep498 Tensions Rise Between Jack and Diane
Ep497 Nikki Receives Devastating News
Ep496 Deacon Fools Meggie
Ep495 Tucker Threatens to Close Jabot
Ep494 The Newman Trial Reaches a Verdict
Ep493 Victor Makes a Confession
Ep492 Victor Has a Change of Heart
Ep491 Lily Sees Visions of Cane
Ep490 Jana Is Blindsided
Ep489 Victor Threatens to Expose Adam
Ep488 Adam's Lies Dismay Sharon
Ep487 Victor Makes a Deal With Adam
Ep486 Diane Confesses Hidden Feelings
Ep485 Loyalties Are Tested in the Newman Family
Ep484 Jana Says Goodbye to Kevin
Ep483 Chloe Objects to Jana's New Job
Ep482 Victor Denies Allegations Against Him
Ep481 Jack and Phyllis Find a Revealing Video
Ep480 A Familiar Face Returns to Genoa City
Ep479 Lily Mourns Cane's Death
Ep478 Victor Gives Diane an Ultimatum
Ep477 Phyllis Finds Evidence Against Victor
Ep476 Lily Struggles With Cane's Death
Ep475 Adam Launches a New Scheme
Ep474 Jana Confronts Chloe
Ep473 Jill Gets a Surprise Visitor
Ep472 Ronan Collapses
Ep471 Tragedy Strikes
Ep470 Cane Tries to Stop Jill's Wedding
Ep469 Nick Has a Change of Heart
Ep468 Nick and Sharon Fight for Custody
Ep467 Cane Opens Up to Lily About His Past
Ep466 Tucker Learns the Truth About Cane's Ruse
Ep465 Adam Offers Jack a Business Proposition
Ep464 Jill and Colin Announce Their Engagement
Ep463 Sharon Loses Custody of Faith
Ep462 Sharon's Public Humiliation
Ep461 A Stunning Proposal With the Worst of Intentions
Ep460 Ronan Makes Plans to Leave
Ep459 Victor Vows to Get Revenge Against Adam
Ep458 Victoria Can't Accept Billy's 'Gift'
Ep457 Billy Has a Breathtaking Surprise for Victoria
Ep456 Nick Learns the Depths of Victor's Duplicity
Ep455 Like Father Like Daughter
Ep454 Jack Seeks the Truth About Skye
Ep453 Sharon and Nick Battle Over Faith
Ep452 Daniel Finally Regains Consciousness
Ep451 Jack Makes Nick Doubt Victor
Ep450 Kay Questions Colin's Motives
Ep449 Nick's Choice Devastates Sharon
Ep448 Victoria's Bad News Angers Billy
Ep447 Daisy Goes Into Labor
Ep446 Victor Witnesses a Tragedy
Ep445 Sharon Finds What She Has Been Looking For
Ep444 Sharon Goes in Search of Skye
Ep443 A Christmas Carol
Ep442 Victor Alienates His Entire Family
Ep441 Cane May Not be Able to Hide the Truth for Much Longer
Ep440 Victor Returns to an Unexpected Surprise
Ep439 Adam's New Lead Could End Up Convicting Him
Ep438 Adam Finally Gets a Lead
Ep437 Victoria May Lose the Thing She Wants Most in Life
Ep436 Cane Hits His Boiling Point
Ep435 Phyllis Becomes Sharon and Adam's Reluctant Ally
Ep434 Sharon and Phyllis Take Their Catfights to a New Level
Ep433 Cane and Colin Come Face-to-Face
Ep432 Daniel Decides to Step Up With Daisy
Ep431 Phyllis Sets Out to Expose the Truth
Ep430 Jack Turns His Back on Sharon
Ep429 The Truth Could Mean the End of Nick and Sharon
Ep428 Adam Pleads for Sharon's Trust
Ep427 Sharon is Reminded of Her Past
Ep426 Sharon Finds Herself at a Crossroads
Ep425 Nick is Desperate to Find Sharon Before Adam Does
Ep424 Nick Decides to Follow Sharon to New Orleans
Ep423 Abby Learns a Harsh Truth About Victor
Ep422 Victor's Actions Ruin Both Jack and Adam
Ep421 Victor Reveals His Plan to Destroy Adam
Ep420 Adam's Past Comes Back to Haunt Him
Ep419 Victor Has a Surprising Suggestion for Michael
Ep418 Murphy Learns the Truth from Kay
Ep417 Sharon Struggles With Nick's Proposal
Ep416 A Proposal for Another Newman
Ep415 Billy Vows to Protect Delia
Ep414 Phyllis Becomes Daisy's New Ally
Ep413 Adam and Skye Do Battle
Ep412 Timing is Everything
Ep411 The New Mrs. Newman
Ep410 Meggie and Victor Elope
Ep409 Billy Has a Plan to Destroy Victor
Ep408 Nikki's Recovery is in Jeopardy
Ep407 Victor Questions his Commitment to Nikki
Ep406 Halloween 2.0
Ep405 Victor Calls in a Favor
Ep404 Victor Refuses to Comply With a Judge's Order
Ep403 Victor's Manipulations Backfire
Ep402 Victoria Ups the Ante in the Lawsuit Against Victor
Ep401 Phyllis' New Story
Ep400 Victor Admits His Doubts
Ep399 Victor and Skye's Heart-to-Heart
Ep398 Nikki is Desperate to Get Victor Down the Aisle
Ep397 There's No Place Like Home
Ep396 Genoa City Braces for Impact
Ep395 Cane's Secret is Revealed
Ep394 Victor's Suspicions
Ep393 Murphy Tries to Get a Message to Victor
Ep392 Diane Returns to Genoa City
Ep391 Daniel's Art Show
Ep390 New Arrivals, New Threats
Ep389 Kay Finds Murphy in Distress
Ep388 Meggie's Secret Past
Ep387 The Harvest Festival
Ep386 Victor Refuses to Back Down
Ep385 Faith's Birthday Disaster
Ep384 Adam Turns to Sharon
Ep383 Victoria and Abby Go to War With Victor
Ep382 Victoria and Billy Fear for Their Child
Ep381 Victoria's Distress
Ep380 Adam Threatens Skye's Life
Ep379 Nina Battles With the Truth
Ep378 Jack and Phyllis, Back to Old Habits?
Ep377 Nina's Desperation
Ep376 Christine's Plea
Ep375 Ronan and Chris Crash Chance's Funeral
Ep374 Everyone Gathers to Say Good-bye to Chance
Ep373 Nina Wants Revenge
Ep372 Billy and Victor Face Off
Ep371 Wedding Interruptus
Ep370 Billy and Victoria's Wedding Day
Ep369 Father Thinks He Knows Best
Ep368 Victor's Tough Love
Ep367 Abby Goes to War With Victor
Ep366 Billy and Victoria Move Into Their New Home
Ep365 The Real Homewreckers of Genoa City
Ep364 Kevin and Jana's Good-bye
Ep363 Victor Has a Secret Weapon
Ep362 Phillip Returns With a Warning
Ep361 Return Engagement
Ep360 Nina Gets a Clue
Ep359 Victor and Jack's Unusual Alliance
Ep358 Phyllis Busts Nick
Ep357 Christine and Nick Cross Paths
Ep356 Daddy's Little Girl
Ep355 Fenmore vs. Fenmore
Ep354 Adam is Intent on Revenge
Ep353 Judgment Day
Ep352 Victor Outwits Tucker
Ep351 Sharon Has Two Words for Adam
Ep350 Sharon Testifies
Ep349 Adam Protects Sharon
Ep348 Trust Me
Ep347 Christmas in August
Ep346 Gloworm's Grand Opening
Ep345 Jana Returns
Ep344 Self-Defense or Attempted Murder?
Ep343 A Secret Alliance
Ep342 Old Habits Die Hard
Ep341 Chloe's Revenge
Ep340 Emily's Choice
Ep339 Good-bye Patty
Ep338 Christine's Secret
Ep337 Abby Godiva
Ep336 Honorable Intentions?
Ep335 Jack's New Alliance
Ep334 Proposal Interruptus
Ep333 Ryder Is a Wanted Man
Ep332 Cricket Returns
Ep331 Victor and Nikki's Surprise Visitor
Ep330 Victor Denounces Adam
Ep329 Phyllis Says Good-bye to Nick
Ep328 Victoria Makes Her Choice
Ep327 Victor is Set on Getting Revenge
Ep326 Sharon is Set Up
Ep325 Billy Has a Plan for Adam
Ep324 Adam's Arrest May be Too Late
Ep323 Sharon Pushes Nick to Wake Up
Ep322 Adam's Games Begin Again
Ep321 Kay Warns Jill
Ep320 Phyllis' Confession
Ep319 Lauren's Family Tree Grows
Ep318 Sharon's Honest Lie
Ep317 Adam and Sharon: Reunited
Ep316 Mac is in Distress
Ep315 Lily's Plea
Ep314 Nick Can't Let Go
Ep313 A Tearful Good-Bye
Ep312 A Foster Family Reunion
Ep311 Family Secrets
Ep310 Snapper Returns
Ep309 Billy's Choice
Ep308 Passions Collide
Ep307 Nick Makes a Mysterious Call
Ep306 Battle Lines Are Drawn
Ep305 Secret Lives
Ep304 Victor's Search
Ep303 Love No More
Ep302 Adam Newman Rests Here
Ep301 Tucker, Exposed
Ep300 My Little Chicken Hawk
Ep299 The Truth Shall Set You Free?
Ep298 Last Laugh
Ep297 No Good Deed
Ep296 That Didn't Happen
Ep295 Could It Get Worse?
Ep294 Realization and Suspicion
Ep293 Abby Flirts With Daniel
Ep292 Nick is Attacked
Ep291 Kevin's Plan
Ep290 Abby Reveals Her Agenda
Ep289 About Last Night
Ep288 A Romantic Vacation
Ep287 Accomplice or Killer?
Ep286 Victor's Manipulation Backfires
Ep285 Patty's Desperate Threat
Ep284 Is All Fair in Love and War?
Ep283 Adam's Perfect Revenge
Ep282 The Truth Comes Out
Ep281 Adam's Last Words
Ep280 Lauren and Sarah Reflect on Their Relationship
Ep279 Jack Finally Realizes the Truth
Ep278 An Unexpected Visitor Arrives in Genoa City
Ep277 Lauren and Jana's Plan of Escape
Ep276 Sharon and Phyllis' Alliance
Ep275 Lily's Life-Threatening Choice
Ep274 Another Cover-up Begins
Ep273 Tensions Escalate Among the Newmans
Ep272 Emily's Plea for the Truth
Ep271 A New Suspect
Ep270 Victoria Lies
Ep269 Billy's Confession
Ep268 Victoria is Arrested
Ep267 Search for a Suspect
Ep266 Sarah Poses as Lauren
Ep265 Sarah's Charade Begins
Ep264 Sarah's Identity Revealed
Ep263 Search for a Killer
Ep262 I.D.
Ep261 Last Night Never Happened
Ep260 The Body in the Basement
Ep259 The Masquerade Ball
Ep258 Adam Makes His Escape
Ep257 The Masquerade Ball Begins
Ep256 Patty Falls for a Trap
Ep255 Ashley Attacks Adam
Ep254 Ashley Faces Her Demons
Ep253 Faith's Maternity is Revealed
Ep252 Lauren Confronts Daisy
Ep251 Victor and Jack Have a Surprising Offer for Kay
Ep250 Emily Makes a Desperate Attempt to See Jack
Ep249 Cane Reaches Out to an Unlikely Ally
Ep248 Cane Says Good-bye to Lily
Ep247 Kevin Confronts Lauren About Paul
Ep246 J.T. Must Make a Decision About Reed's Future
Ep245 The Truth is Finally Revealed
Ep244 Adam Faces an Inquisition
Ep243 Tucker Softens to Katherine
Ep242 Nick Learns the Truth
Ep241 Victor and Jack Plot to Catch Adam
Ep240 Ashley Starts to Put the Pieces Together
Ep239 Jill Double-Crosses Katherine
Ep238 Ashley and Sharon Have Disturbing Dreams
Ep237 Billy and Jill Search for Tucker's Secrets
Ep236 Phyllis and Diane Have an Explosive Face-off
Ep235 Jack Challenges Victor in Court
Ep234 Emily Surprises Jack
Ep233 Katherine Makes an Unexpected Move
Ep232 Katherine Discovers Tucker's Secret
Ep231 Jack Confronts Victor About Adam
Ep230 Adam Takes on Victor and Nick
Ep229 Jana Discovers the Truth
Ep228 Ashley Publicly Confronts Adam
Ep227 Phyllis Confronts Adam With Her Newfound Information
Ep226 Patty Gets Her Dream Wedding
Ep225 The Bride Has Pre-Wedding Jitters
Ep224 Victor Issues J.T. a Warning
Ep223 Patty's Psychosis Spins Out of control.
Ep222 Katherine Gives Tucker a Reality Check
Ep221 Ashley and Jack Learn the Fate of Jabot
Ep220 Adam Enacts Victor's Plan
Ep219 Jill and Kay Find Themselves in Danger
Ep218 Gloria Approaches Jack About a Partnership
Ep217 Ashley Confronts Adam With a Clue
Ep216 Victor's Plot Deepens as His Family Turns Against Him
Ep215 Adam and Victor Have a Very Public Disagreement
Ep214 Tucker Reveals His Plans for Chancellor Industries
Ep213 Victor and Jack Square Off
Ep212 Victor Offers Billy a Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity
Ep211 Katherine Disowns Jill
Ep210 Kay Learns the Truth About Jill's Betrayal
Ep209 Victor Summons His Family
Ep208 Katherine Demands a DNA Test
Ep207 Kay Learns How Deep Tucker's Deceit Runs
Ep206 Neil Brings Devastating News to the Abbotts
Ep205 Victor Returns
Ep204 Billy Starts to Dig Into Adam's Past
Ep203 An Unexpected Arrival in Genoa City Surprises Everyone
Ep202 Jill Devises a Plan to Get Jo-Jo's DNA
Ep201 Adam's Actions May Redeem Him
Ep200 A Mysterious Fire Threatens Noah and Eden
Ep199 Billy Makes Malcolm an Offer
Ep198 Kay Prepares Herself to Meet Her Daughter for the First Time
Ep197 Chance's New Investigation Lands Him in Dangerous Waters
Ep196 Billy and Victoria Try to Remember New Year's Eve
Ep195 A Look Into the Future Helps One Genoa City Resident Change His Life
Ep194 Neil and Malcolm Face Off
Ep193 Malcolm Returns to Genoa City
Ep192 Kay Makes a Drastic Decision Regarding Her Family
Ep191 The Newmans Get a Surprise Guest on Christmas
Ep190 Adam Has a Shocking Surprise for Sharon
Ep189 Nick Learns About Phyllis' Lies
Ep188 Jack Surprises Emily With a Winter Wonderland
Ep187 Patty Makes a Breakthrough
Ep186 Phyllis' Lies Catch Up to Her
Ep185 A Clue is Found That Could Save Daniel
Ep184 Genoa City Welcomes Tucker McCall
Ep183 Paul Finds a Clue That Saves Daniel
Ep182 Lauren Has a Warning for Ryder
Ep181 Sharon Questions Adam's Motives
Ep180 Billy is Offered Grand Jury Secrets
Ep179 Jack Plays Games With Kay
Ep178 Michael Uses Blackmail to Help Daniel
Ep177 Kay Moves Forward With Her Plans For Chancellor
Ep176 Emily Has a Shocking Revelation for Paul
Ep175 Phyllis Gives Nick a Profound Gift
Ep174 Nick's Field Trip
Ep173 Thanksgiving Celebrations
Ep172 Honest Conversation
Ep171 Nick Turns His Back on Jack
Ep170 Phillip and Chance Say Good-bye
Ep169 Phyllis Learns a Shocking Truth From Patty
Ep168 Jack Has an Intriguing Offer for Nick
Ep167 Billy Realizes the Extent of His Loss
Ep166 Amber and Daniel's Wedding
Ep165 Paul and Jill Make a Pact
Ep164 Wedding Doubts
Ep163 Ryder Gives an Alibi
Ep162 Patty's Letter
Ep161 Ashley Defies Jack
Ep160 Lily Fights for Her Life
Ep159 Kay Has Big Plans for Chancellor
Ep158 Billy Feels the Pressure at Restless Style
Ep157 Victor and Nikki Say Good-bye
Ep156 Billy Trades His Family for Fame
Ep155 Victor Leaves His Legacy for Faith
Ep154 Victor Surprises Nikki
Ep153 Victor's Shocking News
Ep152 Jack Tells Victor's Secrets to Billy
Ep151 Adam Reveals the Truth
Ep150 A New Legacy
Ep149 Emily Faces Patty
Ep148 Deacon's Next Assignment
Ep147 Ashley Challenges Victor
Ep146 Adam Reveals Too Much to Sharon
Ep145 Lily and Cane Recommit
Ep144 Gloria Learns She Has Been Conned
Ep143 Jack Helps Sharon Move on With Her Life
Ep142 Sharon and Nick Say Good-bye to Faith
Ep141 Colleen's Celebration of Life
Ep140 Victor Confesses to Nikki
Ep139 Phyllis Reaches Out to Sharon
Ep138 Phyllis Learns the Truth About Sharon's Sacrifice
Ep137 Victor Learns His Fate
Ep136 Traci's Final Decision
Ep135 The Abbotts Receive News
Ep134 Jack's Surprising Decision
Ep133 Nikki Pleads With the Abbotts to Save Victor
Ep132 Victor's Prognosis is Grim
Ep131 Nikki Faces Victor
Ep130 Victor's Emergency
Ep129 Amber's Disguise
Ep128 The Abbotts Learn Colleen Won't Survive
Ep127 Ashley Decides to Leave Victor
Ep126 Patty Gets Her Revenge
Ep125 Colleen's Visions
Ep124 Nick and Victoria Confront Victor
Ep123 Daniel Proposes to Amber
Ep122 Deacon and Daniel Make a Trade
Ep121 Amber's Arranged Marriage
Ep120 Victor Pits Jack Against Billy
Ep119 Jack and Victor Join Forces
Ep118 Alliances Are Formed
Ep117 Katherine Demands Answers
Ep116 Patty's Attack
Ep115 Paul Demands the Truth From Victor
Ep114 Jack's Strategic Offer
Ep113 Sharon's Secret is Out
Ep112 Jack Learns Mary Jane's True Identity
Ep111 Paul Defends His Sister
Ep110 Ashley and Adam Conspire to Deceive
Ep109 Jack and Victor Face Off Over Ashley
Ep108 Paul and Patty Meet
Ep107 Paul Learns That Patty May Be in Town
Ep106 Lily Confronts Her Cancer
Ep105 Victor and Ashley Reconcile
Ep104 J.T. and Victoria's Mutual Mistakes
Ep103 Neil Learns the Truth About Devon and Tyra
Ep102 Sharon's Ultimate Decision
Ep101 Cane Makes Lily a Promise
Ep100 Jack and Billy Face Off With Victor
Ep99 Victor's Confession
Ep98 Devastating News for the Newmans
Ep97 Katherine's Confession Shocks Jill
Ep96 Nick Learns the Truth
Ep95 Victor's Shocking Confession
Ep94 Victor's Plot Is Revealed
Ep93 Victor Demands J.T.'s Resignation
Ep92 Victor and Jack Join Forces
Ep91 Jill Claims Cane as Her Son
Ep90 Secrets Are Revealed
Ep89 Victor Learns the Truth
Ep88 Ashley's Gift
Ep87 Victor's Ultimatum
Ep86 Lily's Results Are In
Ep85 Shocking News for All
Ep84 Lily's Medical Emergency
Ep83 Victor Sets a Trap
Ep82 Victor's Proposal
Ep81 Ashley's Isolation
Ep80 Phyllis Learns the Truth
Ep79 Jack's Warning
Ep78 Nikki's Shocking Discovery
Ep77 Phyllis Takes Action
Ep76 Katherine Collapses
Ep75 Unexpected Guest
Ep74 Who is Mary Jane?
Ep73 A Medical Emergency
Ep72 Betrayals
Ep71 Deception and Lies
Ep70 Paternity Test Revealed
Ep69 Victor vs. Mary Jane
Ep68 Adam's Punishment
Ep67 A New Diagnosis
Ep66 Cane's Desperate Ploy
Ep65 Buried Secrets
Ep64 The Arrest
Ep63 Nina's Discovery
Ep62 Adam is Caught
Ep61 Jack Reveals a Secret
Ep60 Passion Ignites
Ep59 Daniel's in Trouble
Ep58 Mac's Revelation
Ep57 Confrontations
Ep56 Lives in Danger
Ep55 Crossing the Line
Ep54 Secrets Revealed
Ep53 Billy's Confession
Ep52 Daniel's Mistake
Ep51 Sabrina Comes to Life
Ep50 The Ultimatum
Ep49 More Trouble for Ashley
Ep48 Friends or Foes?
Ep47 Chloe Takes a Stand
Ep46 Raul's Surprise
Ep45 A New Arrival
Ep44 Nick's Admission
Ep43 Sharon's Breakdown
Ep42 Daniel's Ultimatum
Ep41 Surprise at the Wedding
Ep40 The Wedding
Ep39 Sharon Leans on Nick
Ep38 Financial Collapse
Ep37 Adam's Plan
Ep36 Paul's Proposal
Ep35 A Change of Plan
Ep34 At the Trial
Ep33 Sharon's Dream
Ep32 Sharon Reveals a Secret
Ep31 Secret Kisses
Ep30 A Wedding To Remember
Ep29 Michael's Breakthrough
Ep28 Ashley's Mistake
Ep27 Phyllis' Arrest
Ep26 Gloria Confesses
Ep25 The Party
Ep24 Upsets in Genoa City
Ep23 Confessions
Ep22 Kevin's Breakthrough
Ep21 Karen's Betrayal
Ep20 Showdown in Court
Ep19 Breaking Point
Ep18 It's Hard to Let Go
Ep17 Sharon Goes to Jail
Ep16 Secrets Are Revealed
Ep15 Ashley's Haunting
Ep14 Mac's Decision
Ep13 Karen Learns the Truth
Ep12 Who Will Nick Choose?
Ep11 A Surprise Return
Ep10 Billy and Chloe's Outrageous Wedding
Ep9 Kay and Jill's Heated Confrontation
Ep8 Kay and Brock's Reunion
Ep7 Kevin's Life-Threatening Injury
Ep6 Jill's Regretful Decision
Ep5 Jill's Unbearable News
Ep4 Marge's Return From the Grave
Ep3 Lily's Astounding confession to Cane
Ep2 Nikki's Incredible Search for the Truth
Ep1 Victor Challenges Nikki's Belief in Kay

Season 36

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep245 Kevin Panics About Clint
Ep244 Phyllis Threatens to Reveal Sharon's Secret
Ep243 Billy and Cane fight for Cordelia
Ep242 Nikki and Kay's Emotional Reunion
Ep241 Victor's Promise to Adam
Ep240 Kay Fools Everyone
Ep239 Victor Proposes to Ashley
Ep238 Jack and Sharon Make Love
Ep237 Ashley's Stunning News
Ep236 Kevin's Worst Nightmare
Ep235 Sharon's Problems Consume Her
Ep234 Amber Discovers the Clue
Ep233 Billy Proposes to Chloe
Ep232 Kay and Esther's Emotional Reunion
Ep231 Cane and Billy Face Off
Ep230 Victor's Showdown Over Adam
Ep229 Gloria's Stunning News
Ep228 Cane's Battle for the Baby
Ep227 Colleen's Shocking Announcement
Ep226 Brad's Will Shocks His Survivors
Ep225 Billy Makes a Hard Choice
Ep224 Chloe's Terrifying Surgery
Ep223 Kay's Mysterious Disappearance
Ep222 Kay's DNA Results Are Revealed
Ep221 Sharon's Emotional Meltdown
Ep220 Kay's Second Chance
Ep219 Victor's Mysterious Plans
Ep218 Victor Disrupts Brad's Funeral
Ep217 Nick's Startling Confession
Ep216 The Search for Brad Comes to a Chilling Conclusion
Ep215 Nick and Sharon Make Love
Ep214 Colleen's Agonizing Search for Her Father
Ep213 Sharon and Nick Are Snowbound at the Cabin
Ep212 Nick and Sharon's Nightmare
Ep211 Brad Confesses His Love to Sharon
Ep210 Victor Gives Brad an Ultimatum
Ep209 Esther's Marriage Proposal
Ep208 Victor's Shocking Offer
Ep207 Phyllis Leaves Nick Stunned
Ep206 Victor and Brad's Fiery Face-off
Ep205 Sharon and Phyllis' Enraged Run-in
Ep204 Kay and Amber's Vital Realization
Ep203 Nikki and Victor Bond
Ep202 Michael's Downward Spiral
Ep201 Phyllis and Nick's Escalating Fight
Ep200 Nick and Sharon Discover Phyllis' Motives
Ep199 Sharon's Shocking Revelation
Ep198 Nikki Comes Face to Face With Kay
Ep197 Jack Reveals the Truth
Ep196 Phyllis' Enticing Offer
Ep195 Phyllis and Sharon's Angry Run-in
Ep194 Victor Dismisses Victoria's Concerns About Ashley
Ep193 Victor and Jack come Face to Face
Ep192 Brad and Sharon's Intimate New Year's
Ep191 Kay is Arrested
Ep190 Kay Breaks Into the Chancellor Mansion
Ep189 Michael's Wonderful Life
Ep188 Victor Recounts Painful Memories
Ep187 Victor Turns His Back on Adam
Ep186 Kay's Memories Flood Back
Ep185 Sharon Learns What Phyllis Saw
Ep184 Jack Rips Into Gloria
Ep183 Adam's Final Plea
Ep182 Gloria's Booked at the Police Station
Ep181 Michael's Shocking Discovery
Ep180 Gloria's Arrested
Ep179 Victor's Final Offer
Ep178 Phyllis' Emotional Confession
Ep177 Billy's Sneaky Discovery
Ep176 Chloe and Lily's Frightening Fallout
Ep175 Sharon Throws Jack Out
Ep174 Victor's Enticing Offer
Ep173 Ashley Turns the Tables on Everyone
Ep172 A Shocking Twist at Jabot
Ep171 Jack's Scheming Hits a New High
Ep170 Kay's Confusion Sets In
Ep169 Nikki and Paul's Night of Passion
Ep168 Sharon Learns More Secrets
Ep167 Revelations
Ep166 Kay's Will
Ep165 Victor's Promise
Ep164 Victoria's Relief
Ep163 Nikki's Breakdown
Ep162 Kay's Funeral
Ep161 Jack Confronts Phyllis
Ep160 Noah's Arrest
Ep159 Kay's Death
Ep158 Passion Erupts
Ep157 Where's Kay?
Ep156 Kay's Dedication
Ep155 Kevin Finds Cash
Ep154 Gloria is Tanya
Ep153 Nikki's Plea
Ep152 Ashley's Arrival
Ep151 Karen's Confession
Ep150 Phyllis' Jealousy
Ep149 Jack's Set Up
Ep148 Kay and Marge
Ep147 Bugs
Ep146 Gloria Unleashes
Ep145 Gloria Tells All
Ep144 Gloria's Tricks
Ep143 Victor Calls
Ep142 Close Call
Ep141 Paul's Struggle
Ep140 Tyra and Ana Return
Ep139 Michael's Plea
Ep138 The Wild Goose Chase
Ep137 The Escape
Ep136 Michael's Key Witness
Ep135 Another Newman
Ep134 Billy Confronts Chloe
Ep133 Nick and Phyllis' Blowout
Ep132 Nick and Sharon's Moment
Ep131 Adam's Second Thoughts
Ep130 Nikki Curses at Victor
Ep129 The New Fresh Face
Ep128 The Family Company
Ep127 Victor's Tricks
Ep126 River's Plea
Ep125 Victor Collapses
Ep124 Michael Is a Guardian
Ep123 Michael's New Relative
Ep122 Art Show Shockers
Ep121 Jack Threatens Victor
Ep120 Jack's Confrontation
Ep119 Sharon's Letter
Ep118 River's Return
Ep117 River Arrives
Ep116 Cane Fires Jill
Ep115 Nick's Shocking Delivery
Ep114 The Coin Toss
Ep113 Sharon's Plea to Victor
Ep112 Stand-Off
Ep111 New Newman
Ep110 Nikki and Victor Face Off
Ep109 Esther's Shocking Recognition
Ep108 Sharon's True Loyalty
Ep107 Jack Pushes the Feud
Ep106 Adam Fires Away
Ep105 Nikki Gives In
Ep104 Victor Is in Danger
Ep103 Tables Are Turned on Jack and Sharon
Ep102 Ana's Shocking Phone Call
Ep101 Victoria Takes Control
Ep100 Michael and River's Confrontation
Ep99 Victoria's Take Over
Ep98 Tyra's Shocking Confession
Ep97 Cane Gets an Offer He Can't Refuse
Ep96 Confrontation
Ep95 The Results Are In
Ep94 Paul and J.T. Find Disturbing Clues About Victor's Disappearance
Ep93 Michael Faces His Father
Ep92 Victor Goes Missing
Ep91 Adam's Worst Fear Comes True
Ep90 Victor Lashes Out
Ep89 Nikki Has a Nightmare
Ep88 Daniel and Amber Say Good-Bye
Ep87 Chloe Alters Her First Sonogram
Ep86 Nick Refuses to Leave Victor's Side
Ep85 Victor Fears Nikki's Dead
Ep84 Nikki is Rushed to the Hospital
Ep83 David Attempts to Drug Nikki
Ep82 Walter Puts a Hit Out on David
Ep81 Jeff Hides the Face Cream From Gloria
Ep80 Cane Asks Lily to Move In With Him
Ep79 Victor Cuts Nick and Victor Out of His Will
Ep78 Colleen Learns That Amber Slept With Adrian
Ep77 Sabrina's Article Hits Stands
Ep76 Sabrina Offers Victoria a Truce
Ep75 Daniel Tells Amber He Is Moving Out
Ep74 Ana Sings at Indigo
Ep73 David Takes a Job From Walter
Ep72 Daniel Returns to Genoa City
Ep71 Victor Warns Nikki to Leave David
Ep70 Heather Witnesses a Kiss Between Skye and Adam
Ep69 Restless Style Celebrates the Fourth of July
Ep68 Adam Learns why Victor Hates Heather
Ep67 Devon Learns that Tyra Lied
Ep66 Victoria and Sabrina Stand Off Over the Charity Gala
Ep65 Jeff and Gloria Are Married by Little Richard
Ep64 Jeff Proposes to Gloria
Ep63 Michael Hires Paul to Track Down His Father
Ep62 Neil and Karen Make Love
Ep61 Adam Forces Zara to Leave Genoa City
Ep60 Victor and Sabrina Are Married
Ep59 Victor and Sabrina Prepare for Their Wedding Day
Ep58 Sabrina's Mother Arrives in Genoa City
Ep57 Colleen Returns from China
Ep56 Jeff and Gloria Make Love
Ep55 Neil Asks Karen to Marry Him
Ep54 Victor Celebrates Father's Day With Adam
Ep53 Katy Perry Comes to Restless Style
Ep52 David's Past Worries Nikki
Ep51 Gloria and Alistair Go Skinny Dipping
Ep50 Nikki Asks Paul to Stop Investigating David
Ep49 David Tells Nikki About Paul's Investigation
Ep48 Kevin Fires Gloria
Ep47 Gloria Accidentally Poisons Jeff
Ep46 Chloe Plays Sick for Cane
Ep45 Jack Asks Gloria to Move In
Ep44 Gloria and Jeff Get a Divorce
Ep43 Jill Fires Gloria
Ep42 Jill Tells Nikki to Let Victor Go
Ep41 Daniel Leaves Genoa City
Ep40 Nick Gets His Memory back
Ep39 Amber Tells Daniel She Loves Him
Ep38 Sharon and Nick Remember Cassie
Ep37 David Tries to Get a Loan in Nikki's Name
Ep36 Jeff Decides to Leave Genoa City
Ep35 Nikki Clues Sabrina in on Victor
Ep34 The First Issue of Restless Style Hits Stands
Ep33 Gloria Is Served With Divorce Papers
Ep32 Nikki and David Get Married
Ep31 Karen Moves to New York
Ep30 Sabrina Accepts Victor's Proposal
Ep29 Victor Asks Sabrina to Marry Him
Ep28 Jamie Whitfield Comes to Restless Style
Ep27 Lily and Cane Start Over
Ep26 Victor Tests J.T.'s Loyalty
Ep25 Victoria Quits Newman
Ep24 Trace Adkins Performs for Nick and Phyllis
Ep23 Gloria Learns Jeff Is Living With Jill
Ep22 Jeff Plans a Surprise for Gloria
Ep21 Adam's Ex Arrives in Genoa City
Ep20 Reed Is Christened
Ep19 Amber Learns About Lily's Pregnancy
Ep18 Lily Gives Cane an Answer
Ep17 Nick Warns Sabrina
Ep16 Gloria Misses Jeff
Ep15 Cane Asks Lily to Marry Him
Ep14 Lily Makes a Decision
Ep13 Lily Tries to Decide Whether to Keep the Baby
Ep12 Jill Realizes Lily Is Pregnant
Ep11 Gloria Makes a Huge Announcement
Ep10 Jana and Kevin Try to Set a Wedding Date
Ep9 Sabrina Accepts Victor's Job Offer
Ep8 Karen Moves In With Neil
Ep7 Victor and Sabrina Make Love
Ep6 Cane Wonders if Lily is Pregnant
Ep5 Victor and Sabrina Kiss
Ep4 Jack Demands Alistair Leave Town
Ep3 Jack Gives Gloria the Mansion
Ep2 Michael Turns His Back on Gloria
Ep1 Jack Tells Michael the Truth

Season 35

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep255 Jeff Finds Lauren Unconscious
Ep254 Sabrina and Victor Share a Kiss
Ep253 Danny Romalotti Performs
Ep252 The Restless Style Party is a Hit
Ep251 Victor Refuses to Attend Restless Style's Pre-launch Party
Ep250 Gloria Thinks John Is Haunting Her
Ep249 Danny Romalotti Returns to Genoa City
Ep248 Amber and Daniel Burn the Money
Ep247 Adam Learns of Nick and Phyllis's Affair
Ep246 Amber Refuses to Destroy the Money
Ep245 Cane Decides to Move Out
Ep244 Jack Considers Giving Up the Mansion
Ep243 Victor Invites Sabrina to Dinner
Ep242 Heather Decides to Leave Genoa City
Ep241 Neil Asks Karen to Move In
Ep240 Jeff Agrees to Give Gloria a Divorce
Ep239 Reed Gets a Staph Infection
Ep238 Nikki Stands By David
Ep237 David Reveals His Secret to Nikki
Ep236 Sabrina Arrives in Genoa City
Ep235 Phyllis Learns That Adam Is Victor Jr.
Ep234 Nick and Adam Meet
Ep233 Jeff and Gloria Make a Pact
Ep232 Victor, Jr. Accepts Victor's Offer
Ep231 Gloria Collapses
Ep230 Sharon Finds the Spy-Cam
Ep229 Victor Offers Victor Jr. a Job
Ep228 Hope Dies
Ep227 Pat Benatar Performs
Ep226 Lily and Cane Make Love
Ep225 Cane Surprises Neil
Ep224 Victor Jr. Returns
Ep223 Victor Finds Hope on Her Deathbed
Ep222 Victoria and J.T. Are Married
Ep221 Victor Welcomes J.T. to the Family
Ep220 Amber Stands Up to Cane
Ep219 Victor Receives a Call From Hope
Ep218 Jack Vows to Destroy Gloria
Ep217 J.T. and Victoria Make Wedding Plans
Ep216 Nikki Wins Her Lawsuit Against Victor
Ep215 Kay Decides to Retire
Ep214 Victoria Wakes Up
Ep213 Amber Calls 911 for Kay
Ep212 J.T. Brings Reed Home
Ep211 Cane Exposes Amber
Ep210 Victor Fires Michael
Ep209 David's Past Haunts Him
Ep208 The Judge Rules on Nikki and Victor's Divorce
Ep207 Jack Surprises Sharon
Ep206 Jana Is Released From Prison
Ep205 Victor Fires Nick
Ep204 Nikki Agrees to Marry David
Ep203 Jeff and Gloria Decide to Elope
Ep202 April Returns to Genoa City
Ep201 Cane Asks Lily on a Date
Ep200 Cane and Lily Kiss
Ep199 Jack Demands Brad Stay Away From Sharon
Ep198 Brad and Sharon Kiss
Ep197 Victor is Arrested
Ep196 Paul Warns J.T.
Ep195 Nikki Tells Victor They Need to Move On
Ep194 Ashley Returns to Genoa City
Ep193 Nikki Gives David Her Answer
Ep192 David Proposes to Nikki
Ep191 Michael May Miss Christmas
Ep190 Nick Tries to Make Peace With Victor
Ep189 Daniel Becomes Suspicious of Amber
Ep188 Nikki Is Determined to Make Victor Pay
Ep187 J.T. Names the Baby
Ep186 J.T. Is the Father
Ep185 Victor and Nikki Share a Close Moment
Ep184 Colleen Tries to Help J.T.
Ep183 Sharon Considers Leaving Jack
Ep182 Jeff Threatens to Expose Gloria
Ep181 Jack Vows to Get Sharon Back
Ep180 The Truth About John’s Will Comes Out
Ep179 David Sends Nikki a Love Letter
Ep178 Nikki Moves Back Home
Ep177 Phyllis Returns Home
Ep176 Jana Refuses to Marry Kevin
Ep175 Ben Gives the Tape of Victor to the Police
Ep174 Nikki and Victor Come to an Agreement
Ep173 Victoria’s Condition Continues to Worsen
Ep172 Daniel Pleads With Heather to Help Phyllis
Ep171 Nikki and Victor Must Go to Court
Ep170 Thanksgiving in Genoa City
Ep169 Phyllis is Released from Jail
Ep168 Victor and Nikki Disagree About Victoria
Ep167 Victoria’s Condition Grows Worse
Ep166 Phyllis’ Appeal Hearing Begins
Ep165 Gloria Plans to Seduce Jeff
Ep164 Jeff Secretly Records His Conversation With Gloria
Ep163 Heather Is Furious With Paul
Ep162 Paul Tells Heather She’s his Daughter
Ep161 Neil and Karen Make Love
Ep160 Enrique Iglesias Performs
Ep159 Tensions Mount Between J.T. and Brad
Ep158 Victor Is Blamed
Ep157 Kevin and Gloria Visit Jana
Ep156 Lauren Has a Nightmare
Ep155 Victor and Jack Accuse Maggie of Leaking Info
Ep154 Amber Visits Katherine
Ep153 Phyllis Gets Out on Work Release
Ep152 Out of the Ashes
Ep151 Out of the Ashes
Ep150 Out of the Ashes
Ep149 Out of the Ashes
Ep148 Out of the Ashes
Ep147 J.T. Finds Cracks in the Cement at Clear Springs
Ep146 Phyllis Is Granted Work Release
Ep145 Lily Is Upset by Memories of Daniel
Ep144 Jill Confronts Jack
Ep143 Amber Retrieves the Stolen Money
Ep142 Heather and Paul Discuss Her Past
Ep141 Jeff's Admission Surprises Gloria
Ep140 Victor and Nikki Break the News of Their Divorce
Ep139 Jack Makes a Deal With Heather
Ep138 Daniel Confronts Nick
Ep137 Victor and Nikki Agree to Divorce
Ep136 Jeff Questions Jill
Ep135 Sharon Visits Phyllis in Jail
Ep134 Colleen Hosts a Disastrous Dinner
Ep133 Nick Confesses to Phyllis
Ep132 Jack Confronts Sharon
Ep131 Lauren Lashes Out at Michael and Gloria
Ep130 Kevin and Gloria Hide Evidence
Ep129 Jack Holds a Press Conference
Ep128 Nick Lashes Out at Victor
Ep127 Nick Is Furious About Victor’s Offer
Ep126 Victor Makes Phyllis an Offer
Ep125 Michael Asks Cane to Testify
Ep124 Neil and Karen Kiss
Ep123 Lily’s Divorce Party
Ep122 Amber Starts a Fire
Ep121 Nikki and David Make Love
Ep120 Lily and Daniel Sign Divorce Papers
Ep119 Nikki Confronts Victor
Ep118 Nick Pretends to Be Phyllis’ Lawyer
Ep117 Jill Lashes Out at Jack
Ep116 Phyllis Worries About Summer
Ep115 A Tragic Death Occurs
Ep114 Phyllis Refuses to Report to Jail
Ep113 Victor’s Reaction Surprises Kay
Ep112 Jill Makes a Deal With Ji Min
Ep111 Phyllis Is Sentenced
Ep110 Jana Has Convulsions
Ep109 Phyllis' Sentencing Hearing Begins
Ep108 Ji Min Confesses to Jill
Ep107 Kay Mants to Change her Will
Ep106 Colleen Lashes Out at Brad
Ep105 Phyllis’ Bail is Revoked
Ep104 A Probation Officer Investigates Phyllis
Ep103 Phyllis Is Found Guilty
Ep102 Cane Wants to End His Marriage
Ep101 Kevin Blackmails Gloria
Ep100 Nick and Sharon Kiss
Ep99 Nick and Sharon Are Trapped Together
Ep98 Kay Offers Ji Min a Bribe
Ep97 Cane and Amber Make Love
Ep96 Neil Fires Daniel
Ep95 Devon Harbors Feelings for Lily
Ep94 Victor Warns Nikki About David
Ep93 Sharon and Neil Grieve for Dru
Ep92 Amber Tries to Escape
Ep91 Phyllis’ Trial Begins
Ep90 Kevin and Daniel Are Questioned
Ep89 Sharon and Nick Flirt
Ep88 Amber Pleads With Cane to Forgive Her
Ep87 Victoria and Brad Sign Divorce Papers
Ep86 Victor Cancels Nikki’s Loan
Ep85 Jill Accepts Ji Min’s Proposal
Ep84 Nikki Tells Victor She Is Leaving Him
Ep83 Nikki Offers David a Job
Ep82 Gloria Prepares to Confess Her Guilt
Ep81 Michael Cares for William
Ep80 Kevin and Colleen Deny Jana’s Claims
Ep79 Michael Tries to Stop Kevin
Ep78 Kevin Holds Jana at Gunpoint
Ep77 Noah Runs Away
Ep76 Nikki Asks Kay for a Loan
Ep75 Jack Observes Nick and Sharon
Ep74 Victor and Nikki Get Shocking News
Ep73 Cane Calls Brooke Marone
Ep72 Nick Apologizes to Sharon and Jack
Ep71 Kevin Is Rushed to the Hospital
Ep70 Daniel Is Arrested
Ep69 Victor Confronts David
Ep68 Victor Returns
Ep67 Nikki Learns Nick Is Alive
Ep66 The Election Results Are In
Ep65 Gloria Worries William Will Spill the Beans
Ep64 The Senatorial Debate Is Held
Ep63 Nikki Is Shocked by Footage on the Internet
Ep62 Cane Confronts Amber
Ep61 Nick’s Fever Breaks
Ep60 Phyllis and Sharon Hide a Nanny-Cam
Ep59 Jack and Nikki Agree to a Debate
Ep58 Amber, Kevin and Daniel Find Plum’s Dead Body
Ep57 Plum Threatens to Reveal Amber’s Past
Ep56 Sharon Sets Up a Camera to Trap Phyllis
Ep55 Gloria Learns William Has Had a Stroke
Ep54 William Confronts Gloria
Ep53 Nikki and David Kiss
Ep52 Wreckage of the Newman Jet Is Found
Ep51 Phyllis Suffers a Fall
Ep50 Victoria Is Pregnant
Ep49 William and Gloria Get Married
Ep48 Phyllis Has a Haunting Nightmare
Ep47 Amber Competes on 'Extreme Catwalk'
Ep46 Nigel Barker Hosts 'Extreme Catwalk'
Ep45 Kay Makes a Decision About Jill and Ji Min
Ep44 J.T. Admits his Feelings to Victoria
Ep43 William Proposes to Gloria
Ep42 Jill Pleads With Kay
Ep41 Victor Leaves Town
Ep40 Victor Forces Jack to Sell NVP
Ep39 Friends and Family Gather Together
Ep38 Phyllis Falls Apart
Ep37 Paul Gives Kevin Info About Jana
Ep36 Jack Tries to Convince Kay to Buy Jabot
Ep35 A Horrific Tragedy Befalls the Newman Family
Ep34 Sharon Reveals a Secret to Nick
Ep33 Brad Asks Sharon to Lie
Ep32 Jack Advises Phyllis to Plead Guilty
Ep31 Victor Gives Ji Min an Ultimatum
Ep30 Lauren Confronts Gloria and Kevin
Ep29 Victor and Michael Confront Ji Min
Ep28 Victoria Confronts Brad About his Lies
Ep27 Phyllis Is Arrested
Ep26 Phyllis Worries About the Wedding
Ep25 Illicit Footage of Nikki Airs
Ep24 Tensions Peak at Nick and Phyllis’ Wedding Rehearsal
Ep23 Gloria Spikes William’s Drink
Ep22 Phyllis Confesses to Nick
Ep21 J.T. and Victoria Make Love
Ep20 Victoria Learns the Truth From J.T.
Ep19 Jack Discovers Brad’s Scheme
Ep18 Shocking Photos Are Released
Ep17 William Catches Jill With Ji Min
Ep16 Sharon Comforts Neil
Ep15 Dru's Prayer Service
Ep14 Olivia Returns to Comfort Neil
Ep13 Gloria Spikes Jill and Ji Min's Coffee
Ep12 Brad and Sharon Kiss
Ep11 Neil Says Goodbye to Dru
Ep10 Family and Friends Hold Vigil
Ep9 Daniel and Phyllis Try to Help Sharon
Ep8 Phyllis and Sharon’s Conflict Leads to Tragedy
Ep7 Kay Fears She Will Be Charged With Kidnapping
Ep6 Nikki Announces Her Candidacy
Ep5 Sharon Catches Colleen with Korbel
Ep4 J.T. Harasses Colleen
Ep3 Victor Angrily Confronts Nikki
Ep2 Extreme Catwalk Films at Jabot
Ep1 John’s Ghost Appears to Jack

Season 34

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 Brad Catches J.T. With Victoria
Ep21 Nikki Loses to Neil
Ep20 Kevin Threatens J.T.
Ep19 Jack Proposes to Sharon
Ep18 Sharon Confronts Phyllis
Ep17 Phyllis Blackmails Brad
Ep16 Jill and Cane Are Shocked by the DNA Results
Ep15 Victoria Tells Brad She’s Pregnant
Ep14 Phyllis Eavesdrops on Brad and Sharon
Ep13 Dru Learns Her Fate From the Judge
Ep12 Katherine Tells All to Cane
Ep11 Kevin Refuses to Forgive J.T.
Ep10 Jack Makes a Shocking Announcement
Ep9 Jill Tells Cane She Is His Mother
Ep8 Nick Confronts Victor and Nikki
Ep7 Dru Checks Into the Psych Ward
Ep6 Michael and Lauren Confess to Phyllis and Nick
Ep5 Nick Gives Phyllis a Ring
Ep4 Amber Pulls a Scam on Cane
Ep3 Jill Learns That Cane Is Her Son
Ep2 Victor, Brad and Victoria Find Treasure
Ep1 Carmen's Killer Is Revealed

Season 31

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep2 The Young and the Restless
Ep1 2003 November 14

Season 17

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep1 Christmas 1989

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