Trading Spaces

  • 2000-2008
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The Emmy-nominated home-renovation series has gone from cult favorite to breakout hit. The setup: Two pairs of friends swap houses and work with a designer and a carpenter for two days to remodel a... More


Trading Spaces

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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep394 Christmas Special
Ep393 From Buddy to Boss
Ep392 Stuntman's Apprentice
Ep391 Off to College
Ep390 Feuding Firefighters
Ep389 Sisters-in-Law
Ep388 Estranged Best Friends
Ep387 Rival Haunted Houses
Ep386 Secret Crush
Ep385 Kid in the Middle
Ep384 Groom/Groomsmen
Ep383 Competitive Sisters
Ep382 Mom/Daughter
Ep381 Paige's Perfect 10
Ep380 Paige's Perfect 10
Ep379 Paige's Perfect 10
Ep378 Paige's Perfect 10
Ep377 Paige's Perfect 10
Ep376 Paige's Perfect 10
Ep375 Paige's Perfect 10
Ep374 Paige's Perfect 10
Ep373 Smokemount Court, Las Vegas
Ep372 Paige's Perfect 10
Ep371 Stay at Home Mom vs. Working Mom
Ep370 Air Force vs. Navy
Ep369 Brother vs. Sister
Ep368 Keeping Up With the Joneses
Ep367 Divorce in the Desert
Ep366 Cher vs. Elvis
Ep365 Ex-Boyfriend and Girlfriend
Ep364 Mother in Law/Daughter in Law
Ep363 Feuding Neighbors
Ep362 Boss vs. Assistant
Ep361 Rival Cheerleaders
Ep360 Mom vs. Daughter
Ep359 Ex-Wife vs. Ex-Husband
Ep358 Philadelphia: Elberon Avenue
Ep357 Philadelphia: Dickinson Street
Ep356 Savannah: East 55th Street
Ep355 Savannah: SSU Steppers
Ep354 San Francisco: Brookdale Avenue
Ep353 San Francisco: De Haro Street
Ep352 Colorado Springs: Candleflower Circle
Ep351 Denver: Hudson Street
Ep350 Denver: West Byron Place
Ep349 Memorable kitchen makeovers
Ep348 Behind-the-scenes clips of bloopers and mistakes
Ep347 High and low points of living-room makeovers
Ep346 Trading Spaces: Design Destinations
Ep345 Favorite moments between cast and homeowners
Ep344 Switching Places
Ep343 $20,000 Kitchen Radical
Ep342 Salt Lake City: West Arbor Drive
Ep341 DC: Quebec Place
Ep340 Providence: Alhambra Circle
Ep339 Asheville: Clemmons Street
Ep338 Philadelphia: Charette Road
Ep337 New Jersey: Westwood Road
Ep336 New Jersey: Tressler Lane
Ep335 Jersey City: Wegman Parkway
Ep334 Staten Island: Mosel Avenue
Ep333 Philadelphia: Almond Street
Ep332 Boring Boudoirs
Ep331 Providence: Lyndon Road
Ep330 Shrewsbury: Oak Street
Ep329 Denver: North Xavier Street
Ep328 Denver: South Canosa Court
Ep327 Charlotte: Pinkney Place
Ep326 All Stars
Ep325 Trading Spaces
Ep324 Providence: Shaw Avenue
Ep323 Providence: South Cobblehill Road
Ep322 Providence: Elliot Street
Ep321 Boulder: Sumner Street
Ep320 Jersey Shore: New Jersey Avenue
Ep319 Philadelphia: South Front Street
Ep318 Philadelphia: Poe Avenue
Ep317 Philadelphia: North 31st Street
Ep316 Santa Cruz: Arabian Way
Ep315 Sedona: Rock Top Road
Ep314 Santa Barbara: Calle Del Sol
Ep313 San Francisco: Fourth Avenue
Ep312 San Francisco: Farm Hill Drive
Ep311 Rooms are redone with no budget
Ep310 Santa Barbara: Carpinteria Avenue
Ep309 Sedona: Buena Vista
Ep308 Psychic Solutions
Ep307 Tucson: North Camino Esplendora
Ep306 Tucson: Tanuri Drive
Ep305 Matchmaker
Ep304 San Antonio: Poppy Mallow
Ep303 Austin: Smokey Hill Road
Ep302 Austin: Emerald Forest Circle
Ep301 San Antonio: Bingham Road
Ep300 Charleston: Dearsley Court
Ep299 Charleston: Peachtree Street
Ep298 Orlando: Gaston Foster Road
Ep297 Atlanta: Highgreen Trail
Ep296 Memphis: Verlington Avenue
Ep295 Memphis: McLean Boulevard
Ep294 Winston Salem: Greenfield Way Drive
Ep293 Winston Salem: Harper Spring Drive
Ep292 Mississippi: Southern Hospitality
Ep291 Wilmington: Lawson Drive
Ep290 Philadelphia: East Gorgas Lane
Ep289 Boston: Kingston Street
Ep288 Philadelphia: Meadowburn Lane
Ep287 Philadelphia: 28th Street
Ep286 Hudson River Valley: Notre Dame Avenue
Ep285 Hudson River Valley: Merritt Avenue
Ep284 Trading Spaces
Ep283 Trading Spaces
Ep282 Best of 2005
Ep281 Portland: Doe Lane
Ep280 Air Force families treated to $3000 room makeovers
Ep279 Portland: Kellogg Street
Ep278 New Jersey: Randolph Place
Ep277 Philadelphia: Olive Street
Ep276 Philadelphia: Rodman Street
Ep275 Philadelphia: Cambridge Street
Ep274 New Jersey Shore: 95th Street
Ep273 Baltimore: East Fort Avenue
Ep272 Baltimore: Kirkwood Road
Ep271 Woodridge: Zurich Lane
Ep270 Milwaukee: North Bartlett Avenue
Ep269 Wisconsin: Eula Court
Ep268 Traverse City: Wadsworth Street
Ep267 Montreal: Dable Viau
Ep266 Mischief with Staged Houses
Ep265 Montreal: Monpetit Boulevard
Ep264 Hartford: Stoneridge Court
Ep263 Connecticut: Harvard Terrace
Ep262 Hartford: Old Field Drive
Ep261 Philadelphia: Baltimore Pike
Ep260 Philadelphia: Hazel Avenue
Ep259 Oklahoma: Route 1
Ep258 Texas: Bevington Oaks Circle
Ep257 Town and Country
Ep256 Houston: Suncove Lane
Ep255 Phoenix: Cathedral Rock Drive
Ep254 Phoenix: Frye Road
Ep253 Oakland: Chestnut Street
Ep252 Napa: Jefferson Street
Ep251 California: Avenida Aragon
Ep250 San Diego: Piedmont Drive
Ep249 California: Avenida Aragon
Ep248 Santa Fe: Navajo Drive
Ep247 San Diego: Viera Drive
Ep246 Key West: Roosevelt Boulevard
Ep245 All 10 designers and three carpenters join host Paige Davis to work on two houses
Ep244 Key West: Bay Drive
Ep243 Miami: West 18
Ep242 Savannah: Maupas Avenue
Ep241 Savannah: East 39th Street
Ep240 Trading Castles
Ep239 Savannah: East Jones Street
Ep238 Georgia: Shenfield Road
Ep237 Georgia: Cook Road
Ep236 Little Rock: Greenbriar Way
Ep235 The Best of Trading Spaces
Ep234 Little Rock: Capitol Avenue
Ep233 St. Louis: Russell Boulevard
Ep232 Los Angeles: Canyon Valley Drive
Ep231 Washington, DC: Acker Place
Ep230 New Jersey: Gildersleeve Place
Ep229 New Jersey: Lenox Drive
Ep228 Jersey City: Webster Avenue
Ep227 Seattle: 197th Avenue
Ep226 Seattle: 46th Place
Ep225 Los Angeles: Turmont Street
Ep224 Pick the Next Designer: Viewer's Choice
Ep223 Philadelphia: Bugle Lane
Ep222 Pick the Next Designer: America Votes
Ep221 Illinois: County Road
Ep220 Trading Spaces
Ep219 Columbus: Camden Road
Ep218 New York City: West 85th Street
Ep217 New York City: Harlem
Ep216 Salt Lake City---Fleetwood Drive
Ep215 Salt Lake City---Linda Vista Drive
Ep214 Evanston: Northwestern University
Ep213 Virginia: Harding Avenue
Ep212 Utah: Mountain Berry Drive
Ep211 Two Habitat for Humanity homes in Bucks County, Pa
Ep210 Philadelphia: Durfor Street
Ep209 Pennsylvania: Noble Street
Ep208 Unglued
Ep207 Philadelphia: Brown Street
Ep206 Orlando: Spring Glen Drive
Ep205 Orlando: East Lake Mary Drive
Ep204 Manhattan Beach: 20th Street
Ep203 Los Angeles: North Cherokee Avenue
Ep202 Los Angeles: Belton Drive
Ep201 Oklahoma: Osborne Drive
Ep200 Oklahoma: Clinkenbeard Road
Ep199 Oklahoma CIty: Kentucky Avenue
Ep198 Tampa: Amelia Avenue
Ep197 Florida: Fairway Road
Ep196 Greatest Moments
Ep195 Hollywood: Fletcher Street
Ep194 Florida: 99 Terrace
Ep193 Minnesota: Lakeside Circle
Ep192 Tampa: West Horatio Street
Ep191 Tampa: Winding Willow Drive
Ep190 Austin: Mather Trail
Ep189 Austin: Govalle Avenue
Ep188 Austin: Round Rock Trail
Ep187 Houston: Mulberry Hill Lane
Ep186 New Orleans: Freret Street
Ep185 New Orleans: Carriage Road
Ep184 New Orleans: Melrose Drive
Ep183 Nashville: Murphywood Crossing
Ep182 100 Grand
Ep181 Trading Spaces Greatest Moments
Ep180 Nashville: Cold Stream Drive
Ep179 Atlanta: Bluffview Drive
Ep178 Atlanta: Highlands Terrace
Ep177 Nashville: Rosella Court
Ep176 Pennsylvania: Woodland Avenue
Ep175 Pennsylvania: Cresheim Road
Ep174 Pennsylvania: Conway Avenue
Ep173 British Invasion: Pennsylvania: Conway Avenue
Ep172 Pennsylvania: Grant Street
Ep171 Pennsylvania: Wynnewood Drive
Ep171 Pennsylvania: Wynnewood Drive
Ep170 Pennsylvania: Wynnewood Drive
Ep169 Jersey Shore: Rainbow Drive
Ep168 Jersey Shore: South Laurel Drive
Ep167 Cleveland: Plantation Place
Ep166 British Invasion: Jersey Shore: South Laurel Drive
Ep166 British Invasion: Jersey Shore: South Laurel Drive
Ep165 Pennsylvania: Lloyd Lane
Ep164 New York: Taft Avenue
Ep163 New York: Presidio Place
Ep162 Massachusetts: Indian Ridge Road
Ep161 Boston: Dartmouth Street
Ep160 100 Grand
Ep159 Pennsylvania: Hillcrest Drive
Ep158 Pennsylvania: Madison Circle
Ep157 Pittsburgh: Penn Avenue
Ep156 Ohio: Stratford Road
Ep155 Ohio: Shelby Avenue
Ep154 Louisville: Fallen Timber Drive
Ep153 Louisville: Fall Harvest Court
Ep152 Louisville: Forest Bend Circle
Ep151 Minnesota: Pleasure Creek Circle
Ep150 Minneapolis: 11th Avenue
Ep149 Stump Road
Ep148 Philadelphia: Cresheim Road
Ep147 Orlando: Whisper Lakes
Ep146 Pennsylvania: Tremont Drive
Ep145 South Carolina: Sherborne Drive
Ep144 South Carolina: Innisbruck Lane
Ep143 Pennsylvania: Bryant Court
Ep142 Florida: Night Owl Lane
Ep141 Orlando: Winter Song Drive
Ep140 California: Via Jardin
Ep139 Los Angeles: Irving Street
Ep138 Santa Monica: Ocean Park
Ep137 Orlando: Smith Street
Ep136 Vegas: Carlsbad Caverns
Ep135 Miramar: Avenue 164
Ep134 Trading Spaces Goes Hollywood
Ep133 Los Angeles: Seventh Street (Seventh Heaven)
Ep132 Los Angeles: Elm Street
Ep131 Miami: Miami Place
Ep130 Miami: Ten Court
Ep129 Vegas: Woodmore Street
Ep128 Vegas: Smokemont Court
Ep127 Scottsdale: Windrose Drive
Ep126 Scottsdale: Bell Road
Ep125 Tucson: Euclid Avenue
Ep124 Los Angeles: Murietta Avenue
Ep123 San Diego: Duenda Road
Ep122 California: Fairfield
Ep121 California: Dusty Trail
Ep120 San Clemente: Camino Mojada
Ep119 Austin: Wampton Way
Ep118 Austin: Aire Libre Drive
Ep117 Vegas Live!
Ep116 Austin: Wyoming Valley Drive
Ep115 Texas: Ghostbridge
Ep114 Mississippi: Winsmere Way
Ep113 Mississippi: Golden Pond
Ep112 Indiana: Fieldhurst Lane
Ep111 Missouri: Sweetbriar Lane
Ep110 Scott Air Force Base
Ep109 Missouri: Sunburst Drive
Ep108 Indianapolis: Halleck Way
Ep107 London: Garden Flat
Ep106 Indiana: River Valley Drive
Ep105 DC: Quebec Place
Ep104 Arlington: First Road
Ep103 Virginia: Gentle Heights Court
Ep102 Philadelphia: East Avenue
Ep101 New Jersey: Catania Court
Ep100 Nazareth: First Street
Ep99 New Jersey: Manitoba Trail
Ep98 Pennsylvania: Victoria Drive
Ep97 Long Island: Dover Court
Ep96 Pennsylvania: Gorski Lane
Ep95 Philadelphia: Gettysburgh Lane
Ep94 Philadelphia: 22nd Street
Ep93 New York: Whitlock Road
Ep92 New York: Half Hollow Turn
Ep91 Long Island: Steuben Boulevard
Ep90 Long Island: Split Rock Road
Ep89 Portland: Rosemont Avenue
Ep88 Maine: George Road
Ep87 Berkeley: Prospect Street
Ep86 Maine: Joseph Drive
Ep85 Viewers' Choice
Ep84 Wake Forest: Rodney Bay
Ep83 North Carolina: Southerby Drive
Ep82 Raleigh: Legging Lane
Ep81 Texas: Sutton Court
Ep80 Plano: Shady Valley Road
Ep79 Plano: Bent Horn Court
Ep78 Houston: Sawdust Street
Ep77 Houston: Appalachian Trail
Ep76 Austin: La Costa Drive
Ep75 Texas: Sherwood Street
Ep74 Los Angeles: Springdale Drive
Ep73 California: Abbeywood Lane
Ep72 Los Angeles: Willoughby Avenue
Ep71 California: Peralta Street
Ep70 Oakland: Webster Street
Ep69 California: Grenadine Way
Ep68 California: Corte Rosa
Ep67 Santa Clara: Lafayette Street
Ep66 Portland: Everett Street
Ep65 Oregon: Alsea Court
Ep64 Oregon: Alyssum Avenue
Ep63 Seattle: 56th Place
Ep62 Chicago: Fairview Avenue
Ep61 Seattle: Dakota Street
Ep60 Seattle: 137th Street
Ep59 Colorado: Stoneflower Drive
Ep58 Colorado: Andes Way
Ep57 Colorado: Cherry Street
Ep56 Colorado: Berry Avenue
Ep55 Chicago: Spaulding Avenue
Ep54 Maryland: Fairway Court
Ep53 Maryland: Village Green
Ep52 New Jersey: Perth Road
Ep51 Philadelphia: Jeanes Street
Ep50 Boston: Institute Road
Ep49 Springfield: Sunset Terrace
Ep48 Boston: Ashfield Street
Ep47 Providence: Wallis Avenue
Ep46 Providence: Phillips Street
Ep45 Northhampton: James Avenue
Ep44 Paige's Perfect 10
Ep43 New Jersey: Tall Pines Drive
Ep42 Quakertown: Quakers Way
Ep41 Chicago: Edward Road
Ep40 New Jersey: Lafayette Street
Ep39 New Jersey: Lincroft Road
Ep38 New Jersey: Sam Street
Ep37 New York: Linda Court
Ep36 New York: Sherwood Drive
Ep35 New York: Shore Road
Ep34 New Orleans: D'evereaux Street
Ep33 New Orleans: Walter Road
Ep32 New Orleans: Jacob Street
Ep31 Santa Fe: Felize
Ep30 Albuquerque: Gloria
Ep29 Orlando: Winterhaven
Ep28 Orlando: Gotha Furlong
Ep27 Orlando: Lake Catherine
Ep26 Austin: Birdhouse Drive
Ep25 Austin: Wing Road
Ep24 Austin: Wycliff Road
Ep23 Key West: Elizabeth Street
Ep22 Ft. Lauderdale: 59th Street
Ep21 Miami 168/83rd Streets
Ep20 Knoxville: Stubbs Bluff
Ep19 San Diego: Wilbur Street
Ep18 San Diego: Hermes Avenue
Ep17 San Diego: Elm Ridge
Ep16 Cincinnati: Madison and Forest
Ep15 Cincinnati: Sturbridge Road
Ep14 Cincinnati: Melrose Avenue
Ep13 Knoxville: Fourth and Gill
Ep12 Knoxville: Courtney Oak
Ep11 Philadelphia: Galahad Road
Ep10 Philadelphia: Valley Road
Ep9 Philadelphia: Strathmore Road
Ep8 Annapolis: Fox Hollow
Ep7 Alexandria: Riefton Court
Ep6 Washington D.C.: Cleveland Park
Ep5 Buckhead: Canter Road
Ep4 Lawrenceville: Pine Lane
Ep3 Alpharetta: Providence Oaks
Ep2 Athens County Road
Ep1 Knoxville: Forest Glen
100 Grand
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