True Tori

  • 2014
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The marriage of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott is chronicled.


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep8 Chunks of My Soul
Ep8 #1 Chunks of My Soul
Ep7 #1 Gone Girl
Ep6 #1 Raw Nerves
Ep5 #1 He Said, She Said
Ep5 He Said, She Said
Ep4 #1 First Wives Club
Ep3 True Tori
Ep3 True Tori
Ep3 #1 Tale of Two Husbands
Ep2 #1 Back to the Future
Ep1 #1 Dealing With Demons

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep8 #2 True Tori: Confessions
Ep7 #1 The Reunion: All Questions Answered
Ep6 #1 Stay or Go
Ep5 #1 I Love Him and I Hate Him
Ep4 #1 Another Bump in the Road
Ep3 #1 Tori Finds Her Voice
Ep2 #1 The Truth Comes Out
Ep1 #1 The Fairytale Falls Apart

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Clip Show
Clip Show
True Confessions

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Clip Dean Storms Out
90 sec
Clip Candy Spelling's Unexpected Party Guest
2 min 10 sec
Clip Tori Confronts Dean About His Love Notes
2 min 10 sec
Clip Dean's Desire to Quit the Show
102 sec
Clip Relying on a Sexual Connection
106 sec
Clip Dean and Tori Argue While Making Dinner
3 min 22 sec
Clip Tori Meets With Charlie
2 min 23 sec
Clip No More Kids With Dean
70 sec
Clip Tori Breaks Down About Finances
85 sec
Clip A Sneak Peek of True Tori Season 2
3 min 30 sec
Clip Tori Shares A Moment With Her Son
103 sec
Clip Tori Is Upset About Dean's Sex Demands
2 min 1 sec
Clip Tori Discusses Infidelity
98 sec
Clip Dean Makes a Grand Gesture
2 min 12 sec
Clip Dean Offers To Stay
112 sec
Clip Tori And Dean Go On A Date
2 min 5 sec
Clip Tori and Dean Breakdown
119 sec
Clip Tori Comes Home From the Hospital
2 min 9 sec
Clip Dean Seeks Out Advice
114 sec
Clip Tori and Dean are in an Impossible Situation
2 min 3 sec
Clip Dean Explains How His Brain Works
105 sec
Clip Tori Wonders About Dean's Worst Fear
2 min 2 sec
Clip Dean Confesses He Wanted To Die
112 sec
Clip Tori Struggles With Her Son
2 min 1 sec
Clip Tori Receives A Text From Dean
103 sec
Clip Tori Attends Rehab Therapy With Dean
2 min 5 sec
S2 | Ep8

Chunks of My Soul

Fecha al aire: 12/9/14
Season 2 ends with Tori being admitted to a hospital, which forces her and Dean to face their issues head-on and decide whether they will stay together, and if they will continue to document their lives on television.

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