Tyler's Ultimate

  • 2003

An entertaining mix of travelogue and cooking show as the host searches far and wide for the best recipes for a particular dish.


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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep59 Ultimate Grilled Teriyaki Chicken
Ep58 Pizza
Ep57 Chinatown
Ep56 Brisket
Ep55 Ultimate Sunday Gravy
Ep54 Ultimate Huevos Rancheros
Ep53 Ultimate Sole Almondine
Ep52 Ultimate Beef Bourguignon
Ep51 Ultimate Po' Boys
Ep50 Ultimate Schnitzel
Ep49 Baked Rosemary-Garlic Chicken Legs
Ep48 Ultimate Swedish Meatballs
Ep47 Roasted Branzino
Ep46 Ultimate Bracioli
Ep45 Ultimate French Quarter
Ep44 Ultimate Turkey Mole
Ep43 Ultimate Jerk Chicken
Ep42 Ultimate Seared Striped Bass
Ep41 Ultimate Chicken Fried Steak
Ep40 Ultimate Ribeye
Ep39 Ultimate Seared Duck Breast
Ep38 Ultimate Teriyaki Chicken
Ep37 Ultimate Veal Piccata
Ep36 Ultimate Paella
Ep35 Ultimate Chicken and Dumplings
Ep34 Mother's Day Brunch
Ep33 Ultimate Country Ribs
Ep32 Ultimate Lamb Shanks
Ep31 Ultimate Beef Wellington
Ep30 Pork Crown Roast
Ep29 Ultimate Cordon Bleu
Ep28 Ultimate Sloppy Joes
Ep27 Sandwich
Ep26 Ice Cream
Ep25 Cooked Breakfast
Ep24 Party Cake
Ep23 Dim Sum
Ep22 Ham
Ep21 Lasagna
Ep20 Salmon
Ep19 Risotto
Ep18 Eggplant
Ep17 Chowder
Ep16 One Pot
Ep15 Fried Chicken
Ep14 Pancakes
Ep13 Cheesecake
Ep12 Crab Cakes
Ep11 Omelette
Ep10 Potato Dish
Ep9 Paella
Ep8 Stew
Ep7 Meat Balls
Ep6 Chocolate Dessert
Ep5 Seafood Soup
Ep4 Chicken
Ep3 Pizza
Ep2 Apple Pie
Ep1 Apple Pie
Ep 6
Ultimate Roasted Fish
Episod 6
Episod 8
Episod 7
Episod 9
Indian Dinner
Fish en Papillote
Pork Thanksgiving
Beef Stroganoff
Beef Wellington
Sloppy Joes
Cordon Bleu
Cuban Sandwich
Episod 5
Episod 3
Episod 2
Episod 13
Episod 4
Episod 1
Osso Bucco Pot Roast
Lamb Shanks
Ep 3
Ep 13
Ep 2
Ep 8
Ep 12
Ep 4
Grilled Ribeye
Ep 1
Ep 5
Ep 11
Ep 7
Ep 9
Ep 10
Episod 1
Episod 4
Episod 3

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