• 1996

An examination of phenomena such as ESP, alleged UFO sightings and `miracle cures,' taking a scientific and somewhat skeptical approach.


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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep56 Hauntings
Ep55 Psychic Children: Their Sixth Sense
Ep54 Doctors of Death: Dr. Crippen/Dr. Sam Sheppard
Ep53 Cults
Ep52 UFOs: The First Encounters
Ep51 Amityville: The Haunting
Ep50 The Death of Marilyn Monroe
Ep49 666: The Sign of Evil
Ep48 Strange Disappearances
Ep47 Lost Cities
Ep46 Radical Surgery
Ep45 Death Cheaters
Ep44 Daredevils and Thrill Seekers
Ep43 Working on the Edge
Ep42 Modern Psychics
Ep41 Moon Madness
Ep40 UFOs: Testing the Evidence
Ep39 Speaking With the Dead
Ep38 Sacred Societies
Ep37 Secrets of the Pyramids
Ep36 Radical Cures
Ep35 Bonds of Survival
Ep34 Buried Alive
Ep33 Voodoo Rituals
Ep32 Wilderness Survival
Ep31 Reincarnation
Ep30 Dangerous Obsessions
Ep29 Disappearances
Ep28 Close Encounters
Ep27 Extreme Sacrifice
Ep26 Strange Lines in the Sand
Ep25 Zombies
Ep24 Secrets of Water Survival
Ep23 Psychic Spies
Ep22 The Curse of King Tut
Ep21 Secret Societies
Ep20 UFO Cults
Ep19 Poltergeist
Ep18 Alien Abductions
Ep17 Surviving Pain and Torture
Ep16 Struck by Lightning
Ep15 Spontaneous Human Combustion
Ep14 The Twin Connection
Ep13 Extraterrestrials
Ep12 Psychedelic Science
Ep11 Prophets and Doom
Ep10 Noah's Flood
Ep9 Sexual Attraction
Ep8 Exorcists
Ep7 Questioning Astrology
Ep6 The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls
Ep5 ESP, Dreams and Disasters
Ep4 Cannibals
Ep3 Civil War Ghosts
Ep2 Power of Prayer
Ep1 Psychic Detectives
Search for Jesse James
Extreme Measures
Tyranny of the Full Moon
Mars Rock
Deadly Diamond
UFOs vs. the Government
UFOs vs. the Government
Superstitions: Unlucky 13
Mind Over Body
The Death Zone
Superstitions: Unlucky 13
Multiple Personalities
Human Transformations
The Vampire Myth
Psychic Spies
Between Life and Death
UFOs vs. the Government

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