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Analysis and discussion of the week's major political headlines.


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Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Preview Candidates Prep for First Democratic Debate
5 min 38 sec
Preview Joe Biden Weighing Presidential Run
9 min 26 sec
Preview Report: Suit Exposes Benghazi Committee Strife
11 min
Preview Deep Dive Into McCarthy's Legislative Style
5 min 56 sec
Preview Cruz: I Don't Think Trump Will Be Nominee
6 min 20 sec
Preview Republican Party Struggles to Unite
6 min 52 sec
Preview How Would Biden's Candidacy Affect 2016 Race?
9 min 32 sec
Preview Rally Marks Million Man March Anniversary
4 min 26 sec
Preview Pressure Mounts On Paul Ryan
3 min 58 sec
Preview Questions Remain Over Airstrike in Afghanistan
3 min 57 sec
Preview Congress Lets 9/11 First Responders Law Expire
5 min 16 sec
Preview Will Congress Finally Act On Gun Reform?
6 min 40 sec
Preview Catastrophic Flooding in the Carolinas
4 min 45 sec
Preview President Obama Fundraising On Broadway
2 min 59 sec
Preview Obama Slams Putin Over Syria Bombing Campaign
8 min 49 sec
Preview Years After Sandy Hook, What's Changed?
13 min
Preview What’s Really Going On in Syria?
4 min 44 sec
Preview McCarthy Walks Back Benghazi Committee Comments
6 min 29 sec
Preview Obama On Mass Shootings: Politics Have to Change
11 min
Preview Severe Flood Warnings in Effect for East Coast
4 min 35 sec
Preview US Still Plagued by Anti-Muslim Sentiment
15 min
Preview Behind the 'make America Great Again' Message
6 min 37 sec
Preview Is the US Ready for Pope Francis' Message?
15 min
Preview Is Foreign Policy Donald Trump's Kryptonite?
7 min 1 sec
Preview Separating Fact from Fiction of the GOP Debate
8 min 14 sec
Preview Dem Donors Urge Biden to Jump Into Race
9 min 2 sec
Preview Donald Trump Responds to Birther Criticism
5 min 29 sec
Preview Pope Francis Heads to Cuba
6 min 17 sec
Preview Black Lives Matter Regroups for 2016
7 min 55 sec
Preview Is Donald Trump Fading?
13 min
Preview The Unusual Event On Bernie Sanders' Calendar
6 min 10 sec
Preview Poll Shows Clinton Holds Majority Dem Support
7 min 8 sec
Preview How Women Are Driving the 2016 Conversation
11 min
Preview Obama Redefines How to Get Things Done
6 min 19 sec
Preview Does Press Have a Double-standard for Clinton?
8 min 48 sec
Preview Armchair Quarterbacking the GOP Race in Iowa
12 min
Preview Trump: I 'Asked' Fiorina Be On the Debate
45 sec
Preview United CEO Resigns Amid Bridgegate Investigation
6 min 44 sec
Preview The Immigration Debate Closer to Home
8 min 11 sec
Preview The US' Response to Syrian Refugee Crisis
11 min
Preview Trump's 'Apprentice': He Was 'Spectacular'
8 min 1 sec
Preview Steele: Let's 'Audit' Planned Parenthood
8 min 8 sec
Preview Cox: GOP Shutdown Threat Is 'Showmanship'
6 min 46 sec
Clip Hillary Clinton Takes Aim at Jeb Bush
8 min 1 sec
Preview Is Social Change Too Fast for Many Americans?
4 min 35 sec
Preview Fmr. Sanford Speechwriter On 'Bizarre' Affair
4 min 21 sec
Preview Navy Sailor Randall Smith Has Passed Away
56 sec
Preview Momentum Building Toward an Iran Deal?
8 min 32 sec
Preview GOP Debates: Who's in and Who's Out?
2 min 37 sec
Preview The Best and Worst Case Scenarios for Greece
7 min 45 sec
Preview Rowling Defends Serena Against Twitter Troll
42 sec
Preview Scott Walker to Kick-off 2016 Campaign
5 min 35 sec
Preview Confederate Flag Debate Signifies Rapid Change
9 min 47 sec
Preview Defiant Trump Talks Immigration in Arizona
14 min
Preview Beyonce to Headline Global Citizen Festival
53 sec
Preview Jeb Bush Sees Surge in Poll Numbers
6 min 27 sec
Preview Iran Nuclear Negotiations Go Into Overtime
11 min
Preview Shocking Revelation in New Harper Lee Novel
97 sec
Preview What to Know if Greece Leaves the Euro
5 min 27 sec
Preview Gun Reform Rises As Issue in 2016 Race
7 min 10 sec
Preview Will America Vote for a Socialist?
8 min 2 sec
Preview Obama Outmaneuvers the Left On Trade
9 min 42 sec
Preview How Will Donald Trump Affect Debate Stage?
6 min 10 sec
Preview What Obama's Big Wins Mean for His Legacy
14 min
Preview Will Republicans Give up On Obamacare?
4 min 30 sec
Preview Christie to Announce Presidential Decision
7 min 51 sec
Preview 'Seinfeld' Fans Step Inside Iconic Apartment
6 min 30 sec
Preview Obama Overcomes Liberal Opposition On Trade
7 min 20 sec
Preview Inner-Workings of Supreme Court's ACA Ruling
14 min
Preview Ruling 'Huge Milestone' in March Toward Full Equality
7 min 20 sec
Preview What Gay Marriage Ruling Means for GOP Candidates
13 min
Preview Huge Crowds Flock to Sanders Rallies
6 min 17 sec
Preview Pope Francis Makes Call for Action On Climate Change
4 min 58 sec
Preview Shooting Revives National Conversation On Guns
11 min
Preview Assessing Jeb Bush's Campaign Rollout
8 min 7 sec
Preview Charleston Mayor On Healing His City
6 min 38 sec
Preview Calls Grow in SC to Remove Confederate Flag
7 min 1 sec
Preview President Obama Calls for Stricter Gun Laws
4 min 14 sec
Preview Will the Pope Spark Action On Climate Change?
4 min 41 sec
Preview Attack Renews Confederate Flag Debate
17 min
Preview McChrystal On Fighting Al Qaeda and ISIS
5 min 47 sec
Preview Obama’s Response: Tragedies Are Too Familiar
7 min 46 sec
Preview Forgiveness in Charleston, South Carolina
12 min
Preview Do Republicans Fear Winning the ACA Lawsuit?
7 min 10 sec
Preview Jeb Bush to Launch Campaign, Unveils New Logo
7 min 46 sec
Preview Clinton Rally Trumpets Liberal Priorities
14 min
Preview Looking Back George H.W. Bush's Legacy
7 min 56 sec
Preview Is Romney the Kingmaker of 2016?
8 min 28 sec
Preview The Top Four Myths About 2016
4 min 49 sec
Preview Dallas Police Brief On Armed Standoff
28 min
Preview Clinton Preps for Campaign’s Challenges
5 min 55 sec
Preview What’s Different About Clinton 8 Years Later?
9 min 18 sec
Preview Lincoln Chafee Challenges Clinton On Trade
4 min 31 sec
Preview Romney Hosts Retreat for GOP Hopefuls
7 min 11 sec
Preview Big Defeat for Pres. Obama On Trade
11 min
Preview What's the Secret to Bernie Sanders' Success?
6 min 45 sec
Preview The Ties That Bind the Biden Family
6 min 27 sec
Preview Bush Travels to Europe Ahead of Annoucement
7 min 19 sec
Preview Walker Attends Ernst's Roast and Ride in Iowa
8 min 19 sec
Preview Obama and Biden Develop Unlikely, Deep Bond
9 min 9 sec
Preview American Pharoah Wins Triple Crown
4 min 16 sec
Preview Chafee Raises Eyebrows With Call for Metric
5 min 26 sec
Preview Matthews: Biden Family Like ‘neighbors’ in DE
6 min 53 sec
Preview Primary Calendar Poses Problems for Jeb Bush
4 min 45 sec
Preview GOP Fears It's Losing the Culture War
7 min 12 sec
Preview Clinton Hammers Republicans On Voting Rights
8 min 16 sec
Preview New Sexual Abuse Claim Against Dennis Hastert
4 min 56 sec
Preview Patriot Act Provisions to Expire
11 min
Preview Amy Klobuchar On Joe Biden
110 sec
Preview How Strong Is the Case Against Dennis Hastert?
3 min 40 sec
Preview Who Can Challenge Hillary Clinton?
7 min 58 sec
Preview Graham, Kasich On Verge of Entering 2016 Race
5 min 33 sec
Preview John Kerry Hospitalized in Geneva
4 min 13 sec
Preview Beau Biden Dies of Cancer at 46
12 min
Preview Does Hillary Clinton Have a Romney Problem?
5 min 54 sec
Preview The Big Campaign Donor Few Are Talking About
6 min 31 sec
Preview Rick Santorum 2.0: Can He Succeed This Time?
8 min 47 sec
Preview FIFA’s President Lashes Out About Allegations
6 min 15 sec
Preview Comparing Clinton vs. Sanders On the Issues
9 min 6 sec
Preview Stunning Turn in Cast Against Hastert
13 min
Preview Beginner's Guide to European Soccer
7 min 23 sec
Preview Will the Flat Tax Debate Fall Flat in 2016?
7 min 43 sec
Preview Not So Fast for Fast-track
11 min
Preview Key Phrase Missing from the Campaign Trail
5 min 26 sec
Preview Deciding Who Makes the GOP Debate Cut
5 min 31 sec
Preview Does the Media Need Hillary Clinton?
8 min 37 sec
Preview Can Hillary Clinton Win Appalachian States?
3 min 50 sec
Preview Will Any GOP Candidates Be Spoiler This Year?
15 min
Preview Obama Has Some Competition On Twitter
2 min 59 sec
Preview Immediate Future of Patriot Act in Doubt
8 min 27 sec
Preview Ireland On Track for Marriage Equality
2 min 49 sec
Preview Crucial Time in Nepal Earthquake Recovery
4 min 47 sec
Preview John Lewis Writes Memoir in Comic Book Form
6 min 44 sec
Preview Touring the Senate Battleground of 2016
6 min 13 sec
Preview Where Ted Cruz Goes to Get His Hair Cut
3 min 29 sec
Preview Is Jeb Bush Struggling?
6 min 45 sec
Preview Obama’s Drone Policy Thrust Into Spotlight
5 min 5 sec
Preview The Appearance of a Clinton Scandal
7 min 3 sec
Preview Trade Deal Unmasks Major Rift Among Democrats
11 min
Preview Jenner Friend ‘relieved’ at Transition News
4 min 52 sec
Preview An Update On the Hoboken, NJ Story
7 min 43 sec
Preview 2016 Race Heats up from Coast to Coast
13 min
Preview Why Is Obama at War With His Own Party?
6 min 49 sec
Preview Cooking, Talking Politics With Chris Christie
7 min 19 sec
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Candidates Prep for First Democratic Debate

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As the first Democratic debate nears, Bernie Sanders hints about his debate strategy against Hillary Clinton. The Nation's John Nichols and former Clinton campaign advisor Ann Lewis join to discuss.

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