Video Killed the Radio Star

The history of music videos is chronicled in this documentary series.


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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Video Killed the Radio Star
Video Killed the Radio Star
Video Killed the Radio Star
Video Killed the Radio Star
History and Evolution of Music Videos
The Artist View Van Halen
The Artist View T'Pau
The Artist View Spandau Ballet
Guns N Roses Artists View
Van Halen
The Divas
Guns N Roses
The Synth Years
Aretha Franklin
Simple Minds
Human League
Billy Joel
Michael Jackson
Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Tim Pope
Fat Boy Slim
Brian Grant
Bon Jovi Artists View
Metallica Artists View
Elton John
David Bowie
Metal Special
The Cure
Joe Strummer
Directors and Diva's
Spandau Ballet
Crowded House
Zz Top
Tina Turner
Tom Petty
Billy Idol
Lou Reed
Depeche Mode
The Artist View Metallica
Video Killed the Radio Star
Video Killed the Radio Star
The Artist View Duran Duran
The Artist View Sting
The Artist View AC/DC
The Directors View Andy Morahan
The Directors View Steve Barron
The Directors View Russell Mulcahy
The Directors View David Mallet
The Artist View - Moody Blues
The Artist View - Skid Row
The Artist View: The Boomtown Rats - Bob Geldof
The Artist View - Kim Wilde
The Artist View – Def Leppard
The Artist View – Judas Priest
The Artist View - Fatboy Slim
The Artist View - A-ha
The Artist View - Queen
The Artist View - Fleetwood Mac
The Artist View - U2
The Artist View Guns N' Roses
The Artist View Bon Jovi
The Artist View: Olivia Newton-John
The Artist View: Whitney Houston
Moody Blues
The Artist View - Bryan Adams

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