Viva Piñata

  • 2006-2008
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Animated adventures of the treat-filled party animals of Piñata Island as they get a belt out of parties all around the world.


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Variations On a Theme Park; Masters Of Klutzfu
Ep25 Super Hero Hudson; The Amazing Hudini
Ep24 The Horstachio Who Never Was; Fergy Drops Out
Ep23 Hudsonly Ever After; Hudson Who-Stachio?
Ep22 A Match Made in Court; Hudson's Better Half
Ep21 Arctic Invasion; Say Uncle Hoofy
Ep20 Tabloid for Two; All Spun Out
Ep19 Ruffians On Strike; Zip it Good
Ep18 Good Clop, Bad Clop; Announce This
Ep17 Heads and Tails; Speechless
Ep16 The Wrong Stuff; Pinatametermania
Ep15 De-Mock-Racy; Her Royal Forgetfulness
Ep14 Beauty and the Beasts; The Talented Mr. Hack
Ep13 Motivational Break; Bringing Up Chuckle
Ep12 My Sweet Swanana; Ella Forgets to Forget
Ep11 The Transparent Trap; To Catch a Pester
Ep10 The Old Piñatas Home; Shirley Shells Out
Ep9 Party Parasite; Hibernation Nation
Ep8 Mr. Unbustable; Too Many Fergys
Ep7 Sumo Tsunami; Recipe for Disaster
Ep6 The Antlers are Blowin' in the Wind; Crimes of Passion Fruit
Ep5 Les the Jet Setter; Slayin' em at the Sands
Ep4 The Fudhetive; She Stomps at Night
Ep3 Hudson Tells All; Langston's Jameleon Cousins
Ep2 Fudge Match; Hudson's Holiday
Ep1 A Terrible Tribute; Pester the Pinata
Ruffians on Strike; Zip It Good

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 My Sweet Sours; Six Million Dollar Piñata
Ep25 Hudson on Hudson; Wild Horstachios
Ep24 My Pal Langston; Snails Pace
Ep23 The Abominable Jeli; Mirror Schmirror
Ep22 Mouse Flap; Snow Place Like Home
Ep21 High Plains Drafter; Pester's Party
Ep20 Treasure of Piñata Madre; Between a Flock and a Hard Place
Ep19 Free the Piñatas; For My Next Trick
Ep18 Soil and Green; I, Pretzail
Ep17 Franklingestion; Confetti-itis
Ep16 Rocket to Nowhere; Twingersnapped
Ep15 Candibalism; Pecky Pudgeon, Private Eye
Ep14 To Catch a Pinata; Invasion of the Boogie Snatchers
Ep13 The Wraisins of Wrath; Pinata Island Idol
Ep12 Pinatapartyphobia; Royal Visit
Ep11 On a Sour Note; Pig-out Mountain
Ep10 The Great Gob Rush; Hero
Ep9 My Little Fergy; Mission Impinatable
Ep8 Mad Mongo; Hudson's Biggest Fan
Ep7 Sick Day; Lights, Camera, Action!
Ep6 Franklin Can't Dance; Les Saves the Day...Again
Ep5 Trojan Horstachio; The Pinatas Must Be Crazy
Ep4 Whilrm With a Dream; The Crush
Ep3 Legs; Horstachio of a Different Color
Ep3 Queen for a Day
Ep2 Queen for a Day; Chewnicorn in the Garden
Ep2 #1 Candiosity
Ep1 Cocoadile Tears; Candiosity
Ep1 #1 Cocoadile Tears

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep46 All Spun Out; Announce This
Ep45 A Match Made in Court; Arctic Invasion
Ep44 Tabloid for Two; Say Uncle Hoofy
Ep43 Party Parasite
Ep42 Zip It Good; Hudson's Better Half
Ep26 Confetti-itis; Pinatapartyphobia
Ep25 Franklingestion; On a Sour Note
Ep19 Mission Impinatable/My Little Fergy
Ep12 Hero; Franklin Can't Dance
Ep9 Hudson's Biggest Fan; Candiosity
Ep7 The Pinatas Must Be Crazy
Ep6 Whirlm With a Dream
Ep5 Legs
Ep4 The Crush
Ep2 Horstachio of a Different Color
Ep1 Chewnicorn in the Garden
The Fudgetive/She Stomps at Night
Free the Piñatas
Mouse Flap
The Wrong Stuff
Snail's Pace
The Six Million Dollar Pinata
The Stranger
My Pal Langston
The Abominable Jeli
Pester's Party
Mirror Shmirror
Whirlm of a Dream
Snow Place Like Home
The Abominable Jeli, Mirror Schmirror
Ruffians On Strike, Zip It Good
Whirlm With a Dream; The Crush
Free the Piñatas; Royal Visit
Manly Bee
For My Next Trick; Piñata Island Idol
The Six Million Dollar Pinata; Pig-out Mountain
Soil and Green
Pecky Pudgeon, Private Eye
Franklin Can't Dance
Trojan Horstachio

All Full Length Videos

Episode NameViewing ProgressRun Length
S1 | Ep2


Air Date: 9/9/06
All the other piñatas are excited about the rush of upcoming parties, but Fergy doesn't want to go.

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