Walker, Texas Ranger

  • 1993-2001
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An action-oriented modern-day Western about a Lone Star lawman who relies on martial arts to subdue bad guys. Walker's unsubtle butt-kicking ways are often at odds with those of his partners, who... More


Season 9

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep40 The Final Show/Down
Ep24 The Final Show/Down, Part 2
Ep23 The Final Show/Down, Part 1
Ep22 The Reel Rangers
Ep21 Blood Diamonds
Ep20 Without a Sound
Ep19 Unsafe Speed
Ep18 Legends
Ep17 Medieval Crimes
Ep16 6 Hours
Ep15 Justice for All
Ep14 Saturday Night
Ep13 Division Street
Ep12 Desperate Measures
Ep11 Golden Boy
Ep10 Faith
Ep9 Child of Hope
Ep8 Retribution
Ep7 Turning Point
Ep6 Lazarus
Ep5 The Winds of Change
Ep4 The Avenging Angel
Ep3 White Buffalo
Ep2 Deadly Situation
Ep1 Home of the Brave

Season 8

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep25 Wedding Bells, Part 2
Ep24 Wedding Bells, Part 1
Ep23 The Bachelor Party
Ep22 Showdown at Casa Diablo, Part 2
Ep21 Showdown at Casa Diablo, Part 1
Ep20 The General's Return
Ep19 Soldiers of Hate
Ep18 Wedding Bells
Ep18 Black Dragons
Ep17 The Day of Cleansing
Ep16 Justice Delayed
Ep15 Thunderhawk
Ep14 A Matter of Principle
Ep13 Vision Quest
Ep12 A Matter of Faith
Ep11 Full Recovery
Ep10 Rise to the Occasion
Ep9 Fight or Die
Ep8 Widow Maker
Ep7 Suspicious Minds
Ep6 The Lynn Sisters
Ep5 Tall Cotton
Ep4 Way of the Warrior
Ep3 Safe House
Ep2 Countdown
Ep1 In Harm's Way, Part 2

Season 7

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep23 In Harm's Way, Part 1
Ep22 Jacob's Ladder
Ep21 Power Angels
Ep20 Mind Games
Ep19 Brothers in Arms
Ep18 No Way Out
Ep17 live-girls.now
Ep16 Team Cherokee, Part 2
Ep15 Team Cherokee, Part 1
Ep14 The Principal
Ep13 Special Witness
Ep12 Lost Boys
Ep11 On the Border
Ep10 Eyes of a Ranger
Ep9 Paradise Trail
Ep8 Second Chance
Ep7 Survival
Ep6 The Children of Halloween
Ep5 Code of the West
Ep4 War Cry
Ep3 Royal Heist
Ep2 Trackdown
Ep1 The Wedding, Part 2

Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep25 The Wedding, Part 1
Ep24 Test of Faith
Ep23 Circle of Life
Ep22 The Soul of Winter
Ep21 Angel
Ep20 Warriors
Ep19 Everyday Heroes
Ep18 Undercover
Ep17 In God's Hands
Ep16 Crusader
Ep15 Money Talks
Ep14 Saving Grace
Ep13 Tribe
Ep12 Small Blessings
Ep11 A Woman's Place
Ep10 Rainbow's End
Ep9 Mr. Justice
Ep8 Brainchild
Ep7 Last of a Breed, Part 2
Ep6 Last of a Breed, Part 1
Ep5 Forgotten People
Ep4 Lucas, Part 2
Ep3 Lucas, Part 1
Ep2 The Iceman
Ep1 The Fighting McLains

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep27 Rookie
Ep26 Texas vs. Cahill
Ep25 Sons of Thunder, Part 2
Ep24 Sons of Thunder, Part 1
Ep23 A Father's Image
Ep22 The Neighborhood
Ep21 Heart of the Dragon
Ep20 Trial of LaRue
Ep19 Days Past
Ep18 Devil's Turf
Ep17 99th Ranger
Ep16 Full Contact
Ep15 Last Hope
Ep14 Mayday
Ep13 A Ranger's Christmas
Ep12 Deadliest Man Alive
Ep11 Lucky
Ep10 Cyclone
Ep9 Swan Song
Ep8 A Silent Cry
Ep7 Codename: Dragonfly
Ep6 Redemption
Ep5 Plague
Ep4 The Brotherhood
Ep3 Ghost Rider
Ep2 Patriot
Ep1 Higher Power
Sons of Thunder

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Hall of Fame
Ep25 Miracle at Middle Creek
Ep24 The Moscow Connection
Ep23 The Siege
Ep22 Deadline
Ep21 Blackout
Ep20 Behind the Badge
Ep19 The Avenger
Ep18 El Coyote, Part 2
Ep17 El Coyote, Part 1
Ep16 The Juggernaut
Ep15 The Return of LaRue
Ep14 Break-in
Ep13 Flashpoint
Ep12 Rodeo
Ep11 The Covenant
Ep10 Whitewater, Part 2
Ep9 Whitewater, Part 1
Ep9 Whitewater
Ep8 The Lynching
Ep7 Final Justice
Ep6 Evil in the Night
Ep5 Point After
Ep4 Collision Course
Ep3 The Guardians
Ep2 Deep Cover
Ep1 Blown Apart

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 Standoff, Part 1
Ep23 Flashback, Part 2
Ep22 Flashback, Part 1
Ep21 Case Closed
Ep20 On Sacred Ground
Ep19 Blue Movies
Ep18 Trust No One
Ep17 War Zone, Part 2
Ep16 War Zone, Part 1
Ep15 Cowboy
Ep14 Mean Streets
Ep13 Money Train
Ep12 The Big Bingo Bamboozle
Ep11 Tiger's Eye
Ep10 Payback
Ep9 Line of Fire
Ep8 The Road to Black Bayou, Part 2
Ep7 The Road to Black Bayou, Part 1
Ep6 Rainbow Warrior
Ep5 Till Death Do Us Part
Ep4 Mustangs
Ep3 War Zone
Ep3 Silk Dreams
Ep2 Branded
Ep1 Badge of Honor
The Road to Black Bayou

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 Stolen Lullaby
Ep23 Deadly Reunion, Part 2
Ep22 Deadly Reunion, Part 1
Ep21 Rampage
Ep20 The Long Haul
Ep19 Skyjacked
Ep18 Deadly Vision
Ep17 The Committee
Ep16 The Prodigal Son
Ep15 Right Man, Wrong Time
Ep14 On Deadly Ground
Ep13 Something in the Shadows, Part 2
Ep12 Something in the Shadows, Part 1
Ep11 The Legend of Running Bear
Ep10 Night of the Gladiator
Ep9 An Innocent Man
Ep8 Unfinished Business
Ep7 She'll Do to Ride the River With
Ep6 Family Matters
Ep5 End Run
Ep4 Crime-Wave Dave
Ep3 In the Name of God
Ep2 Storm Warning
Ep1 Bounty
Deadly Reunion

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep4 A Shadow in the Night
Ep3 Borderline
Ep2 One Riot, One Ranger, Part 2
Ep1 One Riot, One Ranger, Part 1
One Riot, One Ranger

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Unfinished Business
Wedding Bells
Devil's Turf
99th Ranger
Full Contact
Wedding Bells
Casa Diablo
Team Cherokee Part 1
Second Chance
Code of the West
The Principal
Paradise Trail
Eyes of a Ranger
Special Witness
Lost Boys
Bachelor Party
One Riot, One Ranger

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