• 2014
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A friendly troll uses a special magic stick to make words come to life as he travels through an enchanted forest with his pet dragon.


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep15 The Bathmobile
Ep14 Captain Animal
Ep13 Buddy Pal Friend Day
Ep12 The Great Missing Potato
Ep11 Snowgoblin
Ep10 Young Norville
Ep9 There's a Flouse in My House
Ep8 Ricky the Robot
Ep7 Dawn of the Zucchini
Ep6 The Big Cake Mistake
Ep5 Critter Campers
Ep4 Rock and Troll
Ep3 The Goblin Cold
Ep2 Home Swamp Home
Ep1 The Nice Ninjas

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Mission for Mom
Ep25 The Explorers Club
Ep24 Hopgoblin
Ep23 The Big Goblin Problem
Ep23 Hopgoblin
Ep22 The Big Goblin Problem
Ep22 The Big Goblin Problem
Ep21 Wally Saves the Trollidays
Ep20 Mustache Day
Ep20 Mustache Day
Ep19 The Dragon Games
Ep18 Castle Cafe
Ep17 A Tiny Problem
Ep16 Play It Again, Stan
Ep15 The Switching Stone
Ep14 Snow Place Like Home
Ep13 Victor the Villain
Ep12 Great Galloping Goblins
Ep11 The Cake Monster
Ep10 Running Rita
Ep9 The Great Wishing Potato
Ep8 Day in the Dark
Ep7 Totally Swamped
Ep6 Picnic: Impossible
Ep5 Dragon Hiccups
Ep4 How to Bathe Your Dragon
Ep3 The Rock Can Talk
Ep2 Castle Caper
Ep1 Naptime for Borgelorp
Ep1 Naptime for Borgelorp
The Big Goblin Problem

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Keeping Cappie Happy
Dawn of the Zucchini
Day in the Dark
The Big Cake Mistake
Critter Campers
Rock and Troll
The Nice Ninjas
Captain Animal
The Great Birthday Hunt
The Great Collar Caper
Going Coconuts
Young Norville
Great Galloping Goblins
The Great Wishing Potato
Ricky Robot

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