Wander Over Yonder

  • 2013
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Adventures of a happy-go-lucky space traveler and his quick-tempered but loyal stallion.


Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep42 The Gift 2: The Giftening
Ep41 The Gift
Ep40 #1 The Rider
Ep39 The Enemies
Ep38 The Funk
Ep37 The Helper
Ep36 The Big Job
Ep35 The Stray
Ep34 The Liar
Ep33 The Buddies
Ep32 The Date
Ep31 The Gift II: The Giftening
Ep30 The Fancy Party
Ep29 The Party Animal
Ep28 The Void
Ep27 The Epic Quest of Unfathomable Difficulty
Ep26 The Toddler
Ep25 The Fancy Party
Ep24 The Brainstorm
Ep23 The Lonely Planet
Ep22 The Night
Ep21 The Day
Ep20 The Good Deed
Ep19 The Tourist
Ep18 The Timebomb
Ep17 The Nice Guy
Ep16 The Birthday Boy
Ep15 The Hero
Ep14 The Bounty
Ep13 The Ball
Ep12 #1 The Little Guy
Ep11 The Hat
Ep10 The Box
Ep9 The Bad Guy
Ep8 The Bad Guy
Ep8 The Troll
Ep7 The Prisoner
Ep6 #1 The Pet
Ep5 The Good Deed
Ep4 The Fugitives
Ep3 The Egg
Ep2 The Greatest
Ep1 The Picnic
#1 The Bounty; The Ball
The Tourist
#1 The Box; The Hat
#1 The Bad Guy; The Troll
The Bad Guy; The Troll
#1 The Gift; The Gift 2: The Giftening
#1 The Funk; The Enemies
#1 The Big Job; The Helper
#1 The Liar; The Stray
#1 The Date; The Buddies
#1 The Party Animal; The Toddler
The Party Animal; The Fancy Party
#1 The Epic Quest of Unfathomable Difficulty; The Void
#1 The Fancy Party; The Tourist
The Toddler; The Bounty
#1 The Lonely Planet; The Brainstorm
#1 The Day; The Night
The Tourist; The Good Deed
#1 The Nice Guy; The Timebomb
#1 The Hero; The Birthday Boy
The Bad Guy; The Fugitives
#1 The Good Deed; The Prisoner
#1 The Picnic; The Fugitives
#1 The Greatest; The Egg

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
The Gift
The Fancy Party
The Time Bomb
The Date
The Big Day; The Breakfast
The Greater Hater
The Fancy Party; The Birthday Boy
The Gift 2: The Giftening; The Funk
The Fugitives; The Prisoner
The Bounty; The Brainstorm
The Enemies; The Day
The Greatest; The Picnic
The Gift 2: The Giftening; The Gift
S1 | Ep40

The Rider

Fecha al aire: 11/28/14
Sylvia's old partner, Rider, shows up, and Wander wonders if the roguish Rider is a better teammate for Sylvia than he is.

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