Weird, True & Freaky

  • 2008
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Unusual animal traits and characteristics are examined.


Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Eternally Stuffed
Ep12 Nasty...And on the Menu
Ep11 Smuggled and Seized
Ep10 Little Animals, Big World
Ep9 Alien Offspring
Ep8 Mad Medicine
Ep7 Inked
Ep6 More Fat Animals
Ep5 Bizarre Looking Cats
Ep4 Don't Eat That!
Ep3 They Should Be Dead
Ep2 Color Freaks
Ep1 Furless Freaks

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep27 Rituals
Ep26 Dodging Death
Ep25 Trapped
Ep24 Peculiar Pets 2
Ep23 Way Too Freaky
Ep22 Disturbing World Records
Ep21 Fight Club
Ep20 Lost and Found
Ep19 Caught on Tape 2
Ep18 Phobias
Ep17 Venom Cures
Ep16 Primates Gone Wild
Ep15 Under the Influence
Ep14 Hauntings
Ep13 Crazy Canine Companions
Ep12 Odd Couples 2
Ep11 Infestations
Ep10 Medical Mysteries
Ep9 Obese Beasts
Ep8 Mutants 2
Ep7 Albinos
Ep6 Giants 2
Ep5 Restaurant Horror Stories
Ep4 Swallowed
Ep3 Bizarre Births
Ep2 Removed From the Body
Ep1 Bizarre Beasts & Beings

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep27 Shark Bites
Ep26 Disgusting Jobs
Ep25 Caught on Tape
Ep24 Animal Feats
Ep23 Mob Mentality
Ep22 Invaders
Ep21 Disgusting Jobs; Legendary Creatures
Ep21 Radical Rescues
Ep20 Caught on Tape; Disgusting Jobs
Ep20 Beast vs. Beast
Ep19 Animal Feats; Shark Attacks
Ep19 Obsessions
Ep18 Shark Attack; Legendary Creatures
Ep18 Animal Feats; Mob Mentality
Ep18 Cannibals
Ep17 Mob Mentality; Caught on Tape
Ep17 Creature Creations
Ep16 Killer Cures
Ep15 Creepy Cures
Ep14 Radical Rescues; Invaders
Ep14 Giants
Ep13 Colossal Catches
Ep12 Odd Couples
Ep11 Snake Meals
Ep10 Intruders
Ep9 Giants; Creepy Cures
Ep9 Peculiar Pets
Ep8 Animal Swingers
Ep7 Most Dangerous Animal Jobs
Ep6 Astounding Animal Sex Acts
Ep5 When Animals Snap
Ep4 When Animals Snap; Animal Swingers
Ep4 Swarms
Ep3 Humanimals
Ep2 Creepy Cuisines
Ep1 Mutants

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep5 Dangerous Jobs
Ep1 Creepy Cures; Critter Creations
Real Monsters

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