Western Extreme

Bow and rifle hunting expeditions for big game across the globe.


Season 10

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep16 Monster Utah Cat
Ep15 Mulies & Blackwells
Ep14 Goats In The Lava
Ep13 Okanagan Mule Deer
Ep12 Western Extreme Deer
Ep11 Oregon Roosevelt
Ep10 Mexico Spot & Stalk
Ep9 Bugles of Tuchodi
Ep8 Race to Hunt
Ep7 Alberta Deer Double
Ep6 Idaho Family Elk
Ep5 Mexico Mountain Mullies
Ep4 South Dakota Spot & Stalk
Ep3 Montana Elk
Ep2 Jenkins Elk Hunting
Ep1 Lions & Legends

Season 9

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep18 Valley of the Kings
Ep17 Kona Turf and Surf
Ep16 Top 5 Hunts
Ep15 Axis of Molokai
Ep14 Mule Deer
Ep13 Bowhunting Africa
Ep12 Legends of Africa
Ep11 Boars & Bucks of Maui
Ep10 Hunting Legends Archery
Ep9 Family Days
Ep8 Over the Border Bucks
Ep7 Northwest Mule Deer
Ep6 Big Tine Black Bear
Ep5 New Mexico Elk
Ep4 Prairie Trophy Mule Deer
Ep3 Elephant of Zim
Ep2 Caribou Plunge
Ep1 Peace River Mule Deer

More to Watch

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Deer Daughter Time
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