What Not to Wear

  • 2003-2013
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The U.S. version of the BBC makeover series has style experts picking apart---then attempting to fix---the fashion and grooming faux pas of generally schlubby participants, who were nominated by... More


Season 10

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 The Last Hurrah in Vegas!
Ep23 Fan Mail
Ep22 Megumi H.
Ep21 Jennifer W.
Ep20 Molly S. and Mandy Y.
Ep19 Carly S.
Ep18 Melinda P.
Ep17 Tania L.
Ep16 The Rules Book
Ep15 Courtney D.
Ep14 Lizz G.
Ep13 Perfect Storm: Riana C., Taylor P. and Megan G.
Ep12 Liz W.
Ep11 Nakiya T.
Ep10 Andrea Y.
Ep9 Tina Yothers
Ep8 Shannon Elizabeth
Ep7 Casey D.
Ep6 Heather M.
Ep5 Kathy A.
Ep4 Simona D.
Ep3 Tristen S.
Ep2 Nicole Eggert
Ep1 Tiffany Darwish

Season 9

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Rebecca T.
Ep25 Frances
Ep24 Deborah
Ep23 Vanessa
Ep22 Dolly
Ep21 Victoria
Ep20 Alexandra
Ep19 Emi
Ep18 Minda
Ep17 Leigh Anne
Ep16 Kathy
Ep15 Desiree
Ep14 What Not to Wear: Live
Ep13 Beryl
Ep12 Christine
Ep11 Jennifer
Ep10 Tenessa
Ep9 Becca
Ep8 Rebecca
Ep7 Jodi
Ep6 Jill
Ep5 Ebony
Ep4 Heather
Ep3 Jackie
Ep2 Noel
Ep1 Becky

Season 8

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep30 Becca
Ep29 Carly
Ep28 Julie
Ep27 Jillian
Ep26 Alicia M.
Ep25 Renee
Ep24 Deana
Ep23 Amanda R.
Ep22 Jordan
Ep21 Teresa S.
Ep20 Azi
Ep19 Janet
Ep18 Denise
Ep17 Angie
Ep16 Aleishe
Ep15 Maggie
Ep14 Erin
Ep13 Lizzie
Ep12 Sarah M.
Ep11 Sarah W.
Ep10 Susan
Ep9 Linda
Ep8 Best Mommy Makeovers
Ep7 Hillary
Ep6 Hardest Makeovers in History
Ep5 Serrita
Ep4 Dressing Your Age
Ep3 Wanda
Ep2 Mindy
Ep1 Emily

Season 7

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Christine
Ep25 The What Not to Wear Awards
Ep24 Miriam
Ep23 Leia
Ep22 Vikki
Ep21 Jennaydra
Ep20 Sara
Ep19 Annie
Ep18 Jessica
Ep17 Gina
Ep16 Crizti
Ep15 Leanne
Ep14 Courtney
Ep13 Teresa
Ep12 Disa
Ep11 Lisa
Ep10 Alexandra
Ep9 Bailey
Ep8 Ariel
Ep7 Tamara
Ep6 Holly
Ep5 Kimberly
Ep4 Amanda
Ep3 Jessie
Ep2 Chelsea
Ep1 Mayim

Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep58 Debbie
Ep57 A New Look for Love
Ep56 Carla
Ep55 Downsized
Ep54 Jennifer S.
Ep53 Moriah
Ep52 Yorine
Ep51 Cathy
Ep50 Marianna
Ep49 Tami
Ep48 Greatest Challenges
Ep47 Lynn
Ep46 Michelle
Ep45 Hootchie to Hottie
Ep44 Mala
Ep43 Amanda
Ep42 Then and Now
Ep41 Cheyenne
Ep40 Tonya
Ep39 Jackie
Ep38 Glenda
Ep37 Heather
Ep36 Tara
Ep35 Kandiss
Ep34 Cruisewear
Ep33 Jennifer
Ep32 Joanne
Ep31 Sunny
Ep30 Natalie
Ep29 Jessica
Ep28 Mother & Daughter
Ep27 Amber
Ep26 Catherine K.
Ep25 Tara K.
Ep24 Wedding Couple
Ep23 Danielle
Ep22 Joy
Ep21 Addie
Ep20 Kathy G.
Ep19 Dottie
Ep18 Katherine L.
Ep17 Homecoming
Ep16 Kathy
Ep15 Go Red
Ep14 Cheri
Ep13 Kelly
Ep12 Greatest Transformations
Ep11 Triplets Thread!
Ep10 Mail Call
Ep9 Annie
Ep8 Carrie
Ep7 Tamara
Ep6 Rebecca
Ep5 Double Trouble
Ep4 Michelle G.
Ep3 Jennifer
Ep2 Ashley
Ep1 Where Are They Now?

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep35 Natalie
Ep34 Kim
Ep33 Valerie
Ep32 Desiree
Ep31 Alicia
Ep30 Wedding Spectacular
Ep29 Lisa K.
Ep28 Erin
Ep27 Jen C.
Ep26 Bonnie C.
Ep25 Kim S.
Ep24 Leigh W.
Ep23 Behind the Seams
Ep22 Renee O.
Ep21 Molly P.
Ep20 Pam D.
Ep19 Lesle H.
Ep18 Sheaffer
Ep17 Kerri A.
Ep16 Sarah D.
Ep15 Rita
Ep14 Made In Manhattan
Ep13 Cristina H.
Ep12 Laurie T.
Ep11 Jenny C.
Ep10 Carey M.
Ep9 Redo My Spouse
Ep8 Shireen M.
Ep7 Ginger C.
Ep6 Christina C.
Ep5 Reunion - Staci A.
Ep4 Pageant Rewind
Ep3 Reunion - Marissa P.
Ep2 Reunion - Cheryl N.
Ep1 Baby on Board

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep42 Nancy G.
Ep41 Kristin V.
Ep40 Michelle S.
Ep39 Lauri
Ep38 Katie M.
Ep37 Jennifer N.
Ep36 Diane S.
Ep35 Worst Dressed Family
Ep34 Betty C.
Ep33 Camilla B.
Ep32 Kathryn K.
Ep31 Jeannie P.
Ep30 Vandy C.
Ep29 Courtney C.
Ep28 Jennifer C.
Ep27 Elaine R.
Ep25 Ellen E.
Ep24 Lynn
Ep23 Dara
Ep22 Tracy P.
Ep21 Suzannah
Ep20 Beth
Ep19 Michelle B.
Ep18 Robin
Ep17 Best of 2005
Ep16 Thomasita
Ep15 Elizabeth
Ep14 Kristen
Ep13 Susan
Ep12 Marcy
Ep11 Reunion - Annabel
Ep9 Reunion - Audrey
Ep8 Reunion - Karen
Ep7 Wannabe
Ep6 Worst Dressed Woman on the Rise
Ep5 Worst Dressed Woman in Government
Ep4 Kristine
Ep3 Where are They Now?
Ep2 Leona
Ep1 Christine

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep43 Alison
Ep42 Nanci
Ep41 Connie and Diana
Ep40 Courtney
Ep39 Naima
Ep37 Michaela
Ep36 Raina
Ep35 Kristen
Ep34 Mimi
Ep33 Kristy
Ep32 Belinda T.
Ep31 Jenny
Ep30 Ana
Ep29 Tanya
Ep28 Jeanine
Ep27 Alana
Ep26 Amy
Ep25 Laurie
Ep24 Worst-Dressed Couple in America
Ep23 Maria
Ep22 Melanie A.
Ep21 Ed
Ep20 Nancy
Ep19 Mia
Ep17 Eddie
Ep16 Sohni
Ep15 Charlie
Ep14 Delia
Ep13 Out on the Town
Ep12 Best of What Not to Wear
Ep11 The Wedding Episode
Ep10 $50,000 Dream Wardrobe
Ep9 Tish
Ep8 Chris
Ep7 Jennifer
Ep6 Kelly
Ep5 Matt
Ep4 Melanie
Ep3 Ellyn
Ep2 Will
Ep1 Kerryellen

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep49 Tiffany
Ep48 Aysha
Ep47 Melissa
Ep46 Erinn
Ep45 Celita
Ep44 Will and Nicole
Ep43 Lisa
Ep42 Megan
Ep41 Diana
Ep40 Larissa
Ep39 Mirella
Ep38 Terry
Ep37 Shannon
Ep36 Kim
Ep35 Kimberley H.
Ep34 Carlos
Ep33 Belinda
Ep32 Michael
Ep31 Twins: Veronica and Valerie
Ep30 Jeanne
Ep29 Debbie
Ep28 John
Ep27 Marie
Ep26 Kathy
Ep25 Crissa
Ep24 Cynthia
Ep23 What Not to Wear at Work
Ep22 Irene
Ep21 Michele
Ep20 Laura Miranda
Ep19 Ken
Ep18 Alisha
Ep17 Ann
Ep16 Elizabeth
Ep15 Misti
Ep14 David
Ep13 Donia
Ep12 Ross
Ep11 Niya
Ep10 Amanda
Ep9 Eric
Ep8 Kimberly
Ep7 Shifra
Ep6 Dave
Ep5 Ellen
Ep4 Mary
Ep3 Laura
Ep2 Oretha
Ep1 Gina

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep10 Jen
Ep9 Holli
Ep8 Ann
Ep7 Lili
Ep6 Larry
Ep5 Christine
Ep4 Kerry
Ep3 Donna
Ep2 Eileen
Ep1 Morna

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep47 Top 10 Meltdowns
Ep45 Top 10 Fashion Resistas
Ep38 Triple Thread!
Ep32 Triplets
Ep30 Behind the Seams
Ep22 Baby on Board
Ep10 Kristine
Ep3 Donia
Ep1 Eileen

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Preview Toe-Sock-Wearing Musician Gets a Rockstar Makeover
4 min 2 sec
Preview A Flight Attendant's Stunning Makeover
4 min 6 sec
Preview WNTW Fast Forward: Tristen, Their Toughest Challenge
4 min 11 sec
Preview This Is a Whole Other Level of Sexy
88 sec
Preview Clinton Gets Feisty
2 min 37 sec
Preview Behind the Scenes
85 sec
Preview Personality in Your Style
3 min 46 sec
Preview Trusting the Experts
3 min 13 sec
Preview Remember When?
6 min 25 sec
Preview What We Learned From Stacy and Clinton
2 min 6 sec
Preview Liz and the "Mom Jeans"
79 sec
Preview Nakiya's Rubber Band
111 sec
Preview Looking Back
102 sec
Preview Casey's Sleep Walking Outfit
108 sec
Preview Farewell from Stacy and Clinton
65 sec
Preview Shannon Elizabeth: Not Just "American Pie"
108 sec
Preview Tina Yother's in the 360 Mirror
111 sec
Preview Kathy in the 360 Mirror
2 min 12 sec
Preview Katherine's Grandma Smock
107 sec
Preview Victoria's Video Game Style
91 sec
Preview Skin Care Basics
62 sec
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Toe-Sock-Wearing Musician Gets a Rockstar Makeover

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Musician Megan's frumpy style isn't vibing with Stacy and Clinton. Will they be able to change her style and keep her singing a happy tune?

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