Wife Swap

  • 2004
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Women swap husbands, kids and homes for 10 days to gauge the effect of changes on both families and the lessons learned. Confident that the Brit hit-inspired concept would be successful, ABC, months... Más


Season 7

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep7 Markiewicz/Zusin
Ep6 Fireheart/Terry
Ep5 DiBella/LaRosh
Ep4 Avery-Lamb/Martin
Ep3 Cochran/Curry
Ep2 Envy/Loudon
Ep1 Kuncaitis/Zdazinsky

Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep14 Cyboran/Owen-Ladino
Ep13 Harris/Weasal
Ep12 Parker/Robinson
Ep11 Funderburgh/Warren
Ep10 McLeish/O'Dell
Ep9 Cathrea/Stewart
Ep8 Flannagin/Logan
Ep7 Herrington/Trevino
Ep6 Haller-Wren/Spencer
Ep5 Beauvais/Clayton
Ep4 Adams/Hess
Ep3 Schroeder/Wardle
Ep2 Fulco/Samel-Garloff
Ep1 Cameron/Drago

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 Schults/Smith
Ep21 Brazenwood/Taylor
Ep20 Burroughs/Padovan-Hickman
Ep19 Mallick/Stewart
Ep18 Brown/Holland
Ep17 Henstein/Toulou
Ep16 Heene/Silver
Ep15 Chi/Edwards
Ep14 Petersen/Vaughn
Ep13 Bonett/Linkins
Ep12 Jones/Martinson
Ep11 Long/Stephens-Fowler
Ep10 McIntyre/Keyser
Ep9 Dusseau/Smith-Snider
Ep8 Cooper/Kukta
Ep7 Berwick/Roachford
Ep6 Brown/Neighbors
Ep5 Martin/Vallone
Ep4 Melton; Dufrene
Ep3 Kinsman; Thompson
Ep2 McCaslin; Deekens
Ep1 Heene; Martel

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep20 Carmichael/Hanna
Ep19 Harrison-Velasco/Marshall
Ep18 Espinosa-Marquez/Pay
Ep17 Coste/Ives
Ep16 Tassie/Tyson
Ep15 Sundstrom; Tower
Ep14 Stockdale/Tonkovic
Ep13 Figaratto/Martinez
Ep12 Gillette/Turner
Ep11 Ketchum/Sheron
Ep10 Graf/Medici
Ep9 McGoldrick/Noel
Ep8 Myers/Sutton
Ep7 Blankenship/Phillips
Ep6 Beckman-Heskett/Childs
Ep5 LaBrie/Zaring
Ep4 McDonald/Robarge
Ep3 Galvan/Martin-Portala
Ep2 Flynn/Orris
Ep1 Boss/Gustaferro

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep20 Rush/Rios-Bolman
Ep19 Silver/Pitney
Ep18 Browne/Robinson
Ep17 Lowe/Hamilton
Ep16 Haigwood/Hess-Webb
Ep15 Meeks/Hoover
Ep14 Starling/Sweany-Ernst
Ep13 Koopman/Early
Ep12 Allemon/Johnson
Ep11 Lawrence/Caddel
Ep10 Talbott/Broider
Ep9 Rowland/Rivera
Ep8 Mink/Oaks
Ep7 Lovazzano/Clover
Ep6 Alcorn/Booker
Ep5 Slater/Williams
Ep4 Boyd/Milorey
Ep3 Zemanek/Brandon
Ep2 Baur/Fine
Ep1 Jeffrey/Greiner

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 Ridgely/Corrao
Ep23 West/Grimes
Ep22 Kinison/Czerniawski
Ep21 Stamper/Haggerty
Ep20 Thompson/Askam
Ep19 Schachtner/Martincak
Ep18 Wife Swap Saved My Marriage
Ep17 Kraut/Hardin
Ep16 King/Reeves
Ep15 Bimonte/Hubbard
Ep14 Roy/Maness
Ep13 Ast/Green
Ep12 Lawson/Fuentes
Ep11 Stonerock/Finley
Ep10 Johnson/Blackburn
Ep9 Hodge/Kolpin
Ep8 Heiss/Kestrel
Ep7 Lassell/Nazario
Ep6 Bailey/Downs
Ep5 Yonts/Jan-Turan
Ep4 Mayfield/Wasdin
Ep3 Collins/Matlock
Ep2 Wiggins/Felix
Ep1 Allison/Hagerty

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep20 Hawn/Orlando
Ep19 Cedarquist/Oeth
Ep18 Silver/Caden
Ep17 Patrick/Leierwood
Ep16 Flummerfelt/Bray
Ep15 Pyke/Smith
Ep14 Boone Luffey/Gillespie
Ep13 Fontaine/Herman
Ep12 Parsons/Bramhall
Ep11 Burkhalter/Elliott
Ep10 Aguirre/Ray
Ep9 Paiss/Davis (Husband Swap)
Ep8 Harris/Van Noy
Ep7 Bittner/Reimers
Ep6 Smith/Weiner
Ep5 Ghani/Stallone
Ep4 Donahoe/Baker
Ep3 Smoak/Beaver
Ep2 Spolansky/Bradley
Ep1 Pitts/Policchio

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep5 Wife Swap
Ep4 Wife Swap Saved My Marriage
Ep3 Wife Swap Saved My Marriage
Ep2 Wife Swap
Ep1 Pitts/Policchio
Season 2 - Episode 8 Yonts; Jan-Turan
# 016 Meeks & Hoover
# 014 Koopman & Early
Wife Swap
Sue & Belinda
Wilma & Sharon
Season 1 - Episode 16 Patrick & Leierwood
Season 1 - Episode 1 Spolansky; Bradley
Season 1 - Episode 7 Smith; Weiner
Season 2 - Episode 5 Stamper; Haggerty
Season 2 - Episode 1 Allison; Hagerty
Season 2 - Episode 3 Felix; Wiggin
Season 2 - Episode 7 Hodge; Koplin
Season 2 - Episode 10 Fuentes; Lawson
Season 2 - Episode 6 Finley; Stonerock
Season 2 - Episode 2 Collins; Matlock
Season 2 - Episode 9 Reeves; King
Wife Swap
Havovie & Shelia
Carrie & Bridget
Cheryl & Bess
Melissa & Debbie
Wife Swap

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Clip Wife Swap Sneak Peek 2
77 sec
Clip Wife Swap Sneak Peek
85 sec
Clip WSW526 CL7.DV25
43 sec
Clip WSW526 CL8.DV25
83 sec
Clip WSW520 CL5.DV25
52 sec
Clip WSW520 CL6.DV25
72 sec
Clip WSW520 CL4.DV25
76 sec
Clip WSW515 CL4.DV25
80 sec
Clip WSW515 CL3.DV25
50 sec
Clip WSW525 CL3.DV25
79 sec
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Wife Swap Sneak Peek 2

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Meet the Owen-Ladino family

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