Wild Animal Baby Explorers

An animation and live-action nature series for preschoolers.


Wild Animal Baby Explorers

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep14 Hey There Horses!; Playtime
Ep13 Backyard Bugs; Snow Leopards
Ep12 King of the Mountain; Name Game
Ep11 Gone Fishing; Spring Has Sprung
Ep10 Wide Open Spaces; Beach Party
Ep9 Eager Beavers; Hands On
Ep8 Tongue Twisters; Just Deserts
Ep7 Flightless Birds; In the Swim
Ep6 Go for Gold; Let's Move
Ep5 Busy Builders; Elephant Walk
Ep4 Whole Lot of Gelada's; Mother Knows Best
Ep3 Best Defense; Big Change
Ep2 Nothing but the Tooth; Things With Wings
Ep1 Make Sense to Me; Meet the Meerkats

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Eggciting Eggs; Upside Down
Ep25 Talk Show; Romp of Otters
Ep24 Sleepy Time; Rainforest Wonders
Ep23 Wild Ride; Colorful Coral Reef
Ep22 Scales and Tails; Bear Facts
Ep21 Head Gear; Sea Softies
Ep20 Clever Coyotes; Telling Tails
Ep19 Show Offs; Hello Kitties!
Ep18 Dig This!; Sharp Dressers
Ep17 Home Tweet Home; Eye Spy!
Ep16 Slow Down!; Itsy Bitsy Spider
Ep15 A Seahorse, of Course!; Seeing Snow Prints
Ep14 Rainbow Treasure Hunt; Crab Walk
Ep13 Z is for Zebra; What's Up Giraffes?
Ep12 Crowd Pleasers; Ready for Winter
Ep11 Frog Hop; By a Nose
Ep10 Missing Berries; Marsh Music
Ep9 Hurray for Hippos; Shell Game
Ep8 Good Grips; Monkey Around
Ep7 Side by Side; Picky Eaters
Ep6 Fly Away Home; Hide and Seek
Ep5 Bath Time; Diving Dolphins
Ep4 Scratch My Back; Legwork
Ep3 Sled Stuck; Pocket Protector
Ep2 Stripes and Spots; Beatle Mania
Ep1 Beaks and Bills; The Mighty Oak Tree

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Bath Time
Beetle Mania
Leg Work
Fly Away Home
Sled Stuck
Hide And Seek
Diving Dolphins
Pocket Protectors

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