Wild Animal Baby Explorers

An animation and live-action nature series for preschoolers.


Wild Animal Baby Explorers

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep14 Hey There Horses!; Playtime
Ep13 Backyard Bugs; Snow Leopards
Ep12 King of the Mountain; Name Game
Ep11 Gone Fishing; Spring Has Sprung
Ep10 Wide Open Spaces; Beach Party
Ep9 Eager Beavers; Hands On
Ep8 Tongue Twisters; Just Deserts
Ep7 Flightless Birds; In the Swim
Ep6 Go for Gold; Let's Move
Ep5 Busy Builders; Elephant Walk
Ep4 Whole Lot of Gelada's; Mother Knows Best
Ep3 Best Defense; Big Change
Ep2 Nothing but the Tooth; Things With Wings
Ep1 Make Sense to Me; Meet the Meerkats

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Eggciting Eggs; Upside Down
Ep25 Talk Show; Romp of Otters
Ep24 Sleepy Time; Rainforest Wonders
Ep23 Wild Ride; Colorful Coral Reef
Ep22 Scales and Tails; Bear Facts
Ep21 Head Gear; Sea Softies
Ep20 Clever Coyotes; Telling Tails
Ep19 Show Offs; Hello Kitties!
Ep18 Dig This!; Sharp Dressers
Ep17 Home Tweet Home; Eye Spy!
Ep16 Slow Down!; Itsy Bitsy Spider
Ep15 A Seahorse, of Course!; Seeing Snow Prints
Ep14 Rainbow Treasure Hunt; Crab Walk
Ep13 Z is for Zebra; What's Up Giraffes?
Ep12 Crowd Pleasers; Ready for Winter
Ep11 Frog Hop; By a Nose
Ep10 Missing Berries; Marsh Music
Ep9 Hurray for Hippos; Shell Game
Ep8 Good Grips; Monkey Around
Ep7 Side by Side; Picky Eaters
Ep6 Fly Away Home; Hide and Seek
Ep5 Bath Time; Diving Dolphins
Ep4 Scratch My Back; Legwork
Ep3 Sled Stuck; Pocket Protector
Ep2 Stripes and Spots; Beatle Mania
Ep1 Beaks and Bills; The Mighty Oak Tree

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