Wild Grinders

  • 2011
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The animated adventures of a group of skateboarding buddies.


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep52 Great Wheels of Fire, Part 2
Ep51 Great Wheels of Fire, Part 1
Ep50 Gas Knight
Ep49 Lights, Camera, Denise!
Ep48 Call of the Wild Grinder
Ep47 Wild Grinder Style
Ep46 Grindy the Snowman
Ep45 Getting Cheezy
Ep44 Mr. Dogfyre
Ep43 Blast From the Past
Ep42 When You Grind Upon a Star
Ep41 Web Wars
Ep40 Redonkulousness
Ep39 A Mole Lot of Trouble
Ep38 Wild BFFs
Ep37 Cat Scratch Meaty
Ep36 Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Ep35 Demolition Man, Man
Ep34 Lil Rob & the Beanstalk
Ep33 Grinder of Another Dimension
Ep32 Grindinator
Ep31 Grindinator; Grinder of Another Dimension
Ep30 Wild Wild Mess
Ep29 The Amaazing Racers
Ep28 Fists of Justice: The Beginning
Ep27 Pre-Teen Mutated Karate Warrior
Ep26 Midas Touch
Ep25 The Legend of Jilly
Ep24 The Wild Grinders With Two Heads
Ep23 Grindergeddon
Ep22 School Daze
Ep21 Lil Rob'n Hood
Ep20 The Big Sleep...Over
Ep19 Skate or Sick
Ep18 Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Grinder
Ep17 It's Not My Asphalt
Ep16 The Tell Tale Board
Ep15 Special Delivery
Ep14 Treasure of the Sierra Sprawl
Ep13 Bend it Like a Grinder
Ep12 The Luck of the Grindish
Ep11 Roman Grinders
Ep10 Pen Pal From Another Planet
Ep9 Wild Grinders, Assemble!
Ep8 The League of Xtraordinary Sk8ers
Ep7 Fast Times at Sprawl City Middle School
Ep6 Survivored
Ep5 Backside Grinders: The Reunion Tour
Ep4 The Secret Life of Spitball
Ep3 Grindbox 1080: Game Over
Ep2 Grindbox 1080: Start
Ep1 Texas Skateboard Horrorland Zombie Activity 3
Great Wheels of Fire, Part 1; Great Wheels of Fire, Part 2
Lights, Camera, Denise!; Gas Knight
Wild Grinder Style; Call of the Wild Grinder
Getting Cheezy; Grindy the Snowman
Web Wars; When You Grind Upon a Star
A Mole Lot of Trouble; Redonkulousness
Cat Scratch Meaty; Wild BFFs
Demolition Man, Man; Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
The Amaazing Racers; Wild Wild Mess
Midas Touch; Pre-Teen Mutated Karate Warrior
The Wild Grinders With Two Heads; The Legend of Jilly
School Daze; Grindergeddon
The Big Sleep...Over; Lil Rob'n Hood
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Grinder; Skate or Sick
The Tell Tale Board; It's Not My Asphalt
Treasure of the Sierra Sprawl; Special Delivery
The Luck of the Grindish; Bend it Like a Grinder
Pen Pal From Another Planet; Roman Grinders
The League of Xtraordinary Sk8ers; Wild Grinders, Assemble!
Survivored; Fast Times at Sprawl City Middle School
The Secret Life of Spitball; Backside Grinders: The Reunion Tour
Grindbox 1080: Start; Grindbox 1080: Game Over

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep53 Big Top Rob
Ep52 Board Senseless
Ep51 Board Senseless; Big Top Rob
Ep50 Emo's Mystery Girl
Ep49 Take Me to Your Stubford
Ep48 Merry Grindernukamas
Ep47 Grinder Claus
Ep46 #1 Skaterz of Ollie
Ep45 Grindstar Returns
Ep44 Operation Supernova
Ep43 #1 A World Gone Rad-Awesome
Ep42 Who's The Dummy, Dummy?
Ep41 Hoopz Dreamz
Ep40 Meaty's Royal Adventure
Ep39 Search for Master Sensei
Ep38 Scream a Little Scream
Ep37 Wild Zombies
Ep36 Wild Scouts
Ep35 Substitute Secret Agent
Ep34 #1 Biggest Fan
Ep33 Preston Change-O
Ep32 Goggles Shrunk the Grinders
Ep31 Swaggerless
Ep30 Wild Step Brothers
Ep29 Lil Rob Round Up
Ep28 Grinders of Invention
Ep28 Grinders of Invention
Ep27 Meaty in Black
Ep26 Good Dog, Bad Dog Academy
Ep25 Skater Who Cried Wolf
Ep24 Breakfast of Skaters
Ep23 My Lil Unicorn
Ep22 Gnarly Craft, Part 2
Ep21 Gnarly Craft, Part 1
Ep20 The Chosen Bulldog
Ep19 Substitute Secret Agent; Wild Scouts
Ep19 Jurassic Skate Park
Ep18 Preston Change-O; Biggest Fan
Ep18 Crushin'
Ep17 Swaggerless; Goggles Shrunk the Grinders
Ep17 Grindermania
Ep16 Lil Rob Round Up; Wild Step Brothers
Ep16 Road Tripped
Ep15 Meaty in Black; Grinders of Invention
Ep15 Space Race
Ep14 Skater Who Cried Wolf; Good Dog, Bad Dog Academy
Ep14 Lil Red Riding Rob
Ep13 My Lil Unicorn; Breakfast of Skaters
Ep13 The Amaaaazing Adventures of Captain Grindstar
Ep12 Gnarly Craft
Ep12 Squatch Grinders
Ep11 Jurassic Skate Park; The Chosen Bulldog
Ep11 #1 Neptune's Chowder
Ep10 Grindermania; Crushin'
Ep10 Picnic of Doom
Ep9 Space Race; Road Tripped
Ep9 Out of Tune
Ep8 The Amaaaazing Adventures of Captain Grindstar; Lil Red Riding Rob
Ep8 Board Story
Ep7 Neptune's Chowder; Squatch Grinders
Ep7 The Prince and the Skateboarder
Ep6 Out of Tune; Picnic of Doom
Ep6 Biggest Sell-Out
Ep5 The Prince and the Skateboarder; Board Story
Ep5 Never Skate With Unicorns
Ep4 Never Skate With Unicorns; Biggest Sell-Out
Ep4 Shark Attack
Ep3 Going Hollyweird
Ep3 Deconstructed; Close-Up
Ep2 Close-Up
Ep2 Going Hollyweird; Shark Attack
Ep1 Deconstructed
Take Me to Your Stubford; Emo's Mystery Girl
Grinder Claus; Merry Grindernukamas
Skaterz of Ollie; Grindstar Returns
A World Gone Rad-Awesome; Operation Supernova
Hoopz Dreamz; Who's The Dummy, Dummy?
Search for Master Sensei; Meaty's Royal Adventure
Wild Zombies; Scream a Little Scream

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep1 Going Hollyweird; Deconstructed
Wild in the Streets
Wild in the Streets
The Skater Who Cried Wolf
Emo Crys
Golden Grinders
Jay Jay
Going Supernova
Jay Jay
Emo Crys
Jack Knife
Lil' Rob
Close-Up; Shark Attack
Lil Rob Round Up
Lil Rob Round Up
The Lost Skate Spot
Meet the Moronicos
Meet the Moronicos
Going Supernova
#2 The Skater Who Cried Wolf
Good Dog, Bad Dog Academy
Good Dog, Bad Dog Academy
Substitute Secret Agent
Substitute Secret Agent
Wild Scouts
Wild Scouts
Emo's Crying Game
Emo's Crying Game
Mr. Dogfyre; Blast From the Past
Fists of Justice: The Beginning; Lil Rob & the Beanstalk
S1 | Ep46

Skaterz of Ollie

Air Date: 11/24/12
A tornado transports Lil Rob to a strange land, where he tries to help a scarecrow regain his stolen skating skills.

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