Wimzie's House

  • 1995-1999
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A whimsical, educational puppet series about a 5-year-old half-bird, half-dragon who learns some life lessons.


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep56 Wimzie's Perfect Christmas
Ep55 The Magic Star Fruit
Ep54 Wimzie the Interrupter
Ep53 Wimzie Sees It All
Ep52 Horace Goes Whammer
Ep51 The Ugly Scary Statue
Ep50 The Spoiled Surprise
Ep50 The Surprise That Wasn't
Ep50 The Surprise That Wasn't
Ep49 Gizmo-a-Gig-a-Bopper
Ep48 The Big Dinosaur
Ep47 All Round the World in a Day
Ep46 Who Needs Yaya?
Ep45 The Blackout
Ep44 It's Bedtime!
Ep43 Wimzie's Family Career Day
Ep42 Go for the Gold
Ep41 Daddy's Girl
Ep40 The Silent Treatment
Ep39 Ants in My Pants
Ep38 Wimzie's Rainbow Wig
Ep37 Shaggy's Visit
Ep36 From Dirt to Ice Cream
Ep35 Growing Up Is Hard to Do
Ep34 Show-off
Ep33 Sorry, No Returns
Ep32 Wimzie the Prankster
Ep31 What's the Truth?
Ep30 Am I Dreaming?
Ep29 Phone Fun
Ep29 The Telephone Call
Ep28 Promises, Promises
Ep27 Imagination in Action
Ep26 I Don't Like Chores
Ep25 Lots of Motherly Love
Ep24 A Very Noisy Day and Night
Ep23 A Little Bit Testy
Ep22 Nicknames
Ep21 Growing Pains
Ep20 Cinderloulou
Ep19 Icky, Yucky, and Goofy
Ep18 The Dropsies
Ep17 Happy Birthday, Yaya!
Ep16 The Accident
Ep15 We Can Do It
Ep14 Let's Pick A Present
Ep13 Mind Your Manners
Ep12 The Jingle
Ep11 The Best Hiding Place on Earth!
Ep10 Wimzie the Magician
Ep9 Substitute Daddy
Ep8 You Have to Learn the Trade
Ep7 The Storm
Ep6 The Boys Against the Girls
Ep5 Be Yourself
Ep4 Please Don't Say That!
Ep3 The Contest
Ep2 To Each His Own
Ep1 The Sore Winner

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep56 The Assistant Grown-up
Ep55 Doctor Wimzie
Ep54 Official Backwards Day
Ep53 The Lost Bone
Ep52 Wimzie's Big Trip
Ep51 The Cookie Caper
Ep50 Wimzie's Late
Ep49 The Tooth Fairy
Ep48 Stuke-A-Piddleys
Ep47 Mommy's Afraid
Ep46 I Think I Forgot Something
Ep45 The Hand-Me-Down Sweater
Ep44 Identical Cousins
Ep43 Bo Goes Bonkers
Ep42 I'm Scared for Daddy
Ep41 A Little Privacy Please
Ep40 Bye Bye Birdie
Ep39 Friendship Day
Ep38 The Little Red Wimzie
Ep37 Wimzie's Scary Dream
Ep36 Mighty Monster Power Piggies
Ep35 The Great Moving Day
Ep34 Who's the Boss?
Ep33 Wimzie's Three Wishes
Ep32 Jonas' Big Purple Map
Ep31 Who Do You Trust
Ep30 Jonas and All of His Hits
Ep29 The Personal Trainer
Ep28 We Want Toys!
Ep27 I Dare You!
Ep26 The Tattletales
Ep25 Wimzie's 'Hushabye'
Ep24 Aahhcchoo!
Ep23 I'm Really Mad at Dad
Ep22 By the Numbers
Ep21 A Medal for Horace
Ep20 You Just Gotta Keep Trying
Ep19 Loulou Thinks Big
Ep19 All Alone
Ep18 Jonas, the Actor
Ep17 To Tell the Truth
Ep16 A Fishy Fish Story
Ep15 Queen for a Day
Ep14 The Lucky Pin
Ep13 The Play's the Thing
Ep12 To Share or Not to Share
Ep11 You're Not My Friend
Ep10 What's the Matter with Horace?
Ep9 Horace, The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Ep8 Treasure Hunt
Ep7 The Scaredy Cats
Ep6 Babies Have It Made
Ep5 Flower Power
Ep4 I Want My Mommy
Ep3 The Magic Crayon
Ep2 Boo!
Ep1 Cookie Crisis
Nothing to Sneeze At
Babies Have It Made
Dr. Wimzie
Magic Carambola

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