World War II Battlefront

An examination of specific battles during the war using color footage, photographs and personal accounts.


World War II Battlefront

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep9 D-Day
Ep8 Mount Belvedere
Ep7 The Bombing of London
Ep6 Operation Dragoon
Ep5 North Africa
Ep4 Battle of the Bulge
Ep3 Solomon Island
Ep2 Pearl Harbor
Ep1 Battle of Midway

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep32 Fall of Poland
Ep31 Rescue at Dunkirk
Ep30 Taking Mount Hot Rocks
Ep29 The Last Stronghold
Ep28 Battle for the Gilbert Islands
Ep27 Bombing of Germany
Ep26 Fall of the Philippines
Ep25 Kwajelein
Ep24 Commerce Raiders
Ep23 Battle in Palau
Ep21 Fall of Berlin
Ep20 Bridgehead at Remagen
Ep19 Liberation of Paris
Ep18 Bombing of Ploesti
Ep17 El Alamein
Ep16 Battle of Malta
Ep15 Retaking France
Ep14 Monte Cassino
Ep13 Operation Mercury: The Fall of Crete
Ep12 Battle of Anzio
Ep11 Battle of Sicily
Ep10 Arnhem
Ep9 Battle of Okinawa
Ep8 Burma: The Forgotten Front
Ep7 Fall of Singapore
Ep6 Battle of Norway
Ep5 Liberation of the Philippines
Ep4 Battle of Dieppe
Ep3 Battle of Stalingrad
Ep2 Battle of Tobruk
Ep1 U-Boat War

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