Your Health With Dr. Richard and...

Your Health With Dr. Richard and Cindy Becker. Viewers phone in questions regarding health and well-being.


Your Health With Dr. Richard and Cindy Becker

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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
HC: Natural Home Part 1
HC: Detox---The Healthy Way Pt. 1
HC: Quinoa/Flaxseed
Best of Doug Kaufmann
Grapeseed Complex
Hormone Balance
Surviving Celiac
Pearls for Chronic Yeast
The Facts About Fiber
Olive Leaf & You
Healthy Flavonoids
CoQ10 & the Heart
Handling Heartburn
Eye Health
HC: Bread/Family Health Week
Noni & You
Gastrointestinal Health
Combating Cholesterol
Bounty of the Bees
Musculoskeletal Health
Prime-Time Health
Yeast & IBS
HC: Scones/D3
Amazing ALA
Superfruits and You
Diabetes Directives
Building With Bacteria
Raising a Healthy Child
Fundamentals of Diabetes
Astragalus & You
Recurrent Infections
Medicine and Your Health
The Magnesium Marvel
B Vitamins
Hope for a Healthy Heart
Investigating Inflammation
Love Your Liver
ALA & You
Coenzyme Q10/B1G1
Mushrooms & You
Electromagnetic Pollution
More Natural Cardio Support
Handling Headaches
Superfruits of the World
HC: Tuscan Ribollita
Grapes and Your Health
Food Additives
Acai Today
Gifts From the Kitchen
Arthritis and You
Children's Health
HC: Vegetable Cobbler/Questions
HC: Holiday Pumpkin Pie
Amino Acids and You
Vitamin D and Your Health
HC: Cranberry Relish/GSC
Aloha Noni
Royal Jelly & You
Omega 3-6-9
Integrated Noni
Benefits of Nutrition
Benefits of Berries
Cancer Support & 13C
Brain Health From the Beginning
Senior Health
Core Health
HC: Cowboy Cookies
High Blood Pressure
Stress & Your Health
Breaking Addictions
The Buzz About Royal Jelly
Dr. Blaylock and Magnesium
HC: Fresh Tuna; Fish Oil
Fighting Fatigue
Intestinal Dysbiosis
Magnesium: The Miracle Mineral
Diabetes: The American Epidemic
Heart Smart Alternatives
Beneficial Bacteria
Cancer Free 2010
Challenge Cancer
HC: Mixed Green Salad; Cancer Week
Grape Seed Benefits
Mushrooms and Your Health
HC: Salmon/Pain Week
Quenching GERD
Handling Heavy Metals
Natural Hormone Support
HC: Teriyaki Tofu
Noni-Nature's Answer to Pain
Natural Cancer Strategies
Neurological Wonder of Ginkgo
Cholesterol Control
HC: Tofu/Neuro Support Week
Fish Oil and You
HC: Entree Salad/ Shingles
Celiac Disease
HC: Classic Russian Borscht/Indole-3-Carbinol
Hormones & Health
Mighty Mushrooms
Diabetes Support
HC: Jeni's Basil Roma Panini
Because You Asked Pt 3
Benefits of Vitamin C
HC: Organic Foods/Infection Week
Olive Leaf
HC: Portobello Wraps/Olive Leaf
Chronic Fungal Infections
Nutrients for Health
Dr. Draznin on Diabetes
Your Health Questions 4
HC: Garbanzo Stir Fry; Diabetes Week
Acai: Amazonian Elixir
Probiotics for Life
Your Health Questions 3
HC: Texas Chili/Antioxidants
Immunity & You
HC: Black Bean Burger/Inositol

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